Debut or Die Chapter 11

Author: Tam

Suddenly, light burst out of the slot, and the movement from the silver box, which wasn’t there, stopped.




As soon as I saw the word “great success,” I had a good feeling. 


Will the characteristics be more effective this time? As long as it helps with the stage—.


[Acquired Characteristic ‘I heard it’s true(C)’!]


It causes emotional agitation to the ‘listener’.


Activation rate 35%, basic activation state


How am I supposed to accept this characteristic that seems to be suitable only for people who try to lure other people?


But does this mean that it should attract public opinion on the Internet?


No, it can’t be the case because ‘listener’ is specifically mentioned.


Let’s think about it for a while—.




When I calmed down, I thought it was a pretty good characteristic. 


Due to the nature of the show, survival participants often talk directly to the audience during self-introductions and ranking announcement ceremonies.


It was a good characteristic because it would be advantageous for the viewer to feel anything rather than pass by casually.


In addition, the word ‘listener’ means that songs could also be used as a delivery method.


In this situation, it is definitely an advantage because it’s pretty simple to create a feeling of immersion while performing on stage.


Great. It’s better than nothing.


After organizing the situation quickly, I checked the status window.


[Name: Park Moondae (Ryu Gunwoo)]

Level: 8

Title: None

Vocal: A-

Dance: C

Visual: C+

Talent: C

Characteristics: Infinite potential, I heard it’s true(C) 

!Status abnormality: Debut or die

Points Remaining: 1


One point was gained thanks to the achievement of <First Experience> when the first stage was broadcast.


And there were only three more episodes left until the achievement of practicing the song reached 500 times.


I’m going to level up today and get an extra point, and the points I already have will be distributed immediately. 


The highest priority is—.


“Let’s take it for a visual.”


It’s time to break through the B-grade barrier.


Without hesitation, I adjusted the status window.


‘…I hope the number of comments will increase from the next content.’


I thought casually and got ready for bed early.


The filming will start again tomorrow. It starts early in the morning, so I should save my stamina from now on.


Based on the order, the first team match or self-introduction video will take place tomorrow.


* * *


“<Idol Joint-Stock Company> has started again! Participants, did you all have a good rest?”




What I expected was true. I looked around the filming set among participants who answered the MC’s question vigorously.


Signs were placed all over the auditorium, where they first showed the theme song.


When you watch last season’s game, you will know exactly where the first team battle would take place.


Aside from me, I could tell that some of the other participants were already paying attention to it and exchanging glances with each other.


I’m not sure if we can do it together, but it didn’t seem like a bad idea.


Should I cast someone too?




Come to think of it, I realize that none of the other participants was that close to me. So let’s just focus on the MC’s words.


“The stage everyone will be preparing for today is~ a team battle!”




As expected, everyone responded with a look like this.


“There must be some participants you’d like to team up with since this is the first team battle, right?”


When this kind of word comes, the following sentence will begin with “but.”


“However! Idols need to be able to show teamwork no matter who they meet. In this evaluation, no one can team up with the people they like.”


The program spoke well for having edited the first season to make it seem like the bullying was purposely done by them when it was all planned out from the start. Five of them experienced hell as a result.


“Then how do you form a team? First of all, please get the ball out of this box!”


“Why is it scary?” 


Lee Sejin (Gold grade), standing behind me, whispered.


As far as I know, he was the only person that spoke to me at this place, and it felt like he was doing so to get a reaction cut.


Since the camera is moving, I can’t just ignore it.


I nodded roughly, followed the person in front of me, and pulled the ball out of the box.


‘Number 12.’


It seems like teams are formed by number or that teams are chosen in this number order.


“Participant number 1, who are you? Raise your hand! Ah, it’s Participant Lee Hongsoo!”


A participant with a silver grade clumsily raised his hand. Then, the MC raised his hand and pointed to a sign placed in the auditorium.


“Participants can choose each sign when it’s their turn!”


It was the latter. The MC smiled and drew his hand.


“Then, please reveal the content of the sign!”




The sign lit up, and text appeared. It was innovative in its own way, but the content is what really matters.


Each sign had the name of a famous agency written on it.


“Here are the names of agencies leading KPOP around the world! You just have to choose one of these agencies. However, the capacity is 14 people!” 


The MC spread out his hands. 


“However, if the quota is exceeded, the participant with the higher rank can push the participant with the lower rank and go in instead!” 


