Debut or Die Chapter 102

Author: LyraDhani

The game developer who made a collab with Testar had gained recognition by releasing several games with strong fanbases even before being acquired by T1.


Thanks to this, there were small game communities involved.



What do you think about the 127 section in the caption of the idol music video?

(Testar comeback trailer video)



– Hmm this… seems to be true

– I saw it. Seoul background, red curse, biohazard, water tank. Isn’t it already confirmed?

– No, there’s an idol commercial for a game production company like this? (confused emoticon)

– It’s the sweet taste of being taken over by a large company.

– Something… Something is happening.

– Ah, I’m glad it’s not girl idols. It stops maniacs from flowing in

└Instead, we’re stuck with fangirls

└It doesn’t matter who it is as long as they spend a lot of money, I’m worried these bastards will shut down the server again.



I couldn’t find words like, ‘Why do you make something like this with an idol group and smear your image?’


First of all, it was because the video was so cinematic that it brought out the atmosphere of the previously released game background, and the second was… This was because they weren’t in a position to make a fuss about such things.


‘Abandoned Factory’, the producer of <127 Section>, had gained quite a bit of recognition over the past few years for making high-quality games, but it had always lacked management due to its inability to develop charging models properly.


Thanks to this, they just wanted to prevent an early server shutdown.


– Is this a part of the company’s investment that I can look forward to?

– Wow! Section 127 will become a national God-game!

– So when is the game coming out… Why didn’t the release date come out when you already put out the trailer! (hitting the table emoticon)

└What do you expect from a small storeㅎ?


And after Testar’s comeback was sufficiently publicized through articles, the game company announced the release date a little later.


[<127 Section>, a new game from ‘Abandoned Factory’, will be released in partnership with National Stock Testar]


[Testar’s comeback trailer is a collaboration video… <127 Section> coming soon]


– Hurray!

– Wow, their popularity is rising!

– Testar? They’re Abandoned Factory’s kids.

– Uh-huh Testar is what they call Godstar


As the game enthusiasts were swelling up in anticipation, Testar’s fans began to feel uneasy.


– Is this album really for a game commercial?

– Don’t tell me you’re working on what the director did…?

– No, tell me in detail what and how you collaborated. It’s really annoying to put it all togetherㅋㅋㅋ

– Do I have to beat up the agency again?ㅠㅠ



Fortunately, at the point when fans’ anxiety couldn’t grow any further, new information was released.


[Testar(TeSTAR) Concept Photo ‘Side A’]


It was Testar’s album concept photo.


And the atmosphere of these photos… It was so refreshing.


There were scenes such as lying in the forest in a white T-shirt, lying on the bed with headphones on, and looking at the natural scenery outside the window.


And they were all barefoot.


Overall, it was a refreshing and nostalgic scene like a summer day in adolescence.


– No, it’s crazy.

– Uwaaa It’s refreshing!

– Ahyeon is barefoot…! Barefoot!

– Did you see the cut of Moondae biting apple? Did you?!

– I think I’m going to pass out

– SighㅠㅠㅠThe more I see you guys, the more handsome you get…


Fans were able to edit the photos with peace of mind because of the completely different feeling from the comeback trailer and the previously disclosed information of <127 Section>.


* * *


“Moondae! The response is great!”


“I’m watching it now.”




Keun Sejin laughed and I heard the sound of him crossing the hallway. It seemed he was trying to talk to the other room as well.


I looked at the comments on my smartphone screen. Everyone knew that game collaboration was only a part of the album and naturally moved on.


‘It seems it was correct to solve them in this order.’


If the fact that it was a game collaboration was revealed late, they might feel betrayed or rejected, and if we strike first, their attention could be sucked into the game.


‘So we approach step by step.’


It was important to build it up without creating a sense of repulsion, and at the same time to blend in with the game in moderation.


‘We can’t get too involved.’


It was better to treat the game collaboration as a side story that made the worldview more enjoyable.


As I was enjoying a sense of satisfaction, a pop-up appeared on the screen of my smartphone.


[VTIC Cheongryeo sunbae-nim: Are you releasing an album?]




This… Without a doubt, it was a question with a purpose.


Still, it was something I couldn’t ignore, so I replied.


[Yes. We’re making a comeback at the end of this month.]


[VTIC Cheongryeo sunbae-nim: I see. Then we still have some time.]


Then came an unwelcome suggestion.


[VTIC Cheongryeo sunbae-nim: There’s a song I made, do you want to use it as a b-side song?]


Are you crazy?


[It’s really fine. I can’t cause such trouble to sunbae-nim, and the album has already been organically completed. Thank you very much for your suggestion.]


[VTIC Cheongryeo sunbae-nim: It’s because there’s some story I want to hear. I give it to you because I want to receive something from it, don’t worry. You don’t have to use it on this album^^]




[Perhaps, is it about the future?]


I said it in a roundabout way in case there were people who peeked at my text history, but it meant he wanted to hear the information about the future.


[VTIC Cheongryeo sunbae-nim: Yes.]


[As I said, I don’t have much experience, so I don’t have much to tell you.]


[VTIC Cheongryeo sunbae-nim: I’ll decide after hearing it.^^]




Ah, I didn’t want to see this bastard again.


‘I can’t cut him off.’


Then I would have to dig up some information.


[Then, I’d like to hear sunbae-nim’s stories rather than receiving songs.]


Unlike right before, when the reply came in an instant, it took some time for the reply to come back.


