Debut or Die Chapter 78

Author: LyraDhani

Moondae in the next seat was already staring at her with a weak smile.






Conversation! The first conversation with Moon Puppy at a close range!




Due to the tension that rose up all of sudden, the mouth that had been talking well until just now opened half a beat late.


Years of fansign experience were useless…


“H-Hello, Moondae.”


“Um, noona?”




She had a complex feeling of wanting to beat herself up for suddenly speaking informally, as well as wanting to praise herself for being called older sister.


“That’s right!”


“Nice to meet you. …Would you like some of this?”




Moondae quickly pulled something out from under the desk and handed it out.


…It was a lollipop.


It wasn’t just a manufactured product sold at a convenience store. It was big and cute and had pretty animal decorations, and it smelled like a specialty store.


“You’re giving it to me…?”


“Yes, it’s delicious.”




It suited his character somehow and tears welled up in her eyes.


‘W-Why are you giving me this…’


He hadn’t received the payment yet, so he didn’t have any money, why did Moondae prepare something like this?


‘I think it would have cost me a fortune to buy 100 of those, too…’


She almost sunk into her emotion while holding the candy, but fortunately, Park Moondae didn’t give her time to rest and spoke again right away.


“Is that mine?”


“Huh? Uh… Yes!”


She realized that she had reflexively taken out the flower crown when Moondae’s turn came.


She made up a conversation ‘I want to see you use a flower crown instead of chicken feet in the self-introduction video’ to request him… There was no need to. Park Moondae grabbed the flower crown immediately and put it on his head cheerfully.




“…Noona, are you taking a picture? I’ll keep wearing it, so don’t worry.”


Park Moondae signed an autograph for homma who was stunned.


“What’s your name?”


“Uh… My name.”


Homma was taken aback by the unexpected situation and it was only after the signing was over that she realized that she had given her real name, not her account name.


‘I was going to get it from Moondae under the account name…!’


However, this thought also evaporated at Moondae’s next words.


“Thank you for coming. … It would have been nice if I had a more fun personality, but I’m not the type of person who is good at talking… Do you have any questions?”


“No, um….”


No, Moon Puppy! Your personality is funny enough!


…She wanted to answer but looking at the staff approach to shout ‘Let’s move’ she asked reflexively.


It was because she witnessed the staff continuously acting inflexible in front of her.


“W-What’s your MBTI”?


“I don’t know because I’ve never tested it, but I’ll try it and let you know.”


At the end of that fruitless conversation, she was forced to leave the desk at the beckoning of the staff…


No, she should have left already…?


“Wait a minute.”


She was still sitting at the desk.


This was because Park Moondae was holding her album down with one hand on purpose!




Park Moondae asked again as if nothing had happened.


“I couldn’t answer the previous one, so let’s say it’s invalid, do you have any other questions?”


In an instant, homma’s brain was restored


It was part of the conversation log that she had originally prepared.


“Moondae, we met when you wore a Welsh Corgi mask and did a billboard proof shot. Do you remember?!’


But her mouth… It moved faithfully to instinct and public interest.


“I-I-If you have one favorite food other than chicken feet, what would it be? I know you eat well!”


Park Moondae smiled.


“I like all kinds of chicken.”


“Ah, really?”


“Yes, I’ll buy it next time. What does noona like? Chicken feet?”


D-Did this kid just say he was going to buy it? And he just joked about chicken feet, right? Gasp.


But since there was no time, homma hurriedly gave an answer.


“I like chicken, too!”


“It seems we have similar tastes. That’s great.”


The homma, who tried to say ‘And I like Moondae better’, was blown away by Park Moondae’s friendly answer.


All the silliness she had prepared was blocked by this idol’s preemptive attack…


“Move! Come on!”




The staff tried again, and this time Park Moondae also obediently sent the album to the fan.


Barely coming to her senses, she held out one hand and cried out.


“Handshake, please!”




Park Moondae immediately raised his hand, and instead of shaking her hand, he clasped it. Then he smiled and shook it.








Oh my gosh.


Oh my gosh!


She returned to her seat dazedly.


Then she sat down and thought.


‘It’s crazy, really…’


How was he so calm and nice?


Even his vocalization was good, so the conversation went well without shouting at each other.


