Debut or Die Chapter 71

Author: LyraDhani

The new teaser video started with a cheerful voice.


– High five~


Against the backdrop of the blue sky and the ground that appeared to be a school playground, Cha Eugene waved his hands and shouted.


Behind Cha Eugene, the members could be seen in a choreography formation.


All of them were wearing striped baseball uniforms that fit perfectly. The members, who were warming up, danced the choreography in line with the chorus that suddenly started.


– This shot

Tang Tang Tang

It will fit correctly


– Yes heart

Pang Pang Pang

Like a fanfare!


– Just burst out!


It was an exciting choreography with big movements and finely divided beats.


When the chorus part was over, the screen froze with a final dance pose. It was the pose of stretching their feet toward the screen and turning around.


And after a while






At the director’s words, white captions appeared above the members sitting on the ground.


[‘Hi-five’ music video]

[Revealed for the first time in episode 2 of <Testar’s Living Together TEST>]


It was a humorous and dynamic teaser that contrasted with the first teaser of ‘Magical Boy’.


Of course, the number of comments increased in an instant.


– Crazy, two songs?

– Is this a pre-release? What should I do, I like this too

– No, you really picked funky beats for schoolㅋㅋ

– Which of the two you’re going to like?ㅋㅋㅋ By the way, I like both. It’s great, Testar.

└ㅋㅋㅋYou too? I am the same!

– I only heard the chorus, but I’m already getting the hang of it, I think the second music will win

└No, the Magical Boy choreography hasn’t even been released yet. Give them a fair chance!ㅋㅋㅋ

– When the drumrolls came out, I thought they were hitting my heart as well; Ah, Testar is the human defibrillator!


The Internet was burning as people were getting excited, enough to overturn the gloomy incident just before.


Still, I was a little perplexed.


It worked so much better than I thought.


– No, did you go through training at your agency while cutting off the real news? You picked two songs, but both ended up being good?

– Even the concept is perfectly contrasted, but I guess it’s connected a bit;; Do you remember the glove and baseball in the Magical Boy teaser?


└It’s amazing, really…

– Looking at the trailer for the 2nd episode of the reality show, it seems the kids took the initiative in participating, but I’m already looking forward to it.

– Let’s go for 500,000 albums for their debut album!


And this reaction exploded once more the moment the second episode of the reality show came out.


[Related image references and arrangement plans.]


Because the members preparing the presentation materials within a day were broadcasted.


Since the broadcast was well-connected to the people at the front and the back, any mention of the director’s irrationality and the simultaneous release with VTIC were all cut off.


Instead, the image of Testar passionately pursuing the title track was reflected well.


– No, why are the kids so good at their work;;

– I couldn’t even imagine. Did you choose all the songs by yourself and come up with a concept?

– Besides, no one is fighting and they’re on good terms! They have different opinions, but they’re trying to persuade each other!

-Testar’s blissful group project comes true…


Of course, doubtful people also came out.


– A rookie did this?ㅋㅋ It’s all directing. Don’t be fooled~

– Everything’s already been decided. The portion was picked out as if it was the idols who publicize it. Don’t trust the script!

└I guess your favorite idol can’t do anything by themselves, what should we doㅠㅠ

└I know, right… Cheer up!


However, fans whose deal meter had exploded ignored them all, leaving only one or two words. They didn’t even care much.


(TL notes: deal meter = a program that sums up the number of damages inflicted on enemies in games.)


It was because the feeling that things would go well had already prevailed.


-This will definitely succeed.

– The popularity index is already skycrocketingㅋㅋㅋ Even if it’s a teaser scam, I think it will be fine

– Will the music video appear at the end of the broadcast?


The second episode of the reality show was more like a production journal. However, the scene with the claw machine was added at the end for a bit of entertainment.


It was a cut that had been omitted to bring the scene of the horror movie into one episode.


It mainly captured the image of the members who failed to pick dolls and won mentally in a cute way.


[He’s right. The machine is weird.]


– ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

– Ah Keun Sejin is so funny!


The second episode ended with Lee Sejin picking out a puppy doll from the claw machine.


And when the music video preview subtitles appeared, the atmosphere heated up again with tension.


– It’s starting.

– The music video is coming out!


The moment the commercial break ended.


The screen turned into a sunny classroom window.


* * *


“The music video is coming out.”


“W-Wait a minute.”


Seon Ahyeon slipped into the living room. And at the same time, the commercial break ended.


‘Good timing.’


I focused my eyes on the screen.