“Wow, the rules are cruel.”


Gold grade Lee Sejin talked to me again and made a big fuss.


“By any chance, can you not push me if I choose the same agency? I’m good, right?” 


“…You’re gold.”


I couldn’t understand why a high-ranking guy like him would think I would try to push him.


“Gold can be pushed from the Platinum!” 


“…I won’t push you.” 


“Oh~ the answer is cool.”




Let’s not get involved.


For reference, there were 5 signboards for the agency. 


Unconditionally, 7 people can’t stand at the sign and have no choice but to move to the corner.


Interviews are already expected to be included.


[It was really scary]


[Now it’s real survival.]


“Then let’s start with Participant Lee Hongsoo, who picked number 1!”


The first person stood in front of an agency known for its male idols.


My number is 12, so it’s pretty early. Perhaps there was no need to push anyone. 


However, it was quite difficult not to be able to check the team members in advance. 


Because the quality of the stage and the direction of editing will change depending on who the team members of this first team match are, and the game will change afterward.


Aside from that, I didn’t recognize any of the 11 participants who were called. It means that they didn’t make their debut.


I had to use my brain well.


“Next participant, please move!”


I decided where to go after a lot of thought.


So far, the high-ranking participants have headed for the most picked sign.


Anyway, each agency had its own hit songs, so I shouldn’t have any trouble with song selection as long as I pick the right ones.


So, the team members were more important than the agency.


People who are good at it will make the stage better, so this isn’t a big enough sample, but let’s figure it out based on the 11 people in front of me.


‘First of all, I’m going to a place with many high-ranking participants.’


Two gold grade participants greeted me clumsily as I stepped forward with the ball in my hand.


It sounds like they were both talking about putting up the same sign.


They just said hello to each other but seemed happy to see each other. 


They must be suffering a lot. 


“Oh~ the main vocalist!”


I decided to be grateful for the above response as well. 


Fortunately, both were participants who showed strength in dancing. 


The problem was after that.


“Next is~ Ah, Participant Lee Sejin!”


Child actor Lee Sejin also picked up this sign.


Lee Sejin, holding number 15, approached with a stiff expression and stood behind the sign.


The two gold participants appear to have tried to welcome him again this time, but it was somewhat misunderstood due to Lee Sejin turning around and standing behind them. 




I heard a voice of embarrassment in front of me. 


Well, it’s right behind me, so I’ll have to make a gesture like this. 


Uhm, it’s right behind me, so I should do this kind of gesture. 


I turned my head and bowed to the child actor Lee Sejin. Lee Sejin also nodded. It was an unfriendly reaction. 


As expected, it doesn’t feel good. Will someone push this punk?


But after that, a bronze grade that was lower than the silver grade came out, and the chance of that happening was very small.


‘Damn it.’ 


And after a while, it was the 30s. Seon Ahyun, who was holding the number 33, came up and looked nervous.




Well, it’s good to have more Gold grades. He is a cooperative person. I gently waved my hand, and Seon Ahyun’s expression brightened.


It was a bit embarrassing. 


The next impressive person to join was Platinum grade Ryu Chungwoo.


As a former player of the national archery team, he was one of the debut members I knew. 


“Please take care of me!” 


Ryu Chungwoo smiled as he stood in line as the 13th member.


There is only one person left.


Unfortunately, the 1st and 2nd place of debut members I knew went to different signs. It was the sign that the first participant went to, which was a sign for an agency that was known for its male idol.


Because of the agency’s overwhelming popularity, the first number of participants had to be pushed back eventually.


There were many people, like the number 1 member Cha Eugene, who got a lot of attention after their debut and first performance.


Even the silver grade was pushed back there.


“I’m sorry.”


The participant in the silver grade who had been pushed and was half heartedly nodding his head walked up to the sign. He looked extremely miserable.




For reference, that punk is Choi Wongil. 


He was fighting hard but didn’t do well on the ranking evaluation, so he fell to a silver grade. However, it seemed like his mentality had really exploded.


Maybe it’s just how I feel, but I don’t think he wants to look at me.


“Huh, you have to push someone to get in now. All 14 people have been taken.”




The first two people in line, who were both Gold participants, nodded. 


…Gradually, I began to worry about the members of this team.


What was worse, the one who was pushed back from the 60s and got back was this punk.


