Debut or Die Chapter 75

Author: LyraDhani

MusicBomb kicked off Thursday at 7 pm.


The Internet was unusually crowded with people waiting for the main show.


– The line-up is impressive, I like it


– Testar will come out first, so call me when they come outㅋㅋ


This was because two large boy idol groups appeared on the music show together, and one of them just debuted, too.


Thanks to this, Testar’s fans were more active.


– Did you see the kids posted at dawn? So cuteㅠㅠ 

└Posting a photo of apologizing because they were too flustered, what a nerd… But next time, make sure to include a selfie. That would make up the apology

– It’s okay to post 50 million posts in the morning, so I hope they post a lot

– Good job with the lunchbox support. The kids must have had a hard time at dawn, I hope they had eaten wellㅠㅠ

– I was so jealous when I read the pre-recording review that I almost tore my stomach… They filmed it three times, and they talked a lot in between

– They said Moondae did aegyo heart…


└Why did I fail to get into the pre-recording

└Who else took a fancam?ㅠㅠ Please upload it like this…


As the pre-recording review was already released, all kinds of information, including costumes, makeup, fan services, and talk, became familiar to fans.


So fans waited for the show with more excitement.


– High five isn’t pre-recording, it’s live, right?

└ㅇㅇI’m already looking forward to what kind of baseball uniform it will be…

– Ah, when will it come out?ㅠㅠ Is there any spoiler about the order?


Unfortunately, Testar’s stage didn’t come out for a long time. Because it was Tnet’s music show, they were being treated well.


– The order is… going like this…?

– It’s good but I’m sad

– Where are you guysㅠㅠ


What was comforting to fans was that the group introduction interviews appeared in the mid to late stages.


[We have gathered Testar, rookies who have appeared like comets!]

[Take your STAR! Hello, we’re Testar!]


Testar who appeared on the screen smiled and waved her hands. Wearing baseball uniforms, they carried props that fit their image, from guards to gloves.


-Crazy, baseball uniform

– ㅜㅜMoondae looks good with black hair, too. He’s become a black puppy

– The person who did Cha Eugene’s pink hair!! Thank you!! Ah, I love it!

– Damnㅠㅠ

– The team chant is good


[Testar, how do you feel about today’s performance?]

[I’m really nervous, but I hope we can show you everything as much as we had prepared!]


The interview was nothing special, it ended with an ordinary script and a chorus. However, fans enjoyed watching the members.


And when the stage was finally broadcasted.


– Heol


Reactions poured in an instant.


– They’re damn good?

– Shouldn’t the blind infatuation come off after the audition? Why are you so good?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

– It’s a concept that’s perfect for being solemn, but they really pull it off… Maybe it’s because they’re the ones who chose it

– I’m not kidding. I think I really became a fan. Hurry up and tell me the name of the person who looks like a brown-haired flower deer

└Seon Ahyeon

└Good catch sir, our baby is an angel

– I’m the manager of Testar baseball team from now on. I won’t get refuted


‘Hi-five’ live performance was really fun


Testar, who quickly found the cameras and made mischievous expressions or refreshing smiles that matched the concept, certainly looked like they owned the song.


Because they divided their parts, the live performance was not shaken. They seemed happy to take off the stage with the perfect choreography without showing signs of nervousness.


– Ah, it’s fun

– Kya, as expected, idols have to perform well on stage


People talked as if the stage was already over just by watching ‘Hi-five’, but as soon as the stage of ‘Magical Boy’ came out, the comment window and SNS were again plastered with new posts.


– ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋWow, I am speechless

– Moondae has good eyes, I know why he pushed this song

└Yeah, as expected, the fortune-teller Tibetan fox who was picking the concepts at Idol Inc didn’t go anywhereㅋㅋㅋ


– There aren’t many boy idols that can make this dreamy concept isn’t cringe, so I think we should add Testar to the history book


The Testar members on the screen stirred the stage to the sensual deep house song, with a dreamy music box melody setting the mood.


Taking advantage of the fact that the stage was pre-recorded, they added some graphic effects; the sparkling and glitching were not excessive, making good use of the mysterious keywords of ‘surreal’ and ‘magic’.


And since they didn’t let go of the ‘school setting’, the refreshing and uneasy feeling of adolescence was also alive without being too excessive.


This was because some dramatic movements were added to the decisive choreography.


And the members who were at the center of the choreography performed it so well that it was jaw-dropping.


People admired it and expressed their tastes.


– To be honest, the baseball song from earlier is better for popularity, but in the end, it seems that this is the one that wins

└? Isn’t it the other way around? This song is more trendy and the baseball is for performance

└Let’s just say both are goodㅋㅋㅋ

– Hey, it’s really humankind’s victory, How can you sing both songs and perform both stages so well?

– To be honest, Magical Boy wins by a landslide. From the narrative to the choreography and melody. High Five is a bit B-class compared to this one.

└Yes, but High Five is higher on the music charts~

└It will flip over soon.

└Aah, guys, don’t fight…ㅠㅠ Testar does both…

└That’s right, please enjoy itㅠㅠ


Fans enjoyed the afterglow of the stage with excitement.


– There’s a rookie who tore up their debut stage?


Yes, it was their Testar.


– I wonder if a shabby person like me can like such a precious idol

– Shareholders-nim, thank you for your good eyes… I am grateful…

– I can feel the hearts of our kids who divided their parts well so that no one was upsetㅠㅠ


An old ballad group’s performance was broadcasted next, but Testar’s fans were in a rush, soaked in the lingering aftertaste of watching the first official debut stage.


However, the atmosphere changed slightly when VTIC came out.


– Show them what class isㅋㅋㅋ

– Wow, they’re so good that I am scared

– Shouldn’t we register them for something like a cultural asset?

