Debut or Die Chapter 89

Author: LyraDhani

The title of Testar’s video that suddenly popped up was as followed.


[Testar(TeSTAR) – The Magic Is You]


It was a title that didn’t sound very official and had no special description attached.


And most of all, seeing Testar wearing animal pajamas, it somehow looked like the content of a behind-the-scene cam.




Fans happily clicked play.


Then an unfamiliar accompaniment began to flow. It was a refreshingly smooth medium tempo of an electric piano.


In addition, Testar, which was spread out in the indoor space, got up and made a formation.




New song? Cover?


In front of fans who were taken aback, their vocals rang out.


– I’m feeling good today,

I think something good will happen


– If it’s you, everything’s gonna be fine

It’s strange, but somehow it’ll be great


A good melody that didn’t feel excessive.


And Testar in animal pajamas jumped into the air once and started dancing.


The cloth in the shape of animal ears fluttered over their heads.




Fans’ shouts began to fill SNS in real time.


– I thought it was the reality show’s behind-the-scenes, but it’s a new song. Click on it right away

– Hurry up and watch the video on the kids’ account, it’s crazy



The dance was pretty basic with extra cuteness added.


However, thanks to the animal pajamas and the free gestures and movements on the camera, it didn’t look silly.


– The reality shines like a dream

In my dreams, I dream of a wonderful tomorrow

When I meet you tomorrow,

I’ll only tell you the sparkling dreams


Cha Eugene in a snow leopard pajama came out waving his tail with one hand and hummed the verse.


And he sprinkled pollen to match the lyrics.


Seon Ahyeon, dressed in deer pajamas, appeared between the pollen.


– My dreams that won’t be locked

It makes reality run fast

Reality is breathing~ Yeh

YES breathing (breathing!)

Hoo-ha! Hoo-ha!


Perhaps it was because of embarrassment due to the reaction of the people around him or maybe it was because of the sudden hip-hop arrangement, Seon Ahyeon made a dance-like movement that was uncharacteristic of him.


And at this point, the fans realized.


‘It’s the lyrics of Magical Boy!’


The words derived from the lyrics of ‘Magical Boy’ were cheerfully reassembled to form the feeling of a strenuous day.


And they all thought at the same time.


‘It’s Kim Raebin.’


‘This is Kim Raebin.’


It was the impact of the Moon Rabbit contest.


Meanwhile, the song entered the pre-chorus.


– I’ll run breathlessly (Umm~)

Will you smile when you see me?


Park Moondae in a white puppy pajama came out to the center and suddenly knelt down.




And he started to imitate Keun Sejin, the center of the Magical Boy’s ending choreography.


Of course, it was a gag, but he worked hard.


The fans laughed out loud.


– ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

– Random Moondae comes out once again

– He’s about to faint behind Keun Sejinㅋㅋㅋ

– Someone, please make a quick meme from Moondae’s part, I’ll have to watch it regularly


The part ended with the members picking Park Moondae back up to quell the riot.


Meanwhile, the lyrics were sweet.


– Even if there’s nothing that doesn’t change

(Even so)

The magic of this moment


– Maybe it’s YOU~


After singing the last pre-chorus, Testar began to perform the choreography beautifully in the chorus.


Keun Sejin, wearing a black baby bear mask, was the center.


– I’m feeling good today,

I think something good will happen

(Ooh- yeah!)


– If it’s you, everything’s gonna be fine

It’s strange, but somehow it’ll be great


Thanks to the pleasant lyrics and Keun Sejin’s large movements, the chorus was stretched out like a great choreography video.


But then Kim Raebin came out next, wearing, a pink rabbit pajama.


It was the peak of the imbalance.


– ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋRaebin’s pink

– What’s going on with the medieval rabbit

– But it’s so cuteㅠㅠ Raebin, do whatever you wantㅜㅜ But let’s get permission


Holding a carrot pen as if it was a microphone, Kim Raebin hummed the rap.


– LIFE is strange

Kick off lightly and climb up

Walking on top of the sky

Even if it rains, I don’t know

My life


– bright, pouring light

All right, you’re right

I’m shining today


The sight of Testar’s animal ears flapping around as they banged their head as if it was some kind of rock festival was the best.



– I’m glad you guys are happy


The video continued in this manner with a spoonful of humor.


But at the last bit, they ended it seriously with a slightly embarrassed smile.


– My meeting with you yesterday

Becomes today’s shining dream

It becomes the magic of tomorrow

Right, the magic is you.


The video ended with Testar holding hands and bowing together.


– ㅠㅠㅠ

– Why are you suddenly uploading a video like this without notice? These good kids

– The quality of life suddenly rises sharply

– I don’t know who made the animal pajamas, but please feed me Korean beef


Fans enjoyed the new song and video that was suddenly dropped so much that they were about to have indigestion. But at the same time, they had questions.


– Is this a new song?

– It seems to be a new song, but I searched and couldn’t find it

– Heol, is it okay to release a new song like this?

– It didn’t even come up on music sites ;;; It’s not the agency’s fault, is it?



Fans who had experienced the failure of an agency that had done a poor job several times suddenly became anxious. No matter how they thought about this, it was strange.


Fortunately, less than half an hour later, a new post was uploaded to Testar’s account.



[It’s a small gift from Testar to Loviewer who gave us so many things from our debut to winning 1st place. I love you ♡

‘The Magic is You’

Soundcloudy: (link)]



Fans lost their mind at the fan song that was released for free.


