Debut or Die Chapter 81

Author: LyraDhani

The preview of <Working Man> episode 2 that suddenly appeared.


When it was played, the sound of a music box could be heard first.




Right. It was Testar’s Magical Boy.


But because of the weird modulation, it sounded like BGM for some kind of gag.


[Ding ↗ Ring ↘ Ding ↗ Ding ↘ Ding ]


On top of it, the colorful banner and Testar’s bewildered faces overlapped in a close-up.


[Keun Sejin: …I’m awake, right?]


As soon as he finished speaking, a huge caption appeared.


[↑Plan to keep doubting whether this is real]


And right away, a bird researcher appeared. Behind the benevolent smile, the CG of burning hell fire was synthesized.


[Bird researcher: We will be taking pictures of migratory birds today!]

[Testar: ????]


Above the bewildered Testar, violently swaying captions were poured in along with heavy metal sounds.


[A professional suddenly appears! (※Fake)]

[Taking pictures of migratory birds suddenly begins! (※Fake)]


It was meant to make anyone who saw it laugh.


However, as the cut changed, the atmosphere became grim.


[But Testar is not easy!]


A short scene was overlapped under red flashing captions.


[Former national archery representative: If this is about shooting (the birds), I would do it.]

[Seon Ahyeon: (Pupils shaking)]


Seon Ahyeon’s frightened face was slowly zoomed in as he grabbed the camera tightly at Ryu Chungwoo’s calm words.


Then, all of sudden, the cut of Testar seriously squatted down as a group showed up.


[Bird researcher: Let’s approach it quietly~]

[Testar: Clatter (Serious about the shoot)]


The cut of the tall boys holding their breath and moving while squatting down continued without BGM.


[(Overly immersed)]


And the scene where Park Moondae carefully picked up the camera and took a photo was naturally inserted.


[Park Moondae: (Cli-ck)]


But when he pulled back the camera, he was taking picture of Seon Ahyeon, not a bird.




The caption was puzzled.


And from that quiet cut, another cut of Testar screaming while running away like a madman showed up out of nowhere.


[Testar: Argh!!!]

[Bird researcher: It’s fascinatingㅎㅎ]

[Testar: Gyaaaaaa!! (it roughly means I won’t leave the broadcasting station guys alone)]


The handy cam shook like crazy.


[Cha Eugene: Help! (Help!)]


The caption flashed. There was no movie more disastrous than this.


[First variety show filming that should have been peaceful!]

[An unprovoked disaster hits Testar!]

[What will be the fate of Testar?]


A modulated voice came out of the MC’s mosaic face.


[??: Aigoo, I’m sorry!]


And on the black screen, a huge golden caption popped up.


[The MC and production team who are serious about prank!]

[<Working Man>]

[<Man who only needs to say it once>]

[July 5th, Thursday at 11 pm!]


Magical Boy’s modulated sound flowed out again, and the screen finished magnificently.




These guys too… They were out of their mind.




Keun Sejin, who was watching from next to me, rolled around the living room.


This guy burst into laughter from the moment the stupidly transformed Magical Boy BGM came out and ended up like this.


I admitted it.


‘…It’s fun.’


Like in <Idol Inc.>, they were creating a context that didn’t exist through editing, but it wasn’t just a couple of days that this happened so I gave up.


‘It’s not a composition that will cause a controversy, so it’ll be fine.’


Just… They seemed serious about being funny.


Still, it was ridiculous that the agency used the first entertainment show card as a tie-in instead of a deal, but apart from that, it seemed the fans would enjoy it.


‘If we maintain our form, we can get through the variety show on public TV next time.’


Thinking that it was roughly a pass, I looked through the current reaction.


– What did I see? (photo of being sucked to the universe)

– ????ㅋㅋㅋㅋ??

– I think I’ve lost it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Oh my Godㅋㅋㅋ 

-The state of Testar’s first variety show…? (attachment)


When I clicked on the GIF file attached to the last comment, a picture of a wild goose inhaling and emitting a laser was played.


