Debut or Die Chapter 120

Author: LyraDhani

Soon after, the part in question began to appear on the monitoring screen.


The scene where the members, including me, pulled out the in-ear music passed by.


‘…I hope the slip-up isn’t too noticeable.’


Seon Ahyeon did such a great job that I wondered if it could be called a remedy, but how the before and after pictures were captured was another matter.


But it was a useless worry.






Seon Ahyeon doing backflips with the two people on both sides grabbing his back… It looked like a completely intentional performance.


‘Is it a matter of skill level?’


It was unbelievable that he did it without practice.


The mid-air impression was so powerful that slipping ahead seemed to be part of the action.


The fact that the in-ear caught on my foot was hard to see due to the floor being so dark also played a part.


In addition, thanks to the filming that caught the entire choreography, it was hard to see our surprised expressions.


…Originally, the choreography for that part had to be stopped for a short time to get a close-up shot… Let’s move on.


‘Anyway, it did come out well.’


It was the best result. Keun Sejin whistled.


“Oh~ Ahyeon improvised~”


“So cool!”


Seon Ahyeon’s face turned red.


“You’re amazing! Did you prepare this move in advance in case something like this happened?”


“I-It’s not like that. I-It’s just…I-I thought I shouldn’t fall, so I-I tried…!”


“That’s amazing!”


Seon Ahyeon couldn’t hide his joy as his face flushed from the continuous praises.


Hmm, let me start by complimenting him first.


“It looked as though it was intended to happen. I think it’s cooler than our original choreography.”


“…! I-It’s not that great…T-Tthank you, I’ll work harder…!”




The members applauded.


As some of the staff around us laughed and pretended to follow along, Seon Ahyeon’s face became distraught with embarrassment and pride.


‘I’ll let him enjoy it a little longer.’


I spent a little more time in the waiting room on purpose.


Then, in a lull, I talked to Seon Ahyeon again.


“Seon Ahyeon.”




“Thank you for fixing things up earlier, but I don’t think it will be okay for you to do this in the future.”


Seon Ahyeon’s face immediately turned blue.




He reacted more sensitively than I thought.


I thought it would be fine because he had just received a lot of compliments.


‘I’ll have to pick the right words.’


“Because you might get seriously hurt. I think improvising is too dangerous.”


Then with a complicated expression, Ryu Chungwoo finally spoke up.


“Yes, Ahyeon, thank you very much, you did well, but… Let’s be careful of the injury risks. If you hit your head first, you could be in big trouble.”


It seemed he was concerned about this as well because he retired due to the aftereffects of his injury


“I-I’m sorry.”


Seon Ahyeon replied in a trembling voice. It seemed his feeling of self-doubt reared its ugly head as his excitement disappeared completely. Ryu Chungwoo was flustered.


“Don’t apologize! Ahyeon, I’m just saying this because I’m worried.”


Watching the situation, Keun Sejin intervened.


“Hmm~ Is that possible? Ahyeon was a dance major~ He must have checked his body himself. Don’t you think so?”




I don’t think so.


Seon Ahyeon tended to overdo it in a self-destructive way when under pressure. This time, he probably did the coolest move without considering the risk because he thought he had to fix it at once.


But it was time to appease him. After thinking hard about it, I opened my mouth.


“…Of course this time, you did better than I imagined. I’m just saying this because I am worried. …It’s good to be healthy for a long time.”


“……! Y-Yes! I-I’ll be careful!”




Fortunately, when Seon Ahyeon focused on the word ‘worried’, the code seemed to move him. It was fortunate that he was the type to be impressed by trivial interpersonal relationships.


But this time, Bae Sejin apologized to his teammates with a dark face.


‘What are you doing?’


“…I’m sorry. It happened because I dropped my in-ear.”


I thought it would be like this.


“That’s an accident! You must have been surprised, but you did well until the end, Sejin.”


“That’s right. The fastening was wrong so it was completely the realm of luck.”


“Hyung, the in-ear was weird. It should be the in-ear who apologized, not you!”


“T-That’s right! The in-ear should apologize…?”


Flustered, Seon Ahyeon tried to chime in but got caught up in Cha Eugene’s grammatical errors.


Then, as if this flow annoyed him, Keun Sejin cut off the conversation.


“Haha, why don’t we just congratulate you on your good work and move on? It ended well, but why is the atmosphere like this~”


He was right.


Ryu Chungwoo smiled and answered.


“Right, everyone did a great job today! Let’s take care of ourselves and do well in the future. Five years is a long time.”


“Uh-huh~ Hyung, aren’t we going to renew our contract together? Let’s do it for 10 years. 10 years~”


“Haha! Alright. Let’s do well for the next 10 years!”






As Bae Sejin made startled noises, the team members ended the conversation with self-congratulations 


And I was satisfied, too.


‘At any rate, the stage was good.’


I wanted to end the reaction on the internet with this.


Maybe they came to the conclusion that ‘Testar is also good at performing’.


With such expectations, I prepared to go out to the ending stage. It was a group stage with senior singers.


“This is my grandmother’s favorite song!”


Let’s just say that Kim Raebin was especially excited.


And after the broadcast was over, it was close to midnight.


The Internet public opinion that I checked after getting in the car was very interesting.


* * *


Immediately after Testar’s KBC stage was over, the response was favorable just as expected by Park Moondae.



[Just finished watching Testar’s KBC Music Festival Magical Boy + Airplane Performance]




– Wow, live

– Are they good at this kind of concept?

– I gasped when I saw the mid-air flip

– It’s really amazing, it’s amazing that it is a live performance

– What’s this, lip-sync?

└That’s impossible, it’s an orchestra live.

