Debut or Die Chapter 38

Author: LyraDhani

“First of all, I want to do <I Like the Wait>.”




Seon Ahyeon looked visibly shaken.


His attitude showed that he didn’t expect I would sympathize with his song selection.






It was true that <I Like the Wait> was a good song, and the fact that it was a song from 5 years ago added an extra point.


<Soul> that Kim Raebin mentioned was a song two years ago.


‘I thought about it during the first team match, but VTIC’s latest song is burdensome.’


Kim Raebin himself seemed confident, but we didn’t have to take risks.


However, I had to reflect on the opinion of Kim Raebin, the person who would lead the arrangement.


To take advantage of his characteristic, <Maestro>, I had to throw a keyword that suited his taste.


Contrary to Seon Ahyeon’s expression of joy, Kim Raebin looked a little gloomy. I guess he already expected that his opinion wouldn’t be accepted.


“But ‘self-production’ is the theme of this team match, so it’s hard to put up the original song as it is.”




“So I wish there’s an unconventional arrangement. Personally, among what Raebin suggested earlier, ‘Oriental style’ seems the best.”




Kim Raebin looked dazed as if lost in thought and immediately rejoiced.


“Certainly, the lyrics aren’t awkward either… With the right instrument, I can come up with a very interesting arrangement. If we modify the choreography according to the arrangement, we will be able to create very impressive stage scenes.”


“That’s a relief.”


For once, Raebin let it pass.


Then all that’s left is Keun Sejin and Gold 1.


I turned my head and scanned the two.


As soon as our eyes met, Keun Sejin smiled calmly.


“What about arranging it in a sexy oriental style?”




“Even if we go with the oriental style anyway, we have to decide what kind of atmosphere we want to use in it. If possible, let’s put on sexy impact, that’s all!”


His words weren’t wrong.


‘You must have thought of this since the beginning…’


Among the opinions that came out so far, no one commented that we couldn’t use the ‘sexy concept’ so he probably intended to tie it up like this regardless of my answer.


‘Funnily enough, it’s hard to refute him.’


Sure enough, Gold 1 sighed playfully.


“You’re such a great guy, really…”


In fact, he meant it. Looking at the other two’s expressions, they already let it pass.


“Haha, am I like that?”


Keun Sejin shrugged. With this, the opinions of the four team members were reflected in the song selection.


‘Since it’s like this, let’s take the remaining one.’


There were few viewers who hated a warm and democratic team atmosphere. I opened my mouth again calmly.


“Shall we use the rabbit, too?”




Gold 1 waved his hand.


“Oh, what I said? It’s all right. I was just saying it.”


“No, I thought it will suit us well.”


“…The rabbit?”


“Yes. There are rabbits in old Korean stories.”


The other team members seemed to have come up with their own ideas.




(TL: Byeoljubujeon or ‘The Story of the Rabbit’ is one of Korean classic novels from the Joseon Dynasty.)


“That… Is ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’ a Korean story?”


“It’s Aesop’s Fable.”


Keun Sejin laughed secretly among the team members. A quick-witted guy.


“Moon Rabbit?”


“Moon Rabbit. That’s right.”


It was the rabbit in the old story of pounding rice cakes on the moon. It was also known as the Jade Rabbit.


It was also famous for the nursery rhyme with the lyrics under the katsura trees.


“…How do you make it sexy?”


Gold 1 murmured in dismay, saying that it might be a destruction of childhood innocence. It must have reminded him of the playboy-magazine style rabbit.


But it seemed Kim Raebin liked this keyword, his face cleared up and his eyes shone. It was honestly comfortable that I didn’t have to open my mouth.


“I think we can reconstruct it by just taking the motif instead of using it as it is. It’s an attractive concept if we can make good use of its image as a fantasy animal.”


“Oh, is that so? Of course, it would be nice if you could put in my opinion.”


Gold 1 nodded shakily. Keun Sejin immediately cleared up the situation.


“Hmm~ I like it, too! Shall we decide by raising our hands?”


A few nearby teams had already decided on a song and were informing the production team.


Due to the time limit, it was time for our team to conclude the song selection and move on to the details.


“Raise your hand if you agree with the idea of reinterpreting <I Like the Wait> with the Moon Rabbit’s sexy oriental concept!”


Immediately, everyone’s hands came up. As soon as he finished speaking, Keun Sejin also raised his hand and laughed.


“Wow, that was really democratic~ All of our opinions have been taken into account. Let’s work hard!”






The discussion ended with friendly applause just like when it began.


It was then.


“I don’t want to!”


Someone got up screaming from the other team over there.


I happened to catch his face. It was Lee Sejin.


“What’s going on?”




“Are they fighting?”


The participants around quietly whispered.


But everyone seemed to be reticent. Because saying useless words was like sending a signal that you wanted to be a victim of editing.


Meanwhile, Lee Sejin was staring at the participants on the opposite side.


I could see Choi Wongil with a stiff face and Cha Eugene with a dead expression.


But the standoff did not last long.


Lee Sejin got up, turned around, and ran out of the set with his teeth clenched.




“Heol. They’re….”


Fortunately, Ryu Chungwoo immediately regained his composure and followed Lee Sejin.


“You guys wait a minute. …Sejin? Lee Sejin!”


A camera hurriedly followed Ryu Chungwoo.




Wow, over there is really…screwed.


The atmosphere was transparent enough that even Cha Eugene got dragged into it.




Gold 1 sighed briefly.


Kim Raebin’s face became dark as if the trauma of the last team match had relapsed.