By the way, the lasers were emitted from its eyes as well.




In a sense… You could say that they made a very intuitive prediction.


I recalled Cha Eugene did exactly that when the bird’s neck broke.


“Hahaha! Our fans are so cute!”


Keun Sejin, who got up and rested his head, smiled at the comments.


Then, he touched the screen however he wanted to watch a related video.


…This was a business tablet for sponsorship.


Be patient.


“Hey, let’s watch this, too. This one is hilarious.”


“What is it?”


When he held the screen in front of my nose, my eyes automatically checked the video.


[Testar Animal Kingdom: Episode Park Moondae | Exploring Moon Puppy’s Life ZIP | <Testar’s Living Together TEST> EP.3]




In the meantime, the 5-second advertisement naturally ended and the content came out.


[Blow~ Blow~]


The rustic opening that seemed to come out of animal entertainment in the 1990s was parodied into Testar and passed by.


What came out immediately after was… Park Moondae in puppy pajamas.


…I got it as a gift, so I wore it sometimes when I washed all my pajamas.


‘…It’s kind of weird seeing it on the screen.’


Regardless of my embarrassment, a voice I often heard in dubbed foreign documentaries flowed out in the video.


[Wild wolves hunt in packs. They live in nuclear family units and are social animals.]

[But here, this individual is a puppy, not a wolf.]

[He has learned the habits of the cold city while living with humans.]


The screen fast-forwarded to the scene of Park Moondae, wearing a pajama and sitting on the sofa in the living room.


He didn’t move an inch even though all kinds of housemates were busily coming back and forth.


Cha Eugene and Keun Sejin approached, waved their hands, sat next to him, and turned on the TV, but he remained the same.


[This individual has evolved to not lose energy in a small social life.]


‘…I am sure I had responded to them?’


I probably stayed still out of exhaustion since I barely had time to exercise and wash up in-between breaks. The familiar smell of fabrication was very friendly.


[However, like a puppy, he likes humans. He’s particularly favorable to humans of the same group.]




Come again?


On the screen, Park Moondae suddenly got up and disappeared into the kitchen.


And appeared with soda.


[Let’s see where his favor is successfully delivered to.]


Park Moondae first showed the plastic bottle to Ryu Chungwoo, who was passing by, but he was politely rejected.


[The first attempt is a failure.]


‘I was just asking if he would like to drink it…?’


Do you even need to call it a failure?


No, in the first place, wouldn’t any adult with a brain make that kind of gesture?


But regardless of my distraught mood, the narration diligently came up with bullshit.


On the screen, Park Moondae trudged back to the living room with a plastic bottle and handed over the drink while being warmly welcomed by Cha Eugene and Keun Sejin.


The edits seemed to emphasize that a hunt had been successful.


[Ah, he has succeeded this time.]

[He receives gratitude from the humans.]


The video ended with a cut of Park Moondae receiving half-empty soda back and putting it in his mouth.


[It’s the time when Testar Puppy and individual Park Moondae is living in Seoul]





I was speechless.


I was so busy that I couldn’t shoot the content for the reality show, and now that the filming of the music video was over, they aired something like this.


Keun Sejin giggled again.


“It’s funny, right? Honestly, it’s funny, right?”


Yeah. Everyone had a good laugh.


The best top comment was this.


– ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋPerfect


There were 4,000 ‘likes’ stamped on this list of ㅋ.


There were many laughing comments below that. Everyone looked really happy.


Of course, not all of them were like that. Let’s look at other best comments.


– Moon Puppy is official, the Tibetan fox is heresy

– Everyone, Moondae has always been sincere about puppies, from mukbang to doll masks to pajamas. Let’s be a fan who respects Moondae’s choice.

– Have you lost it with the animal kingdom BGMㅋㅋ엌ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It looks as if the puppy was hunting for the plastic bottle with excitement!

– Yes, our Moon Puppy, let’s be a puppy forever♡

– The Tibetan Foxes will not forget the silent oppression of the broadcasting station. We will come back…





The image of Park Moondae that I had used to survive the survival show was distorted into the image of being obsessed with dogs… I felt like I could hear my 29-year-old self screaming.


