Debut or Die Chapter 163

Author: LyraDhani

Did I mention that even if there was a fight between us and we didn’t solve it right away, it would be okay for one or two schedules?


Let me correct it. It was bullshit.


‘How can those two get stuck together on the first try? F*ck.’


I took that risk because I was afraid that if I covered it up and glossed over it, and then it exploded even louder about half a year later, the atmosphere would really get out of control.


I didn’t know the risk would explode in the first round.


‘I wish this is a dream.’


I built a defense to prevent this split-up, but it was so ridiculous that it exploded there.


First of all… The W app content started like this.


“Hello, Loviewers! It’s been a while since all 7 of us did a W app together like this, right? I gave you notice, did you see it?”


“We’re now… Ta-da! It’s an indoor climbing center. We’re going to show you a new side of us playing today.”


“Shall we divide it into groups of two people? Yes. Thank you for the cheers.”


“Ah, Chungwoo hyung wants to be the MC for equity issues!”


The MC was originally Keun Sejin.


Actually, it wasn’t an Olympics, we were just playing amongst ourselves, what did equity have to do with it?


‘Rather, it would have been more fun if Ryu Chungwoo massacred the people.’


However, if Keun Sejin was the MC, he had to keep talking to Bae Sejin, so we randomly selected and assigned the MC.


And I’d already secretly told the company. I asked them to pull their tricks so that those two didn’t end up on the same team.


But, perhaps some kind of error had occurred during the information delivery process, and as a result of picking the chopsticks, Keun Sejin and Bae Sejin picked the same color side by side.


“…Wow! Two Sejins are on the blue team together.”


Let’s start clapping right now before the viewers noticed anything strange.


Clap clap clap clap!


Fortunately, everyone clapped earnestly. It should look fine.


“Oh, let’s do our best, hyung.”




Still, they could easily talk because they were in front of the camera.


I felt deeply irritated with the company.


‘Those bastards can’t even do this right.’


This kind of mistake was common everywhere, but now that the timing was in sync, I really wanted to replace them.


And I would address the last problem. This was a live broadcast, not a recording that could use the magic of editing.




In short, it was a total mess.


I could already tell that a new anonymous account would appear after this broadcast.


‘It shouldn’t happen.’


I could hear the two of them losing their minds from all the way here.


As I was breaking out in a cold sweat, I heard a powerful voice from next to me.


“Hey! Let’s win! Go Red Team~ Go Red Team!”




That’s it. The rest of us had no choice but to make a fuss regarding their reaction and bury the sense of incongruity.


I purposely encouraged Cha Eugene, who was on the same team.


“Which team do you think we should defeat?”


Cha Eugene moved as I expected.


Umm… Team Kim Raebin!”


“That remark is just fake bravado! Ahyeon hyung and I are former roommates, so we definitely have effective management skills…”


Done. Everyone just needed to laugh and react.


I drove the atmosphere by using Cha Eugene in a similar way.


The response of the real-time chat window of the W app that I glanced at, was also as I  intended.


– Moondae, why are you so excitedㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

– No, Moondae

– The maknaes are like Maltese dogs

– It’s already no fun

– Cuteㅠㅠ


Hmm, looking at the stable and empty hate comments, it seemed they didn’t feel the heavy atmosphere yet.


‘I’ll just have to gloss over it when those two are playing.’


Fortunately, there were three teams, so they were chosen as the team to advance to the final by default.


Of course, I lost on purpose.


“Then, the result of rock-paper-scissors minus one… The team that goes up is blue!”




“I think we lost because we played fewer games.”


“Hey~ Thank you, Raebin. Thanks to you, I didn’t feel too happy about it.”


Keun Sejin gently glossed over the situation of the two of them not giving a high five, making it sound like it was because of Kim Raebin’s words.


– ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋOut

– Raebin is smart

– Ugh, it’s suddenly so awkward

– Baese’s expressionㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


‘Now there’s only one climax left.’


All they had to do was stare at each other while climbing together in the final or pull out their shoulders by touching each other.


I was a little nervous as I started climbing against Kim Raebin-Seon Ahyeon’s team with Cha Eugene.


‘I can’t get eliminated.’


I didn’t think I would be able to cope with unexpected situations in interpersonal relationships if that side won.


The problem was that the opponent was better at climbing than I thought.


Especially Seon Ahyeon.


“F-Fighting…! Watch out, for your feet…”


“Thank you!”


He climbed up quickly and even pulled Kim Raebin up.


I wanted to compliment him on his strength and sense of balance, but it didn’t help.


‘Actually, if I have the guts to lose, that team wouldn’t have to lose in the first place…’


I held back from clicking my tongue and climbed silently.


And fortunately, I did win.


“Red team won!”




Because Cha Eugene, who went up at a tremendous speed, kept both of the opposing team members in check.


After I landed on the floor, I gladly gave him a high-five.


And I said with sincerity.


“Good job.”




Cha Eugene smiled and waved to Kim Raebin.


“Winning is great!”


“Cha Eugene interfered with other people’s climbs while Ahyeon hyung and I helped each other, so I think you can’t compare us with you!”


“Hmm, Whatever~”


Cha Eugene didn’t seem to listen at all. In the live chat window, people were crying, saying that the raving Kim Raebin was cute.


– The best rabbitㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

– Cha Kitty figured out variety shows

– Kim Rabbit is cute

– ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


And the moment of fate came.


“Then Testar’s climbing competition, the final, begins now. Everyone, get ready… Uh-huh, Eugene, step back.”




Cha Eugene, who was coming forward a little too fast, probably excited by the game, stepped back into the road when Ryu Chungwoo sternly held him back.


