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[Title: Did you See Joo Woosung’s Byeolstar [1] post?]


I’m not really a Black Call fan, but isn’t Joo Woosung famous for never posting videos of himself? Fans were always whining about that, but then he suddenly posted a video yesterday all of a sudden.


‘Joo Woosung meow meow.gif’

‘I think it likes me more.gif’


Who is that??? As far as I know, Black Call’s agency doesn’t have any trainees like him. 


Is he just a regular person? 


└Looks like it 

└└You really think so?? But his face isn’t regular at all though?? 


└There are no trainees like this among the rookies announced by the agency at leastㅇㅇ

└ㅋㅋㅋㅋNo, Joo Woosung… Post more pictures of your faceㅋㅋ

└└ㅋㅋㅋSeriously ㄹㅇ… ]


[Title: ㅈㅇㅅ He posted on Byeolstar again. 


Why is he posting so many videos recently???? 


Fans asked him to upload pictures of his face so he didㅋㅋㅋ All of a suddenㅋ


‘Picture of Joo Woosung with cat.jpg’ 

‘Video of getting made fun of by trainee then sulking’


‘But it’s again with that trainee? Or is he a normal person? They take so many pictures together. The two of them fit well togetherㅋㅋ They look close, so cute


└I get it!!! Yey, DPS Entertainment, a member of TD

└└TD??? Sorry, I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean. Tell me.  

└└The Dawn  (Deleted later)

└Who the heck is that?? Never heard of them 

└└ ㅠㅠpassing by… I’m a fan of The Dawn…ㅅㅎㅇ He goes by the name Seo Hoyoon but he didn’t properly debut due to health problems, but he still recorded a song together with the group. They are hardworking kids, so I want you to look upon them favorably…

└└Ah… (Solemn) I’m sorry, fighting]


[Title: Joo Woosung and The Dawn Seo Hoyoon summary


My friend is a big fan of The Dawn (sorry) and I’m a huge fan of Joo Woosung, but when I saw his Insta post I did some crazy research and put the info in order


  1. It seems The Dawn’s first debut album flopped but they still have a handful of fans.
  2. Seo Hoyoon, who appeared in the Byeolstar post with Joo Woosung, is a member of The Dawn, but he never officially appeared on a stage.
  3. Joo Woosung and Seo Hoyoon are strangely close; I don’t know where this pairing suddenly appeared from

This suddenly became a hot topic so I noticed ㅋㅋㅋ but Seo Hoyoon’s face kind of reminds me of a fox+rabbit, and it suited my taste more than I thought, so that’s how I ended up making this. There are talks that they’ll make a comeback soon. I’m looking forward to it


└Thank you, Speedwagon [2] !

└└It’s my pleasure!

└Oh, thank you. 

└Ah… but I don’t really like what he’s doing ㅋㅋ It feels like he’s trying to bury Joo Woosung

└└It wasn’t Seo Hoyoon who posted the pictures on Byeolstar, but Joo Woosung himself, so all’s good…ㅋㅋㅋ

└└ㅇㅇㅇThey look close. Seems like they’ve known each other for a long time

└Black Call fans are frantically pouring in after they experienced a long draught of new pictures of Joo Woosung. Moreover, it’s the first time I’ve seen him comfortable with anyone besides his members ㅋㅋㅋ

└└ㅇㄱㄹㅇ… I’m really thankful to this fellow. Joo Woosung’s cringy side that I’ve never seen before is so cuteㅜ]


[Noise marketing for The Dawn’s comeback?]


[Trainee appears on Woosung’s Byeolstar account. Is it their agency’s strategy?]


“Hoyoon hyung!”


I was sprawled out on the floor of the practice room and holding my phone to check the situation. This stuff seemed to have become a hot topic among the netizens and on SNS. Of course, I was also getting criticized, but it wasn’t all that bad for viral marketing.


Planning, choreography inspections from the choreographer, movement practice, and part distribution had been roughly taken care of. We had about three more weeks until the showcase.


‘This level of firepower isn’t enough yet.’


Now I had to slowly prepare other new content. I put my smartphone away and looked at Kang Yichae.


“Yeah, What is it?”


“Drink this.”


Kang Yichae threw a water bottle toward me. I was on the verge of exhaustion, so I gratefully took the water. Kang Yichae clicked his tongue and asked me something.


“Why are you practicing so single-mindedly, hyung? Do you even sleep?”


“I do.”


“He’s lying! He only sleeps three hours a day! In the break room.”


“What kind of Napoleon are you, hyung? You only sleep three hours a day?”


