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“Hey, just kidding.”


I blinked one eye. However, Yoohyuk, who knew that I wasn’t joking, turned red from the corner of his ears.


It wasn’t possible for large corporations to change their capital.


‘Fools. They couldn’t draw the big picture.’


Even the fact that White Cherry’s song was so famous worked as a poison. Because even if they mixed it with the concept of ‘The Little Mermaid’, it went similar to White Cherry’s original route, so it didn’t show any difference.


Today’s members also had good skills, so maybe it was going to be a hot topic for a while, but the stage of the original song was so much better.


“You, you…”


“The Dawn, let’s move!”


When all the Dawn members left after nodding toward the staff, Yoohyuk missed the timing to refute again.


I was able to go out on stage feeling refreshed when I saw the face that turned speechless. Sung Jiwon also had a cool face as if he had swallowed a box of cider.


As the colorful lights on the stage surrounded the Dawn members, I could hear the staff’s flustered voices.


“Your concept is Peter Pan right?”


“Yeah, that’s right…”


“But why is your costume pirate?”


It was a costume that we deliberately didn’t show during rehearsal. At those words, I could see the corner of Kang Yichae’s mouth rising.


I recalled the conversation with the members before we asked Lim Hyunsoo to arrange the song


‘Peter Pan isn’t all about Tinker Bell. There is one person who fits our concept perfectly.’


‘Captain Hook? The pirate?’


‘That’s right. Actually, people said that Captain Hook is very attractive. He hates Peter Pan for cutting off his arm, but it was said he’s kind to Wendy.’


Sung Jiwon added an opinion.


“Are you pushing for a story where the pirate clinging on to the other person?”‘


“That’s right.”


Like Girls’ Want You.


A fresh and lively unrequited love song that told a story about you being annoyed that the other person wasn’t looking at you so you slowly approach them and confessed. Originally, it took the concept of a lively American cheerleader, but it was possible to arrange it according to perspective.


Tiktok, tiktok.


The second hand of the clock was ticking.


Fearing the sound of the clock due to the trauma of having their arms cut off by a crocodile, the pirates covered their ears and curled up.


The stage brightened up in an instant,




Everyone widened their eyes at the sound of the cannon, and  Kang Yichae jumped over the members to jump out in front of the stage.


[My fellow pirates, this is our showtime!]


Swoosh– Splash!


Sung Jiwon got up with him. Instead of the sound of the clock, there was a sound of a fierce wave hitting the ship. The lively song was mixed with sirens and turned into a lively yet sharp beat.


[Hi, say hi


You passing by, why don’t you look at me


Right now I’m giving you the message]


The American teen song changed to a tempo that smelled dangerous and charming.


As expected, Lim Hyunsoo had a great sense of fiddling with songs.


Kim Sunghyun stood in front of Sung Jiwon and smiled at the camera.


[You should look at me, not the kid next to you.


Don’t you think we’ll look pretty good together?]


Kim Sunghyun raised one hand above his eyes and made a gesture as if he was looking at the sea far away. At the same time, he showed a motion to turn the other hand that was holding the key to the right.


We leaned as if we were on a ship sailing over the sea.


[It’s not him. How many times do I have to tell you?


He’s so selfish, I only look at you


I won’t make you regret it, Trust me]


Jung Dajoon came up terrifyingly. He didn’t look like someone who had played a recorder and trembled before.


‘He’ referred to Peter Pan, and ‘I’ referred to the pirate.


When Jung Dajoon raises his hand, the camera moved up and then zoomed in on me.


[Say hi again]


I leaned back on the set, brushed my hair, looked at the camera, approached with the staggering gait typical of sailors, and raised the corners of my mouth.


[I know you’re trembling


You’re supposed to come to me anyway


But don’t make me wait too long]


Kang Yichae held up a pocket scope and blinked while pretending to doze off, then he fell down. At the same time, the sound of falling under the water could be heard.




With the bubbling sound of foams, the song reached its highlight. The lights turned blue as if submerged in the deep sea. Sung Jiwon walked with staggering steps. He grabbed his neck and frowned as if he is drowning.


[I’m going crazy


Your smile, your way of talking


I’ve already fallen for you]


At the same time, Kim Sunghyun slowly picked up a tricorne hat from the floor, put it on his head, and opened his mouth.


[Maybe I can’t do it anymore


Maybe I’ve already lost


Still, I muster up the courage and walk again]


His eyes meet Sung Jiwon.


The last highlight. Leaving behind the bubbling sound of foam, I went up to the sea.