And he shrugged.


“That’s all right, we’ll win late!”




“Oh~ Eugene is so confident, wouldn’t it be too embarrassing if you lose to the hyungs like this?”


Keun Sejin threw words with hidden meanings, but Cha Eugene smiled wryly.


“You can’t beat me!”




It was crazy aggro.


‘What’s wrong with this bastard?’


The reaction from the staff and live chat seemed okay, probably because they thought that baseless confidence was meant to be funny, but, from my point of view, this guy was serious.


‘Have you gone blind after winning once?’


You shouldn’t provoke these guys right now…


“Oh~ What are you going to do if I win, Eugene? Are you going to cry?”


“I won’t!”


Keun Sejin grinned.


“Really? Then I’ll have to confirm it~”


I could tell he was serious.


Even Bae Sejin, who was tense and stiff, was silently checking his gloves in the back.


His resolute eyes had returned.


‘Both these bastards hate being looked down upon.’


At that moment, something flashed in my mind.


Wait, somehow, this… Did it help?


I opened my mouth right away. While purposefully pretending to be serious.


“Right. I don’t think I’ll lose.”


“That’s right!”


“Wow, Park Moondae, even you!”


With Keun Sejin booing, Bae Sejin also looked this way this time.


He had a look of betrayal.


‘Why are you giving me that look?’


Anyway, It was a success. If they got overly immersed in the game, they would feel less out of place.


“Okay~ let’s get a head start. The four of you, stand side by side again.”


The four members waited in front of the stadium with a more enthusiastic attitude than before.


“Ready… Go!”


And I started climbing with a dash.


‘They’re working really hard.’


I purposefully climbed up at a moderate pace to see the situation, but I got a little fed up with three people moving their limbs and looking all the way up.


‘It’s better to be more careful.’


Especially for those who lacked muscle mass.


As soon as I thought like that, Bae Sejin tripped.




But he immediately got back up into position and started climbing.


“Are you okay?”


“…I am fine.”


Bae Sejin’s voice sounded certain as he answered Cha Eugene’s question.


Keun Sejin, who had been bickering with Cha Eugene, hesitated for a moment, but he soon responded calmly.


“Then I’ll go up first~”


He must have wondered whether he should have said something about being worried too.


Surprisingly, Bae Sejin answered.


“…Okay. Wait a minute.”




By the way, the exclamation at the back was from Cha Eugene.


Cha Eugene arrived at the target point right after that.


“Cha Eugene, success!”




Cha Eugene immediately moved quickly and made a few gestures that had little to no effect, as if to distract Bae Sejin, and then he soon approached the direction where I was.


Then he stretched out his arms as if to support me, then he whispered only with the shape of his mouth.


In English.


[We have to lose!]




We have to lose.


It was an insightful remark that I never thought I would hear from Cha Eugene.


‘Is this a dream?’


Of course, this was reality.


I almost looked at Cha Eugene with suspicious eyes for a moment, but soon I slipped naturally without further thought.


To be honest, saying that I would look after them was ridiculous, because my arms were about to lose strength after playing two games in a row.




“Moondae hyung, are you okay?”


“Yeah, I’m fine.”


While Cha Eugene pretended to ask how I was doing and my climb got delayed, Bae Sejin climbed far up.


And he touched the target pole.




Looking back, Bae Sejin’s face must be flushed red.


“Okay, Team Blue won!”




The other members forgot the tension and applauded Bae Sejin, who was holding the pole triumphantly.


‘I’m done, too.’


I let out a sigh of relief as I landed on the ground.


For now, I had succeeded in losing naturally.


After that, Cha Eugene came down as if he was performing some kind of trick, and the two winners also landed on the ground.


“No, you said you’d win, Eugene~”


“I win! Moondae hyung lost to Sejin hyung.”




I purposely hit Cha Eugene on the back.


The staff who were watching the shooting from behind hurriedly held back their laughter.


“Ouch! There’s a hole in my back!”


Leaving Cha Eugene who was making a fuss, I talked to Bae Sejin.


“Hyung, you did a good job.”


“Well, somehow… Yes.”


He looked proud despite his words.


At this moment, Keun Sejin met my eyes while exchanging jokes with Cha Eugene who was making a fuss.




I secretly pointed with my chin to Keun Sejin.


Keun Sejin slowly opened his mouth.


“… I know, right! You did a good job, hyung.”


“… !!”


Bae Sejin seemed almost surprised when he looked over his shoulders, but fortunately, he quickly regained his composure.


“…Yeah. thank you. You, too… You did a good job.”




Those two gave a very polite high-five.


Even if they only said it because they were in front of the camera, their anger clearly had softened a bit.


‘Both of you must have had a lot on your mind last night.’


Happily watching from the side, Cha Eugene whispered in English.


[Sport performance and victory. It always works.]


“…Are you talking from experience?”


[I was a pretty good football player! Of course, it was when I was in middle school.]


Even if I had the characteristic that help me speak English, I couldn’t understand half of what this guy saying because it wasn’t the standard form. How many times could likeappear in one sentence?


…Of course, I couldn’t scold him for his good judgment.


‘As expected, it’s not that you’re ignorant, you just don’t care about anything else.’


I patted Cha Eugene on the back.


“Good job.”


“Of course!”


As we were holding our fists together as if to celebrate second place, I realized that I had safely passed this shoot.


And it seemed that the preparations to make a conversation between the two people who had fought in a somewhat timid atmosphere were finished earlier than expected.

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  2. Haha so it’s not that Cha Eugene doesn’t understand relationship politics, he just doesn’t care. I guess that’s why he gets along so well with Raebin, who genuinely is bad at reading the room

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