Debut or Die Chapter 88

Author: LyraDhani

…Unexpected extreme horror experience… The number of people was divided using common sense.


“We can divide it into two, two, and three.”




The scaredy-cats’ complexions improved when they were told they weren’t going to enter alone. Especially, Kim Raebin.


“T-Then… how are we going to divide it?”


“I want to go with Chungwoo hyung!”


“Me, too!”


Ryu Chungwoo’s stock price suddenly started to rise.


‘…Certainly, he’s particularly reliable in this area.’


Ryu Chungwoo looked around and opened his mouth with a smile.


“Haha, then including me… Um, should I go together with Raebin and Moondae?”


“Thank you!”


“Ei~ Then it’s no fun! Chungwoo hyung-nim, it’s only fun when you make a two-people group!”


Keun Sejin started to sprinkle vinegar on the rice.


(TL notes: sprinkle vinegar on the rice = making things go wrong by interfering with things that are going well.)


‘This bastard is really…’


I was afraid of horror movies so I supposed that concept was correct.


“Hmm, is that so?”


“Of course!”


…And because Ryu Chungwoo was persuaded by Keun Sejin, the groups were designated by the person who won the rock-paper-scissors until the end.


“Hey~ so that’s what happened.”




The most ridiculous thing about this was that Keun Sejin survived until the final.


‘Isn’t someone who says things like that usually get ruined in the end?’


Keun Sejin smiled and formed a group in an instant.


So I…




“Get out! Get out!”


With the crazy combination of Keun Sejin and Cha Eugene, we explored the haunted house.


With this combination, I felt like my eardrums would burst out first before I could get out…


I managed to ask Cha Eugene.


“…You’re not afraid of horror movies.”


I thought he wasn’t afraid of ghosts and was just weak against gross things. However, Cha Eugene jumped up at every step as if he had stepped on a frog alive.


“Just watching it is fine! I hate real ones! Only the fake ones are fine!”




‘Isn’t this completely fake in a sense…’


But this… It wasn’t a matter of convincing him, so let’s move on.


Instead, I asked Keun Sejin.


“Why did you choose me?”


“What can I say… It’s my conscience calling? I want to join the three-person group, but my inner self cried that it wouldn’t be fair if I brought someone brave.”




“So, I decided to show the three scaredy-cats how to overcome it!”


What a load of crap.


…Hmm, let’s not forget that we had cameras in our foreheads.


“…Let’s move first.”


“Okay, then~”


“Let’s go quickly…”


…We had to consider the shortest distance.


“By the way, Moondae, where do you think the ‘suspicious sign’ is?”




It was also a problem.


In this ‘Invitation to the Haunted House’, each group had a mission to carry out, which was to find a ‘suspicious sign’ and took a picture. We had to get at least one!


“They said they’d give us a gift if we find a lot of them and take a lot of pictures! Let’s explore and challenge ourselves!”


“…Sounds great!”


Even Cha Eugene started acting recklessly, perhaps he was hooked on by keywords gift and explore.


There was no solution.


“… Then, let’s go through the hallway first and enter the smallest door.”


The staff had to be waiting in the largest and most prominent room…!


“You usually hide things in that kind of place. Let’s search through things that don’t stand out first.”


“Wow, that’s a great idea~ So, the person who provides the idea will take the lead, right?”




I really wanted to quit.


However, the front side was better than the back side, so I stood in front of them, feeling like choosing the lesser evil.




“Wow~ That’s so cool! I’m scared, so I’ll go to the back~”


Still, he didn’t want to shake hands with Cha Eugene at the back, but Keun Sejin still went to the back on his own. He showed a firm determination to get a good amount of reaction.


“Okay then, let’s go!”


“Let’s go!”




I walked slowly down the hallway. Inside the dark wooden building, the musty smell of mold stung my nose.


“Moondae! Blood!”




I almost cursed. I just turned my head and gritted my teeth, and then answered.


“Stop shouting…!”


Keun Sejin put on an apologetic expression.


“Okay, I’m sorriiieh?!”






…I turned my head forward.


A woman was there. She was wearing an employee’s outfit that could only be worn in a movie that was set 50 years ago.


But she didn’t have feet.


And she didn’t have eyes.


There was only blood.




“Huaaaah!! Run!”


…As I ran into the next room with these screaming guys, I realized that this group was already doomed.


* * *




When I came out, the sun was setting.


It meant it had taken an hour to get out of that crazy haunted house.


‘It’s a 25-minute course.’


I had no idea how embarrassing it would look on the broadcast…


“…My throat hurts.”


“You, too? Mine as well.”


The two had screamed so hard and were drinking like crazy after receiving an ion drink from the production team.


Of course, Keun Sejin screamed for fun, so he inflicted it on himself as his karma.


Perhaps bothered by the group who spent twice as longer than the expected time, Seon Ahyeon asked.


By the way, the Seon Ahyeon and Lee Sejin duo took three pictures in 20 minutes and came out looking for an exit.


…It was a huge reality check.


“A-Are you okay?”


“…Well. So-so.”


This was really an experience that I couldn’t understand why anyone would be wasting their money on.


‘No, even if I get paid.’


I didn’t want to go in again if I got a minimum wage.


“Moondae, you’ve worked hard~ Hey, thank you.”