[I really want you]


In Like Girls’ Want You, the ending note that went down was raised to the top.


When the stable doubling between Sung Jiwon and me was over–, the ship reached the ground with the cool sound of water, breaking the sense of urgency of the stage once again.


Kim Sunghyun threw his hat over the bright lights.




Snatching the hat with a sharp sword tip, Kang Yichae turned around and smiled playfully. 


[It looks like I don’t need fairy dust.]


At the same time, Jung Dajoon struck in and sang the chorus perfectly.


[It’s not him. How many times do I have to tell you?


He’s so selfish, I only look at you


I won’t make you regret it, Trust me]


‘Sung Jiwon went crazy, but it’s worth it.’


As soon as we entered the group dance, sirens rang out at the same time, and a brilliant dance was performed.


The beat slowed down slowly, and the members rotated accordingly.


[Hi, say hi again]


Following the sound of the ticking clock, my body swayed from side to side again. 


We can do this together.]




At the sound of the gun, everyone fell down and the lights went out.


It was the ending of the supporting role that loved the main character. The story that was finished by illuminating the story of the supporting actor came to an end.




The surrounding was quiet.


Probably because there was no audience, I couldn’t hear the assistant director or the producer’s response, so I maintained the ending pose for a while, and the members of The Dawn looked up one by one.


All the staff who were looking at the stage were shocked.


‘Looks like it’s fine.’


 “Good job.”


“Yes, thank you.”


First, I bowed my head and greeted out loud, then I brushed off the hat I was wearing and exchanged light remarks with the members.


Then, while her mouth was wide open in surprise under the stage, my eyes met PD Kim Heeyoung, whose eyes were shining brightly as if she had found a jewel.


“Thank you.”


It was just the beginning.



* * *


“Celebrating the first shooting of Shining Star, I hope that the ratings will reach 1%! Cheers!”




Everyone laughed out loud. The manager said that we didn’t have to participate in this kind of event, but how could I miss the first dinner of the program? Impossible.


The manager said that we should be more careful in a place like this and his eyes were watery as if he was drunk, he had been nibbling on alcohol.


“I, uh, watched your performance today, and I was crying like crazy. You guys are so good at this…! I left you alone!”


“Manager, are you okay?”




I felt like he was going to cry no matter what I said. I tried to comfort him in moderation, then I passed him to Kim Sunghyun, who was silently taking nutrients from the left. Kim Sunghyun made an incredulous face.


“Why are you passing him to me?”


“Because you’re reliable.”


Kim Sunghyun sighed and tapped the manager’s shoulder and even gave him water. Hmm, I knew he would do that. Jung Dajoon, who was only drinking cola next to me, giggled as if he was intoxicated by the atmosphere without drinking any alcohot.


“Manager, don’t cry~!”


“Don’t cry, don’t cry.”


Sung Jiwon comforted the manager by clapping his hands as if matching the melody.


We rented a restaurant and were sitting down by the groups of staff, and an idol group scrupulously approached The Dawn. It was Nightmare, the only part of the cast who was a junior of The Dawn.


“Oh, hello!”




At the junior’s greeting, The Dawn got up and greeted them.


Nightmare’s leader staggered forward.


“I’m Lee Hansung. I really liked that performance earlier, so I wanted to say hello.”


“We really enjoyed Nightmare’s performance.”


One member came forward and started talking, and after hearing a friendly answer, the rest of the members rushed in to bow at 90 degrees.


“It was amazing. Oh, I loved the single, too!”




I decided to leave this to Sung Jiwon. When I pushed Seong Jiwon forward, he was very embarrassed, but he couldn’t escape.


“Oh, no, no. Your performance was better.”


“What are you talking about!? The Dawn was better!”


“No, Nightmare is more…!”


I needed to get out of this conversation quickly.


I left Sung Jiwon alone and slipped to another table. I had something to say to PD Kim Heeyoung.


As I was walking, I saw Today group talking happily with the staff.


When I tried to ignore them, the main vocalist over there suddenly grabbed my arm.


‘He’s drunk.’


“Oh? Aren’t you from the group that performed last? The pirates!”


“Yes, that’s right.”


“Wow! I was really surprised. The composition of the stage was so good. You should have a drink before you go! Don’t you think so?”


“That’s right!”


Doing this in front of the staff, it was a move to screw with me.


I was debating whether I should keep up with the rhythm or not, but the Today’s center gave me an unpleasant grin.


