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“You’re totally bullshitting now, Sung Jiwon?”


Who… Who is this?


Kim Sunghyun frowned as if he knew something. Sung Jiwon greeted him calmly.


“Hello, Yoohyuk sunbae-nim.”


“Hahaha, I’m kidding, you punk! It sounded so gross.”


The man called Yoohyuk wrapped his arms around Sung Jiwon’s shoulders.


Oh, I recognized him now. He was from a boy group called Today that debuted three years ago. Maybe because they were from a large agency, they were quite popular and I remembered them winning first place a few times.


Come to think of it, Today’s agency was D.go, right? It was a large agency that Sung Jiwon previously belonged to.


“Even if I debuted first, it’s been years since we’ve had a meal together. I talked to you because I was glad to see you after a long time. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things lately.”


“…Hn, thank you.”


It seemed those two had practiced together. 


“That’s really good. I was really heartbroken that your debut was canceled. I was wondering if you got pushed back because I came in. I thought a lot about it because I felt like I’d stolen your place.”


“…You did?”


“It feels good to see you doing so well, even if it’s so late.”


But this bastard… He’s subtly picking on Sung Jiwon?


“I hope you continue to do well. Well… It’s a game with a fixed ending anyway.”


‘A fixed ending?’


Before I could deduce the meaning, Yoohyuk glanced at Kim Sunghyun. When I saw him glaring at him, I remembered where I had seen him. When the girl group member handed a note to Kim Sunghyun earlier, he was the one I had seen glaring for too long.


“Hubae-nim should work hard as well. If you’re already sloppy here and there, bad rumors will spread.”




Now things were sorted out.


This man called Yoohyuk had a crush on a member of the girl group earlier, but when she showed interest in Kim Sunghyun, he got pissed off,


When Kim Sunghyun, who felt incredulous because he had never been sloppy, raised his eyebrows, I flapped a piece of paper and dropped it on the floor.


“Oh, my!”


When I  openly spoke, everyone’s eyes focused this way. I hurriedly picked up the note again and carefully put it in Kim Sunghyun’s pocket.


“Sunghyun-ah, take care of it.”




“You drop everything, what’s with you, huh?”


Kim Sunghyun looked at me with flustered eyes. He didn’t seem to understand what the heck this was about. Yoohyuk’s eyes focused on Sunghyun’s pocket.


“No matter how much you received, you shouldn’t drop it like this.”


“What the…”


“Oh right, you said you weren’t interested, right?” 


I took the piece of paper out of Kim Sunghyun’s pocket.


“I will pass this on to the manager.”


“Hey, what’s with you?”


“Oh, I am sorry for interrupting you. It’s because Kim Sunghyun is so clumsy…”


I didn’t know that Yoohyuk’s eyes would slip away from the note. I bowed my head with a good-natured smile.


“Thank you for your advice, sunbae-nim. We will continue to do our best and not get swayed by things like this.”


I smiled and waved the paper.


It was a blatant provocation. Upon realizing that, Yoohyuk’s expression distorted sternly.


Sung Jiwon laughed out loud, and next to him, Kang Yichae turned red as he held back his laughter.


“You… What is your name?”


“I am Seo Hoyoon, sunbae-nim.”


As I answered with a smile, Yoohyuk came over to me from Sung Jiwon’s side and snatched the paper. 


“Bastard, you’ve lost your mind. Do you think you’ve become something just because you received a note?”


I just handed it over. Looks of astonishment fell on me from the side.


‘Hey, you told me to be careful of what I say at the broadcasting station.’


‘Are you crazy? Still, a note with a sunbae’s phone number on it?’


‘Isn’t it personal information?’


It was that kind of gaze.


They were probably worried that the note would be passed on to that senior and we would be filmed. But I was confident.


Yoohyuk huffed and unfolded it.


 “I’ll pass this on to sunbae. You guys are already being so ru… de…”




Yoohyuk checked the folded paper and closed his mouth.






“Yes? What were you going to say?”


Because it was a receipt.


The salad receipt we had for breakfast.


Do you think I am crazy? Why would I give away personal information?


“A receipt?” 


I tilted my head. Kang Yichae burst into laughter next to me and was almost in tears.


“What’s this?”


“Ah, it’s the salad receipt we had for breakfast. My manager always told me to take the cash receipt when buying something.”




“But Kim Sunghyun doesn’t know much about this. Is it because he only practiced?”


“Then what you said earlier about not being swayed….”


“Oh, I thought you were talking about diet…”


When I answered calmly, even Sung Jiwon turned red and held back his laughter.


I sighed on the contrary.


You’re a disgrace to idols, you bastard… Jealous of your junior just because you want to date…


“Senior. I don’t know why you want our receipt, but feel free to take it if you want.”


“I guess you have a hobby of collecting cash receipts… That’s unusual.”


“Maybe the salad on the receipt smells good. …Wait, does salad smell?”


“Hey, hey. You have to say things like that in your heart.”


Jung Dajoon muttered sincerely and seriously next to me. I snickered and pretended to stop Jung Dajoon.