– It’s a fan song?!

– No way, are you giving it for free because it is a gift?

– No, guys, I’m so thankful, but just release the song on the music sites…ㅠㅠㅠ Considering the results of the year-end awards, it’s a waste to release it at this timingㅠㅠ

└The song is good, so it feels even more wasteful

– When did you make this again? You guys don’t look like you have time to sleep… But thank you. You guys are so cute


Fans were delighted with Testa’s unexpected gift, but they were also distressed, saying, ‘This song is easy to listen to’ and ‘If it had been released on the music site, it would have gone up all the way’.


Of course, most of them were touched.


-Testar is magic. This situation where the singer returns the meme in reverse… It’s so nice?

– It’s not going to just humanly end with this…? When we get a concert at the end of the year… We’re going to add more choreography to the fan song and sing along…? Just imagining it makes me feel great

– How did you come up with the idea of making a fan song with the lyrics of the first-place songㅠㅠ – I knew it, Kim Rabbit is a genius, as expected of the arranger of the first-place song

└It probably wasn’t Kim Raebin. All of Testar might take part in writing the lyrics

└ㅋㅋㅋㅋWho are you, what you’re doing is obvious, so get out of my accountㅅㄱ

– If it comes out in the next album, I’ll buy it… The fan favorite’s version with the lyrics of the official album art


Anyway, most of the fans were happy, and Testar who was monitoring them was also happy.


* * *


“Working on it on this trip is worth it.”


“I know, right. We filmed it in a hurry, but it came out well~”


“I like the pajamas.”


Cha Eugene, still wearing his snow leopard pajamas, smiled.


The current time was 1:30 pm. It was time to pick up the last content for the extreme travel.


‘…Honestly, I didn’t expect that from the production team.’


In fact, from last evening to this morning, we spent all of our time recording the fan song and making the video.


It was because the production crew, who was hooked on fan song production content, gave us time.


‘Thanks to that, we got the draft and managed to complete it.’


Still, the announcement was planned to come out later, but it seemed the production crew had persuaded the company to release it now.


It was supposed to be used for the reality show’s promotion.


Perhaps on next week’s notice, there would be a phrase like ‘The production of the fan song’. And the actual production would come out the week after that… Well, the format was like that.


Anyway, everyone’s faces were bright because the response was good.


“…Shall we go eat now?”




I skipped breakfast to practice the choreography. I was hungry.


Fortunately, the production team took us to a nearby restaurant out of their guilty conscience. It was a duck jumulleok [1] restaurant, each person seemed to eat almost three servings.


“Thank you for the meal~”


“I-It was delicious.”


“Moondae-ssi, do you have any detailed review?”


“The sweet and spicy taste is well-balanced and the meat quality is good. And I keep going in because the rice tastes good. Are you happy now?”




And the next activity was… Valley rafting.


“You’re falling over there! Watch out!”




Smack! The valley’s water splashed on my face like a water bomb. Meanwhile, I had to keep rowing.


“Come on, everyone! If one person makes a mistake, everyone falls into the water! Let’s take care of each other!”


“Ye… Yes!”


Exerting strength while being hit by water on a rocking boat… It was more like labor.




But some of the members looked quite excited. Especially Cha Eugene and Ryu Chungwoo.


I didn’t understand what kind of fun this was. But I knew one thing.


‘…Are you telling me to use as many calories as I ate?’


Somehow, it was a format that seemed to have been tipped off by the company.


I rowed silently, unable to shake off the thought that the duck jumulleok was the main culprit.


“Yeah~ that’s how you move your arms-“


It was an experience that reminded me of my part-time job at a factory.


* * *


“Thank you for your hard work~”


“It was fun!”


After rafting, the afternoon passed quickly after washing and changing clothes at a nearby facility. It was time to wrap up the shoot.


With the camera set up, we continued to settle in a nearby spot that had good scenery.


“Wow, really… I made good use of my time here.”


“It was really fun because it felt like we were on a trip together. Thank you for letting me have a good time.”


Half sincere and half for broadcast, the members laughed and exchanged ending remarks.


‘N-Next time… If there’s a chance, I-I’d like to go on a trip together.”


But this one seemed to be completely sincere.


“Okay, let’s go on another trip together.”




“It would be nice to go abroad.”


…Wait, did the other guys actually mean it?


“Then, the fans will see us come back with great performances!”


“Until now~ this is Testar’s Living Together TEST!”


The members enthusiastically waved their hands after the set ending remarks. Of course, I did too.


“Thank you for watching.”


“See you again!”


That was how the filming ended.


“Cut! Thank you for your hard work~”




“Thank you!”


First of all, thanks to the successful completion of another schedule, everyone’s faces were bright.


Perhaps it was true that this filming was quite fun.


“It’s nice and close to Seoul. I hope I can come with my family next time.”


“It was alright.”


Listening to Ryu Chungwoo and Lee Sejin talking, I returned the microphone installed on my body, and suddenly the manager come running from the side.




“Raebin, wait…”


The manager took Kim Raebin to a nearby corner.


And he returned Kim Raebin’s smartphone, which he had left out while playing in the water, and whispered something.


Then, Kim Raebin’s face turned pale.



  • 1. jumulleok = short steak marinated with sesame oil, salt, and pepper. Sumber: Wiki.
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