Debut or Die Chapter 181

Author: LyraDhani

When the company first found out about my hospitalization, they were understandably shocked.


They sent us on a vacation to the best of their ability, so there should have been no disaster striking out of nowhere, but it got lengthened to four weeks.


And when I explained the whole story of the incident, they were even more shocked.




“Yes. I got caught by some crazy person…”


It was an excuse similar to what I had said to the members, but the agency’s face also changed when I said, ‘I also hit them a lot’.


They wanted to ask me to bear with it rather than stir up public opinion for no reason, so when I requested it myself, they welcomed it.


“Yes, Moondae-ssi. We’ll expand our security personnel as much as possible, so don’t worry! You’re on vacation, so this happened…”


They were greatly skilled at insinuating that this wasn’t their responsibility because I was on vacation.


Even if I was on vacation, they obviously knew that I was staying at the dorm, but they didn’t contact me for a few days, so they must have felt prodded.


It’s obvious.’


Anyway, thanks to that, picking the title of the article was easy.


[Testar Park Moondae is hospitalized due to a fall during concert practice]


Isn’t it neat?


They decided to post the notice on the company’s official account, and the contents were properly mixed with information about the sprains and bruises.


‘It’s done.’


In fact, I thought this topic would be over at this point.


When I looked it up, the circumstances of my hospitalization were spread under the surface, but everyone seemed to be in a rush due to the source issue.


Of course, the people who were obsessed with idols’ private lives brought up the topic first.


– Heol, Gommeo is hospitalized. He’s not faking illness because he’s on vacation, right?

– ㅠㅠㅠIt must be true that Park Moondae is hospitalized. He doesn’t come to the dorm, he’s making me worried

– There’s no record of his whereabouts… What’s going on


There was nothing more outside of this.


Besides, the place I was hospitalized was a hospital that the company had filmed before, so the staff kept quiet.


This meant that there wasn’t a lot of information regarding my detailed condition.


Sometimes, truths came up, but a lot of rumors and lies were mixed, so those were also treated as rumors.


– I heard from an acquaintance that he got caught by a sasaeng and broke his bones.. Hmm.

– Honestly, this topic is meaningless. We all know he gets a cold every time he rests

-Wrist injuryㅋㅋ I think it’s an injury from practicing choreography. It’s understandable because he’s a practice freak


Since they were talking like this, I thought that the excuse of ‘a stage injury during concert practice’ was quite convincing and not particularly shocking.


In addition, the company quickly began managing media play to prevent unnecessary articles before the official admission.


Certainly, the director seemed to be running the company properly this time.


‘It’ll be fine.’


I inwardly gave them a passing grade and enjoyed the rest of my vacation.


‘I’m glad I still got four days.’


Although the hospitalization period was extended to the end of the vacation to match the company’s official data on the injury, I had no particular complaints.


In fact, except for the fact that the dates were cut in half, it was a one-person hospital room, so there was no big difference from what I was originally going to do.


But I was a bit shaken up.


‘…This place must be expensive.’


From what I heard, the 6-person room was quite expensive, but I got a single room, so I must have been really hurt.


The fact that I was injured enough to go to the hospital was funnier.


‘I’ve gone through all sorts of things.’


Well, it was still a good thing, the company would pay for it anyway, so I had a good rest and relaxed comfortably.


Read books, watch some videos. I spent my time without thinking of anything, eating three meals a day given to me by the hospital.


Members who visit from time to time brought outside food, so the special meals were great too.


“M-Moondae. I brought strawberries.”


“Yeah, thank you.”


“I-I’ll wash it…!”


It was mostly Seon Ahyeon, but there were times when other people brought food, too.


“Moondaemoondae~ Pizza!”


‘I think this guy is just buying what he wants to eat with the excuse of visiting the hospital.’


In any case, the four days of lying down and only eating food were quite thrilling.


And on the last day of vacation.


Articles and announcements were released as planned.


[Park Moondae fell during concert practice… ‘Four weeks of full recovery’]


[Testar Park Moondae, news of injury while on vacation]


But… when I looked into it, things went a little differently than I expected.


The response was much stronger.


– Ah, Moondae, what should I do?

– I am going crazy, T1, f*cking bastard, you can’t even manage the stage?

– The kid who went to practice even after taking a long vacation got hospitalized. I am really upset. I am crying

– What did you force him to do? He fell off the stage and has to recover for 4 weeks… Ah, please, stop making him do dangerous things

– Because of Park Moondae’s personality, he fell due to carelessness? I don’t believe you. They obviously ordered a weird device. I’m so madㅋㅋㅋ


Park Moondae’s fans were exploding with anxiety and anger.


‘Wait a minute.’


I broke out in a cold sweat.


No, I wasn’t unconscious or anything like that, and I didn’t break my leg, but how did it end up like this?


I agreed to not participate in the group’s official schedule for about 10 days after the vacation was over, so I thought there would be people who would criticize me, but surprisingly there were very few of them.


Every time they came out, fans beat them up.


– He went out on vacation and couldn’t attend his scheduleㅋㅋㅋ What a load of crap

└ㅎㅎYou bastard, every day is like a vacation for him, he can’t keep upㅠ

└As a lifetime fangirl, I can show it to youㅇㅋ

└Oops! A comment from a fan of dead-eyed ruined idols! (Applause emoticon)


It was brutal.


