Debut or Die Chapter 33

Author: LyraDhani

After the introduction of a new system to reduce the number of votes of participants in <Idol Inc.>


– Are you kidding me? ㅋㅋㅋ Are the producers crazy?


The Internet had become a mess.


– They’ve lost it, what if someone has a bad intention and holds a hate vote?


– It’s not spicy anymore. It’s hellfire


– Oh seriously, I can’t watch the next ranking announcement because it’s too painful, you bastards, what are you doing to the kids?


– Shouldn’t we boycott at this point?


Posts criticizing the production team and the program first covered all the communities.


It was a natural reaction, but after this criticism became a basic sentiment, this kind of post began to appear.


– Participants who will benefit from this negative vote and those who will lose.jpg


It was a review of the participants.


If you go further from here, there will be a flurry of slanderous comments about the participants people don’t want to push for.




I skimmed through the post on the best bulletin board in seven minutes.


As I slowly scrolled down, I saw the name I was looking for.




[Park Moondae’s risk of falling in rank ★★]

: Whenever stories about him come out, there are messy fights everywhere about whether his personality is good or not. There are kids who bite at a level of a psycho. His number might drop quite a bit.




‘Two stars are fine.’


Honestly, I knew this would happen. This was because Park Moondae was an extreme character who either had to be liked or disliked, with no in-between.


‘The PR live and the first team match editing was well done, so I guess that made up for it.’


In addition, the participants of October 31 who appeared in the first team match were latecomers at this point. This meant that they were bound to be beaten by malicious fans of existing strong participants.


When I scrolled down, except for Keun Sejin, everyone was in danger of falling in rank.


‘Of course, I can’t believe this one article alone.’


The fact that this article became popular and was not ignored by people meant that it was somewhat similar to public opinion.


Of course, there were fights in the comments.


– You wrote a long post, pretending that you’re mastering the history of Idol Inc, and pretending to dominate public opinion on the Internett? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


– I’m already tired, I hope this stops, really…


– ㅋㅋㅋㅋThese people are obviously clenching their teeth, why are you guys sucking up to people who are being cursed at?ㅋ


– Isn’t this the truth? Admit the realityㅎㅎ


And among these comments, there were people talking about the participants who were posted in the article.


They were mainly enjoying chewing, biting, and tasting the participants who were likely to fall.


– ㅋㅋㅋSejin’s fall is confirmed∼


– What about Raebin? He’s going to go down further… I think the fans should be strong!


Of course, there were also quite a few attempts to drive public opinion by saying, ‘I don’t know why they wrote that, his rank is stable.’


-Ryu Chungwoo who was a member of the National team should be more than average, aren’t many people selling his stocks because they are annoyed by how he is getting fans even during the broadcast?


‘They are already creating excuses.’


Of course, there were quite a few stories about Park Moondae.


-I hope the kids who pick Moondae only choose one route. They said they couldn’t believe his skills because of the editing, but they brought an edited version of his personalityㅋㅋ

└Yeah, let’s not believe those people who believe in the broadcast’s editing and say his personality is bad~ That’s all

└I’m going crazy, just listen to him singing without music on PR LIVE. He’s better than on TV. And why do you trust the edited version of the interview and pretend you didn’t see the video that Moondae actually treated other participants well?

└You’re rambling;; Ugh don’t risk your life on an idol, ahjumma!

└Reported ㅅㄱ


‘This… I’m sorry.’


I was speechless when I saw people suffering from Park Moondae’s stocks.


Just because I was better at one thing didn’t mean I could change the direction of the broadcast.


‘Actually… I already knew.’


The introduction of this negative vote was so controversial that I, a civil student, knew about it.


There had been two or three times when <Re-listed! Idol Inc.> walked a crazy tightrope between going crazy and being ruined, and this was the first case.


Anyway, looking at the current trend, I didn’t pay much attention because I didn’t think I would be eliminated even if my vote rate dropped quite a bit, but when it came down to it… It bothered me.


Those who support ‘Park Moondae’.


‘I hope they don’t get too stressed out.’


I hesitated, then turned off the window for now.


Actually, I was going to look at the reaction to the newly aired episode 6 rather than <Selling Stocks>, but there weren’t that many because it got buried.


‘In the first place, I don’t have a lot of footage in episode 6.’


The stage of the team I belonged to was assigned to the next episode.


The team formation and song selection scenes were only partially shown, so there was little reaction.


– Ugh, Gommeo, why are you on the same team as Rae1binㅠㅠ Kim Raeb1n, please stop doing charity work. The last team was like a beggar too. Except for the faces, there’s nothing to see… Ugh, how did you catch something like this…


– Mundae, don’t stick to Eugene, just die


Mostly, only the reaction of these malicious fans remained. No, I don’t know if you can call them fans.


‘…Looking at it closely, Kim Raebin is being cursed, too?’


It was the kind of people I saw often even when I was selling data.


I didn’t know why they were cursing while claiming to be a fan, but… The important thing was that there were more reactions saying that they hated him being on the same team as Park Moondae than those who didn’t.


Even viewers who liked ‘Park Moondae’ said it was a shame that he couldn’t be with the team members from the first team match.


I crossed my arms and smiled. I wondered how public opinion would change when episode 7 was aired.


The stage was definitely good, and there was a limit to what the editing could touch with it.


‘So until then, I’ll organize the status window pop-up and practice…’




As I was thinking, my phone rang.


Maybe it was the same-age group chat. I unintentionally opened my smartphone.