Jung Dajoon was funny. It was a good personality to have in entertainment shows. In particular, when I needed to screw with people, I had to bring Jung Dajoon with me.


“You bastard…”


Yoohyuk’s face turned red. He rushed at me as if to grab me by the collar, but I slipped away.


If Yoohyuk landed at least one punch, it wouldn’t be so bad. I was pretty much looking forward to it.


It would be nice if Kang Yichae also recorded this. Right when Yoohyuk was just about to grab me.


“Oh, Seo Hoyoon!”


I heard a familiar voice. When I turned my head, Joo Woosung was approaching with his hand raised.


Come to think of it, I heard that he came as a special MC.


Joo Woosung was not a big deal, but his debut and popularity were at the top, so every time he took a step down the hallway, everyone around him bent their backs 90 degrees. It was a really strange sight.


Are you Shin*gye Jeong* [1] ?


“What are you doing? If you’re here, you should have said hello.” 




It was similar to what Yoohyuk said to Sung Jiwon earlier, but it was strangely okay when Joo Woosung did it.


‘I guess he’s trying to help.’


I got goosebumps at first because of the overly friendly tone, but then I smiled broadly.


“Sunbae-nim. I went earlier, but you weren’t there.”


“Sunbae-nim, you said. So awkward… Just call me hyung as usual. Hello, The Dawn kids.”




“Have you been practicing? Did the things you looked at get better?”


Joo Woosung smirked and tapped me. I thought he didn’t notice…


‘He’s helpful.’


When compared to Joo Woosung, the number of years and popularity Yoohyuk had could only reach his toenail.


Yoohyuk looked at Joo Woosung and bowed 90 degrees, perhaps because he had a strange military discipline. 


“Hello, Joo Woosung sunbae-nim!”


“Uh… Yes.”


Joo Woosung glanced at him. Yoohyuk completely changed his face and clung to him, showing off their friendship.


“I enjoy the album that sunbae-nim gave me the other day. I heard you’d be coming as a special MC this time, you have no idea how much I was looking forward to this.”


Shouldn’t this bastard be an actor, not an idol?


“Um… Alright, thank you… Yoo–”


“Yes, sunbae-nim!”


Yoohyeong [2] , was it? Math Type?”




“Practice book?”


Joo Woosung burst into laughter after he said it. It was a gag you usually heard from your superiors.


“Sorry, I don’t know any kids with blurry impressions.”


He got rejected.


Yoohyuk’s expression twisted, but it disappeared in an instant.


“…I’m Yoohyuk.”




And like that, Joo Woosung turned his gaze to me. He was the so-called idol, so there was no way Joo Woosung didn’t know the name of a pretty famous junior. He must have ignored him on purpose.


“Seo Hoyoon, you have some time left until the recording, right? Come to my waiting room later.”




“What do you mean why, I just want to hear what you’ve been up to. I can’t contact you because I’ve been busy, punk.”


 Joo Woosung’s acting skills had improved a little since the last time I saw him. I just pretended to be embarrassed.


“Oh, I forgot. I’m sorry.”


“It’s fine. See you later.”


I threw an OK sign and looked at Joo Woosung as he walked away. Then, after the one-hit counter, he smiled and said goodbye to Yoohyuk, who had a blank face.


The big senior you’re trying to connect with is nice to the guy you ignored?


That guy was obviously pissed off.


“Sunbae-nim~ you look very hungry, so make sure you eat well~.”


Go practice, you bastard.


The Dawn moved away from Yoohyuk, thinking it was over. Everyone was clenching their teeth trying to hold back their laughter. After a while, Kim Sunghyun quietly added.


“You’re really nasty, but you’re really reliable when you’re on our side.”


“I’ll take it as a compliment.”


* * *


“Oh, you’re here.”


“Here is Shin*gye Jeong*….”


“Come on in, come on in.”


I asked as I walked into the waiting room that Joo Woosung was using alone.


“This room seems fine?”


Joo Woosung took his eyes off his phone and looked at me with pride. He grinned and sat down on the sofa next to me. 


“Why is the MC’s waiting room that you use alone so big? What we get is a chicken coop.”


“I’m Joo Woosung.”


Right. He was one of the top idols in Korea. Would I be able to complete the main scenario and escape from this game of chicken when I reached that point?


I glanced at him and read his stats.


[View Joo Woosung’s stats.]


[Vocal A+


Dance: S+


Entertainment: A0


???: ???


???: ???


Charm: S-]


I was speechless for a moment.






“No, I still have a long way to go….”


“Huh? Why?”


You mean I have to build up my stats to Joo Woosung’s level to be as good as him, right? When do I get out of this game? Can I get off before I turn 80?


As I lost my will to fight and stood there bluntly, Ju Woosung narrowed his eyes.


“Are you being sarcastic?”


“No, I am not.”


“I guess it’s the truth…”


I was amazed by your stats, fool.


I ignored him because he wouldn’t believe me even if I told him.


“What is it? Why did you call me?”


