Debut or Die Chapter 21

Author: rolypoly

The first donation comment was straightforward.


#Why did you choose chicken feet? ㅋㅋㅋ


People buzzed that it was a great question in the comments. Park Moondae pondered for a moment, then answered honestly.


“Uhm, actually, my collaboration item keyword was frozen food, not chicken feet.”


– Wow, how shady. 


– When I look at the chicken feet again, it looks like a fairy. 


– RII punk, why did you guys put frozen food in idol PR—?


– Why do you put dumplings as a candidate when there’s carbonated water in T1? ㅋㅋㅋ


Park Moondae, who couldn’t see the comments, continued speaking quietly.


“The chicken feet were the most delicious among the frozen foods I received as a sample. So I chose the chicken feet.”


– !!


– You…tried all the samples? 


– This participant is a ‘real.’


– At this point, it’s not enough to laugh at how hard he’s working. ㅋㅋㅋ 


“First of all, it’s an advertisement— however it’s hard to say that something that doesn’t taste good is delicious.”


As Park Moondae answered, he grabbed the chicken foot again and put it in his mouth. And right away, more donations came pouring in without a break.


#What’s your favorite food besides chicken feet?


#Who is the participant you’re closest to?


#Then, for what criteria did you choose for triangle kimbap? ㅋㅋㅋ


“I’m not picky about food and I eat everything well. I’ll skip the close participants— uhm, I think it’ll be a spoiler if I say it.”


– He’s very thorough. ㅋㅋㅋ


– It’s true that our Moondae have close friends, right? Grandma believes in the Moondae! *^^*


– But Seon Ahyun said he was close to you in the next broadcast over there. ㅋㅋㅋ 


– ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I got it, Moondae-ya, are you close with Ahyun?


From Park Moondae’s point of view, talking directly about someone could be dangerous, so he chose to speak vaguely. 


But even that topic was played with in the comments.


And just as Park Moondae was carefully explaining why he chose the triangle kimbap, the donations that had been held up started coming in all at once.


“The tuna mayonnaise is strong and goes well with chicken feet like a sauce— ah.”




#Don’t just eat too much, and please introduce yourself. ㅋㅋㅋ 


#Is there a secret to singing well?


“Uhm. Singing.”


Park Moondae put down the last chicken feet he was going to eat.


– Finally. 


– Is his idol ego awakened?


– Is it meaningful that he only came back to life with one chicken foot left—.


– No, Moondae, your singing is really good, and when I watch the team battle, it’s so amazing.ㅠㅠ 


– It was good on the show, but how will the live show be?


While there were a lot of comments, Park Moondae started singing.


“I’m standing on the stage, you don’t know yet~.”


It was the broadcast theme song <It’s Me>.


Park Moondae only selected songs that had already been well-received by the trainers without much thought, but from the viewers’ point of view, it was nothing but solidifying the character. 


– Park Moondae, he’s a professional


– Wouldn’t he be a more sincere participant than anyone else?


– It’s really unpredictable. It’s not the way the criminal thinks. 


– I’m going crazy. This is so funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


The comments were overflowing with people joking around. But that wasn’t all.


– But you’re good at singing


– Why is chicken feet sweet when it’s caught in one cut?


– It’s good to hear even without music


– Good job, Moondae-ya, please sing another song now ㅠㅠ 


Even though Park Moondae used low-quality equipment, his voice was clearly heard even though 77 people were broadcasting live at the same time.


Without blurring parts, Park Moondae brought the song along in a cool way.


It was a nice voice to listen to without a single uncomfortable note.


As if to concentrate, the speed at which the comments come up has slowed down slightly. Exclamations were mixed in with the reaction.


And past the last part of the pre-chorus, it was when the chorus began.


“On the stage—”




The alarm rang loudly from the clock on the desk.


It was a reminder that there were only 30 seconds left. It was showing that the five extra minutes were over.


“Ah, time’s up.”


Park Moondae immediately stopped singing.


It’s because he didn’t intend to create controversy by wasting time and adding more songs.


The problem was that he quit too abruptly.


– No, if you cut it off here. 


– Of all things, right before the chorus ㅋㅋㅋ 


– Argh, it’s frustrating! I’ll just sing it. I’m the one who shines on stage right now!! Arghh!


