Debut or Die Chapter 2

Author: Tam

‘Idol Joint-Stock Company.’


It is a survival entertainment series that was popular at this time of year.


Following the success of the audition, in which dozens or hundreds of aspiring idols were gathered and eliminated by vote, there were other programs that followed the format.


This ‘Idol Joint-Stock Company’ was also one of those mass-produced programs, but there was a reason why it became particularly famous.


Because it has gotten more vicious toward capitalism.


First, let’s look at the advertisement for season 1.


[Your idol stock that grows as much as you purchase!]


Yeah. It means that you can vote in the name of ‘stock’ as much as you spend money.


The program was in Season 3 this year.


For some reason, after Season 2 completely collapsed, they treated the season as if it had never existed and came out with the aspiration title “Re-listed.”


Thanks to this, there were many people who ridiculed, saying that Season 3 repeated far from enough and it’ll go doom.


…What about me? I didn’t have any thoughts about it because I was preparing for the exam.


Anyway, contrary to people’s expectations, Season 3 has been a huge success.


Although there is a lot of controversy and criticism, it produces male idols who become hot topics, gain viewer ratings, draws 80,000 users to the music site’s entry, and sell 600,000 album copies in the first week.


So I’m going to go on this program, too.


Today I’m taking the first step.


“Yes, we are done! I didn’t trim the side too much, as you asked.”


“Yes, thank you.” 


Now I’ve got a good look at myself. I thought while looking at my well-cut hair in the mirror at the salon.


I think eating well and sleeping well during the past few days affected me since the gloomy feeling of depression had already disappeared. Thanks to that, I was able to trim my messy bangs and expose my forehead.


Just in time, a middle-aged woman who was getting a perm next to me gave lip service.


“Oh my, student, you look so good~ You’ve gotten taller!”


I thanked her and proceeded to the counter to pay with cash.


‘It’s a relief that I had some money in my account when I went to the bank to check it out.’


Looking at the details, it seems that he didn’t use it since it was his parent’s insurance money; I feel sorry, but I need to use it.


‘…Should I fill up the interest and donate it to a child welfare organization if I make money?’


It was a bit bitter. I took off the certified copy and did some research while opening the mobile phone, but it seems that the suicide of this ‘Park Moondae’ wasn’t even an impulsive act.


His room was taken out (I barely received a deposit because the monthly rent was delayed), and the phone was canceled.


Even on his birthday.


He must have really wanted to die.


…Well, I understand because I was like that, too.


‘I hope you’re in a good place.’


I completed my thoughts and paid a brief silent tribute. Then I opened the hair salon door right away and walked out. It was close to noon, and the sun pierced my eyes.


There was still a lot of work to be done before I achieved my goal of going out.


‘First, let’s be sure of it.’


I already know everything about the program’s mission, debut members, twists, and theme songs.


Of course, the details did slip a little when preparing for the announcement, but it was impossible to find a better entryway to a successful life than this.


Because if I just make it to the second round, I will be able to attract the attention of any small or medium-sized agency due to the program’s success.


However, the only problem is that the public auditions for this season’s participants are already over.


But I knew a few hints. And I plan to make use of it.


My goal is to be a participant in the survival program, for which the public audition session has ended.


Within a week.


Not at the broadcasting station, but at the karaoke room around here.




-IJC? Ah, Idol Joint-Stock Company. One of the writer there is a real crazy person. 


This is the bullshit said by a certain guy in the back of the photography club.


He said he heard it from a relative who went to a broadcasting station, and he was a guy who spread rumors about this and that, so I didn’t like him very much.


-I heard they’re recruiting participants at karaoke rooms. The broadcasting station—you know, Sung X neighbors? I heard they cast an ordinary person in a karaoke room, and the PD broke it. Just saying that she didn’t have enough time. Isn’t she a complete idiot? 


After that, that punk couldn’t stop talking about the casting.


It’s common to gossip during a drinking party, but it’s rare to find someone who speaks about boring topics at a drinking party.


‘Who was it that invited this moron?’


‘Let’s not invite him anymore.’




People chatted with their bitter eyes.


Of course, I didn’t believe this bullshit either. I was just focusing on free drinks. 


But surprisingly, there was someone who did cross-validation.


-The ordinary person who was being cast is Lee Goyoon.




Lee Goyoon is a female idol who debuted in season 1. She gained popularity for her bright, cheerful, and bold image with an amusing accent and her pure appearance.


There was a moderate exclamation around.


-Whoa, she’s the kid that made her debut, right?




-Oh… how did you know?


She spoke calmly as a senior in the journalism and broadcasting department who was about to graduate.


-That ‘stupid bitch’ is my older sister.


The punk who had been talking was at a loss for words at that moment.


Interestingly, contempt poured down on him from all sides.


-…Ah, haha. No, that expression is a bit. 


-But, she has never been scolded by the PD. Instead, she gets paid more.