“Thank you!”


Because it was all caught on camera, it wouldn’t be ridiculous if I claimed that I had carried this group. I nodded slowly.


Still, since we came out after taking pictures, this situation was much better than running away.




“I’m back.”


When the last team, Ryu Chungwoo and Kim Raebin, returned in 35 minutes, the PD began to speak again.


“Thank you for your hard work~ You have to get dinner now!”


“Don’t tell me… Is the dinner extreme, too?”


“Of course!”




Without a camera, there would have been a riot, but with a camera here, they could only groan.


“Extreme~ grilled pork!”




“Grilled meat!”


Fortunately, the production team seemed to know that it was the right time to release us.


Soon after, in the vacant lot next to the haunted house, a pork barbecue began to turn over in the fire.


‘It’s already grilled.’


Looking at the fire, it seemed the campfire was there to keep the meat warm.


Anyway, the members were happy with the incredible sight. Except for Raebin who still seemed to be out of it.


“Thank you for the food~”


“Thank you!”


The taste wasn’t as overwhelming as it looked, but the meat was delicious as always.


* * *


The gift I got from the photos taken at the haunted house… was an animal pajama.


‘I’ve gotten another pair like this.’


In total, I had gotten more than five sets of gifts.


Anyway, seeing that they gave us seven sets, they were practically asking the members to wear these to sleep during the reality trip.


‘It’s not difficult.’


So at 8 pm, all Testar members sitting in the living room of the pension were wearing animal pajamas.


“The three scaredy-cats did a good job, so we’re wearing it together.”


“I like it.”


“I-It’s cute and nice.”


Seeing these guys talking enthusiastically in case it might be a PPL, I felt like they had already become broadcasters.


Anyway, it was free time from now on until the time to sleep.


But of course, it didn’t mean I was free to do whatever I wanted.


‘It means we’re picking out the contents ourselves.’


Well… It could be playing karaoke, playing board games, or writing a heartfelt letter to each other. It meant we should do something we seemed comfortable with.


“Huft~ Since we’re bored, shall we play truth or dare?”


Like that.


“T-Truth or dare?”


“Hn. I saw a lie detector earlier.”


“Is that so? That’s fine.”


But over there, Kim Raebin, who was pondering on something, intervened.


“Hmm, since we’ve spent the day playing, I’d like to do something a little more productive in the evening.”


The members quickly came to their senses at the ominous keyword.




“Raebin, don’t tell me what we’re going to do… Is it that?”






There was a brief silence for a moment.


However, Lee Sejin unexpectedly stepped in.


“…What do you want to do?”


“Ah, it’s making a new song.”


“-!? What?


“N-New song?”


“Yes. Actually, there’s a song I was working on a while ago! I also brought portable recording equipment just in case.”


Kim Raebin excitedly brought out his bag.


In an instant, everyone tried to intervene.


“Raebin! If we do this wrong, it will be a spoiler~”


“That’s right. And I think it’s better to start after finishing this activity first.”


“…? Is that so?”


Kim Raebin lowered his smartphone with a perplexed face. He looked like he didn’t expect this reaction at all.


‘…He’s not sociable, but he’s not a fool.’


Let’s piece it all together.


“A new song isn’t the goal for the title track of the next album.”


“Ah, yes!”


Only then Kim Raebin looked like he had caught on.


“The one I made is a fan song!”




An unstoppable attack had appeared.


If a reaction like ‘That’s too much’ came out here, we could be subjected to clever editing, making us look like we didn’t want to make a song for our fans.


Of course, it would no longer be the production team’s editing anymore. I was talking about the aggro’s.


[The dialogue scene from Testar’s reality show today]

[It’s fine VS It sucks, Testar’s remark]


…It was already obvious that we would occupy the popular posts in the community in this way.


Fortunately, Keun Sejin immediately opened his mouth.


“Fan song sounds good? I really want to make it!”


Let’s fire support.


“It’s going to be fun. The timing is perfect.”


“… It will be fine.”


“I-It sounds good.”


Kim Raebin just looked proud at the sudden change of attitude.


“Thank you…!”


It wasn’t his intention, but it was the only time I’d ever seen Kim Raebin win through politics.


* * *


On a leisurely weekday afternoon, Testar’s fans were having a good time reviewing the contents poured out during their activities.


– Among the music video interpretations on WeTube, I think this one is the best (link)

– Classical musicians’ Magical Boy reaction video is up!

– Can anyone tell me when the High Five that they did in the red jumper was aired?ㅠㅠ

└Last week’s Music Night!

└Thank youㅠㅠ


After beating VTIC and winning first place in Music Song, the aggro tried to make them fight with VTIC fans somehow, but it didn’t turn into a big problem.


It was after VTIC finished their domestic activities anyway, so it was a factor that could be put aside in their fandom.


Thanks to this, Testar’s fans had a relatively peaceful time when they received an SNS notification.


It was from Testar’s account.


‘Who is it?’


Because the members dropped by quite often, the fans just happily clicked on the notification without much tension.


[Please accept my heart (WeTube link)]


‘Accept heart?’




‘Dating… It’s not about dating, right?’


Fans clicked on the link half worried and half confused.


And on the thumbnail, they saw seven people wearing animal pajamas.



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