‘Because this is the first fan signing event, I knew you would be sincere! Like that! I didn’t know you’d be so good!’


It was really useless to prepare herself in case Moon Puppy turned out to be the type who was indifferent to things like this…!


She wanted to beat up everything and roar, but with superhuman patience, she picked up her camera instead.


‘That flower crown, I will definitely take the best cut.’


Her fighting power ran rampant. She silently operated the camera.


Through the viewfinder window, she could see Park Moondae wearing the flower crown.


But before she knew it, he was wearing a rabbit ear, a steady item for fan signing events. The white ears rose above the yellow flowers.




It suited him!


Afterward, Park Moondae even received a cotton ball doll that looked just like him. Homma reflexively guessed the size with hawk’s eyes.


‘Is it about 20cm?’


Moondae seemed to hesitate a little and contemplate its location, but the doll was soon placed on top of his shoulder.




All three items fit perfectly together. Fans with cameras everywhere shouted Moondae’s name and urged him to look at the camera.



“Moon Puppy!”


“Park Moondae, here!”


While the next fan was bringing the album, Park Moondae took advantage of that gap to find cameras directed at him like a ghost and made eye contact.


Of course, he had the time to look up to his former job.




But that time flew by in an instant.


Surprised by Park Moondae’s accuracy in finding her camera, homma didn’t realize why until she saw several fans getting autographs.


‘You make the most of your time…’


He persistently held out so that the fans who received his autograph could spend all their remaining time until it was the next person’s turn.


It was an obvious choice considering that he was last in the row.


‘Our Moon Puppy… He was born under the stars of idols… I don’t accept objection…’


It was an attitude of an idol who had worked for 10.000 years, homma was so moved.


Beyond the viewfinder, Park Moondae was now shooting with a money gun. Looking at Park Moondae among the fluttering fake money, she really wanted to put cash in all of his pockets.


‘Don’t retire and walk the path of money for the rest of your life.’


She thought warmly as she saw Keun Sejin and Park Moondae throwing fake money at each other’s desks.


A problem arose after that.


This time, the fan who moved to get an autograph from Moondae was presenting… A yellow Welsh Corgi hat.


‘Are you going to replace it?’


It was such a shame, but she already took some shots of the flower crown so it was time to be satisfied. She licked her lips and waited for Moondae to wear the Welsh Corgi hat.


As expected, Moondae took off the flower crown and the rabbit ear and then wore the hat.


But it didn’t end there.


Park Moondae put on the flower crown and the rabbit ear on it after enough time had passed to take several shots of him wearing the hat.




At that moment, Moondae’s remarks rang in homma’s head.


– I’ll keep wearing it, so don’t worry


…And Park Moondae really didn’t take out ‘a single item’ until the fan signing was over.


* * *






After the fan signing event, the moving car was quiet. This was because the guys who were tired of talking to 100 people in a row were all stretched out.


Thanks to that, I could check the Internet quietly. I let out a small sigh.


‘…I’ve done everything I can for now.’


Still, I couldn’t say in good conscience that it was worth 100,000 won per minute.


I briefly recalled a few people.


– Can you poke your cheek…?

– Moondae, three kinds of aegyeo! Quick!

– Do you mind if I put this on for you!?

– Morning call! Can you give me a morning call?


Um, I already expected those requests through preliminary research. Thanks to that, I could clear it safely without panic.


‘I was a little embarrassed, but… It was worth it.’


Sometimes, there were people who tried to pick a fight because they didn’t like Park Moondae, but it was fine.


Well, they didn’t intend to punch me in the face.


Rather, I was more embarrassed by the people who kept giving back money in an attempt to impress Park Moondae.


‘Do they have to go as far as giving money…?’


I reflexively recalled the student who came wearing a Welsh corgi mask and did a three-line poem with ‘Park Moondae’, and soon realized what I was originally trying to do. Reaction monitoring.




Let’s turn on the smartphone.


First of all… Testar’s first fan signing event was trending in real-time on SNS.


‘I expected this to some extent.’


It was a private event, but because there were so many people who were interested, real-time articles were posted almost live.