‘First of all… I didn’t know the agency would be attacked this much.’


Because the members often showed themselves participating in album or stage production in their own content, I thought they would accept the stage setting with that feeling.


Maybe… They were so worried that they wanted to find the cause and take corrective action.


‘…Are they that worried about Park Moondae getting injured?’


I felt strange.




I rolled up the sleeve of the hospital gown.


It still felt a bit swollen, but the bruises were almost gone, leaving only yellow or blue color.


‘This should be fine.’


I was going to be discharged to the dorm tomorrow, so I should do something now that I was in the hospital.




I took a selfie and uploaded it to SNS.



Hello, Loviewer.

It’s Park Moondae.

I am sorry that I missed activities because I was negligent in taking care of my body.

It’s not a serious injury, and I’m going to be discharged tomorrow. I’ll recover quickly so that I can show you a good performance.




In this case, writing it politely would be the best way to keep unnecessary noises out.


“This is okay.”


It didn’t have any unnecessary expressions, and I even attached a photo to notify them of the necessary information and my current status.


This would put everyone at ease.


I was satisfied and immediately monitored the reaction to the uploaded post.




And I was flustered.


– ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Moondae’s writing that didn’t start with This is Moondae is so unfamiliar to me. What should I do? Moondae, let’s not blame ourselves for being sickㅠㅠㅠ

– No Moon Puppy… No Tibetan Moon Puppy either… Moondae without emoticons…

– You shouldn’t hold back and apologize like this. What the hell did you say to the kids, T1?

– Moondae, rather than overexerting yourself to quickly catch up with the schedules, I want you to rest well, recover well, and see me with a bright face. Please don’t sufferㅠㅠ


Below that, my writings were translated into all languages, including English and Japanese, and crying emoticons began to run endlessly.


It was almost like a wave of crying.


They even identified the bruises by correcting the contrast value of the color of my wrist.




What should I do?


I ended up posting a picture I took with the members the next morning after being discharged, along with the phrase ‘This is Moondae’.


Only then did the atmosphere calm down a little, but the crying tone and the over-immersion still remained.


‘For the concert preparation… I have to work hard.’


I didn’t know how this atmosphere would turn out if I couldn’t show them my normal appearance. I kept this in mind, feeling like I was going to break out in a cold sweat.


And the moment I entered the dorm after completing the discharge procedure, another intense reaction was waiting for me.


Cha Eugene had just returned from vacation.


“Moondae hyung! I’m here… Huuuuh?!”




“M-Moondae’s ribs hurt!”


Perhaps there was no time to give him a briefing when he returned at dawn, and the person who tried to raise his hands and pat me on the back at the front door was immediately stopped by the other members.


Cha Eugene opened his eyes wide.


“Ribs? Meat?”




When I roughly pointed at my back, Cha Eugene pointed with a shocked expression.


“Is that true? Didn’t you hit him?”


“…I got hit when I hit him.”


“He hurt his wrist, too.”


“Oh, my God!”


Cha Eugene muttered with a shocked face.


“You lost…”


“I said I won. I hit him more.”


[Did you strike his jaw??]


“Yeah, his jaw and his head.”




Cha Eugene then nodded with a face of restored respect.


“That’s cool!”




Fatigue suddenly set in.


‘Come to think of it, he’s my roommate.’


I forgot because there were so many incidents.


‘I want to go back to the single room.’


It was a sudden wish, but of course, it didn’t come true.


[So, my mom is not a big fan of seafood. Still, she liked the hairtail! Well, the flesh was sweet.]


“…Hairtail is delicious.”


[I hope the team can go and eat together!]


As soon as I lay down in my bed for the first time in a while, I listened to Cha Eugene and his mother’s Jeju Island trip until right before the schedule.


My attempts to sneak out into the living room were thwarted three times by a bombardment of questions.


At this point, my only hope was to not accompany their schedule.




And as scheduled, the members, including Cha Eugene, left the dorm following a short evening schedule.


It was one of the few official schedules I missed because the final practice for the concert would begin in earnest starting tomorrow.


“We’ll be back. Rest well.”


“Call the manager hyung if you have to!”


“We’ll be home around 10 and see you.”


“Yeah. Have a great day.”


The crowd disappeared from the dorm like a tide. As soon as they left, I went back to bed.




In my mouth, I had a semi-dried persimmon that I had received from Kim Raebin as a return gift for singing passionately in the video call.


It tasted sweet.


The world was silent.




But more than I thought… I didn’t feel very good.


‘It’s like I just overslept on an important major and took a break from the class.’


I felt like I was losing money without gaining anything because I missed my schedule.


‘Let’s just make a plan.’


I had to pretend to work. I frowned and recalled some of the problems at hand.


The top priority was… Of course, the concert.


‘Should I change the composition of the solo stage?’


Since it was a stage I did alone, it would be troublesome if the taste of watching the stage dropped just because my injury didn’t recover much.


And this was the best way to make the excuse that Park Moondae got hurt while practicing alone during vacation seemed credible.


‘It should be a stage where falls and wrist injuries are likely to happen if I make a mistake.’


At the same time, it was a performance where I could respond flexibly if my injuries didn’t get much better…




I thought of several options and stopped at one.


“This is the best.”


And at a little past 10:00 at night.


I called one of the guys who were back from the schedule.






“Can I ask you something about your major?”




If I couldn’t load everything, I would have to make a moment of impact.

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