When Jung Dajoon tattled on me, Kang Yichae clicked his tongue one more time. I didn’t even have the energy left to answer, so I just ignored them.


Sung Jiwon, who had just entered the practice room, looked at me with concern after hearing that.


“Uhm… Hoyoon’s dancing has improved a lot though.”




“But it’s still not enough… Why is that? What can we do to make him improve more?”


“Jiwon hyung… Could it be that you get possessed by a ghost whose cause of death was being unable to practice?”


Jung Dajoon was trembling. I also brushed my arm, feeling a chill run down my spine.


Sung Jiwon really wasn’t someone to be taken lightly. I thought he was a weak-willed person, but now his eyes had completely changed and only focused on our comeback stage.


Kim Sunghyun came in, played the song, and tried to match his movements to it.


After the distribution of parts was over, the choreography had been slightly modified so that the members could stand out during their parts.


[Ooh, Pick a card, a clear future, 


Low chances make you anxious, there’s no need to be]


[I’ll say it again. This is the start


I will come back every time


This strange feeling of déjà vu. Don’t be scared


No need to wander, I’ll find a way.]


As we had to both sing and dance live, everyone fell to the floor exhausted after practicing three times.


“What if we die before our comeback stage?”


“…Want to take a break? It’s almost lunchtime now.”


Sung Jiwon finally gave us the okay. Jung Dajoon immediately jumped up. 


“Let’s go to the convenience store, the convenience store!”


“I’ll leave you all behind, so get ready~!”


Jung Dajoon took out a crumpled thousand-won bill and said.


“I got my allowance!”




“I’ll treat you, hyungs.”


“I-I can buy you some ice cream!”


You can’t really treat anyone with just 1000 won these days…


Kim Sunghyun, Sung Jiwon, and I stared at him dumbfounded, then patted each other and went after him. 


When we arrived at the convenience store in front of the agency, our youngest members flew around the store excitedly.


“I’m going to get cup noodles and eat all of them!”


“Don’t you know that you have to add cheese to the spicy chicken?”


These elementary schoolers…


I felt like I could understand why Sung Jiwon and Kim Sunghyun appeared more grown up.


Kim Sunghyun silently took care of the youngest members, and Sung Jiwon held out some cup noodles to me. As the five of us were eating cup noodles at a bar table set up in the narrow convenience store, someone suddenly tapped me.


When I turned around, there was a woman wearing a mask standing restlessly. She held a cell phone in her hand and held it out toward us.


“Wow! Are you Seo Hoyoon?”


“…? Yes.”


“Wait, wait. All the members of The Dawn are next to me! My friend is a fan of The Dawn… Can you wait for a moment?”


“Are you a fan?”


Sung Jiwon widened his eyes. I hoped Sung Jiwon wouldn’t say anything.


Right now, that person seemed to be filming us with her camera. Fortunately, Sung Jiwon only nodded his head intently with a flustered face.


“Yes, of course. We’ll wait.”


“Thank you!”


I felt like he would have reacted the same way even if there was no camera around. Strictly speaking, The Dawn were celebrities, but they seemed more in awe that a normal person could recognize them.


‘…Guys. You’re also celebrities, to begin with.’


Even the participants of those contest programs weren’t that unpopular, but… A depressed feeling creeped in.


“You’re Sung Jiwon? I’ve known you since your trainee days! How did you become so handsome? You’re so tall!”


“Haha. thank you.”


“How old are you, noona?”


Even Kang Yichae spoke to her amicably. The woman seemed shy but answered whatever she was asked.


The camera was turned on so we had to be careful with our words, but because it was Kang Yichae, we didn’t have anything to worry about. He was a sensible guy after all.




When I looked away for a bit after giving some appropriate answers, I saw a strange scene outside the convenience store.


There was an elderly woman walking away while clutching her bag and a man in a mask was carefully following her just a few steps behind, scanning the surrounding. As if he wanted to steal her bag.






I called out to Kim Sunghyun. He immediately turned his head and looked in the direction I was staring at. Then his face hardened.


We put away the food we were holding. And sure enough, the man suddenly rushed in and snatched the elderly woman’s bag. 


“Aigoo, aigoo! It’s a thief!”


There are all kinds of extortion these days!


‘Crazy bastard.’


I frowned. I couldn’t believe it. I never thought something like that would ever happen.


Kum Sunghyun and I immediately kicked the convenience store door and ran out. To catch the shameless thief.


“Stop right there!”


“Get lost!”


