Debut or Die Chapter 164

Author: LyraDhani

It was 11:00 p.m. after we finished all the schedules of the day, including W Live, and returned to the dorm.


After vacating a room for the two people who fought, the rest of us gathered in the living room again.


By the way, the vacated room was a 3-person room.


Because the space was wider.


Seon Ahyeon muttered, having left the sponge he had been holding when he rushed out.


“I-I hope they can solve it…”




In fact, I thought we should put Ryu Chungwoo in that place, but I discarded the idea because I was afraid that they might get conscious of the third party and end it in a superficial way.


‘It would be better for them to have a big fight than that.’


Now that they had the time to think and were ready to talk, they could hear what each other was thinking even if they fought.


‘Then, after some time, they can keep the line.’


Because intense emotions disappeared and memories remained.


And both of them were the thoughtful types, so it wouldn’t take long.


“Turn on the Netplus!”


“Yeah. Watch whatever you want.”


Cha Eugene casually played an American sitcom with Ryu Chungwoo’s permission.


In the living room which was now buzzing with English, I looked down at my smartphone.


On the screen, there was a record of the call history with the company.


[Operation Team Assistant Manager Oh Suhyung]


To put it bluntly, it was a trace of my protest.


The call was about how the two people who fought became a team on the W app despite my request.


‘This didn’t happen just once or twice, if I don’t get angry, I am just a pushover.’


Since it was a neighborhood that had no work-life balance, it was okay to make a lot of mistakes.


But shouldn’t you be aware of something that can be so fatal?


‘This is how they deal with the discord bomb?’


When I heard the excuse, apparently ‘Don’t pick out the ones with the mark’ was mistranslated as ‘Pick them’ and it ended up like that. Well, I could understand that.


The problem was the nuance.


– But actually, during the shoot, there was no big problem between the two of them… It’s good to be careful and it was a mistake on our part, but I think it’s okay not to react too sensitively…


In short, he was saying ‘It wasn’t a big deal in the first place, didn’t you guys overreact?’.


‘These bastards are too laid-back.’


It seemed a lot of things had happened on the outside, and since they only focused on that, they had come to trust Testar’s calmness on the inside.


I wasn’t too happy about it because I thought their response would be slow if someone really did something unexpected.


‘This needs some trimming.’


I took a good look at the picture, shrugged, and lowered my smartphone.


‘For now… Wait until those guys solve it.’


In front of the sofa, Cha Eugene was excitedly talking about his favorite sitcom character.


Kim Raebin stopped him seriously.


“It might be a spoiler for those who haven’t seen this drama yet, so be careful…”


“It’s not a spoiler!”


“It is!”


I couldn’t even hear the sound of the drama properly because of these guys’ voices. If the two guys in the room screamed and fought, I wouldn’t be able to hear it.


Right when I thought like that, the door burst open and someone jumped out.


It was Bae Sejin who looked like he was about to explode.


“Park Moondae!”


‘I think this is the first time I heard him call my name.’


No way, did the two of you come to the conclusion of attacking me together?


Of course, not.


“Y-You… Come on, let’s go inside.”




“Come here.”


I don’t get what you mean.


Anyway, I didn’t want to aggravate him, so I got up.


Then, Bae Sejin rushed into the room.


“Oh! Hyungs, fight….”


“Come on, watch TV, Eugene.”


Bae Sejin closed the door and came in. In an instant, the loud noise of the drama suddenly decreased.


Keun Sejin, who was sitting in the quiet room, had a calm face.


It seemed they wouldn’t grab each other by the collars and made a commotion.


‘You guys seem to be doing well, but why did you call me?’


As I bitterly sat down on the floor, Keun Sejin opened his mouth as if he had been waiting.


“First of all… I talked to hyung and sorted things out a bit.”






Keun Sejin calmly talked about the current situation. It was a perfectly refined attitude that gave Bae Sejin a chance to intervene in the middle.


‘So business-like.’


First of all, it seemed that both of them focused on their future attitude.


“For now, we’ll try to go as far as possible without hurting each other.”


Keun Sejin apologized for acting as if he was ignoring Bae Sejin because he didn’t have good feelings for him, and Bae Sejin also apologized for suddenly attacking him because of his complicated feelings.


“We decided to be a bit more careful with each other from now on.”


That was good.


“But there are some parts of each other that we don’t quite understand.”


They said that they found something they couldn’t understand while talking to each other.


Bae Sejin nodded.


