Debut or Die Chapter 55

Author: LyraDhani

I returned the doll mask before sunset and returned to Seon Ahyeon’s house.


I felt like my whole body was steamed with moisture inside the doll mask.


‘It was hot.’


The expenses were considerable. Besides, I was tired.


But it didn’t feel bad.


‘Is it because I only heard good things?’


The reaction was amazing when I took off my mask at the end, but in fact, I thought it was more interesting when I was walking around wearing it.


It was a fresh experience to see people laughing and wanting to take pictures together or handing over Park Moondae’s printed photos or snacks.


‘Of course, I didn’t expect these kinds of photos to come out… I didn’t know.’


There was also a photo of me with photoshopped yellow animal ears.


I put the items I received, including the photos, in my luggage. I thought I’d look into it more later.


Then I immediately took a shower.


‘I think I will live.’


After I dried my body and changed clothes, I felt more refreshed.


As I sat on the bed and drank cold water, the new group chat rang endlessly.


[Keun Sejin: Wow, I saw the news. Everyone did a good jobㅋㅋ Except for Eugene!]


[Cha Eugene: ; (]


[Raebin Kim: Why did you talk while wearing the doll mask?]


[Cha Eugene: I didn’t know…]


When I checked and looked it up, there was a video of Cha Eugene shouting thank you and getting caught at once and then running away.


‘Somehow, I’m not surprised.’


[Keun Sejin: Hey, Moondae went around 15 places? That’s amazing. He’s a Korean with determination. Let’s give him a round of applause]


[Kim Raebin: (old applauding emoticon)]


[Cha Eugene: Congratulations…]


[Keun Sejin: Moondae, I can see that 1 has disappeared, answer me ㅋㅋㅋ]


I laughed and replied.


[Me: Yes, thank you.]


[Kim Raebin: (basic greeting emoticon)]


[Cha Eugene: Cool!]


[Keun Sejin: Don’t mention it (heart emoticon)]


I turned off the group chat filled with excessive emoticons and logged on to SNS.


‘Let’s take a closer look.’


I was thinking to check if there was any strange noise like, ‘Just practice and don’t go around during the break, don’t you have a brain?’




Fortunately, that didn’t happen. People looked happy.


I moved up the timeline a little bit.


When people noticed that four people were wearing doll masks and looking for billboards of different contestants.


At first, people seemed to think that it was a joke between fans.


– I want to do it with fellow enthusiasts

– Harmonious and cute, I hope fans don’t fight and get along like thisㅠㅠ

– Let’s all debut soon♡


However, when Cha Eugene was found out and the participants took off their masks one by one, it turned into a shocking situation.


– C C Crazy

– Gah, guys, what’s going on?

– I went to Jamsil Station yesterdayㅜㅜ Aaarg Moondae ㅠㅠ If this noona had known, noona would have camped there today…

– What’s with that bare face, is it really glowing?

– I gave a photo to Welsh Corgi Moondaeㅠㅠ Uwaaa I love you, Moondae!!! [Moondae’s photo with dog ears]


After that, there was a buzz about whether this was part of filming for <Idol Inc.>, but they became happier when a doll mask rental place posted a review with the autographs.




[They seem to have rented according to their own image. The doll mask rental place made a review (link)]




– How in the world do these crazy people think like thisㅠㅠ

– When I think about my kid looking for a doll mask and choosing a Welsh Corgi mask, it’s so cute that I want to die [I love you to death and screenshot]

– He must have been proud to find a puppy mask and pick the yellow one just because the fans called him puppy ㅠㅠㅠ My heart aches


‘…I’m glad you enjoyed it.’


It was a bit embarrassing, but it was tolerable because people liked it so much. But I wondered why they kept calling me cute… I didn’t understand.


‘Is it a matter of my emotions?’


It was a mystery. I shrugged and lay down on the bed.


And then I realized.


‘I didn’t eat anything today.’


I forgot because I was busy running all day wearing a doll mask.


But strangely, I didn’t feel empty inside.


Should I eat something and sleep? I briefly thought so, but soon fell asleep.


It was a dreamless sleep.


Falling asleep so early in the evening, the slumber continued until noon the next day.


Well… it was a fruitful holiday.


* * *


I did light exercise for half a day and rested well.


And the next morning, at dawn.


I headed to the set to prepare for the live broadcast talk.


Seon Ahyeon, who returned from the trip at night with some walnut cookies, naturally came along with me.


By the way, the walnut cookies were delicious. It was soft because it used white kidney beans in the ingredients.


“It’s Moondae. Did you rest well?”




Upon entering the waiting area in the set, Ryu Chungwoo, who arrived first, greeted me.


Seon Ahyeon was not present because he was called by the production team.


“Did you rest well?”


“Um… yes.”


Ryu Chungwoo grinned. His complexion didn’t look good.


‘Come to think of it, he’s not even a leader this time.’


I heard they made a concession, but I didn’t know what happened. I wasn’t interested.


“I saw you guys wearing doll masks. It looked fun.”


“Ah, thank you. I heard hyung also made confirmations, too.”


In case we debut together, let’s indulge him and respond like this.


Ryu Chungwoo replied with a slight hesitation.


“…I haven’t been able to lately.”