– Don’t you see that this is the big picture that makes you watch episode two? Moondae-ssi is serious about the program. 


– If he hadn’t eaten one chicken foot, could he have sung all of verse 1?


– I wish you could sing even one verse right now ㅠㅠ Oh my gosh, Moondae-ya. 


A delayed donation appeared on the screen.


#I love your voice!


Comments flooded more due to the mild donation, contrary to the current comment atmosphere.


“Thank you. I’ll do my best. Uhm, come to think of it, the remaining donation questions—.” 


Park Moondae quickly looked through the questions again, capturing “self-introduction” and “the secret to singing.” And he thought.


‘It was rather fortunate that I didn’t have enough time.’


In fact, Park Moondae was delaying the answer to the next donation by wasting time with songs on purpose because it was difficult to answer the question. 


First, self-introduction—he had nothing to say because he came into someone else’s body.


This is because he didn’t fully understand the background of ‘Park Moondae.’ Moreover, the background he had already grasped was quite dark.


The secret to being good at singing was more difficult to say.


‘Can I say the system window helps? That sounds crazy.’


Park Moondae finished his judgment in an instant and continued.


“First, let me introduce myself.”


At that moment, the screen turned black.


[The live is over]


The broadcast time is over.


– ??


– What? 


– I think it’s over? 


– The production team ended the broadcast altogether 


The remaining viewers were confused but soon understood the situation and started laughing.


– ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


– In the end, I can’t hear the self-introduction—.


– I feel like I just watched Mukbang in the advertisement. 


– It’s been a while since I had so much fun. 


– No, I mean, Park Moondae is really funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋ A comedian in question. 


People left comments in the real-time comment box that was still alive. 


However, quite a number of people remained for quite a while and continued to leave comments. They were the people who became interested in Park Moondae.


They were very excited to talk about the differences between Park Moondae in the first episode and Park Moondae in the last PR Live.


-But Moondae is really cute— With a face that doesn’t seem motivated like that, he eats well and sings well ㅠㅠ. He’s the best even without tricks. 


– He has a trendy face, so once he gets his finishing touches, he’ll be very handsome.


– Good. I’m going to open my fan account today. 


– Where can I vote? 


– Idol Inc. website -> Stock purchase window. You can get one extra vote per day if you buy the Collaboration Bundle.


– That’s a great business skill. 


– I gave one vote because Moondae is cute. 


In the comments, criticism of the voting method that had risen was continued, but soon the topic returned to Park Moondae’s previous broadcast.


– In the meantime, he ate chicken feet so deliciously. ㅠㅠ I ended up going to the link and bought it.


– I ordered delivery now. Thank you, Moondae, I ruined my diet at night with chicken feet.


Then suddenly, a comment said something out of the blue.


– But why am I so familiar with Moondae’s eating place? I think I’ve seen it somewhere


– Huh, really? 


– Did you film an advertisement for formula when you were a baby? (Excited.)


– ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Moondae said he had no experience in the entertainment industry. 


– Oh, I found it. This is it. Exactly the same. (link)


The link led to a video of chicken feet Mukbang. 


The appearance of putting chicken feet in one bite and chewing them in one bite was exactly the same as the live broadcast they saw before.


It was just a different species.


[A countryside dog chicken feet Mukbang!]


In the video, a big dog of unknown breed was eating raw chicken feet.


The channel name is ‘Exploring the diet of mixed breed dogs in the countryside.’


The black fur dog with its pricked ears, wags its tail with a face that looks like it has been pushed back, and eagerly puts chicken feet into its mouth.


Above it, Park Moondae’s indifferent Mukbang overlapped on its own.


– Oh my. 


At that moment, Park Moondae’s first nickname was decided.


* * *


– Look at this. They look the same ᄏᄏᄏ From now on, Park Moondae is Moon Puppy. No objection received. (Screenshot of mixed breed dogs in the countryside.)  (Screenshot of Park Moondae live)


In the SNS post shared more than 4,000 times, they posted a scene of me in the form of ‘Park Moondae’ putting a boneless chicken foot in my mouth and a picture of a large dog biting a chicken feet together.


I feel a little upset. 


First, it seemed like it worked to change the negative image— by making it feel like something familiar but. 


“Moon Puppy…”


I didn’t expect to have such an embarrassing nickname at the age of 29.


There have been a few times in my life that I have been told that I eat well.


