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“This is really where Joo Woosung lives, right?”


“Of course, I saw Woosung went in last time…”


As I sat down at the cafe, I heard whispers from a nearby table.


Seeing how they lined up with Joo Woosung’s photo cards and made a fuss, they were probably sasaengs. Seeing them glancing around and checking out their tweets… My suspicion of them being sasaengs increased.


“But you said it’s really hard to meet him. Joo Woosung hates things like this…”


“But if you hold out for a week, you can see his face wearing a mask at least once.”


They were really sasaengs.


I sipped my grapefruit smoothie and picked up my phone once more. There was a flood of calls.


Not Lim Hyunsoo, not manager, not Seo Hojin.


They glanced this way.


“Hey, is he a celebrity?”


“It’s not a face I’ve seen before…”


“Is he a trainee?”


“Ah, did he work as a singer and come here to become a backup dancer?”


No… I wasn’t a trainee, I was probably a half-idol. I couldn’t go to the showcase, but I heard that we even recorded our debut song.


Anyway, there was a benefit in working hard and completing the quest so far. As my charms increased, people around me were reacting.


[Character: Seo Hoyoon.


Specialty: Excessive self-consciousness]




The system window was picking a fight.


‘I can’t help it. Today is a big day.’


[Quest Arrival:


‘Curiosity of the system window.’


Why is the pretentious Seo Hoyoon suddenly dressing up?


Let’s solve the question of the system window.


Upon success: Nothing.


Failure to complete: The system window’s pout.]


“Aren’t you abusing it too much?”


I ignored it. It would find out soon anyway. The system window didn’t pop up any more alarms as if it was really pouting. This kid was made up of 0s and 1s, what a load of crap.


My cell phone rang, and when I lifted it up, I found a large fish caught.


[??: Who are you?]


[??: Who is this.]


It was a good harvest.


[Me: ㅎㅎ]


[B: If you’re curious, come to the cafe]


I sent a text message and checked another messenger.


[Manager: Hoyoon-ah, think about it again. I don’t know what you’re thinking right now, but you shouldn’t bluff. If you come back now, the members will accept you, so… (shortened)]


I ignored the text from the manager.


Next, Lim Hyunsoo.


[Lim Hyunsoo: Hey, hey, hey]


[Lim Hyunsoo: Seo Hoyoon]


[Lim Hyunsoo: Hoyoon-ahㅋㅋㅋ]


[Lim Hyunsoo: Awesomeㅋ The song is chosen well]


[Lim Hyunsoo: ㄱㄷ]


[Lim Hyunsoo: I think I’m a genius]


[Me: Send it.]


[Lim Hyunsoo: You’re so annoying]


It was the morning after I threatened Lim Hyunsoo. I ignored Lim Hyunsoo who was bragging about his output that came out well. I would have to throw in a compliment around the afternoon.


And when I went back, the main character of the first messenger.


[??: Wait]


Yes, this was how it should be. I smiled heartfully.


There was only one thing I needed right now among the frantic messengers. If you’re quick-witted, you would know who I’m texting now.


I was browsing the messenger when the boss suddenly handed me a cake. What is it? As I stared at it, the boss grinned.


“This is free service.”


“Ah, thank you.”


I was in a good mood and was about to talk with a smile, but clang, the cafe door opened at just the right time.


Really, it wasn’t even a jolt, it was a clang. Claaang.


It was that urgent.


“Hosh, hosh…”


It was a man whose entire body was covered in black.


A man in a hat, a mask, and a sweatshirt was breathing hard as if he had run, and everything that wrapped him was luxury goods from head to toe.


Here it came.


Our next pushover.


“Oh? That…”


“By any chance.”


The sasaengs stiffened when they saw him. The man looked around the store, ignoring the startled boss.


“Isn’t that Joo Woosung?”


Joo Woo-sung, a member of Korea’s top idol group, Black Call. A member of the group that succeeded by turning everything into capital, from big agencies to famous overseas composers and California dancers.


But now he was just my pushover.


I slowly raised my hand. And with a big smile, I called him.




You, pushover!


I didn’t want to call a 25-year-old hyung, but it couldn’t be helped. I was 23 now because I’d been rejuvenated 10 years back.


[Quest Arrival!:


‘Do whatever you want now.’


Seo Hoyoon-ssi, even without a quest, you are doing very well on your own.


Try threatening Joo Woosung.


Upon success: Additional 10 Charm


Failure to complete: Fame -100]


When I called him, Joo Woosung slowly fixed his gaze on me. Then he frowned and strode toward me.


“It’s you, right?”


“Hyung, you’re finally here.”


Joo Woosung probably didn’t know me right now. When I pretended to know him, his face looked like it had ‘It’s absurd’ written on it.


“What are you doing? No, who are you?”


“Hey, what kind of joke is this again?”




I approached him with a playful smile. I lowered my voice to Joo Woosung who still didn’t understand the situation.


“There are sasaengs around Joo Woosung-ssi.”




“Adjust to my tune, if you don’t want to hear strange rumors.”


Joo Woosung kept his mouth shut, looking strained. Then he raised the corners of his mouth.


“…Can’t you take a joke, dongsaeng?”


“Ah, hyung! I’ve been waiting for a long time.”


“Sorry. uh… It’s a bit difficult here. Shall we move?”


“Yes, okay.”


I smiled and got up. I lightly greeted the cafe owner.


When I tried to move with Joo Woosung, his sasaengs hurriedly tried to follow him. Joo Woosung frowned and left the cafe, then quickly shunned the sasaengs before arriving at his home.


“Your skills are no joke.”




Joo Woosung turned away from me. Still, he had some idol experience.


As soon as I entered the apartment, the marble was all over the place, so he must have earned some money.


With no one around, Joo Woosung showed me his vigilance again.


