Debut or Die Chapter 22

Author: rolypoly

I tried to build up my stamina by exercising and practicing at the same time until the 3rd episode aired.


Fortunately, the qualities of Park Moondae were not at the bottom, so I could follow it exactly as I wanted. 


The unfortunate thing is that most of the practice achievements have been filled up to 500 times.


‘And I don’t think it will be easy for me to quickly level up my stats from now on.’


Nevertheless, it was fortunate that the stat reward would occasionally pop up whenever I achieved success on stage or fame. 


Anyway, after spending a full week, it returned to Friday again. 


I headed to the location of the appointment around 5 p.m.


It was an officetel located quite far from Seoul’s outer station, and it was probably the home of someone from the former team. 


And I experience something amazing in the process of coming out of the subway station. 


“Excuse me!”




“By any chance… aren’t you from Idol Inc.?”


Someone asked me something like this. 


To be honest, the question is just a formality, but that person’s eyes were already shining with certainty.


I pondered for a moment, then nodded. 


I didn’t even wear a mask. Because even if someone takes a picture of me, I would still be in a situation where I would be unable to take it, replace it, and lie about it.


“Yes, that’s right.”


“Ah, as expected!”


The woman who spoke to me was clearly happy.


“I’m really enjoying it. And you’re really good at singing…Excuse me, can I take a picture with you?” 


What should I do with this? 


At the thought that Keun Sejin could leave photo evidence, I make sure to dress modestly and come out. However, unlike when I was filming, I didn’t have any makeup on.

 (t/n: 인증샷 means take a photo to prove it happened. For this sentence, it’s meant to prove it they really met a celebrity or something.) 


I know this since I’ve taken photos of it before. So unless it’s acceptable, most idols’ bare-faced photos need to be edited.


‘…So, when I take photos during rehearsal, I will sometimes add full editing before selling them because of my conscience.’


However, it was more important not to make noise in the current situation.


“Yes. Can I look here?”


“Oh! Yes, yes, wait a minute—!”


The woman quickly turned on the camera editing app and took a picture together in selfie mode. 


 It’s good that this person understands the importance of morals in society.


“Ah, thank you so much. I will definitely vote, no, I will buy stocks!”


“Ah, thank you.”


There’s a high probability that she won’t do it because she can’t even remember Park Moondae’s name, but let’s say thank you first. 


Anyway, because of how this person reacted, everyone started to look at this place. It gradually became burdensome as people passing by began to look at us. 


I quickly nodded and said my final words.


“I have something to do….”


“Oh, yes! Thank you for the photo….” 


The question, ‘But what are you going to do?’ seemed to come up at any moment, so I quickly left.


And as soon as I left the station, I bought a mask at the convenience store.


There is nothing to say, even if it is called excessive self-consciousness, and since there has already been a case, I was going to be careful on the way back.


But I can’t believe someone recognized me on the street already. Of course, I already knew that season 3 would do well, but it was amazing.


‘It would be no joke around the second half of the show.’


The place I’m currently staying in is just a cheap room, so the security was poor. If Park Moondae continues to keep avoiding the full editing, steps may need to be taken in the future. (t/n: 통편집 means full editing or totally removed from the scene.)


As I walked and thought about this and that, I soon arrived at the meeting place. I wonder if it’s a newly built officetel because it looks clean and secure. 


I don’t know whose house it is, but whoever lives there seems to be doing well. I’m so envious. 


“Oh~ Moondae really come fast? Come in!” 


“H, hello.” 


When I rang the doorbell, Keun Sejin and Seon Ahyun came out.

“This is the living room~.”


Seon Ahyun followed as Keun Sejin guided me. Anyway, it seems like this is Keun Sejin’s house. 


Well, it’s a natural picture for a meeting host to invite people to his house. 


I honestly admire the really nice officetel’s interior as I look around.


“It’s a nice house.”


“Right? It would be nice if it was my house!”



Does that mean it’s not the house he rents?


The brief question ended with Seon Ahyun’s words.


“T, thank you.” 




So…this was Seon Ahyun’s house. 


Meanwhile, Keun Sejin was almost lying on the living room sofa, and Seon Ahyun was sitting in a straight position in the corner of the sofa.


