Debut or Die Chapter 101

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It was Sunday, September 23.


Testar’s fans, Loviewers, were saddened by the dried-up content.


Of course, Testar regularly left news on SNS and they steadily delivered news related to advertisements and events every few days.


However, fans couldn’t forget the taste of the debut activity that poured like a waterfall.


– No other news from the kids…?

– The director was kicked out too, I hope they can do a celebration party on W app for about a week

– We have a conscience, too. We don’t already want a comeback. Guys, but how can we not get WeTube’s own variety show…?ㅎ

– It feels like only eating barley rice and soy sauce after having a banquet feast every dayㅠㅠ


Fans who were so conflicted between conscience and desire were expecting to fall asleep in agony on the coming Monday.


That is, until the video came up.


– Uh, something just came up on the official account. It’s WeTube??? (link)


[Testar(TeSTAR) “Bonus book” Comeback Trailer (with 127 Section)]



– Comeback trailer?

– All of a sudden?

– I almost had a cardiac arrest.


People screamed and freaked out, but they clicked on the video right away.


The thumbnail was a left eye looking through a scope. It was unknown whether it was a lens or a CG, but it was shining with a rather eerie purple light.


And soon the video started playing.




What appeared was a long black leg. The outstretched feet, clad in sleek leather pants, strode to somewhere.


The camera followed each footstep, moving at a high speed into a destroyed hallway marked with plasterboards and cloth.


And the camera went all the way up from the bridge, and in an instant, it showed a left hand wearing a black finger suit. In the process, a face profile was zoomed in together.


It was Cha Eugene with his red hair down.


And in Cha Eugene’s hands… There was a worn-out red stuffed toy.




Whistling a familiar melody, Cha Eugene turned over the stuffed doll.


There was a cogwheel behind the doll’s back. His right hand grabbed the cog without hesitation and started turning it.


Click click.


The sound of the gears turning was loud, and soon a strange sound began to mix.


Pi Pi Pi Pipipipipi





With a popping sound, the screen turned black. A narration echoed.


[WHAT makes people live?]



When the screen lip up again, the background changed.


It was a half-destroyed playground. The sand had hardened, and the goalpost had already been torn down. The moment a strange pattern was caught in the middle of it in an aerial shot.


A very heavy beat started ringing.




Then a brilliant string orchestra began to play out. It was an accompaniment of an urgent construction.


On top of that, an intense synth of electric sound began to play a riff melody like thunder.


– I”m gonna survive.

Like you did before

I”m gonna grab it.

Just like I dreamed


It was a high-pitched intro.


At that moment, the bottom of the goalpost on the screen exploded. And Cha Eugene came out from under it.


– Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

But NOT for me I’m not.

I’m alive, right, like

Legends never die


Shaking off the dust and sand from his hair, Cha Eugene excitedly kicked the goalpost and ran across the playground toward the front gate.


The moment he opened the front gate covered with dark red ivy and strode through it, the scene changed.


– All crossroads are the crossroads of choice

But wherever you go, find it

the most certain equation.

You will never die


Lee Sejin, the former actor, peered into a monitor in a blue laboratory full of samples.


Unlike his delicate impression with glasses on, there were green and dark red marks attached to the coat he was wearing.


Watching Cha Eugene run out of the front gate on the monitor, Lee Sejin got up from his seat.


And as he walked in front of the barbed wire fence that blocked the lab door, he stopped and read a warning sign.


It was a biohazard sign.


At that moment, the scene was changed to a hand that tore off a similar sign in another place.


– That”s what keeps me alive

I’m going after you violently

Steps to complete life

If I reach out, I can hold it


Holding the torn paper in one hand was Keun Sejin in a neat modern attire. He stood on an old podium as if giving a speech.


And the moment he threw the paper he was holding onto an old iron fence.




The crumpled paper bounced off the iron fence helplessly, but the people standing under the podium rushed to the iron fence.


Keun Sejin shrugged, picked a baseball cap that was hanging on one side, and put it on his head. And he leisurely disappeared from the podium.


At that moment, the camera soared into the sky.


– I’m gonna survive.

Like you did before

I”m gonna grab it.

Just like I dreamed!


A sniper armed with modern weaponry from head to toe was aiming at something strange over a scope from a rooftop.


A blue light was fired from the sniper’s gun.


The moment the light hit a pounding red lump, the lump burst and exploded.


The camera panned around and it showed the sniper throwing his gun and getting up. It was Ryu Chungwoo.


As soon as Ryu Chungwoo’s gun fell down the rooftop, it melted red and soaked into the asphalt, disappearing without a trace.


And the camera fell down below the asphalt.


– I will never die

Like I did before

I”m gonna keep you

Alive- Alive- Alive!


Mannequins and all sorts of weapons were piled up half-destroyed in a huge sewer filled with still water.


