Debut or Die Chapter 35

Author: LyraDhani

Seon Ahyeon and Keun Sejin asked to eat something before entering the filming set, so we met at a restaurant.


“Oh, Moondae, hi~”




But even with the food placed in front of them, they had dark expressions.


One of them became a social-life-reactions vending machine, and the other looked like he would burst into tears at any moment.


‘Is it because of the negative vote?’


It was a guess that made the most sense.


I thought about leaving it alone, but I wanted to know how they were doing so I asked once while eating.


“Is it because you’re worried about the voting?”




“Both of you don’t look good.”


Then, the two of them look at each other’s faces reflexively.


Perhaps because they were in a bad mood, they didn’t realize that the other person was in a bad mood.


“Ah, Moondae, you’re like a ghost~ No, well… It’s hard not to worry. I’ve been looking at the Internet too much, haha.”


Keun Sejin trembled and joked soullessly. At his words, Seon Ahyeon also nodded with a gloomy face.


“I-I’m afraid I’ll be hated…”




It seems that they had been searching for articles that they didn’t need to see. Looking at this atmosphere, it was clear that they couldn’t leave SNS all night and kept searching for their names.


When they entered the set, they would see the number of people who hate them, so it was understandable that they couldn’t easily swallow food in this situation.


‘…But you have to eat before you go.’


I pondered for a moment, then finally sighed and said.


“Since it’s an audition program, wouldn’t there be more people who keep us in check than those who actually hate us? If you get a lot of negative votes, it could mean you look promising.”




Even in the previous team match, the team full of high-ranked players ended up in 3rd place in the on-site voting.


“It means you don’t have to worry about it unless you show up a lot.”


Of course, that didn’t mean you could ignore it. But it would be better if you had a spot where you could mentally win.


As expected, Keun Sejin recovered first.


“That’s true.”


Then, with a bitter smile, he lifted his spoon and muttered to himself.


“…I really need to get something done this time. My trainee period was too long… Well, anyway, let’s eat well and cheer up!”


He quickly wrapped up the words that came out of nowhere and resumed his meal diligently.


Seon Ahyeon still looked anxious, but he ate diligently when I said, ‘Isn’t it be better to eat before you go?’


‘It’s hard to eat sometimes.’


I also resumed eating with a sigh.


Although they were latecomers, they got roughed up a bit because they were well known, so it was obvious how the other participants were doing if even these two kids who were never smashed by editing were being like this.


‘The mood of today’s shooting must be crazy.’


And this prediction was exactly right.




From the participants at risk of being eliminated to the high-ranked participants, all of them had the atmosphere of a funeral home.


This was because slander and rumors about the participants on the Internet got worse after the ‘If you’re disliked, get out’ voting system was introduced.


Cha Eugene was the only one who was excited. It wasn’t the confidence of the first place, it was just a personality problem.


“Why didn’t you go with me?”


He even came to me and excitedly talked about the day he saw the billboard. He had a really great personality.


It wasn’t long before the shooting started.


“Welcome to the second-ranking announcement of <Re-listed! Idol Inc.>!”


I didn’t know how it would come out on the show, but the ranking announcement ceremony was held in a more depressing atmosphere than ever.


“The first ranking with the newly introduced system <Stock Selling> will be announced today. The ranking is determined by how many people bought and sold the stocks.”


Gulp. I heard someone swallowing saliva and a small voice praying.


I guess grown-ups do child-like things when they can’t do something.


“Before that, we should announce the final winner of the last team match, right? I told you that there is a huge prize waiting for the final winner.”


Despite the heavy atmosphere, the MC said everything he had to say cheerfully.


“That is, <Selling Stocks> becomes invalid!”






For a moment, the surroundings were filled with astonishment.


“The team that won first place will be ranked using the number of votes that don’t include negative votes of <Selling Stocks>!”


The reaction did not get bigger, but rather died down weakly. And someone murmured a little.


“That’s too much.”


Certainly, it was an idea that couldn’t be done if they respected the participants. It was like the production team was taking off and adding the benefits however they wanted.


‘In the first place, they strike with the negative vote in episode 6 without prior notice, so what is it that they want?’


“First place… Congratulations! Team ‘Gigantic’ that reinterpreted <Fingerprint>!


Choi Wongil’s team eventually took the final first place.


Perhaps Choi Wongil, who would certainly be eliminated due to the <Selling Stock> system, was given a rescue signal.


Choi Wongil cried and was relieved, but it wasn’t a good thing.


‘He’s in trouble.’


If his rank dropped due to negative votes, there was a high possibility that sympathy would rise.


However, if he got lucky like this, negative public opinion would surely explode unless he made a huge achievement in the next team match.


In any case, the announcement of the 1st place came to an end with a reasonable impression.


“Then, from now on, we will start the ranking announcement ceremony!”


The total number of successful applicants was 30. Like the last ranking announcement, it began to be announced from 28th place, leaving out two people.


“In the 28th place is Park Joonkyung!”


In fact, there was no significant change until the 20th place. There was no one who got an exceptional cut scene or a lesser cut scene. Participants who could compete in those rankings were called without much reversal.


It was from the top 20 that an unexpected event appeared.


“In the 20th place… Participant Choi Wongil!”






He was ranked higher than Gold 2.


Perhaps his rank went up because fans who were conscious of the negative votes gathered together and voted.


Choi Wongil attached an apology at the end of his long speech.