After that, he shut his mouth and sat quietly. 


Thanks to it, I was able to enjoy drinking comfortably. I think I just drank Somaek while listening to the senior talk about the casting. (t/n: Somaek is a beer cocktail made with soju and beer.)


Anyway, it was quite a fun situation, so it was memorable.


They said they would go around karaoke places near the broadcasting company for roughly a week after the audition if the number of people they liked in the audition for survival participants were below the quota.


-Isn’t it better for kids who do things like street karaoke? It is also convenient to cast.


-I heard that there are already a lot of aspiring singers there, so they avoid it. I heard that the reason why they want to cast ordinary people is because they need a fresh character, unlike a survival participant.


It means that they are not trying to choose participants who can debut but rather to add fun to the show by casting ordinary people who are completely unaware of the situation.


These days, all aspiring idols will be educated at the agency so that they don’t talk recklessly.


In the end, it also means that the ordinary people who become participants may be sacrificed for the fun of broadcasting.


‘Of course, that’s not what’s important right now.’


What’s important is that there’s a high probability that the Writer is still using this method in season 3.


‘It’s difficult to let go once you’ve succeeded.’


Maybe because season 2 was ruined and the preliminary audition didn’t get better, she’s working harder now.


So let’s think objectively.


This ‘Park Moondae’ body is skinny, but he has a handsome face and good height.


In addition, he’s good at singing, so once we meet, there’s definitely a chance that they’ll give it a try.




‘I have to raise my level.’


I had to invest in stats to achieve practice achievements. Wouldn’t they try to pick them out if there was something special? 


I grabbed the microphone and chose a song. And then, I glanced back at the door to the karaoke room where I came in. 


The door was made of glass.


It was intended to give the 10s and 20s a bright and open atmosphere, but at the same time, the interior is nice to look at from the outside.


That’s why I chose this karaoke room.


The person I was looking for was a Writer who worked at a broadcasting station.


If she has to go out and observe ordinary people while preparing for the program, she will likely choose a place close to the broadcasting station and easy to see. 


So this karaoke room is the best choice now.


Without hesitation, I chose ten songs in advance and started singing.


* * *


[Achievement accomplished! <10 attempts>]

Level 1 -〉 2

You have obtained 1 point! 


It was not long before I achieved one accomplishment. It’s an achievement to sing 10 songs. Of course, I knew I would achieve it because it was the easiest thing to do.


I invested the point in Vocal once more. So C+ is changed to B-.


The basics seemed better this time when I sang the same song one more time to test it.


The tone color became deeper, and the volume increased. Perhaps this is how the alphabet affects growth.


At this speed, I think I could raise my ability incredibly fast in the beginning, but now I have something to focus on first. 


“Oh, I’m this kind of person.”


I didn’t expect to get cast this soon.


It started a little early when I roughly calculated the timing, but it was an unexpected first point.


I accepted the business card from the woman with glasses. 


The woman looked tired, but her voice was purposefully bright.


She seemed to be trying to impress me, and I seemed to have succeeded in piquing her interest as expected. 


The name I was expecting was written on the business card.


[Ryu Seorin]


The senior’s name, who was in the Department of Journalism and Broadcasting, was ‘Ryu Seojin.’


‘It seems to be a sister’s name just by looking at it.’


“What’s your name, Student?”


“My name is Park Moondae.”


“You have a unique name, too. Think about it carefully. I think Student has star quality. Our program is really good at finding people with star quality.”


“…Thank you.” 


I didn’t bother pretending to be happy. If I look too interested, I may seem to be aiming for this situation.


Usually, it’s all caught in the preliminary profile, but they’ll want to skip those who aim for it.


Perhaps it was a good approach, the woman continued.


“Student, you have a handsome face and are good at singing. I think you’ll do really well if you come out of our program—. Hmm, do you want to go and take a test video today?”




The woman was pushing a little bit as if she wanted to complete the verification in one go.


“Yes. Please contact your parents. They would be happy if you told them that their son had been cast in a TV show and would be visiting a broadcasting station.” 


“…I don’t have parents.”


When I said that, a small light sprang in the eyes of this woman, who I believed to be the Writer.


It seems to have been judged as provocative material.


After all, selling a story is an essential element in a survival show. It’s even better to be criticized for squeezing the juice.


I don’t know if they will use it on purpose, but it’s a waste to miss it.


However, the writer quickly hid her expression. And she said it more softly as if she was sorry.


“Oh my… I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.”


“That’s all right.”


“What I mean is, consider it as you come to watch a broadcasting station comfortably. It’s not something you can experience often~.” 




Should I say yes right now?


I paused for a moment as if hesitating, then nodded slowly. Then, the woman’s face brightens. 


“Oh, you made the right decision! We’re right in front of the broadcasting station!” 


So that’s how I achieved my first goal.


It was a better start than expected.


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