Kim Raebin lay down quietly at the top. A ray of sunlight fell on him, but at the same time, water dripped down and wet his black hair and face.


At that moment, Kim Raebin raised his eyelids.


And he rolled his eyes sideways.


The camera moved to follow that somewhat eerie gaze.




The cut continued with the busy footsteps of people moving through the sewer.


Instead of being dropped, the song became more melodic. A soft voice followed.


– Choose your way

Choose your side

Make your way

Decide your fate


The camera focused on an object similar to a giant water tank being carried by people.


The water tank shook, then the top opened and white arms popped out.


It was Seon Ahyeon, pulling his body out of it.


A strangely glowing stream of water spilled out of the tank through the shaking camera.


The feast of water droplets shining behind Seon Ahyeon stopped like a halo.


At that moment, the camera came out of the sewer along with flying drops of water.


And illuminated a broken window of a skyscraper.


– Choose your way

Choose your side

Make your way

Decide your fate…


Standing behind the window was a boy staring into his smartphone.


The song died down.




The boy in a black hood stared out the window with his back facing the camera. What he had in his hand was an old smartphone.


Even in the middle of the night, the city was filled with shimmering lights. The boy’s figure was dimmed by the backlight.


The moment his upper body was gradually zoomed in.


The boy turned around and stared at the camera.


It was Park Moondae’s face.


The camera swerved away as if surprised. Then in the blink of an eye, drones were seen floating around the boy.


The drones with shimmering luminous lights shot at the camera.


Park Moondae looked at the camera with eyes that shimmered in a strange purple light, then threw his smartphone out the window.


And when Park Moondae approached the camera, the screen turned off.




Captions showed up.


[Choose Your Side]

[127 Section]

[Coming Soon]


The video ended just like that.


– ????

– !?!?


And the fans were left with question marks and exclamation marks.


* * *


The trailer was a short video of 2 minutes and 42 seconds, and only one verse of the song was cut out.


However, due to the overflowing visual beauty, meaning, and elements connected to the previous album, all kinds of SNS fan accounts and communities forgot about Monday and started talking about the video right away.


– ㅠㅠNo, launching a trailer without warning, is this a way to surprise a new fan like me, seriouslyㅠㅠ Thank you. Please make it into law.

– It”s good that we got rid of the director. They”re doing well without him.

– Doesn’t this sound like a pre-release song? It”s a shame that there”s no choreography, but having a choreography scene would relieve this tension, so this is perfect

– That’s right, it”s not really a one-take, but I like the way it”s edited

– But why is the song called bonus bookㅋㅋㅋ I still don’t know. That mean it”s a bonus book or is it just a video title?


Of course, the news came up right away from the general entertainment community.



[TeSTAR comeback trailer]

: Even the fans don’t know, so they’re in a state of confusion.



– Wow, the smell of money.

– It’s like a movie trailer.

– But there’s no choreography and the song doesn’t seem idol-likeㅜ

– T1 must be investing a lot of money. Lee Sejin is lucky, he went in and had it easy

└Hmm, I think the video quality improved because he came out as an actor this time

└ㅋㅋHe only came out for 20 seconds, can you judge his acting skill from that?

└Aigoo, I’m sorry that the stock you were pushing for at Idol Inc was eliminated, who was it?

– It seems to get eaten by the world view… It’s too nerdy

– Seriously, it”s awesome


There were many people who strongly shouted their dislikes, but the comments and views didn”t lie.


And of course, the caption at the end of the video was immediately analyzed and concluded.



[Testar seems to be related to this video game]

: I searched the last caption 127 Section and found a game scheduled to be released in October.

(screenshot article)

It was originally a small development team, but T1 took over.



– Whoo

– A game collab?

– Heol, I like that better. Somehow it felt like a game.

– Then was it just a commercial video?

└Seeing that it”s the comeback trailer…I don’t think it’s an ad…ㅎ

– Hmm I don’t like it. They’re just catching up with their worldview.

– But there are too many things related to the Magical Boy music video to say it’s just for the game, right? The fans are really digging into it

└Did T1 make the game for the Testar”s worldview?ㅋㅋ


└No way.

└Seriously, it”s speaking with money;;;


Those who were mildly interested in Testar observed the situation with interest.


Fans went back and forth between worry and expectation, but the next day, the album reservation notice popped up and they decided to wait and see.


– Seeing that money was put in the video, it’s not just some discards. The song is good, and the worldview seems to connect with the last album, so I dig in

– I don’t think this is the title track. I think it’s just a collaboration with the game company. I’m satisfied with this quality trailer!

– I like that the three beats of the song, video, and visual match perfectly, I’m looking forward to the title trackㅠㅠ


However, there were some that were not done yet.


[Hey, have you guys seen this?]


It was the gaming community.

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