“I will give out the name… Bronze grade participant Jung Hyeongjung. I’m really sorry!” 


Gold grade Lee Sejin chose this sign. 


Lee Sejin, who kept his head down, was the first person to push the other participant away and join this sign.


Because he was sorry and behaved well, everyone seemed willing to do so.


“Oh, Moondae~ Are you going to be the main vocalist?”


“Of course, whoever fits it best will do it.” 


“Wow, that’s cool~ ‘whoever fits it best will do it’~.”




I would have swung my fist at him if it weren’t for the camera.


I looked at Lee Sejin but didn’t say anything. Instead, he grinned and hit me on the back before moving to get in line.


I feel like I was wrongly accused—.


“Everyone, have you all picked the sign you want?”


The movement didn’t end until the remaining people who had been pushed out of different places were given new signs.


After Lee Sejin (Gold) joined, the only change at the sign I was standing on was that one silver participant pushed a bronze participant. 


So, this is a summary of the grade for each participant.


– Platinum 2 people, Gold 5 people, Silver 5 people, Bronze 2 people.


Overall, it was the best distribution except for the top team. However, it seems that the members were also subtly satisfied with it.


Of course, it will not end here.


“I guess you want to choose the best song now!”




There were 14 people, but there was no way to put them all on one team. So they will be divided into 7 people.  


First of all, the person I definitely want to avoid and the person I want to be with—.


I turned my head away. Then, coincidentally, I made eye contact with Ryu Chungwoo.


Ryu Chungwoo nodded slightly. It looked like he was also planning to make this team into a high-ranking team. Good. So, let’s do our best to avoid any rudeness—.


“Well, before that… Whoever picked the first sign, please raise your hand!” 


Participants who were standing right behind the signs raised their hands.


MC said with a smile.


“For participants who raised their hands, please press the button above the sign!”




“A sign?” 


“Button, ah, square over there, uh, that’s it.”


The participants murmured to each other, and each found a button at the top of the sign and pressed it.


Suddenly, the sign’s content began to flicker and then change.


“Oh, what’s that?”


“Is it a lottery number?” 


On the sign screen, there were two rows of seven numbers each. It was the same as the sign of the agency I was in. 


[4, 7, 12, 15, 33, 37, 62]

[17, 24, 27, 38, 41, 59, 72]


“Can you see the number on the sign?”




“I can see it!” 


“If you buy a lottery ticket with that number! …Haha, I was joking. By that number, you become a team! …Everyone, do you remember the number of balls drawn in the starting order?”




“You’ll now be on the same team in the order written on the sign. And you’ll perform against the other team in a one-on-one match!”


In an instant, the studio was filled with noise.


“Oh, hey, what’s your—I was number 5, right? Oh my.” 


“Wow, what is this…” 


“Did we split up?”


This sign was no different. When he pressed the button for the first time, the gold grade participant cheered and hugged the same gold grade participant immediately behind him. 


As expected, the two of them came here to do it together.


Then they looked back at me and shouted.


“Hyung-nim! Number 12~ We’re on the same team!”


“Wow, great! You got the main vocal!”


Then, someone grabbed me from behind and hugged me along with the gold grade participants.


“I think I like our team?!”


It was a gold grade Lee Sejin. I see. Number 62 was that punk. 


I tried to match the order of the team members among the three people who made more fuss on purpose.


First of all, number 33 is Seon Ahyun.


Well done. I turned back and spoke with Seon Ahyun before slipping out of the three. 


I was almost annoyed by how uncomfortable I felt.


“I look forward to your kind cooperation.”


Seon Ahyun nodded hard. Okay, who’s on the rest of the team?


It would be great to have Ryu Chungwoo, who is both a platinum grade and a debut member, but the number 37—.




It wasn’t him. Number 37 was Choi Wongil. Clearly, he was standing this way awkwardly with the order ball. 


On the other hand, Ryu Chungwoo seemed to have gathered a number of people there and was about to start a briefing.


‘I’m doomed.’


And the 15s—.


Damn it, it was the child actor Lee Sejin.


Likewise, he was looking at the three gold grade participants there with eyes that refused to talk.


I screwed up. It’s going to be edited out. 


No matter what I expected, the ranking seemed to be very good. 


Because of this, Seon Ahyun added a voice with a rare happy tone.


“I, I, I think the team members are good.”




Yeah, you should think positively too.


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