I trudged along and sat on the sofa. Although my body got younger, it was my nature to want to lie down when I saw the sofa.


“The house is nice.”


“Who are you?”


He had the same reaction as Lim Hyunsoo yesterday.


“Why are you threatening me like this? A reporter? Or, what, a scammer?”


“Your imagination is so… poor.”


Yesterday, Lim Hyunsoo still had a cute side when he shook his head. Joo Woosung clenched his teeth when I honestly expressed my opinion.


“How else can you send this!”


Joo Woosung held out his cell phone with a huff. It was a picture of him hugging another idol. He turned his head so it couldn’t be seen well, but it was clear that the two were being lovey-dovey.


A love affair.


The sins of idols. A love affair was almost tied to the same level as drugs, drunk driving, and violence.


Now that the awareness had improved, ordinary fans would be cheering, but they weren’t really hardcore fans.


“It was filmed beautifully like a drama.”


It was unfortunate, but it was just good blackmail material for me now. It was taken very blatantly.


“Are you a paparazzi? I’ve never told anyone…”


“Something like that.”


Because there was a time when I was going to do a special feature on a coverage program about idol sasaengs. It was a picture that someone else secretly handed over to me at the time, but I never thought it would be used like this.


“Who are you?!”


“Oh, hey, wait a minute. Let’s calm down.”


“I’m going to report you.”


I calmly called out to him. He wasn’t going to calm down, so I decided to ‘slightly’ suppress his spirit.


“I don’t think I would be the one who regrets it right now…?”




“Once you lift your hand, you’ll get an e-mail. The media kids are drooling a lot.”


What would happen then? I kindly informed Joo Woosung of the reality.


<Joo Woosung’s secret date, an innocent girl group idol?!>


“Then do you want to dominate the real-time search keyword tomorrow?”


And the Internet would say this.


– I told you not to tell me that I am an atm machineㅋㅋㅋㅋ


– Ah, I’m really getting annoyed


– Joo Woosung, you said last time that your fans are your only girlfriend  ㅋㅋIs the ring you wore at that time a couple ring?


“Well… Fine. There are quite a few idol group members who are dating openly these days.”


By the way.


“But it seems you change partners every three months. Four months last time, 2 months before that, 3 weeks before that.”




“I guess you’ve dated almost all the people who appear on music shows?”


Joo Woosung was a playboy.


Although he didn’t cheat, the speed of changing lovers was LTE-class. The White Cherry girl group was not the end. The idols and actors he dated could fit a truck.


If it was known, Joo Woosung’s clean image was really, absolutely finished.


“And one, two, three… What if Joo Woosung’s list of ex-girlfriends gets revealed on the Internet?”




Joo Woosung turned pale when I slowly told the truth.


Then it would come up. Soon.


– This homepage is closed. My hot summer, bye.


– I’m leaving because my attachment is robbed. Crazy bastard.


– Permanently closes the homepage. Please refer to the tweet for the refund form.


Slowly, the hommas would leave.


– He’s crazy, he took turns dating peopleㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


– Wow ㄹㄱㄴㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋToward that piece of shit ㅅㄲI can’t believe I liked him…


– How did you fool the fans for five years???


The last finale.


– Official/Joo Woosung is demanded to leave


“I am sure there will be a site that demands Joo Woosung-ssi to be removed.”


Joo Woosung covered his head. And after a long period of despair, he finally asked.


“Money? Do you want money?”


‘…He’s pissing me off.’


I wanted to try that line too.


The person who lost his money after entering the parallel world was going crazy.


“How much…”




“That’s not it.”


There was something else important. I felt sorry for Joo Woosung who almost kneeled down and begged.


“Not money, but something else. I don’t want to do this either. Honestly, what’s wrong with the idols that Joo Woosung-ssi dated? They met the wrong guy…”


“Stop. Then what? What should I give you?”


I laughed out loud. As expected, this guy’s imagination was very poor. At least, Lim Hyunsoo’s head had worked better.


“Do you know who I am? You should know that first.”


“Do I need to know that?”


Of course, you do, bastard.


“I’m Seo Hoyoon. An idol.”






Silence lingered. After a while, Joo Woosung licked his dry lips.


“You… Are you crazy?”




– Teehe! (Tilts your head lightly with your fist_underlined cutely poo poo) I’m not a crazy bastard!


– A successful madman (star).


– I hit the beauty and the waves]


I clasped my hands tightly. Time passed dizzyingly.


As expected, the words came out randomly.




No, it wasn’t just words. I tilted my head and hit my head with my fist.


“I’m not a crazy bastard!”






“…You really are a crazy bastard…”


Joo Woosung, who sincerely accepted it, looked at the crazy guy with pity. I just wanted to bite my tongue and pass out.


I touched my forehead and looked back on what I had done wrong in my past life. There were so many that I didn’t know where to start.


“Crazy hubae, alright, I get it. I understand that you’re an idol. I didn’t remember because I just heard it.”


“It’s okay, you won’t forget that you were threatened by your hubae.”




Joo Woosung touched his forehead as if he was dizzy and asked again patiently.


“So what do you want? Seeing you holding the photo and talking for a long time like this, you have something you want, right?”


“Of course.”


“What else besides money?”


It seemed he couldn’t change inside like Lim Hyunsoo.


I sighed and picked up a red pen to write the correct answer. Joo Woosung looked at me anxiously.


“What I want right now? It’s very, very easy and simple.”


When I suddenly spoke calmly, Joo Woosung brushed his arms as if he had goosebumps.


As I recalled, Joo Woosung seemed to avoid me even when I was a PD. Even though there was no contact between us.


Didn’t you say my atmosphere was bad or something like that…


Why did you avoid me?


“Hyung, are you good at acting?”


I’m still a good person.

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