‘…Well, people like it, so it’s fine.’


A few days ago, I also used moving puppy ears at the fan signing event. The time had come for the civil service examinee to give up.


“You’re not mad, are you? Right? Then, I’ll play my video to make it fair.”


Next to me, Keun Sejin laughed and automatically played the next video.


There was a hint of the content in the title.


[Testar Animal Kingdom: Lee Sejin B | The ‘Sociable’ Big Bear ZIP | Testar’s Living Together TEST EP.3]




The content was a special feature about Keun Sejin, who got along well with anyone whether it was with this guy or that guy.


It is edited with a good proportion of humor and warmth.


“But honestly, yours is funnier than mine… Hey, hey!”


This bastard only took good things for himself and made fun of people.


I handed the tablet to him and lay down on the bed.


I should make the most of my hard-earned break, not waste it watching stuff like that.


“Hey, monitor me, too~ Are you going to sleep?”


What monitoring, you laughed at Park Moondae’s video just now.


“Yeah. You should go to sleep, too.”


“Ah~ You’ve slept in the car too. If you have time like this, you should use it well~”


This guy didn’t even have a status window, there was no way to know where all that stamina came from. I slept for only three hours yesterday.


Then, for some reason, I got support from my roommate.


“…He said he’s going to sleep. Get out. You’re noisy.”


Lee Sejin, who was already lying down to sleep, piped in. It was clear that he had been enduring it.


Keun Sejin stared at the person who shared the same name without answering, then he just laughed.


“Ah, sure, well. Good night, hyungnim~”


Then, when our eyes met, he pretended to shake his head, then shrugged and left the room.


‘That guy seemed a little annoyed too.’


It was obvious that he intentionally surrendered lightly so that they didn’t fight when the reality show camera was running


‘They don’t seem to understand each other.’


That didn’t seem quite right. If we changed rooms later, we shouldn’t put those two together.


As soon as I thought so, I got a notification on my smartphone.


[Keun Sejin: Come out! The time is now!]




[Go to sleep.]


I sent a short reply and turned off the phone. And I started to sleep.


At this time, I didn’t know what would happen to Testar’s first variety show.


* * *


[Testar’s first variety show video is crazyㅋㅋㅋ]

[Working Man Episode 2 Preview (feat. weak cheek)]

[Testar’s variety show where everything is fake]


The preview video, which was edited like crazy, naturally became a popular post in the entertainment community.


– Heol so funnyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

– Wowㅋㅋ I thought it was going to fail, but these are the guys who came through Idol Inc

– The scratching comments that pretend to be worried about Testar appearing there are all gone ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

– The fans must be happy. It’s already so funnyㅋㅋㅋ

– Oh, it’s been a long time since I’ve watched a full-fledged pranking show like this. It’s niceㅠㅠ The Idol Inc kids are so cute. I’ll watch it live!

└It’s obvious that you’re a fan~

└? What’s wrong with this guy?;;

└Ignore it, the guy’s crazy


It was natural since the entertainment show that they thought would fail showed a twist, and the idols from the hottest audition even made an appearance.


In addition, the video itself was funny.


Thanks to this, it also went viral outside of the entertainment community and SNS.


[The identity of the new variety show starring Testar? Full-scale pranking broadcast!]

[Variety show where they’re serious about tricking Testar]

[TVC’s new variety show, Testar’s hot content?]


The video, which was full of bird banners and keyword prank that were drawn by the development team, terribly attracted aggro and increased the number of views.


Besides, it wasn’t long before it got chosen.


– ㅋㅋㅋIs there anyone who’s here by searching for it?


It was the choice of the famous ‘WeTube algorithm’.

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  1. Thanks for translating it so beautifully. When I read it it flows well and I am not distracted by any errors. I can enjoy the story!

  2. Algorithm… they also take me to videos I didn’t know existed 🤣 and most of the videos are like diamonds I never wouldn’t have found out without it 💙