What do you want me to do?


It seemed he wanted me to ask but I didn’t think I needed to know Ryu Chungwoo’s story.


I shrugged and made a closing remark.


“You can do it once after the broadcast.”


“Um… I feel like it’ll make me lose face if I can’t make a debut.”


Ryu Chungwoo laughed haha.


‘Why does it seem like he keeps grabbing the end of the conversation?’


I cut off the conversation.


“I think hyung is going to debut.”


“Thank you, but it’s still unknown. My rank dropped, too.”


Are you talking about dropping from 1st to 4th?


‘I know that you debuted and became a leader.’


I glanced at Ryu Chungwoo bitterly, but I acknowledged that anyone who participated to this point might get anxious.


Besides, this guy… It seemed he was burnout.


‘Wait, if Ryu Chungwoo is eliminated like this, there will be a vacancy.’


I thought hopefully for a moment but soon gave up. Even if he lost his mind now, the only thing left was the final, so it wouldn’t be much of use.


I just decided to answer comfortably.


“Even if you get eliminated, wouldn’t the fans prefer you to verify the billboard?”


“Well… I don’t know if fans will still be there after I get eliminated and the program is over.”


“They even spent money on advertising, I don’t think they will suddenly disappear.”




“You know, if it’s a transfer station, the unit price is at least 200 won, and if it’s a good place, it’s 10 million won.”


“I-Is that so?”




I could hear Ryu Chungwoo swallowing his saliva.


‘No way, you didn’t know?’


“I have to… work hard.”


“Of course.”


I looked at Ryu Chungwoo blankly.




Just in time, Keun Sejin raised one hand and entered energetically.


‘I can use that as an excuse.’


I naturally bowed to Ryu Chungwoo and approached Keun Sejin.


And I thought about it again.


‘Then I… Even at the minimum unit price, I owe them 54 million won.’


It was an amount of money that would break my conscience unless I worked really hard.


I didn’t expect to have this kind of definite motivation besides the sudden death.


* * *


This was the subtitle of this week’s main broadcast of <Re-listed! Idol Inc.>.


<Re-listed! Idol Inc. – Performance presentation>


I didn’t know that the talk show would have a subtitle like this, but it was a pretty impressive naming sense anyway.


The content was no different from the usual audition program special.


They called in active participants, asked questions, and talked about some stories related to the episodes.


However, since it was a live broadcast, there was no magic of editing and of course, the level of questions was much lower than usual.


“Oh! 14 people like to dip their sauce! As expected, dipping the sauce is more popular!”


Therefore, for the majority of the portion, they released this kind of TMI.


‘You eat it raw.’


I thought to myself as I lowered the dipping sauce panel that I was holding.


Instead of the MC, an actor often seen on talk shows was running the broadcast.


It was amazing that even with 20 amateurs here, there was no awkward silence because his talking skill was so good.


‘Still, I think the ratings will be cut in half if this continues.’


Just as I thought so, MC spoke of new content.


“This segment is~ Random play dance!”


It was a famous content with a simple rule of running and dancing when the music came out, but 20 people rushed out and had fun in their own way.


-Come to me

Come to me

It’s so bright, Paradise by your side




“I want to try it!”


Cha Eugene and several participants ran out and danced to <To the New World> by MallangDalkom.




Participants of October 31 applauded with laughter as they followed the choreography from the first team match as if they were completely immersed in it.


Since only the songs arranged in the show were played, it seemed there were some demands to see the participants dancing to the choreography of other teams.


‘Not bad.’


As soon as I thought like that, a familiar melody hit my ear.



You’re my popcorn~




“Wow, this!”




Participants jumped out in an instant and started dancing popcorn.


It was such an easy and famous dance that almost all 20 people came out.


It meant everyone came out except me.


“Moondae-ssi! Moondae-ssi!”




The MC excitedly called for Park Moondae.


‘I think it will be like this until I retire…’


I trudged out and joined the participants.


Since we’re doing this, let’s dance hard.





Thanks to the production team who played the song until the end, I put in the last pose before going back.


The guys in the front row who danced until the end went back together and chattered.


“Hey~ Moondae really has improved!”


“Genius, he’s a genius.”


“…Let’s stop.”


“Oh~? It was a compliment, though? Are you embarrassed?”


“Aren’t you too humble~?”




It was a mistake to accept Keun Sejin and Gold 2 on the same team.


In any case, the broadcast went well that way.


The 20 participants who desperately rushed to the content without being taken out continued to actively follow the MC’s remarks.


“Now, I’d like to ask you a question from our viewers.”




“Wait a minute, let me pick a name….”


The MC pulled a ball out of the box prepared in the corner of the set and read the name inside.


“Participant Park Moondae!”




I didn’t know it could happen with the 1-in-20 chance probability.


I quickly raised my hand and answered.


MC brought a tablet PC under PPL from <Idol Inc.> and held it in his hand, then flipped the screen.


It seemed he was skipping the appropriate questions for broadcasting.


“Among the questions that are coming up right now… Ah, this!”


The MC touched the screen to zoom in on the question, then turned it toward the camera and read it.


“Well, the question is, ‘Moondae, is it true that you changed your name?'”





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    I love this novel a lot so I am really gratefull for your translation
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