“…Also, I deeply reflect on my immature attitude……. I-I’ll show you my good side from now on.”


And he sat down in his seat, crying.


‘Wouldn’t it be better to point out Gold 2 and apologize?’


Well, it’s not something I have to worry about. Let’s worry about my ranking.


To summarize the ranking after that… Lee Sejin plunged, and Kim Raebin succeeded in reviving and settled in sixth place.


And participants who were on Choi Wongil’s team, including Keun Sejin, rose. Their ranking rose sharply because the negative votes were removed. 


Looking at the flow, I thought I was probably going to fall a little too. So, I was ready to respond immediately if I got called soon.


But there was no need to.


My rank had risen.


“4th place is… Participant Park Moondae!”




It was an unexpected save in this chaos.


I wasn’t called until the 5th place, so I wondered if I had plunged below the 28th place, but I didn’t expect to be called in 4th place.


When I jumped up flustering, something even more embarrassing was waiting for me.




Ryu Chungwoo got up and approached me then he patted me on the back with a pleased expression. Following Ryu Chungwoo, Cha Eugene also approached and congratulated me.




‘I was just going to pretend I knew you..?’


Apparently, the reaction on stage was so good that it narrowed the distance between us.


In particular, Ryu Chungwoo didn’t have many close participants because all the people in the last team match were out.


I roughly accepted their greetings, made a high five with Seon Ahyeon who was standing awkwardly and went up to the podium.


I felt like a rare insider. It was very unfamiliar.


“…First of all, thank you to the shareholders who bought my stocks. Keeping in mind that my rank is too high compared to my skills, I’ll strive to achieve as much result as you’ve invested in.”


As soon as the standard appreciation was over, the MC came in.


“Participant Park Moondae, you’ve entertained the shareholders with ideas that stand out on every stage. Is there any idea you want to use next time?”


It was a terribly difficult question. Showing off a little bit of aegyo would have been easier.


Let’s just say it moderately and comprehensively.


“…Next time, I’d like to try something more cheerful.”


“Haha, are you slowly missing <POP☆CON>? Participant Park Moondae, I look forward to your next performance.”


How could there be an MC who combined cheerfulness with popcorn?


Of course, I couldn’t glare at the MC, so I calmly lowered my head and went up to my seat.


To be honest, the fancy sofa given to the fourth place seemed embarrassing. But since my back was honest, I waited more comfortably for the rest of the ranking announcement.


“Third place is Cha Eugene!”




“He was number one.”


Cha Eugene, who topped the ranking announcement ceremony last time, fell two notches.


But he didn’t seem to care much. He came up with a bright impression ‘I am happy that I get a high rank’ and settled down on the sofa.


And the long-awaited battle for 1st and 2nd place.


It was Ryu Chungwoo and Seon Ahyeon who made it to the finals.


‘Isn’t he going to pass out?’


Seon Ahyeon staggered and stood on the platform. He looked like he would immediately pass out if he won first place.


“<Re-listed! Idol Inc.> the first place of glory… Congratulations! Participant Ryu Chungwoo!”


“Thank you!”


First place was Ryu Chungwoo. In fact, I knew it would be like this unless something unusual happened.


Since he was a graduate of the national university and had a favorable broadcasting image, the negative vote probably didn’t affect him much.


After Ryu Chungwoo and Seon Ahyeon finished their speech, the announcement for the 29th and 30th place continued. It took so long that my back was starting to ache on the sofa.


But the real highlight came next.


“This is the rank you would have gotten if it hadn’t been for the <Selling Stocks> system!”


This was because the production team released all the votes and the negative votes, rearranged them, and put them on the screen.


There were groans all over the place.


“I can’t watch.”


I also quickly found ‘Park Moondae’ on the screen.


[Bought: 893,452 / Sold: 12,257]

[Total ranking: 4th / Purchased ranking: 3rd]


3rd place?


When I checked the 4th place, which was originally my rank, it was Seon Ahyeon.


It seemed that there was a significant difference in the negative votes because the number of votes at the top was similar.


But I felt a different feeling than regret.


‘This is surprisingly… Upsetting.’


[Sold: 12,257]


Right. Even though the results were good, looking at the 10,000 unit number of people who wished that ‘Park Moondae’ would fall… It felt a bit strange.


‘It’s a lot more impactful than I thought…’




‘Stop talking nonsense.’


My goal is to avoid sudden death by debuting.


Damn it, how could I think that just having one negative vote out of 90 votes is not good enough?


‘Let’s just thank the 890,000 votes to prevent sudden death.’


I defined the situation and ended my thoughts.


However, when I looked around, most of them had a face that said ‘It’s driving me crazy’ regardless of their ranking.


‘The next team match is going to work very well.’


The kids who were already squeezing tears with runny noses looked good in my eyes.


* * *


“Wait a minute!”


The filming of the next team match, which should have been held as soon as the ranking ceremony was over, was temporarily suspended, as the production team seemed to be flustered by the funeral-like atmosphere.


Instead, the production crew came out with some strange mini-plan.


<Idol talent show>.


…This hasty plan is very tacky.

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  3. Wait… Doesn’t that mean that people who paid money “selling stocks” got scammed if they used it on candidates from the winning team???

    1. Hahaha🫠 if you said out loud, it does feel like a scam. Just think about people who sold stock because they want that participant kick out but save by sudden program whim

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