└What are you saying, you can play AR even with live accompaniment

└Ah, is that so? Then it could be lip-singing~ㄱㅅㄱㅅ

└Cha Eugene deliberately entered one beat late in the middle of the rap. What nonsense are you saying? Leave the comment if you don’t even watch the videoㅋㅋㅋ

└At this point, it seems that there is a Testar with the same name team in the haters’ delusion

– They’re good.

– Seon Ahyeon is doing a backflip, what is going on

– Of all the year-end arrangements, I think this is the best. I hope they release the song

– I knew that our Ahyeon is an angel, but I didn’t know he would confirm it on public TV. Flying in the sky… It’s official now.

└ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋLook at this silly comment

– Bae Sejin is always such a waste. Don’t give him the ending scene

└Eh, didn’t he do a good job this time?

└I was surprised that his live performance was better than I thought;

└It’s because Sejin has very few parts, but there’s never been a time when he couldn’t sing his own partㅠㅠ


Attempts to aggravate in the middle were neatly blocked. It was completely solid.


However, what Park Moondae didn’t expect was that the response to pulling out the in-ear was good.


Very much so.


– I’m really excited about the pulling out in-ear. They don’t seem like a rookie, it feels professionalㅋㅋㅋ

– If you go into Sns now, you’ll probably come up with 5,500,000,000 other correction memesㅋㅋㅋ


– I think each member will watch itㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

└I’m not even a fan, but it’s already entering my account’s timeline… Park Moondae is handsome. I want to kidnap him


– Each of them has a slightly different vibe, so I keep watching itㅋㅋ

└That’s right!ㅋㅋ

– My pick is the tall member who smiles as if he’s frowning. His eye smile is charmingㅋㅋ Can anyone tell me his name?

└Keun Sejin

└??? Name Keun-ssi exists…?

└Arghㅋㅋㅋ It’s Lee Sejin! My kid is big and cute, so his nickname is Keun Sejin. Thank you for liking him! (Keun Sejin photo)


Most of the scenes where Testar members pulled out the in-ears were clearly captured by the camera, making it good content.


It was the chorus part of ‘Airplane’, so the members were equally filmed.


And the fans had a fun and comfortable time after a long time.


– KBS, please release a fancam of each member. Show the in-ear clip from different anglesㅠ

– You want to see a genius idol live that beats the pronunciation? Welcome to the show (video)

-I really like the KBC stage concept. It’s like a large-scale fairy tale, so there’s no separate narrative created if you attach it to SBC’s cool stage (comparison clip)

– There is a choreography where Moondae and Baese face each other and shake their heads when moving from Magical Boy to Airplane. Could this be a spoiler for the next album? (clip)

-Moondae KBC dressed from head-to-to-toe with confirmed birthday support… Oh, my gosh. (arranged photo)


Fans were delighted by the atmosphere where there were no quarrels or sarcastic remarks popping out.


It was around this time that the people watching the stage video found something strange.


It first started with a fan’s chat account that edited video materials, etc.


– I found it while making a close-up gif, but it looked like Ahyeon was slipping before doing the backflip… Hold on.



└What’s this

– I watched it again… I think it’s true. Ahyeon almost tripped because there was something under his feet, but Chungwoo and Moondae caught him (screenshot)

– Ahyeon almost slipped there, so he did a backflip to make up for it. If you look at this, both Chungwoo and Moondae’s expressions are stiff. (screenshot)


└It was to fix an accident…?


In an instant, fans began to watch and analyze even the smallest parts of the video.


And soon they found the cause of the problem.


– Baese’s in-ear fell off… Looks like the person in charge of hastening it made a mistake (screenshot of the floor)

└Oh, my God

└I’m going crazy.

└Ah, I’m addicted but I’m angry at the same time. What if the kids get hurt…

└Looking closely, Sejin’s hands were shaking at the ending ahㅠㅠㅠ

└Crazy, then Ahyeon’s backflip is adlib?;; Can a person do that?


The news of the upset fans soon spread to the general entertainment community.



[Testar’s KBS stage accident]

: (summary link)

One-line summary: Everything from ‘the In-ear to the ending’ is the result of Testar handling the stage accidents



– Heol

– What is this? Is this for real?

– It seems fitting…

– If they handled it so calmly that the fans just noticed it now, they’re really amazing.

– How come there’s a boy idol doing backflips to fix stage mistakes? It’s probably just the choreographyㅋㅋㅋㅋ

└It’s not a mistake, it’s an accident, and if you look at Testar’s history since Idol Inc, they seem like they’re good enough to do that

└A mistake is If they fell to the ground while pulling out their in-ear monitors. Please wake up from the fans’ delusionsㅋㅋㅋ

└I am another fan passing by, but it’s normal that the in-ears don’t fall to the floor even if you take them off. It’s a prop

– Are you sure it’s in-ear monitors on the floor? It’s just an optical illusion.

└It’s really an in-ear here (screenshot picture with adjusted brightness)

└Heol it’s real

└Crazy, he tripped because of that

– Looking at the kids’ faces, I think it’s true??

– Seon Ahyeon’s backflip is like a part of the choreography, so it’s true that he performed it calmly

└I vote for this too

└But the members were worried that he might fall, so they started by holding him down. It’s hard to say that it was a coincidence.


SNS and related communities become a mess with opinions of ‘yes or no’.


– Aahh I’m going crazy, someone, hurry up and go ask Testar’s accountㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

– I can’t come to a conclusionㅋㅋ


And interestingly, right after that, there was a real-time window to communicate with Testar.



[Heol! Testar’s live is here]

: (link)



It was Testar’s W Live.


The real-time communication for the first time in a long time since the Rookie Award controversy started with a grandiose title.


[Making Testar’s year-end dinner! Today’s menu: Chicken soup for the soul (cat emoticon)]

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