[VTIC Cheongryeo sunbae-nim: Sure.]


* * *


I was busy preparing the album, so I wanted to postpone meeting this guy until after the activity, but I couldn’t.


– At that time, I’ll be going abroad for a concert tour.


Thanks to this, I rented a recording studio in the middle of the night after practice.


‘Damn it.’


For now, I told the company that I would try to work with him, but I didn’t know how that would turn out.


‘Although it’s not for work anyway.’


Anyway, it was a few minutes later when Cheongryeo arrived.


“Hello. How have you been?”


“Yes, I’ve been doing well.”


“It seems so. The trailer was good. …Ah.”


Cheongryeo hung a thin coat on the hanger next to the door and turned around expressionlessly.


“Did you already know that game? That it’s going to be an unprecedented hit when it is released? So you made that collab?”


“…We did it because the company asked us to.”


“Ah, I see.”


Cheongryeo smiled and sat down on a chair in the recording studio. Then he took a small object out of his pocket.


It was a USB.


“Then, would you like to listen to the song first?”


This bastard really didn’t listen to people.


“…I am fine with not getting a song.”


“Since we’re meeting in a recording studio, just listen to it.”


Cheongryeo operated the machine in front of the booth, and soon the song started playing.




“It’s good, right?”


It was a tropical house song that stuck in my ears.


That made him even more suspicious.


‘I don’t think he’s the kind of person who would give this to someone else.’


“Why do you give it to me instead of using it yourself?”


“Hm, I don’t like this type of music.”


“…Then, how about the juniors from the same company?”




“Or you can give it to a member of the same team. As a unit activity.”




Cheongryeo turned off the song. And locked his jaw.


“As expected, you’re smart… Uselessly so.”




“Actually, I didn’t make this.”


Cheongryeo took out the USB and threw it into the trash can.


“Two years ago, a promising new composer gave it to T-Holic and it was quite a hit… It’s a song that they should’ve done. I intercepted.”




“Ah, I have no sympathy for the composer. This person was sued for plagiarism after this song, but ended up escaping overseas..”




Cheongryeo smiled awkwardly.


“Well, that was before I came back. He’s doing well now. Because I paid for the song.”




“But I can’t give a song to a person in our company. I don’t know if it’s going to be a plagiarized song again.”


“…But you’re going to give it to me?”


Cheongryeo smiled.


“Of course, I was going to explain the situation. If I explain it like this, Moondae-ssi will never accept a song from this person again. Isn’t that right?”




If I hadn’t noticed, he was just going to screw with me like this.


“I think you said before that I noticed because I was uselessly smart.”


“I said that because the fun of explaining it is gone.”


He was skillfully evading it.


Cheongryeo continued with a serious look.


“I want to manage these risks well. I don’t want huge amounts of information… The big flow. Just tell me what you remember about the trends and events. Then I’ll answer as much as I know.”




I was just studying.


All I remembered was the incidents that frequently appeared on the 9:00 news or the main portal.


But what this guy wanted to know was not the name of the typhoon that would appear summer next year.


“…Do you remember that I was a civil servant examinee?”


“I think you were familiar with the community enough to participate in Idol Inc and win first place.”


There was a misunderstanding here. I answered brazenly.


“It’s just hard work and talent.”


He looked like the type that would go crazy if I brought up the status window. Let’s not say anything.


“…You took care of the cut as if you knew it too well for that matter.”


Even if I sold data as soon as I dropped out of high school, I didn’t think it would work… Um.

Let’s give the closest and most copious examples.


“I knew roughly about it because I dug up idols before the announcement began.”




Cheongryeo seemed to be speechless for a moment.




And he finally let out a sigh.


“You were an idol fan.”




“…Who were you fans of?”






Cheongryeo sighed again. And he answered in a slightly softer voice.


“…First of all, tell me everything you remember. I’ll answer you too.”


It was a declaration of surrender. I nodded.


“Yes, I’ll do that. Um… Ah, Maximite Biton’s drunk driving will explode early next year…”


“That’s just how he is. Next.”


“Hmm… Muddy-ssi is releasing a carol at the end of this year, and I kept listening to it at restaurants… I think it probably will do well on the music charts.”


“…I see. Next.”


After repeating this three times, Cheongryeo asked grimly.


“…Don’t you know the beat that’s going to be popular next year?”


“If I knew, I would have written it already.”




In the end, Cheongryeo admitted that I had no particular information.


“It doesn’t sound like you’re lying… Really.”


“Should I at least tell you the competition rate for next year’s public announcement?”


“…Never mind.”




Now it was my turn to ask a question.


“Do you have any idea why this happened? Or an incident.”


“I want to know that, too.”


Cheongryeo frowned.


“One thing’s for sure, once you’ve done the task, you won’t have to worry about sudden death anymore. …Besides, the knowledge of the future still remains, so those years have been very useful..”


The nuance of the word ‘useful’ in the context was very subtle.


“…Did you steal a song?”


“Ha ha, why do you ask such an obvious question? It’s not like they compose the music themselves, isn’t it a matter of who gets it from the composer first?”


Cheongryeo smiled brightly.


“It’s too bad it ended last year.”




From those words, I realized.


‘This bastard turned back time last year.’


And he went back to before his debut.


That meant… given VTIC’s annual leave, it had been running for at least seven years.


Then there were at least eight status abnormalities. If he tried to avoid it without knowing anything, how many times did he fail…


‘…No wonder you lost your mind.’


I decided to keep my distance from him in the future.

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