I looked at the strange situation where the roles of the host and the guest were switched for a moment, but then I stopped thinking.


So what? Let’s just watch episode 3 and then leave. 


* * *


In the editorial room on the 9th floor of the Tnet building, the production team of <Idol Inc.> is working overtime today.


“The editing was delayed too much because of the preparation of the PR video live.”


“I’m going crazy.” 


It was somehow a chilly situation because the finished version was just completed a few hours before the airing. 


Writer Ryu Seorin thought it was annoying. 


‘This is why it would have been better if the PR was just outsourced.’


Even if she pushed the ad, she couldn’t use outsourcing because it would only add a small amount to the cost of production.


Thanks to this, her schedule, which was barely free because of the youngest writer, became a series of all-night.


In addition, the edited version that she checked while working on the subtitles—was so unexpected.


‘Why did they kill the kids and pushed them away?’


Ryu Seorin’s own suggestion wasn’t properly reflected!


She wanted to grind her teeth, but she was too tired to do it. She even looks pale because she had been up all night for two days in a row.


‘It’s not like I have any power anyway.’


Still, it was a suggestion for making the program more fun, so it was a shame. 


‘After seeing the editing direction for episodes 1 and 2, I was expecting a bit.’


She sighed and left the editing room.


She thought about taking a nap in the night-duty room and coming back in an hour before the broadcast. 


* * * 


“It’s start!”

“Whoa, whoa! Please our team in this episode! please!”


After episodes 1 and 2 were aired, they were all excited to see about the reactions of their acquaintances, but there wasn’t anything useful in those reactions. 


– Moondae, would you like chicken feet?


…It was the most memorable thing I had ever asked, and I asked it with a grin.


Anyway, after pretending to listen to it, it was soon airtime. 


‘It’s nice to see it on the big screen.’


I thought casually as I looked at the big TV on the wall that took up a quarter of the living room wall. 


“Ah, it’s start.” 


Seeing them sitting on the couch or on the floor with their stomachs full made it seem like they wouldn’t get in the way of monitoring, which was also pretty good. 


[Since this is the first team match, there must be a participant that you all want to join, right?]


As soon as the words of the MC entered the broadcast, an interview was inserted. 


[Cha Eugene: If I can do it with Raebin!]


[Lee Sejin (B): Me? Ah, Moondae will be nice!]


[Park Moondae: Lowered his head.]


“Whoaa, the hyungs are here!!”


“Keun Sejin Hyung’s interview cut is nice.” 


“Whoa, I’m talking about you though! But it doesn’t appear.”

When one of the team members is caught on camera, everyone reacts proudly.


It’s so hard to focus on the screen that I’m going crazy.


In the meantime, Keun Sejin burst into laughter. It must be good to come out as Lee Sejin (B) because there is a person with the same name.


“Park Moondae, were you really like that? Hahahaha!”




Is that even possible? 


Keun Sejin named more than seven people when he should have only mentioned one, but it was clear that only my name was on the air.


Anyway, let’s try to stay focused on the screen.


Despite the chatter, the broadcast continued.




[I think our team is good?] 


First of all, this team decided to come out warmly at the moment.


They mostly showed each other hugging and spinning, so it looked like fun to be with the pure participants.


Surprisingly, the editorial direction of the other team, which had Ryu Chungwoo, a former national archery representative.


[Lee Dojun: Ah, it’s a bit…]


[Park Jeongseop: Of all things, why it turned out like this.] 


[Choi Sangjin: It’s really fun? (Edited) It didn’t feel like that.] 


[Ryu Chungwoo: Ah. (Laughs)]


Even though the atmosphere wasn’t great, the team quickly got used to Ryu Chungwoo as their leader, but the broadcast made it seem like the atmosphere was bad. 






They were somehow at a loss to make a comment, and the only thing that came out was an ambiguous admiration. It was a situation where it was hard to like and ambiguous to criticize.


After passing through the formation process of other teams, the next step was the selection song process. 


Gold 1, which shouts and presses the panel button without looking properly, came out as a single cut. 




Gold 1 felt the pain as he looked at his dark history. Because he seems to have noticed that he looks like he murmured to himself blankly on the screen.