– Where are all the guys who tried to drop adlibs after Tholic?ㅋㅋ


The noir-inspired swing house song was terrifyingly sophisticated and intense.


But originally, people were more interested in fresh images and dark horses. Therefore, the mention of the Testar did not fade.


– Ah, the future of K-pop is bright~

– We can watch both stages together throughout this weekㅋㅋ


Since VTIC’s stage was the ending, the 1st place announcement was held right after.


[This week’s 1st place is… It’s VTIC’s Night Sign! Congratulations~]



VTIC skipped MusicBomb to come out of the music show last week. Thanks to that, they were able to win the first-place trophy along with the comeback stage.



– It was so obvious that I almost forgot to celebrate

– Congratulations!


[Thank you very much. First of all, everyone who has worked hard together for this album…]


Neither VTIC nor netizens were surprised.


There was no big impression, but the happy and joyful acceptance speech continued.


And not long after, the MC threw a closing comment.


[The joy of music that makes you burst into laughter!]

[Music~bomb! See you next week!]


– It was fun~

– It was worth watching music bomb today after a long timeㅎㅎ


In the full wave atmosphere, VTIC members came forward for the first-place encore.


At that time, an unexpected cut was broadcasted.


Cheongryeo came forward and looked back at Testar who just entered, smiling and waving at them.


-Eh, did you see that?

-?? It’s Cheongryeo, right?

– No, what’s up with Cheongryeo, he said he had no friends in other groupsㅋㅋ

– I think they’ve become close

– Cuteㅋㅋ

– As expected, hubaes are cute


People talked happily, not expecting that the person who received the greeting was agitated.


* * *


‘… What’s with the sudden greeting?’


VTIC had arrived in a hurry due to a scheduling problem and immediately entered the live broadcast, so there was no time to say hello.


In other words, it meant that this was the first time I saw Cheongryeo after <Idol Inc.>


But even though we didn’t even make eye contact, he openly waved his hands?


‘He doesn’t seem to be that kind of person.’


I felt a little uncomfortable, but I soon left it alone. I was so busy that I didn’t care if someone greeted me or not.


‘I guess he’s excited because he won first place.’


“I think he said hello to you, Moondae? I guess it’s because he met you during the Casting Call.”


“Hmm, maybe.”


I agreed with Ryu Chungwoo’s words and moved on.


I heard Cha Eugene’s hopeful voice.


“Can we go home now?”


“Hey, you should say bye before you go~”


Keun Sejin muttered in response to the manager’s answer.


“Oh, I guess they’re still doing that here.”




“Standing in line to greet the PD.”




I’d also heard of that story. I heard that greeting was the reason idols got home late on music shows after taking a group shot during the 1st place announcement.


‘I heard that a few other music shows do this as well.’


Thanks to this, I had to go home so late, so I wasn’t too happy about it. I had a hard time staying awake since early in the morning.


‘…Still, it’s for social life, what else can I do.’


It was better not to stand out for no reason.


We followed the manager without a word.


“T-This is a little awkward…!”


When we arrived in the hallway and lined up, Seon Ahyeon whispered with a flustered face.


The cast was more crowded than I thought and their attention was focused on us. It felt like someone was going to talk to me at any moment.


In actuality, it was the first time we met in a group like this even though we had greeted them before to distribute the albums.


‘The sociable guys will take care of it.’


I ignored their gazes and chatted with Seon Ahyeon.


“How was the stage?”


“Huh? O-Of course… I-It was great!”


“In what way?”


“Um… T-There are people who support me, t-the song is good, t-the members I work with are close…”




‘Honestly, aren’t we all close?’


However, there was no need to jinx it by pointing it out. I just shut up and nodded. Seon Ahyeon’s face brightened.


Then, I saw people moving out on the other side of the hallway like water in low tide.


At this timing, there was only one.


‘It must be VTIC.’


The ballad group that performed after us was already absent before the first place was announced because of their schedules. It was interesting that they could get a privilege from such a place even though their annual leave was full.


With the same principle, VTIC was able to greet the PD quickly thanks to their years of experience and popularity.


‘… Is there any special privilege for T1 affiliates?’


As I thought about deep-rooted evil and muttered to myself, VTIC passed by.


Let’s just say hello.


But someone stopped walking and started talking to me.


“Ah, Moondae-ssi, nice to meet you again. Congratulations on winning first place.”




It was Cheongryeo.


“Ah, this is him…?”


“That’s right.”


“Wow, nice to meet you. Good luck with your activity, fighting!”


Other VTIC members also pretended not to know and added one word at a time. Cheongryeo was smiling.


‘…This bastard seems to be doing this on purpose?’


I couldn’t throw away my doubts and just said hello.


“Yes, thank you. It’s good to see you, sunbae-nim.”


“It’s good to see you, too. Um… Shall we exchange numbers? It’s rare for our activities to overlap like this.”


“…I’m grateful.”


Let’s exchange numbers for now. It might be useful. I calmly took out my smartphone.


However, I doubted his intention of saying this in the hallway where other cast members were laughing.


‘I just need to quietly get his number through the manager.’


He didn’t have to bother to say hello when the camera was on, I was certain that he was up to something. I didn’t know what it was.


‘…Is it just to show off your connections?’


Anyway, it was true that Park Moondae won first place in the audition program. Cheongryeo was probably just seeking attention.


‘How can I properly understand the personality of a guy who I only met once?’


“I’ll contact you.”


“Thank you. Have a safe trip home.”


VTIC quickly disappeared from the hallway. I put my phone back, holding back my sigh.


Next to me, Keun Sejin clapped and grinned.


“Wow, Moondae, you give your number to a boy idol before to a  girl idol… Cough.”


Eat more glucose candy.

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