Hawar Of The Winter Garden Chapter 1.2 - Fell In Love, But Not In Love

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  1. Fell In Love, But Not In Love Part 2


At those words, Oscar nodded and looked away. He tried to evade his answer with a smirk, but her gaze was so tenacious that it seemed to pierce his face. Oscar reluctantly opened her mouth.


“Does the princess admit it too? To be honest, in terms of appearance alone, the third prince was the best. You’re not alone in the boat and expect to look good..”

(TN: I think Oscar was implying that since she wasn’t the only child, why is she expecting that she looks good?)

Canola’s mouth twitched in embarrassment. She couldn’t deny it, and was even more annoyed. Canola, biting only her lips, asked in a sullen voice.


“Are my freckles worse than last time?”


“Yes. A lot. That’s why we didn’t tell you to use some parasols.”


Canola stretched out her hands, wrapped around his cheeks, and pressed them tight. The plump cheeks were pushed forward. The pouty lips protrude like a duck’s snout.


After rubbing her cheek like that a few times, Canola quickly lowered her hand. Freckles are indeed freckles after all but judging from the feeling of cheeks in her hands, she seems to have gained more weight than last week. And as if is she asks them, they would give a positive answer. She then spoke in an annoyed and sarcastic tone.


“Oh, I don’t know! What does that matter?”


“Because you, the princess, is asking questions.”


But why is she even asking such questions? Oscar clicked his tongue and shook his head unwillingly. Does she want to hear the same answer for the rest of her life when she already knew that it would only hurt her? When Oscar was about to put his suggestive words of consolation to express his pity, a low-pitched voice came from outside the window.


“Are there any problems?”


At the sudden question, the inside of the carriage was instantly engulfed in silence. While Angelina and Oscar paused, Canola wanted to do it again this time, so she quickly opened the window again. A cold wind blew in and made her eyes shiver.


No, it may not be because of the cold wind that her eyes are cold now. Canola narrowed her eyes and thought. It must have been dazzling to see such an innocent and pretty man right in front of the window!


“Let’s talk!”


At Canola’s sudden words, he widened his eyes as if surprised.




“Come in and talk to us! I don’t know your face, you know?”


Angelina, who was listening next to her, wanted to ask why she fell in love with a man she knew only his face, but she held back. Instead, without saying a word, she wrapped a blanket around her body. It was because that she was a little embarrassed. Her master is a person who believes that she will not regret later if she is faithful to her present feelings. As a result, the people around hers often created embarrassing situations. It won’t be much different this time around.


Meanwhile, while receiving Canola’s burdensome gaze, she slowly opened her mouth as if embarrassed.


“Ah… sorry. A stranger visiting Tripol must first say hello to the lord. That’s why I and the others couldn’t greet you.”


It was only after hearing that Canola realized that she had not been properly greeted by any of the people who was with him. She was completely oblivious to her husband’s beauty. Come to think of it, she is a royal daughter of Charlemann, and he must be of a lower rank than her. If she was someone who thinks highly of herself, they would have gone into the prison right now.


Of course, it didn’t matter much to Canola. Originally, she was the type of person who didn’t care about such things, but above all else, she was only interested in the man in front of her.


“But you were the first Tripol I saw? You came to meet me.”


“Charlemann’s wagon cannot cross the winter mountains. You all can’t also probably bear the cold either. Besides, this place is dangerous. It is even more difficult if you are attacked by wild animals, so it is only natural for us who know the geography to come to meet you.”


Canola nodded curiously. I was curious about the shape of the horse and the shape of the carriage because it was different from that of Charlemann, but there seems to be a reason for everything. Angelina, who heard it together next to her, began to argue with Oscar, saying, “As expected, it wasn’t the wrong carriage choice, but all the wagons were the problem in the first place.” Either way, Canola leaned against the window to talk to him again. But before she spoke, someone with the man approached and intervened.


“Sir, you must take the lead.”


The man had white skin like her husband, but a bit rougher and more scarred. Moreover, considering that he was riding on his horse, he was large and very tall, so he seemed to have more than one head than his prospective husband. The man seemed close to the with her husband.


“I need to go.”


Canola, who was looking at the newly appeared character with a curious eye, quickly asked a question.


“Is your name Husa?”


At that question, the man’s expression hardened a little. He frowned slightly and answered in a calm voice.


“No. That’s a title.”




“Now I really have to go.”


The man spoke again as if he was really urgent. She had a lot of things she wanted to ask, but it seems that she is wrong to ask all of them now. Canola decided to let go of her regrets. They are going to be a couple anyway, so there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions step by step in the future. Even so, wanting to ask this question, Canola hurriedly grabbed him.


“One more thing! Why did you come to meet me in person? I heard that the person who will be my husband is the only son of the Tripol monarch… If the Winter Mountains are in danger, shouldn’t he have sent the knights instead of you, the only son…?”


Before Canola left Charlemann, the only information that was given to was that she had been engaged to the only son of Lord Tripol. Without any information, without showing a common portrait, she was sent here at once. He was the only son, so he must have been raised with love. Thinking vaguely, she said that she was worried that his personality might be unsuited for someone like her.

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