Hawar Of The Winter Garden Chapter 1 - Fell In Love, But Not In Love

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  1. Fell in love, but not in love


Canola bravely faced the cold, opening the window widely.


Angelina panicked while sitting next to her, she rambled but Canola didn’t hear her at all. Canola clasped her hands tightly against the window frame and pulled her heard outward. She looked like searching for someone and her head moved around unhurriedly. Angelina and Oscar used their strength to pull her back in, but she was stubborn and remained and fought to have her head remain like that.


“It is dangerous.”


“Oh my, that surprised me!”


Canola quickly lifted her head at Angelina’s voice next to her. and thanks to Angelina, she perfectly banged her head against the window. It was so hard that it made her into tears inside the wagon given to them. She groaned in pain and grabbed her head with both of her hands. There, a puzzled voice asked her from outside the window.


“Are you okay?”


“Ouch… Ow, I think I’m bleeding…”


The place she bumped into was inadvertently very painful. Thanks to him, instead of answering him with a definite one, she mumbled upon her inner mind. Hearing her murmurs, there was a moment of silence outside, and he spoke in a calm voice.


I will tell you to stop the carriage.”


At those words, Angelina, who was examining Canola’s head, waved her hand and waved in response to him.


“Aigo, our princess is usually a crybaby over such a mere scratch. Please don’t mind.”


The man who spoke tried to say more, but even Oscar shut the window as he listened to Angelina. Canola, who had been covering her head, lifted her head. Canola glared at Angelina with her tearful eyes, and cried in pain at her.


“Aish, Angelina!”


“If you do that once again, your head might hit the window for the second time.”


As she spoke bluntly, Angelina ruffled Canola’s head, checking for any injuries. And, of course, Canola’s head was perfectly fine. Angelina already knew this, thus clicked her tongue and sat upright in her seat. Canola, who was looking at Angelina like that with her sullen expression on her face, muttered her words out like a whimper.


“Did I hit my head intentionally? And what do you mean I’m creating a fuss?! It really hurts!”


“So, who would do such a dangerous thing?”


“What did I do? Besides, I was going to talk to my husband for the first time today!”


It wasn’t really a reckless move. Canola just wanted to open the window and strike a conversation with him; hence Angeline need not bother her! Angelina helplessly sighed at the sigh of Canola sulking as if she was genuinely embarrassed at her caught action. Seriously, when will she be a bright princess? No matter how much she fell in love, she shouldn’t have done that especially since it’s their first meeting today.


Of course, she barely understood that cramped heart. Canola, who had just fallen in love, didn’t even have time to even have a proper conversation with him.


“Isn’t he a bit curious about me? How come he doesn’t talk? Of course, that suits well with his aura.”


Canola pursed her lips and glanced at the closed window. The man outside only said what was really necessary. No private and useless conversations to get to know one another. He must have known about her beforehand. Seeing Canola’s bumpy face, Oscar shook his head and looked away from her.


Her ‘husband-to-be’ group who suddenly appeared in front of them, offered that he takes them to Tripol safely. They also handed out a sturdy carriage as if they had guessed the situation. The interior of the carriage was completely swamped in fur, so it was warm and comfortable beyond their reach. In addition, he brought a large cart that could carry the broken golden carriage. Of course, it took a little bit of a decomposition process.


All of the work was done in an instant, and Canola, who was looking for a chance to talk to him, was sent into the carriage with a little bit of confidence at the word that she was told to go into the carriage because it was cold. Canola was supposed to wait in the wagon and get off again, but as soon as she got on, the wagon began to move and set off relentlessly. Canola tried to open the window late but had to give up due to the desperate resistance of Oscar and Angelina, who did not want to lose the warm air inside the carriage.


To be precise, she was just waiting until Oscar and Angelina to fall asleep, why would she give up?


“Princess, have you forgotten how you broke up with your psychotic boyfriend just a few days ago?”


At Angelina’s question, Canola raised her eyes.


“Why are you talking about that?”


“Even then, the princess said that the mood of the psychopath was good, so she fell in love at first sight! So, what happened in the end? Wasn’t he just a psychopath who has looks?”


“It’s not like that! He’s the person I’m going to marry after all! Isn’t it natural to fall in love with him?”


Canola was very proud. Come on, she’s always been bold. She always proudly fell in love and broke up proudly. Even if Angelina and Oscar collect the tears of the woman they have seen many times, her tears will become a river. Angelina grabbed her throbbing hair.


When she’s in love, she gives her all, pour all of her love to him until she feels no regret, but when the other person cried and turned away from her, she would always walk away with regrets. She loves that affection alone and end it alone. Even if the issue at hand is dating, it was difficult in a situation like this. Angelina could not even guess what would happen if she brought the habits of her enemies to love.


Now Canola is about to get married by arrangement with someone she doesn’t know. She has to live this life in a country she has never seen before, not knowing what kind of territoriality she will receive. Isn’t she supposed to be super careful about everything?


“So, I wonder why the princess is doing that love alone.”


“Who did it alone?”


“Then, did you get a confession of love from your husband who’s outside without my knowledge?”


At Angelina’s question, Canola pursed her lips. There seemed to be a lot of dissatisfaction with the squeaking in a state of full force. Canola glanced at Angelina, who never gave up, and then turned her head. Oscar, who had been nodding in his sleep, instinctively opened his eyes. As if Canola was waiting, she spoke her words to him.


“Oscar. It’s because I am ugly, right? Isn’t my face is already enough to fall in love at first sight?”


“Pardon? why all of a sudden… No, my princess is the most beautiful in the world. No one could ever compare to her. She looks so pretty that it was so dazzling in our eyes…. In our eyes.”


The latter mumbled almost as if to himself but was clearly heard by Canola. Canola responded with an angry face.


“What’s wrong with me for real?”

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