“Or what, you don’t even want to drink with us? Are you afraid you’ll be pushed back?”




Noticing the unusual atmosphere, the staff looked at us alternately with their eyes wide open. I glanced at the staff. Behind them, Kim Heeyoung got up with a rotten expression that said, ‘The bastards are at it again’.


My mind spun quickly. This provocation was one I could just get over with, but…




It wouldn’t be bad to lighten up the mood.


I smiled when I finished thinking.






“But can you handle it?”


Let me show you some interesting sights.






I shook a beer bottle in front of the glass.


I could hear someone swallowing their saliva.


There were countless glasses in front of me. I picked up the shaken beer bottle and shot it at the glass.






“Seo Hoyoon! Seo Hoyoon!”


The beer poured into the glass precisely and completed the bomb liquor. Everyone was going crazy as I grinned and shook their glasses.


“What?! I can’t do that either!”


“How can an idol do that?!”


“Seo Hoyoon! Show us your next skill!”


“Do you want to see it?”




“Ah… your voice is too low.”




“Do you really want to see it?”




The staff turned into a mess.


Being in the entertainment industry, they must have seen all kinds of techniques, but an idol rookie suddenly came and did things like this.




“Seo Hoyoon! Seo Hoyoon!”


Today’s members, who had already become irrelevant, were bitterly stuck in the corner. Kang Yichae, who was excited, laughed beside me and raised the mood even more.


“Here we go.”


I stood up, opening the bottle cap with a spoon.


Each staff member held a glass and waited with sparkling eyes. They purposely widened the distance and filled their respective glasses from afar using snaps.




“Me too! Please fill mine!”


“Let’s sort it out through the gratitude order.”


“Hoyoon-ssi! I was nice to you.”


“No, I took care of you more!”


Seo Hoyoon was not dead yet.


I turned the bottle proudly. At this point, it seemed all Today members had withered.


Laughing, Kang Yichae was excited and asked.


“Hyung, how the hell do you do this?”


“You can learn this to death.”


“So, where do you learn these kinds of things?”


Where did I learn it? I learned it when I was saying bibbidi-boboo to the director at the broadcasting station.


In addition, I learned how to secretly throw soju into the food or soy sauce. But I couldn’t tell the growing sprout Kang Yichae.


“I’m going out to get some fresh air.”


“Hoyoon-ssi, you have to go back quickly. Please give me a drink.”


“I don’t want to.”


“Hahaha, so cheeky~”


The staff let me go with a smile. Still, it seemed that the members of The Dawn were particularly taken care of because I set up the atmosphere properly.


My body shivered when I came out. It was a bit cold.


I would have come out to smoke, but I couldn’t now.




[Why did you come out? You’re not even drunk.]


“I’m drunk.”


[But I saw you throw the alcohol away into the food?]


Oh, my.


“It did happen.”


I was sober, and it was because I was tired of talking to people and answering questions, but I had a different reason. Looking out, I saw a ponytail over the wall.


‘As expected.’


I approached slowly, pretending it was a coincidence.






It was producer Kim Heeyoung. Holding a bottle in one hand and drinking it in one shot as if it was water.


‘She’s still the same, she’s really still the same.’


Kim Heeyoung smiled without showing any embarrassment.


“You were amazing.”


“Thank you.”


“Where the hell did you learn that? You can’t possibly learn that from the agency.”


“It’s my talent.”


“Oh, my…”


Maybe because she was drunk, Kim Heeyoung let out a laugh.


“Anyway, Seo Hoyoon-ssi, you’re going to be popular among our staff. I don’t know how it will be with the other group members.”


“I see.”


“The previous performance was good, too. I only say this here, but honestly, it was the best performance.”






Kim Heeyoung sighed.


“So, more… Oh, shit, it’s nothing. Just forget it.”




It’s bitter, was what she probably meant. Our performance would have been the best, but we couldn’t make it to first place. Shining Star was a program that had determined Today as the winner.


Kim Heeyoung swallowed her words and drank the bottle to the bottom.






“The producer changed our turn to perform last.”


“…It wasn’t me, it’s because the filming progress got twisted.”


“Is that so?”


When I laughed, Kim Heeyoung froze. She seemed restless, wondering if her intentions had been revealed.


“Thank you anyway.”




“I just want to thank you. It’s exactly what I wanted.”




When Kim Heeyoung’s eyes shook with the meaning, ‘no way’. A shrill voice came from behind.


“Just what the hell are Seo Hoyoon and the others doing?”


It was Today.

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