“…Listen and look at it objectively. How about it?”


The question of whether it was necessary to invite me as the jury when the leader Ryu Chungwoo was there came up to my throat, but I suppressed it.


‘If it weren’t for the status abnormality, really.’


These guys should be grateful for my time-limit condition.


“What do you mean?”


Bae Sejin swallowed and opened his mouth.


“Am I… still uncooperative?”




Bae Sejin clenched both his hands with a pale face.


“I… I know I am not good at it, I know that’s not good enough. But… I am doing my best. Really.”


“…Hyung, everyone knows you’re working hard.”


Keun Sejin sighed as if he was getting sick of it.


“Therefore… It’s not that hyung isn’t trying. But other than hyung’s hard work, hyung doesn’t care about the rest…”


Bae Sejin’s voice dropped.


“…I don’t care, you said?”


Keun Sejin sighed.


“It’s better to get angry than to listen to me, right? That’s why I just…”


“Wait a minute.”


I knew what was going on. I cut off Keun Sejin before he could pour out more.


“You have to explain more. What’s the rest that you said hyung doesn’t care about?”


“You already know.”


Keun Sejin continued his explanation in a slightly calmer tone.


“You don’t care at all about showing the group, only yourself.”


“What do you…”


“I know you’re not really interested in making us look like a group where all the members are close and getting along. But even if you’re not very interested in the group’s existence, I hope you can do that when the camera is rolling.”


Keun Sejin said in an exhausted tone.


“We’re an idol group. That’s important too.”




Bae Sejin was stiff. And for a moment, he looked down at the floor with his mouth shut.


His answer came out slowly.


“All right.”




“…I didn’t know about that… I am sorry. I’ll take care of it in the future.”


This time, it was Keun Sejin who was speechless.


‘it’s going a little differently than you think, isn’t it?’


Perhaps it was only natural.


Bae Sejin must have been unfamiliar with idol groups in the first place, and he even came out on an individual survival match.


Therefore, he wouldn’t have had time to notice or care about the group chemistry or anything else.


‘It must have been difficult to practice on stage.’


In fact, if Keun Sejin thought about it without prejudice, he wouldn’t have misunderstood him in the first place.


However, his thoughts were fixed unconsciously due to the trauma of being eliminated from the debut group because of the ‘actor’.


‘He’s going to be an actor anyway, I guess he’s just trying to hold on for now.’


And to Keun Sejin’s surprise,  Bae Sejin’s words didn’t end there.


“I also think this is a good team. I want to do my best, and I don’t want to be a nuisance. Also, with this team… I am happy doing activities.”




Bae Sejin hesitated until he brought up the next words, but he continued to talk in a strained voice.


“And… I’m sorry for saying that you pretended to be close only when the camera was rolling. You were just working hard.”




Keun Sejin’s face turned complicated.


The answer came one beat late, after he thought about it thoroughly.


“No. I made a thoughtless guess. I’m sorry.”




This time, it was Bae Sejin who looked surprised, but he answered after clearing his throat.


“A-Ahem. I-It’s okay!”


Looking at him, he seemed slightly upset and was conflicted about whether or not to get angry, but he held back. He’d grown a lot, too.


Keun Sejin smiled faintly and replied.


“And I, well, I was trying to make a profit! It’s nice to have someone with the same name~”


It sounded similar to his usual shameless tone.


However, it felt much more honest than the usual soulless conversation he had with Bae Se-jin.


Bae Sejin murmured, avoiding his gaze.


“Well… Well, yes.”


If he had denied it there, it would have led to a more relaxed and reconciled conversation, but Bae Sejin’s limit seemed to have ended here.


Sure enough, Keun Sejin was already smiling bitterly. He didn’t understand why Bae Sejin crushed his gesture to reconcile.


‘It’s fine. Up to this point, it’s a five-star development.’


Anyway, this one example clearly proved that there was no malicious intention in each other’s actions.


In the future, whenever they got angry with the other, they would be able to pass it off as ‘That’s just how he is’ without being stressed out by excessive assumptions.


‘They’ve just returned to the starting point.’


I let out a sigh of relief inside.


‘I really have done as much as I could.’


I craved beer. I should go find it.


“Then let’s just conclude that Bae Sejin hyung will cooperate… I’m going out.”


Bae Sejin was startled.


“Huh? W-Wait.”


“Hey, let’s go out together~ Ah, hyung, do you have anything else to say?”




“I thought so.”


Keun Sejin smiled and nodded.