[I, is it a mistake?] 


And the editing that followed—wasn’t serious. 


An interview with the team members came out along with the funny drum and twang BGM. 


For reference, Ha Iljoon is Gold 1 and Kwon Heeseung is Gold 2.


[Lee Sejin (B): Did you see our faces?? Just like this!]


[Kwon Heeseung: What…should we do? Pfft…] 


[Seon Ahyun: (Laughing and shrugging)] 


[Ha Iljun: I’m sorry… Pfft…] 


[♡ Into A New World / MallangDalkom ♡]


The panels flashed in the background like a joke.


…And here, for some reason, an interview with Park Moondae appeared. 


[Park Moondae: I liked it. (Thumbs up)]


A subtitle appeared. 


[Fan’s heart wins everything—!☆]


The living room erupted with laughter.




“Hahaha, my stomach hurts from laughing so hard—!”


Even Lee Sejin is holding back his laughter because his face turns red.


“Pft, is that real? Did you really do that?” 


“…I just said I liked the team.”


“Ehem, ah~ Really? Thank you.”


Keun Sejin laughed and got stuck on the sofa.


While I…just put a chicken in my mouth.


‘Let’s not get involved.’


After that, even practicing choreography and getting feedback from the trainer through trial and error were set up in a way that wasn’t too serious.


[Let’s do it like this!]


[Hmm, okay.] 


This is because the moderately gloomy early practice was edited as if they were working hard with nothing happened.


When the choreographer was angry, the first tense background sound came out. 


[No one sees… What are you going to do?]


After that, a series of personal attacks were sent as it was, with huge subtitles and words emphasized. 


“It’s really strong when you hear it again.” 


“I’m just telling you now, but I was really scared.” 


“Ung, it looks like it.”


“Yeah. You too.” 


When the hardened faces of the team members were shown on the screen, sincerity went back and forth like a joke in the living room.


Fortunately, the scene with Seon Ahyun and the choreographer didn’t focus on me. Instead, it mostly showed Seon Ahyun’s shocked reaction. 


And at an unexpected time, an unexpected scene came out.


[Do you feel tired?]


[N, no…]


In one scene, I talked to Seon Ahyun while he was being edited by the kind of ‘Seon Ahyun participant who couldn’t focus on practice.’


It was the conversation where I used the characteristic ‘When I heard it, you’re right.’ 


Even the timing wasn’t right. That was after deciding how the conversation would go.


“H, huh?” 


“What is it?” 


Seon Ahyun was embarrassed, so he dropped the chicken he had been eating. I was a little puzzled, too.


‘That’s what I said when the main camera was all gone and only the camera installed in the corner turn around.’


I didn’t expect it to be used on the broadcast. However, the camera was fixed, so it felt like it wasn’t recorded. 


Thanks to that, the conversation sounded a little more sincere. 


[D, do you really think I, I can do well…?]


[Why would I lie?]




When the emotional editing was added, it almost looked like a boy manhwa recruit.


I became confused.


‘No I mean, it’s good that they edited it well, but—.’


It was a random choice, considering how the production team has been building up my character since the first episode. 


Did they just decide to replace it quickly? 


Meanwhile, Park Moondae on the screen said “that line” while the beautiful BGM played.


[Just think ‘I’m going to make this happen’.]


And the living room rang with a reaction. 




“I’m going to… make this happen?”


“This is how Moondae usually thinks, kyaa~ Quote!” 


Let’s just… ignore it.


In the midst of teasing, whether it was booing or admiration, the broadcast showed a short interview with Seon Ahyun.


[Seon Ahyun: T, t, thank you…very much.]


[Seon Ahyun : (I will)…work hard. I, I was thinking like that. I, I have to do it.]


Even though Seon Ahyun doesn’t have a lot of energy, he is very loyal. I greet him immediately.


“Thank you.”


“Uh, uh… N, no, thank you…” 


“Ah, it’s heartwarming.”


“That’s right.”


While Seon Ahyun, who had been taken out of the conversation, was embarrassed, the cut that was being arranged with Mudie’s advice finally showed on the TV screen.


[Guys. Let’s set the direction first.]


Yeah, it was the most important here.


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