However, no one was ignorant enough to approach that team and ask questions or offer comfort.


It had been several weeks since filming, so there was no participant who still couldn’t understand the situation.


‘If you’re meddling, you’ll just become the broadcast’s scapegoat.’


So, the <Rabbit> class quickly finished reporting the song to the production team and moved to the practice room.


It was a wise decision.


* * *


It was long past midnight when the <Rabbit> class returned to the dorm.


Everyone looked like a withered bean sprout.


“The bedroom is nice…”


Keun Sejin made a dying sound and fell on the bed.


He couldn’t stand the crazy schedule of taking care of the arrangement, revising the choreography, and performing stage concepts for 10 days, so he was K.O.


“I-I’m going to wash up…”


Seon Ahyeon said those words and couldn’t get out of bed.




He’d been in a state of extreme tension as he continued to recreate the choreography according to the process of the arrangement, and in the end, it seemed his mental strength couldn’t stand it.


Gold 1 limped to another room, saying he needed to eat something. I think he was going to get Gold 2’s cup noodles, but he’d take care of it.


“…May I use the shower first…”




Kim Raebin called Seon Ahyeon a few times, and when there was no answer, he asked me for permission and went into the bathroom.


So I’m the only sane person left in this room.


Ah, why am I relatively fine?


Of course, it’s the status window. I thought of the new characteristic that floated at the bottom of the status window.


[Characteristics: Bacchus 500 (B)]


– Clear mind and healthy body!


: Fatigue accumulation rate -50%


After the last team match stage was aired, it was a characteristic selected as a reward for the next stage of ‘Fame Achievement’.


[Calling for fame!]


500,000 people remembered your existence!


: Draw Rare Characteristics ☜ Click!


Quite frankly, it was an unrealistic number.


500,000 people?


How many alternative programs had been released that had more than 500,000 people remember one participant? It was a surprising number even for the top participants.


Considering the speed, it was a little terrifying to think that the number of people would surpass one million soon.


‘One million people… No, isn’t it ‘Park Moondae’ whom they remember?’


At times like this, I thought it was rather fortunate that it was someone else’s body.


In any case, the 500,000 units fame achievement draw hit the jackpot. It was the most useful thing I’d gotten so far in this survival environment.


There was no immediate increase in lung capacity or muscle strength, but busy and physically exhausting days had certainly become easier to bear.


‘Even after running so hard, I still have room to organize my thoughts.’


I got up from my seat and stretched briefly. Anyway, I was tired and drowsy.


‘I should wash up and go to bed as soon as Raebin comes out.’


Then, there was a sound from the door.


Knock. Knock.




Gold 1? But if it was him, he wouldn’t have come in with a knock.


‘If it were a staff member, they would have already said who they were.’


I couldn’t guess who it was.


Knock. Knock. Knock!


But the knock continued. However, the team members that might get a visitor were passed out.


‘…It’s bothering me.’


I sighed then got up and opened the door.




Cha Eugene was standing outside.


It was surprising, but it was also understandable. He must have come to meet Kim Raebin who was from the same agency.


The problem was that he was crying.


Cha Eugene was sobbing, wiping away all his tears and snot.




‘…Why are you crying here?’


It was very disconcerting.


Fixed cameras were also installed in the hallway and rooms of the accommodation. If so, he would have been caught coming here and crying, but I had no idea how it would turn out on the show.


No, more than that, why did you have to crawl in here?


‘Isn’t it common sense to consult with Ryu Chungwoo?’


Considering Ryu Chungwoo’s personality, he would have comforted him well already. Why do you come to another team and make a fuss?


‘Come to think of it, I don’t think he’s smart in that area…’


In a moment of silence, I thought of all sorts of things and finally opened my mouth.


“…Did you come to see Raebin?”


“I came here to meet hyung and Raebin.”


Cha Eugene replied with an unclear pronunciation.


‘Why me?’


I didn’t think we’d made that much of a connection. Well, I guess you liked the last team match.


The results were good and the process (from Cha Eugene’s point of view) might have been mindlessly fun.


‘After tasting the hell of this team match, you must have missed it again.’


Anyway, if I sent him back, I didn’t think it would be edited positively no matter what kind of pictures appeared on the broadcast.


I sighed and answered.


“Come on in. Raebin is washing up.”




Cha Yu-jin kept sniffling and entered the room.


Other team members were sleeping soundly in bed. I didn’t bother to lower the volume because I was certain that they wouldn’t wake up with this much noise.


I sat down in front of a nearby table for now.


‘Should I give him something?’


I looked at Cha Eugene’s upset face, then pulled out a few chocolate bars from my bag and handed them to him.


You’d feel better with something sweet.


“Thank you…”


Cha Eugene took the chocolate bar with a ruined pronunciation and put it in his mouth.




Only the sound of chewing chocolate echoed through the room. I was uneasy.


‘This… Should I ask this bastard something?’


There was no worse situation than having to ask and intervene in other people’s team circumstances.


However, it was also a problem if I kept my mouth shut and let Kim Raebin talk.


‘Kim Raebin isn’t the social type either.’


I had no idea what kind of situation this would turn into. I would be in trouble if the arrow came back to me who was just passing by.


In the end, feeling like I was clearing out landmines, I opened my mouth again.

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  1. This moments are what makes me glad that the MC is acting his real age. Because you can also see that he’s using his maturity really well. Although it’s just a bit sad because you can also see how dissociated he is with others due to his life experiences. 🥺

  2. Moondae always thinks like this
    but i know deep down he cares about his teammates

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