Neither of them seemed to want to talk to each other anymore.


“Hmm, alright.”


If I let them have a deeper conversation, who knew what else what explode, so it was better to keep it like this.


I went out of the door with the two of them.


Then, avoiding the voices of relief and welcome pouring in from the living room, I headed to the refrigerator.


‘I think there are about two cans left.’


I didn’t have any problem with my weight right now, so it would be okay to drink at least one in the middle of the night.






The beers weren’t there.


“The beer’s here…”




“Oh, sorry, Cha Eugene doesn’t know it’s the last can….”


An empty and dented can was shaking in Cha Eugene’s hand as he lay down in the living room.




You bastard…


“M-Moondae. I-I have some liquor, drink it….”


“Thank you.”




No matter how much I thought about it, the only person who helped with my mental health was Seon Ahyeon.


I wrapped up the day with Seon Ahyeon’s liquor in the room I returned to.




The last incident of the day was when the roommate Bae Sejin willingly participated in the liquor tasting, perhaps intoxicated by the feeling of being relieved from extreme stress, and fell asleep as if he were dead.


And the next day.


“I… I got a proposal for little Sejin.”


The manager brought up the cause of the conflict in the car on the way to the salon.


“The writer of the drama knows little Sejin… Guys?”




Call Bae Sejin and talk to him, bastard.


The manager was nervous because of the stiff atmosphere in the car, but Bae Sejin, who was in the back seat, shook his head without much agitation, his eyes were wide open from a hangover.


“No, I am not going to do it.”


“I-Is that so? But it’s nothing big…”


Before the manager could get more flustered, Ryu Chungwoo asked Bae Sejin.


“…Sejin, it might overlap with our inactive period, so wouldn’t it be better to take a look at it?”




Bae Sejin shrugged his shoulders, perhaps ashamed by his slight agitation.


“No… I will take it.”


“Chungwoo said something nice! You guys are fine with that, right?”


The first manager, who was not in the car on the day the two people had a big fight, turned to the designated ‘cheeky good guy’ in the front seat and prod for his reaction.


It was Keun Sejin.




Looking at the manager without showing anything, Keun Sejin opened his mouth.


“Wouldn’t it be okay as long as it doesn’t interfere with our activities? Hyung will be able to figure that out on his own~”




It was a plain and euphemistic declaration of neutrality.


This time, Bae Sejin also looked at Keun Sejin’s seat with a slightly surprised face, perhaps he could also pick up the meaning ‘Take care of yourself’.


He swallowed and told the manager.


“…Sure. I’ll see the synopsis.”


“Oh~ Great!”


However, the manager slipped an explanation with a slightly perplexed face.


“But I don’t think you need to read the synopsis…”




“Yeah, it’s like a cameo.”




“You know the kid shaman that little Sejin used to act in a movie? It’s like making a surprise appearance… Sejin? Are you listening?”




Yeah. All those dogfights were caused by a misunderstanding…


Keun Sejin and Bae Sejin were absent-minded and in a daze throughout the day’s management.


And anyway, a few days later, Bae Sejin finished the filming of ‘Kid shaman who grew up as a madman’ within a day, showing up as surprise appearances in episodes 1 and 2.






As a result of watching it on that very day, the synchro rate with the shaman was almost demon-like, and it was very powerful.


Except for the fact that the demon seemed really pissed off…


“Hyung, your acting skills are amazing.”


“It’s cool!”


“…T-This much is nothing.”


Well, in the end, Bae Sejin also liked it.


However, the trailer that came out after the drama was even more shocking.


[Re-listed! Idol Inc. 2]

[Friday at 10 pm]


The airing of <Idol Inc.> season 4 was really just around the corner.

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  1. I am so happy about this reconciliation. It was not totally/completely resolve, but there is an initiative to truly understand one another, instead of just bottling it all up inside 😌👏🏼

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    If someone’s here who is a fan of him or idolizes him, my sincere condolence to you all, the world lost another angel, but I’m sure he’s up there now flying freely and happily…🥺💙 stay strong guys, and stay safe as well…

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    on that note, it’s really amazing how he’s able to connect to so many different people!! this can’t just be attributed to a series of benevolent misconceptions and coincidences… no, moondae may try to frame all his good deeds as pragmatic/things that will pay off in the long run, but even if this is true, that’s not all there is to it. he’s just a genuinely good and caring person, and i wish he realized that, because he can get self-deprecating despite his unreliable narration making him always seem rational.
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