At the sound of footsteps rushing after him, the thief glanced behind and started to speed up.


But who are we? We are proud Korean Idols. As I danced and practiced until dawn every day, I was a lot more confident in my physical strength.




In particular, Kim Sunghyun was excellent at using his body, so he hurled his body in an instant and caught him.


“Got you!”


“Hey, Kim Sunghyun!”


I caught up a step later and kicked the man’s hand which was about to take out a swiss knife.


With a clang, the knife fell to the floor. Kim Sunghyun turned pale when he saw that, then clenched his teeth again and subdued the thief.


“Hey, hey! Let go of me, you bastard!”


“Are you crazy? Where did you put your conscience?”


“Kim Sunghyun, hold him tight.”


I helped Kim Sunghyun and kicked the thief down. Looking back at the spot where the elderly woman was, I saw Sung Jiwon and Jung Dajoon, who fortunately had already figured out the situation, helping the fallen woman.


“Grandma, are you okay?”


“Oh my, thank you, thank you…”


“Are you hurt?”


“No, aigoo… I’m fine. I’m more worried about the other two young men.”


“We’re fine.”


In addition to that, I saw Kang Yichae waving his hands while making a phone call inside the convenience store. It seemed he was calling the police.


Soon after, we could hear police sirens.


“Wow, the Korean police sure are fast.”


“Let go!”


“Stay still, you bastard.”


I murmured and pressed down on the robber’s neck.


I looked back to see if the police had arrived and saw the woman who was still holding her phone and filming us with a blank expression. And when I turned my head, my eyes met with Kim Sunghyun’s.




We both thought the same thing.


Um, maybe this is-




“Aigoo, you did a great job. He followed her after watching her withdraw money from the bank. He deliberately waited until they reached a place without CCTV. This would have become a serious problem if not for you, young lads.”


After handing over the thief to the police, they praised us several times.


I glanced at the elderly woman. She didn’t seem to be injured.


“Thank you, boys. I’m so grateful.” 


“No, no, Grandma. This is only natural.”


“This is the money my daughter sent me. I saved it up little by little to pay my hospital fees… I can’t get treatment without it. I really appreciate what you did for me.”


“You must have been in serious trouble.”


Sung Jiwon murmured sadly. I guessed Sung Jiwon was raised by his grandmother. Considering that his eyes stuck there and didn’t leave, it seemed this event really bothered him.


I tapped Sung Jiwon on the shoulder. 


“Let’s stop and leave. The grandma has to rest too.”


“Oh, sorry. I was holding you up too long.”


“I’m sorry, I took up too much of your time, youngsters.” 


The elderly woman continued to bow her head to us. Seeing her like this somehow reminded me of my grandmother, which made me feel strange. 


I politely said my farewell and brought the members out when the situation was settled.


“Wow, that almost turned into a big deal.” 


“You almost got hurt, Kim Sunghyun. Are you okay?” 


“Yeah. Seo Hoyoon stopped him before something could happen…”


“Yeah, it’s almost time for our comeback, so be more careful.” 


“Hey, hyung. You were so cool.” 


“Being cool isn’t everything.” 


Sung Jiwon lightly hit the head of Jung Dajoon who was still immature. Jung Dajoon held his head and whined, but it couldn’t erase the good mood that had settled among the members. 


“You’ve worked hard, guys.” 


“Even Hoyoon hyung looks happy.” 


I also found it worthwhile.


Because there was something more to look forward to. 


Kim Sunghyun probably noticed as well. 


After returning to the practice room and continuing the practice for another two to three hours, the manager opened the door and came in. 




As expected. 


“Woah, that surprised me.” 


“Guys, I heard you guys caught a robber! Why didn’t you tell me?!” 


The manager shook Jung Dajoon by his shoulders out of excitement. Without being able to grasp the situation Jung Dajoon held his dizzy head. 


“W-We were going to tell you later when you come here, but how did you find out?”


“You guys are so popular now!” 




“That robbery incident was posted on the internet, so you’re high up in the real-time search now!” 




The manager shoved the article that got posted on the internet right before our noses. I slowly read the title that was shown on the screen. 


[Some common Korean male idols who caught a robber today]


…Well, the title was pretty plausible.


Among the members who were making incredulous faces, I met Kim Sunghyun’s eyes again.


He was the first to grin. 

  • 1. I used to translate byeolstar as insta short for instagram but I decide to switch and use byeolstar instead
  • 2. Speedwagon is a character that appears in the Japanese anime <Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure> and he gained popularity as someone who made explanations to the main character in various situations.
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