“It’s kind of iffy to say it outside. I’m reluctant to run into White Cherry.”


“White Cherry?”


I raised my eyebrows. Joo Woosung smiled awkwardly.


“I’ve become an extraordinary asshole inside White Cherry.”


Oh, right. They were in a relationship. 


“Did you break up?”


“I got dumped.”


One finally escaped.


Of course, I was talking about the White Cherry’s side.


“Kids these days are really scary. Splashing me with water was not enough, she put the water from the bathroom into a tub and threw it to me. I was all wet.”


Hmm, he deserved it.


I folded my arms while looking at the unprecedented asshole.


“Well… I’m a bastard.”


What’s going on?


Are you finally being nice to your fans? Or are you taking action after being blackmailed?


“Anyway, even if you go out there, half of them are your exes…”


“Hey, I’m not that bad. …Right?”


Joo Woosung seriously pondered about it. I ignored it.


“Anyway, I didn’t call you to talk about that, but it’s about something else.”


“What is it?”


“I heard you’re going to a contest this time?”


I thought it wouldn’t be an important matter, so I gave rough responses and tried to let it pass by, but my ears pricked up.


“How do you know?”


“I heard it from someone I know. I guess the entertainment department is pushing for that program this time. The lineup isn’t bad.”


Joo Woosung said, tapping on his cell phone.


The Shining Star had always gathered popular idols so far. But I didn’t know that the lineup was good.


“Did you hear who would show up?”


“From what I know, it’s Yoohyuk’s Today who was picking a fight with you earlier, Refind, and Mars.”




Today, Refind, Mars. All of them were in their 1-4th year since their debut. The competition rate was fiercer than I thought. Among them, Today was overwhelmingly popular. It might be difficult to beat the competition here.


“But don’t expect to win first place.”


I raised my head.


I thought he said that because of the difference in popularity, but Joo Woosung calmly added.


“I heard there’s already a nominee.”




“Shining Star and Today’s agency seem to have a deep connection. A deal has already been decided on the other side as they proceed with the program.”




A program where the nominee had already been decided and the board had already been drawn up. Such a program was strong and fierce. That’s why Yoohyuk said that earlier.


‘He said it has a fixed ending.’


Today already knew.


I gave up contemplating whether Kang Yichae had recorded it earlier. Yoohyuk’s remarks were not enough to turn the tables. It was such an ambiguous word, so if he said that he didn’t mean it, it would be over.


Joo Woosung said quietly as I pondered what to do.


“This kind of thing is common. So I’m telling you, don’t be too disappointed if you work too hard.”




“But as far as I know now, second or third place hasn’t been decided. You won’t be able to compete winning first place with other groups, but it will be quite useful to raise your popularity.”


Joo Woosung’s words got longer because he thought I was disappointed.


 “Thank you.”




“Thank you for letting me know. “Can I tell this to the members and the company?”


“…Yeah, everyone knows anyway. Just don’t tell them that the source is me.”


“All right.”


Seeing me not at all discouraged, Joo Woosung raised his eyebrows. His face was saying, ‘Would you look at this?’.


There was something else more important than that.


“Who’s the PD?”


“So out of the blue.”


“Yes. Did you hear who Shining Star PD was?”


According to the president, they were still looking for it. Joo Woosung frowned at my unexpected words.


“I don’t remember. Why do you ask?”


“It’s important. Can you look into it?”


“Well, finding out isn’t a problem… Gasp.”


Joo Woosung blurted out and suddenly asked.


“Seo Hoyoon, you… You’re not going to blackmail the producer, right?”


“No way.”


“You have a track record, so I can’t believe it.”


I could find celebrities’ flaws even if they stayed still, but no matter how flawed the producers were, it wasn’t easy to cut them. I had to look for another way.


‘Rather than blackmails, something more tempting…’


As I thought about it inwardly, Joo Woosung shrugged his shoulders.


“Anyway, I’ll find out and tell you. If you want to have more information about the program, ask me.”


“Why… are you so nice to me?”


Joo Woosung was being so nice to his blackmailer that he could be called a pushover. When I asked honestly because I didn’t understand, Joo Woosung just grumbled.


“I treat you well, but you’re doubting me, this bastard….”


“I’m kidding. I appreciate it, so I owe you a favor.”


“What am I going to do with the favor you owe me?”


“Well, we don’t know what will happen.” 


It was good that he treated me well. Joo Woosung and Lim Hyunsoo were softer than I thought.


My consciousness was already focused on Shining Star. I had to, because a new quest window had popped up.


[Quest arrival!


Take first place in ‘Shining Star’


If successful: Obtain hidden characteristic, add 50 to all stats


Failure: Unable to release next album for 3 years]


 I needed to draw up a new board.

  • 1. Again, I have no clue what this could be
  • 2. Joo Woosung messed up Yoohyuk’s name. Yoohyuk = 유혁. Yuhyeong = 유형 = Type
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  1. hoyoon is gonna have to dig up every bit of blackmail he has to pass this quest ㅋㅋ

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