Debut or Die Chapter 103

Author: LyraDhani

I returned to the dorm after the fruitless meeting with Cheongryeo.


It was already 3 am. Of course, everyone was sleeping.


‘…I have to get out of bed at 8 tomorrow.’


I had to go to bed right away. I lowered the sound of my footsteps and hurried to my room.


And I was surprised.






It was because Lee Sejin was cooped up in his bed, staring at his smartphone and crying.

Light leaked from the phone screen and showed Lee Sejin’s crying face.


‘…Are you watching Netfler?’


I was very embarrassed.




I deliberately made a slight sound of footsteps and crossed the room. It was to give him time to patch things up.


‘I’ll wash up first and change my clothes.’


And after taking a shower in the bathroom, Lee Sejin was invisible with the blanket pulled over his head.


That side was embarrassed, too.


‘…Now, then.’


I lay down on the bed. I didn’t have to wear earplugs at this late hour.


However, it wasn’t long before I regretted not wearing it.




It was because the sound of crying from next to me echoed dully.


No matter how you heard it, it was the sound of crying with one’s face buried in the pillow under the blanket.


‘I’m going crazy.’


I seriously contemplated lying back with earplugs on, but eventually, I got up and approached the bed next to me.


And I tapped on the blanket.


“Hyung, is something wrong?”




The blanket rattled and a cough resounded.


‘Tears, runny nose, and even saliva came out…’


I waited with my arms crossed because even if it wasn’t seen by others, it didn’t show what it was like.


“…You didn’t wear earplugs?”


“I didn’t know I would need to wear it at this early hour.”


There was a sound of tossing and turning again. And Lee Sejin’s voice sounded calmer, closer to normal.


“…Now, it’s not a big deal.”




It meant there was something going on.


At that moment, a faint warning sound rang in my head.


“…Hyung, don’t tell me, is it a drug problem?”


“Are you crazy?”


Hm, so it wasn’t that.


Frightened, I confirmed with Lee Sejin, who had come out of the blanket, and went back to bed.


Even though it was dark, I could see Lee Sejin’s face turning red.


“Do I look like a junkie?”


“Nope… I just met Cheongryeo sunbae-nim today, and I heard a story about someone who went on drugs. I asked because I suddenly remembered.”




Lee Sejin must have recalled some specific examples, he looked uncomfortable.


“…It’s best not to get involved in anything like that. It’s better if you don’t create lines at all for the weirdos.”


“I understand.”


I shrugged my shoulders and covered myself with the blanket.


‘It’s become ambiguous to ask more.’


Lee Sejin seemed to be trying to grow in his own way, so he would tell if a big problem occurred.


But let’s say this just in case.




“What is it?”


“If you’re having a hard time, just say it.”




“To Chungwoo hyung.”




I waved and lay flat.


And I fell asleep in an instant.


* * *


As the comeback approached, my fatigue started to increase due to practicing and scheduling at the same time.


“Still, it’s better than the debut album.”


“I think so too.”


Compared to the time when we were preparing for the double title album within a month like a fairy, this was still acceptable within the group.


Certainly. I had at least enough time to sleep, so it was helpful.


‘I also have time to monitor.’


I checked the current flow with my smartphone.


Um, until a few days ago, fans were starting to compare concept photos and album specifications that were recently released.


– Crazy, the album came out in two formats, Side A and B, so the name of the album is Choose Your Side? The geeks are crying over these details

– I push A for refreshing and B for dreamy.

└What about the trailer?

└Isn’t that just an intro song?

└I think it’s Side B

– No, Magical Boy props definitely appeared in the trailerㅠㅠ It’s hard to say it’s just a game advertisement, but the game hasn’t been released yet, so I can’t even compare it…!

└Hello, sir. Abandoned Factory has only released god games so far. Please try it when it’s released…!

└Ah, yes, I understand.


And today, the second concept photo was released.


[Testar(TeSTAR) Concept Photo ‘Side B’]


It was the pictures of Testar wearing a classic winter uniform.


There was a connection with the last album, but the atmosphere was clearly different.


It was because the classroom in the background wasn’t worn out or broken, but instead, it was covered with graffiti that shone with fluorescent light.


In addition, the material of the classroom wall that was seen over the graffiti was not the usual ivory color, but the rusty chromium structure.


Some members were carrying gas masks or unique mechanical equipment. The equipment also glowed like a neon sign.


It was obviously a pseudo-punk with a dystopian feel.


– Uwaaa

– Crazy, cyberpunk

– I love it.

– Looks like they didn’t pack winter uniforms in the last album… Our kids learned too much. Loviewers are almost hanging by a thread

– ㅠㅠㅠChungwoo finally dyed his hair, guys. Although it’s close to black hair… But it’s still blue. I’m so happy. Everyone, be happy.

– I only thought about Dream 2, but I broke my head…

– I really like both concept photos, I hope the album comes out soonㅠㅠ


Without having to manage public opinion, the fans were happy


‘It seems my worries about the game are almost gone.’


In fact, this concept photo had quite a lot of similarities with the trailer, but maybe because I felt good, a lot of my foreboding seemed to have disappeared.


And the overall response was good in most Internet communities, not just in places where only fans gathered.



[Testar Choose Your Side Concept Photo]

: Side A (photo)

Side B (photo)

The current opinion is that they are generally well-chosen



– Oh so handsome

– Seon Ahyeon gets more handsome every time I see him

– Their concept is always excessive, but it feels like they’re pushing it with money.

└ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋPerfect description

└I’m a fan of 2D, that’s why I started watching them

– Kim Raebin is really good in the second concept. It stands out because he looks more decadent than looking like a bully.