– The kids’ responses at the fan signing were crazy. They talked more than I did;; My family register was robbed by Cha Eugene

– I never thought the day would come when I said ‘Ah really’ from this side

– Ah, Testar, everyone was so nervousㅋ큐ㅠ So cute! (short greetings video)

– Hey, who gave Ahyeon the monocle? I just want to say thank you. May your family be blessed for three generations (photo)

– Look at Chungwoo wearing a durumagi. He has to appear in a historical drama with thousands of billion episodes (photo)


Most of them were happy about the first fan signing event, and even though the fans who couldn’t make it were sad, they were excited about the real-time content.


‘I guess it’s a good choice to suggest banning post-its notes.’


Since <Idol Inc.> had a lot of viewers, the group was basically getting a lot of attention.


It was right not to give room for anyone to manipulate and post it as they please.


‘Thanks to that, there are no useless rumors on the surface.’


Instead, it seemed what I did became quite a hot topic, so I went to the trending post.


[#6 Moon Puppy’s March]


…Let’s take a look at one of the most liked articles.



: Aaah, everyone, look at Moon Puppy’s march of what the fans gave him, he stacked a tower on his headㅋ큐ㅠ Isn’t he a puppy material that is completely attached to his own thing? (photo)



I noticed a photo of Park Moondae which was edited by attaching a series of cuts where all kinds of props were stacked on his head and body as the fan signing event progressed.


‘…I think I wore up five layers at the end.’


It managed not to collapse.


I was a little bit regretful that I was so conscious of the 1.32 million won, but it was a relief that it made them smile.


Hmm, let’s take a look at some more popular reviews.


– Park Moondae is really crazy, wow. The staff told me to move over, but he didn’t hand let go and held hands with me until the end. Wow, I almost proposed

– Moondae even picked out my dinnerㅋㅋ Have I told you? I thought you were really my puppy

– Fan signing review (7) lastly, Moondae!

I asked to grant the wish of the winner of rock-paper-scissors, but I lost.

But Moondae took a quick look and changed his own and lostㅠㅠ I thought my heart was falling

– To Moondae… I gave Moon Puppy a cotton ball… The best moment of the year… Moondae said it was soft and amazing, he took it with his own hands aaah (photo)




That… That doll called a cotton ball felt good to touch, so I kneaded it like a stress ball, and I even brought it to the car with me.


It was in my bag now.


Somehow it felt strange.


‘Isn’t it the person who received it who’s supposed to be thrilled…?’


Why is it the person who made the gift themselves who is thrilled?


Anyway, I was grateful and moved on to the next article. It was the most shared article.


– Ah, it’s Moondae’s first fan sign, so he prepared candies according to the number of peopleㅠㅠ No, When did our puppy grow up to do things like thisㅠㅠ My sister keeps it as an heirloom! (photo)


‘…I bought it so they could get something to eat in case they got bored if they just sat down after signing.’


How come nobody was eating it.


Anyway, it was a good thing that they enjoyed it, but the post below it was a problem.


└Ah… I was wondering what he gave you, it was candy? I thought he gave you something amazing…

└? Do you know me?

└No, but it’s so pitiful I have to say itㅎ I’m sure you spent a lot of money buying stocks, but you’re thrilled with the cost-effective idol who only gave you candy…ㅠ Take care of your self-esteem

└All the weird people are popping up; Blocked~




I operated the tabs and looked around the Internet.


When I checked, for each popular post in the community, a similar anonymous account started posting bullshit. Judging from the timing, it was an organized move.


– Is it just me who feels he’s a little selfish? It’s the first fan signing event, but he’s the only one who prepared it like that;

– I want to make fun of the reluctant fans because I feel like they’re only getting their money back through lollipops

– Did he only give it to people who came to the fan sign?ㅋㅋ The stone steps up and categorizes the fans in the order of how much they spent their money… Sigh

– What’s the point of stacking up fan-signing items like that? It doesn’t look pretty… He just debuted in first place, but he’s not that popular, so I feel like he’s very self-conscious


I knew this would happen.


‘How can these bastards have the same pattern?’


However, after <Idol Inc.> which was like an inferno was over, it seemed they were scratching gently while looking around, as if to confirm whether their primary speech worked.


In fact, when the audition was over, it was fine ignoring these guys.


But it was a problem if they threw candles at people who were having fun.


‘Let’s solve it quickly.’


I clicked my tongue and turned on Testar’s SNS.

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