In the first scene, Park Moondae… So, it started with a cut of me looking out the window. It was a bright blue sky.


And a notice paper was shoved to Park Moondae’s face.


[Sports competition]

[School baseball game]


The person who handed out the notice was Lee Sejin.


His usual unfriendly appearance was nowhere to be found and he looked like a nervous model student.


As soon as Park Moondae looked into the notice and snooped around, the prelude began.




The song started with a cheerful whistling melody.


A modified disco that eliminated the clutter of the upbeat drum and used a rock sound with an electric guitar… Honestly, I didn’t know, but it was exciting.


It was a relief that once I went as Kim Raebin recommended, the existing cheap atmosphere completely disappeared.


However… Due to time issues, I couldn’t change the lyrics.


-OH While thinking and thinking

I made up my mind Um~

Today I will throw

You will throw me away

Yes, heart~ Shot Shot!


…It was enough said.


“The choreography fits well.”


“Eugene is flying around?”




As soon as the group choreography cut came out, the members threw out one word at a time.


Perhaps they were conscious of the reality show camera installed to select the music video reaction content.


‘In the first place, I’ve seen the storyboard, so there’s nothing particular to be surprised about.’


On the screen, the story was developing with choreography cuts in between.


To summarize, it was about model student Lee Sejin gathering kids from his class to participate in a baseball game to fill in the school record.


As he gathered those who didn’t participate in the sports competition, he ended up gathering all kinds of weirdos and unique characters… Well, that was the story.


“Moondae is in the book club!”


“I-It suits you.”


I was given a role where I mostly read books or e-books.


– You have to give it a mysterious feeling. You know it, right?


The director emphasized that, but honestly, I didn’t know about being mysterious… It just came out looking like they didn’t know what I was thinking.


Next up was Seon Ahyeon. As you might have guessed… he was in the dance club.


“You’re really good.”


“You have the skill befitting of a dance major.”


“T-Thank you…….”


Seon Ahyeon, who worked hard on modern dance on the screen, was definitely impressive. It was clear that he couldn’t immediately refuse and was suddenly taken away to play baseball.


Next up was Ryu Chungwoo.


“As expected of the national team!”


“Everyone! He actually shot that and got it right!”


“Haha, my posture got better after practicing.”


There was a scene where he was cast playing archery, but of course, it wasn’t awkward at all. Because he was not an amateur.


And next… Cha Eugene and Kim Raebin appeared together.


A little skit was inserted.


First of all, Lee Sejin vigorously opened the door to the sports warehouse.




Then, he saw Kim Raebin and Cha Eugene, who were hanging out in the warehouse.


The two men, who looked like gangsters to anyone watching, stared at Lee Sejin who opened the door.




[…I’m sorry!]




The door that had been opened was quickly closed again.



“Sniff, it came out well.”


The guys watching the music video burst into laughter.


Honestly, it was funny to me, too.


‘It must be funnier because  those roles were given to the youngest two.’


By the way, they decided on the characters they played on their own.


‘I want to experience life at the top of peer relationships hierarchy in my work… He said that.’


When I thought of Kim Raebin’s elaborate remarks, Cha Eugene’s bright remark also came to mind.


– It’s fun!


In any case, neither of them gave a good impression, but they did a frighteningly good job.


At last… Keun Sejin, who was in the election for the student council president, was recruited on the condition of running a campaign.


“Experienced people are different.”


“Ah, I would have been elected in that world~”


Keun Sejin said slyly and smiled.


‘You chose it on purpose.’


It seemed he chose that character from the music video and cover that side of the story because of the topic of the student council election that came up during the rumors of school bullying


Anyway, the music video ended with a humorous ending in which the ragtag team somehow managed to beat other schools in the sports competition.


For your information, Lee Sejin’s purpose–the school record–entered like a post-credit scene at the end and saved a slight twist.




“It was fun until the end!”


There were no interruptions that made it hard to understand, and the story didn’t come out enough to be boring, so it gave just perfect fun. The arrangement with the group choreography cut seemed appropriate.


“Thank you for your hard work hard!


“Good job!”


First of all, words of relief poured out here and there with the joy that one music video was safely released.


And Ryu Chungwoo hinted, as if on purpose.


“Especially… Sejin, thank you.”




“That’s right. Thanks to Sejin hyung-nim, even we, the amateurs, came out naturally.”


“Gasp, Raebin-ssi. These hyungs looked like amateurs…”


“N-No, it’s not like that…”


Let’s skip the fact that Kim Raebin is being caught by Keun Sejin’s words again.