As if they were copied and pasted, two messages arrived almost at the same time


[Kim Raebin: How are you, hyung? It’s Kim Raebin. The reason I’m contacting you like this is because I have something to ask you.]


[Kim Raebin: Cha Eugene and I are going to Gangnam Station tomorrow to check the advertisement that our fans posted, do you want to check the advertisement with us…(More)]




Did my advertisement appear at Gangnam Station?


I searched and found an SNS post saying that it started today. How surprising. Kim Raebin seems to be good at searching?


But this timing was not good.


‘The system of taking votes from participants has just been introduced, so there is no need to stand out.’


If there was a happy eyewitness account, bullshit like ‘Park Moondae seems confident?’ would come out.


Besides, going with Kim Raebin and Cha Eugene? I could already imagine the cursing.


– You must be so scared of the negative vote, you’re acting like you’re close to the popular boysㅋㅋ


There was no need to make noises like this. Let’s protect the people who support Park Moondae as much as possible.


I’d better wait and see until episode 7 aired.


I typed in a reply right away.


[Park Moondae: It will be difficult because I have work to do. See you next time.]


[Kim Raebin: Yes… Then I’ll contact you again.]


I’ll see you on the set.


With that assumption, I started stretching before starting to work out.


‘Let’s build up stamina.’


At this time, I never dreamed that Kim Raebin would send a greeting every day until the next filming.


It was not just a greeting, it was an image file of colorful greetings like those made by the elderly.


[Kim Raebin: (If you smile ^^ Blessings will come∼ Let’s make today a happy day with a pleasant morning∼)]




Maybe it’s because the field is the art and physical education, every young person I meet recently has a really unique sensibility.


* * *


And finally, it was Friday night again.


[Kim Raebin: (Happy Friday @->— With all my heart in these roses^^ Sharing happiness and health)]


Somehow, The boomer-style picture was getting upgraded. Now it had a sparkle effect.


[Park Moondae: Take care of yourself, too.]


[Kim Raebin: Thank you.]


Anyway, if I wanted to have a ‘happy and healthy’ Friday as the phrase in Kim Raebin’s image file said, today’s episode 7 had to go well.


I started watching episode 7 drinking beer.


My portion was more likely to come out at the end of episode 7.


Because the production crew must have postponed the team with the highest ranking to the very end of the show.


As expected, other teams came out one after another.


I wasn’t really interested in it, but I watched it carefully to see if there was anyone who could be a hit.


“There’s nothing special.”


There was no particularly conspicuously friendly or hostile editing. It was just an ordinary storyline about overcoming conflicts and lack of skills.


Then in the middle second half, Choi Wongil’s team came out.


It was a team that had a lot of participants from the same team in the first team match, including Seon Ahyeon and Keun Sejin.


The editing potential exploded here.


[Choi Wongil: I don’t know why you’re only doing this to me…]


[Ha Iljun: What…?]


Choi Wongil’s interview cut crossed over with the bewildered team members.


[Choi Wongil: (Staring) Aren’t you being too much, Moondae hyung?]


Choi Wongil was completely overthrown.




They sent it like this.


The production team showed Choi Wongil’s uncooperative attitude in the first round.


To be honest, he was quite annoying in the first round, but I didn’t know that it had been piling up and going to explode like this.


But it wasn’t just me who built these stacks of karma.


[Kwon Heeseung: …Because he doesn’t respond to me.]


Gold 2 seemed to have been a bit scornful since the first round. He didn’t get a response when there was no camera.


[Kwon Heeseung: Maybe because I’m the youngest…or because I am the lowest (in rank).]


Of course, the crew who caught it with a fixed camera and sent it out were also disgusting people. Another participant talked nonsense to bring up the ratings.


[Big Sejin: Now, now! Wongil, I understand how you feel. Sit here.]


Just as I heard from Seon Ahyeon, the conflict being broadcasted was stopped and settled by Keun Sejin.


[Choi Wongil: It’s true that I was a little emotional.]


The team practiced hard and that interview ended with a good performance on the stage, but not one covered their eyes and pretended nothing happened.


Already, Internet pages were being plastered with swear words.


– Is Choi Wongil’s personality for real?


– He’s a little emotionalㅋㅋㅋ Bullshit, he has anger issues

└But I feel worse because it feels like he’s only doing it to people who seem easy


– Did you see him ignoring Heeseung? I almost had PTSD because it reminded me of my hard times from school…


– Park Moondae needs to be reevaluated, he was a Bodhisattva who willingly gave his part


‘Um, it will be difficult if Park Moondae keeps being mentioned.’


If they praised my personality as they pleased and anything suspicious showed up again, the cursing would be doubled.


Fortunately, the team’s stage was okay, so the appreciation on the stage took a stake, and the topic of Choi Wongil was pushed aside a bit.


When the story came up again, the focus was probably only on criticizing Choi Wongil.


‘He doesn’t look mentally well, he’s going to have a hard time.’


I clicked my tongue and turned off the comments.


Now there were two teams left. Soon it would be my turn to come out.


Of course… Under the assumption that no one else stuffed their face.


‘The high-ranking guys must be showing up a lot.’


I put down my expectations and continued watching.


And I was surprised.




On the screen, Kim Raebin’s interview was reconstructed with a magnificent background sound.


Sparkling golden… With some homage-like captions.


[<Kim Raebin’s journey to gather team members>]


[Kim Raebin: First of all, I am going to pick participant Park Moondae.]




I spit out the beer I was drinking.

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