‘I think it’s because I’m not picky about food—’


It was simply because I couldn’t afford to eat after my parents died.


So I didn’t expect such a reaction from eating only a little chicken feet.


“Is it 4th place?”


Shortly after the live, the PR video was uploaded, and the current ranking of the views of my video was in my fingers.


It was even still on the rise. If I did well, I was expected to flip the video of Lee Sejin, the former child actor who came in third place. 


I decided to adapt to the situation.


‘I’m embarrassed but it’s a good situation.’


I couldn’t be picky about situations because I could die suddenly at any time. In addition, I feel more curious than embarrassed. So I feel a bit—thankful about it. 


‘Thanks to it, I am one step away from sudden death.’


I briefly thanked the people who posted SNS posts and those who shared them, and started thinking about the next thing.


Now there was one near problem.


How will my editing come out in the second episode that will air soon?


In particular, the platinum grade on the grade evaluation came to mind.


‘Even if the editing is a little sloppy, I think there will be a response like ‘He should have received it, but Park Moondae the one who received it’.’


I turned on the live-streaming window on my smartphone, feeling a little nervous.


Still, episode 2 was good because I didn’t shoot unnecessary reactions. Thanks to that, I was able to get a beer can as well.


[Relisting! Idol~ Inc.!]


When I heard Youngrin’s voice in the beginning, I sipped my beer slowly. And focus on the content.




By the end of episode 2, there were two cans of beer next to the smartphone.


I drank my last beer and thought.


‘I think it was fine?’


The production team also carefully edited my grade evaluation. 


I made sure again through the judges’ comments that I was good at the choreography and that the pitch was accurate, and then they stamped that I was good.


Even the scene receiving the Platinum grade didn’t get much attention. They just treated it like ‘Of course, a participant who does this kind of thing should get it~’.


They didn’t even put the controversy over the judgment at all.


“What are you thinking?”


I can’t help but feel the alcohol is in it. I reflected on my editorial direction.


‘There is a part—that bothers me.’


They didn’t show anything about how I practiced for a week without sleeping.


They couldn’t show all the circumstances of the 77 participants, so even if that was the case, it was strange that they had to send out the scene where I asked Seon Ahyun for the choreography.


It also bothered me that they edited it as if they listened to it once and followed the whole choreography.


‘Now that I think about it, they put the interviews that didn’t make me seem very impressive when I got the grade.’


Hmm, after summarizing it so far, I got a feeling.


The production team seemed to keep pushing the character of ‘Park Moondae’ in the first episode.


To put it bluntly—the ‘Tactless My-Face-Ordinary talented person’ character.


Fortunately, thanks to PR Live, Internet public opinion has already given me the image of a chicken feet puppy.


‘I guess I would let it slide.’


I checked it by turning on SNS right away. As expected, the people who used a clever puppy gimmick on Park Moondae in episode 2 were the first to win over public opinion. 


Fortunately, I couldn’t let my guard down. Because the editing could win everything.


‘Should I save more puppies?’




My smartphone rang while I was thinking.


It was Keun Sejin. I felt meticulous from the texting, not messaging apps.


[Moondae, what do you think about watching episode 3 together with our team?]


Do I have to? I immediately started writing replies.


‘I’m sorry, but I have work to do then—’


As soon as I tried to refuse with a good reason, I got another text message after another.


[Don’t tell me—When Moondae is the only one missing, don’t sad things happen? Lee Sejin Hyung-nim said he would come too!] 




Have they all already agreed?


This brat will be the one who told the production team that they watched it together and sent a photo as proof.


The editing direction is already suspicious, but I didn’t know what would happen if I was the only one left out.


I change the text slowly.


[Yeah, we should do it.] 


Then I got a reply right away.


[ㅎㅎ I knew Moondae will like it too~ I’ll see you then!]




I feel—like I lost.


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  1. This line “I couldn’t afford to eat after my parents died.” hits me hard. I’m really so weak when it comes to starving children 🤧

    1. aah he mentions it so casually that i skimmed over it before this reread… i know moondae isn’t the type to want pity, but i’m still sorry T_T

      1. Right? He is very strong to have survived in such cut throat society all alone … but he is still so kind to others

  2. Thank u for ur translation … kudos to the author as well as the translator … this is the best translation ive read … u manage to keep it both funny and understandable