Lee Sejin bit his lips but soon nodded.


And he added a little.


“…No, everyone did a great job. And… I’m sorry if I had a terrible attitude at that time.”




“From now on… I won’t avoid it like this. I’ll get my act together.”


Lee Sejin clenched both of his hands tightly.


‘I guess you’ve come to your senses after turning off the urgent fire.’


It seemed he had looked back on the situation over the past few days.


“I-It’s all right! H-H-Hyung, thank you for your hard work…”


“You’re debuting now. It’s natural to go through trial and error.”


“Cheer up!”


“…Thank you.”


The atmosphere was warm again thanks to accepting the low hurdles.


After Lee Sejin’s affair broke out, the slightly awkward atmosphere that had been going on for several days seemed to have disappeared thanks to the music video.


That didn’t mean that we suddenly became closer and friendlier than regular co-workers.




For example, Keun Sejin who was smiling over there still didn’t seem fond of Lee Sejin, but… It was strange for seven strangers that stayed together to like everyone.


As long as we didn’t fight, it was fine.


‘This atmosphere will come out well in the reality show.’


The apology would be edited on its own.


I stretched, turning my shoulders. At that moment, Ryu Chungwoo spoke softly.


“Then, let’s go back to the practice room.”






Even that Cha Eugene answered late.


Everyone was already tired of practicing because of the forced march, but they knew that they couldn’t sleep like this.


Because there were only three days left until the debut showcase…


“Let’s cheer up, there’s not much time left.”


“Of course…”




After a few meaningless chants, it was confirmed that we would practice almost all night that day.




I hope there would be more fans coming to the showcase, not the reporters… I thought that would be comforting at least.






Lee Sejin talked to me while I was pressing my eyelids. When I turned my head out of courtesy, I heard a small murmur.


“Thank you for putting up with me.”




Is it about the room?


I was so tired that I couldn’t think straight for a while.


I immediately thought of a recent example that might fit better than that.


“Ah, the handwritten letter?”




Lee Sejin shouted out loud, then took a deep breath and calmed himself down.


“…Thanks to you, it ended well. I’ll pay you back.”


“Yes… Well, you don’t have to worry too much about it.”


In fact, it was just a quick summary of what anyone would pick out if they woke up and wrote them down. We hadn’t had time.


So the favor was over, all he had to was to stop the drug scandal.


Well… In fact, the drug scandal also seemed to be a problem related to the former agency.


‘…That’s how it is, but don’t tell me something else will come out.’


It’s not like I got hit in the back of my head just once or twice, so let’s continue to be careful just in case.


“I’ll pay you back! … Anyway, thank you.”


Lee Sejin shouted again, and soon he took care of himself and quickly left the dorm.


I would see him again in less than 30 seconds.


‘…You and I have to go to the practice room anyway.’


It was clear that he also couldn’t sleep and his brain wasn’t working. I shook my head and moved my feet.


* * *


Testar’s Hi-five music video satisfied fans.


It was a sentence that might sound like nothing, but it actually meant a lot.


Because it meant <Idol Inc.>’s debut group had met the soaring expectations that were high enough to pierce the ceiling.


– Honestly, when I saw the teaser and heard that it was a double title, I was a little worried that the firepower would be dispersed… But it was a useless worryㅋㅋㅋ

– Ah, did you watch the music video~ This is how the capital of large corporations tastes!

– Ah, what should I do, my heart flutters so muchㅠㅠ The Magical Boy music video will come out too, right?

– It’s a crazy masterpiece. Quickly release the song, guys. Take my money


In addition, the tears of the people who couldn’t get tickets for the showcase overflowed.


– Idol Inc crazy bastards sold everything as a stock package, so they said there was no ticketingㅠㅠ I heard the showcase was already sold out before the final episode!

– Does this make sense, Tnet! Among the people who bought it, there are fans of the eliminated participants and they resell the tickets at a high priceㅠㅠ

└I am glad it ended with ticket reselling. What if someone had a bad intention and booed at them at the showcase… Sigh…


While fans who couldn’t get tickets were worried and upset.


In fact, some of the fans of the eliminated participants didn’t resell their showcase tickets.


‘Let’s see how good you are.’


Whether there would actually be boos or commotion, it was certainly a risk factor that Tnet inadvertently overlooked.


And on June 18, when the music video for ‘Magical Boy’ was released.


The showcase started at 8 PM that evening.

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