– I’m looking forward to the music video. When it comes up, put it up here, too!


Some people tried to change public opinion somehow but to no avail.


– Whatever… Where did you pick it well?ㅋㅋ

– Hn, public opinion is fine wherever I go. Everyone says they did well here, too

└Maybe it’s because the fans cameㅠㅠ

└If all these numbers are fans, aren’t they public opinion?ㅋㅋㅋ


It mostly ended like this.


‘It’s too bad.’


I smiled and left the article.


“M-Moondae… You’re watching the internet?”


“Yeah, I checked the response to the newly released concept photo.”


“I-I see.”


Seon Ahyeon didn’t bother to ask what the public opinion was like.


I heard that he was training himself not to care too much about ‘what other people think of me’.


Seon Ahyeon’s face was bright these days, perhaps the new doctor was a good fit.


‘Didn’t you say you would start correcting your pronunciation in earnest after this activity?’


Mm, I hoped it worked out.


“I-It was really hot when we took our pictures.”


As soon as Seon Ahyeon said that, shouts of agreement erupted here and there.


“That’s right!”


“Because of the abnormal temperature and the heat wave in early autumn, the air conditioning on the set was extremely insufficient!”




Thank you for speaking up for me.


“Still, Sejin’s complexion didn’t change when taking pictures. Amazing.”


“A great actor!”


“I agree.”


Lee Sejin, who was suddenly praised, almost spewed out the water he was drinking, but soon answered quietly.


“…Thank you.”


“I just said you did a good job.”


Ryu Chungwoo smiled and resumed stretching.


The scene of reviving Lee Sejin’s spirit when he couldn’t keep up with the pace of learning new choreography was now quite familiar.


‘Well, it’s not just some empty talk.’


Once content that required acting was included, Lee Sejin’s skills were overwhelming.


Next to him, Keun Sejin grumbled playfully.


“Hey, that’s too much~ Let’s not forget that Sejin is here too, guys. I took a good picture too~!”




“Wow, hyung, you’re so cool.”


“Eugene, you have no spirit.”


“I can’t lie. Oops!”


Keun Sejin lightly put a headlock on Cha Eugene and let him go with a laugh. Lee Sejin turned his head.


‘Those two are still at odds.’


It didn’t seem like they were going to fight, it was just… It felt like they didn’t want to be together because they didn’t like each other.


“Then, let’s start practicing again~”




After a short break, the choreography continued.


“Look at your feet closely~”


“This way~”


The members, whose advice from the choreographer stuck to their lips, mimicked his voice and danced to the chorus. It was a spectacle where everyone couldn’t hold back their laughter and the corners of their lips kept rising.


However, Lee Sejin still seemed to be having a hard time following. He was looking at the mirror with his mouth closed.


‘It’s understandable.’


His dance was still D+.


It would be difficult for a person who wasn’t very talented in dancing to surpass it in a short period of time because going beyond one alphabetical stage was a level where some of your classifications would change.


‘I think he can surpass it soon if he keeps going like this.’


I checked Lee Sejin’s stats window.


[Name: Lee Sejin]


Vocal: C- (B+)


Dance: D+ (B)


Visual: A+ (S)


Talent: A (S-)


Characteristic: Focus (B)


!Status abnormality:


His vocal was already at C. Originally, it was higher than the dance, so I thought it was upgraded at a relatively quick speed.


Besides, Lee Sejin’s dance potential stat was ‘B’, so if he kept going until C, it would go up.


‘On top of that, that characteristic.’


It was pretty good.


[Focus (B)]


: I want to make it happen


– Concentration +100%


It had a simple name and description, but it seemed quite versatile. I’d probably keep it if it appeared to me.


‘Come to think of it, I need to organize my status window.’


I brought out my status window.


[Name: Park Moondae (Ryu Gunwoo)]


Level: 15


Title: None


Vocal: A


Dance: B-


Visual: B+


Talent: B


Characteristics: Infinite potential, I heard it’s true (C), Bacchus 500 (B), Snatching ears (A)


!Status abnormality: Win an award or die


The remaining points: 3]


It was a splendid feat brought about by achieving stage achievements up to the 100th and practice achievements up to the 5000th.


I received additional stats by updating the pop-up that appeared when I put on a good performance a couple more times.


In the process, I also received a characteristic draw…


[Characteristic: Faucet under the eyes (B)]


Turning on and off with ease!


: Tear control ability MAX.


I threw it away immediately. Damn it.


Anyway, even without this, I received a lot.


‘…The debut activity was tough.’


It seemed my reward for not being able to sleep came out here. But this wasn’t the most surprising thing either.


…What surprised me most was that talent stats increased naturally.


……I speculated that W Live, fan signing events, etc. had an impact.


Of course, other than me and Lee Sejin, most of the members naturally increased their stats, but first of all…


“Moondae, stop thinking about something else~!”




I immediately stopped thinking when I heard Keun Sejin call my name.


‘Let’s focus on practice first.’


And after a while, the last accompaniment ended.


Keun Sejin wiped off his sweat and asked out of courtesy.


“Huft, shall we play it again from the beginning?”


“Let’s do that.”




Keun Sejin raised the A- dance stat to A, and his speed of picking up the choreography given by the choreographer became much faster.


‘I envy you.’


The moment I thought about putting all the remaining points into the dance.


Lee Sejin fell to the floor during the choreography’s intro that started playing again.




“Are you okay?”


“…I am fine.”


Lee Sejin tried to stand up but he hesitated.


Then he lay down, grabbed his ankle, and bit his mouth.


…I had a bad feeling.

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