Debut or Die Chapter 95

Author: LyraDhani

I summarized Seon Ahyeon’s difficult explanation.


“So… You turned it on to say hello, but you suddenly got scared and turned it off.”






Seon Ahyeon lowered his head as if he had become a sinner. It was kind of funny that we sat on the floor in front of the door and did this.


“What were you scared of?”


“P-People… I-I don’t think they would like it.”


“They wouldn’t watch it if they didn’t like it.”


“…T-They cursed.”


“Hmm, did you read the real-time comments?”


Seon Ahyeon nodded vigorously.


‘I guess another crazy bastard went in as soon as the notification came in and started talking bullshit.’


I didn’t know why there were so many people who want to change others’ lives by hurting them.


‘It’s frustrating.’


Anyway, Seon Ahyeon definitely had seen a ridiculous level of verbal abuse when he appeared in <Idol Inc.>


He had endured it well at that time, but what broke out this time was probably triggered by the fan signing event.


‘It seems the comments coming up in real-time also had an impact.’


It sounded as though he’d heard it right in front of his face.


I said, rubbing my shoulders.


“Even if you don’t have this job… You can’t only meet people who like you. Someone will hate you. And there are also guys who just enjoy cursing at others.”




“Of course, it’s not right. It can be scary, but… If you’re scared enough to quit, I think it’s better to get some help.”




“Wouldn’t it be better to get counseling now? We are now in the final stages of our activity.”


“I-It’s fine.”


Why are you so stubborn?


I narrowed my eyes.


“I think you just don’t want to get counseling.”


“…I-It didn’t work.”


Seon Ahyeon closed his eyes tightly.


“I-In the past… This s-stuttering, I fixed it… I-It’s like this again, so that’s why.”




“I-It’s no use.”


Seon Ahyeon lowered his head.


“I-I have to keep living like this…”




What kind of extreme nonsense is this?


“That’s just… Didn’t you just meet a quack?”


“…! Q-Quack…”


“Besides I didn’t mean that you have to fix the stuttering, I was saying it would be better if you worry less.”




“If you don’t believe me, let’s call the other kids and vote.”




Fortunately, there was no trauma related to this so the survey was conducted under Seon Ahyeon’s dazed consent.


First, Ryu Chungwoo.


“I can’t speak rashly, but… Whatever your job is, it’s better to continue rehabilitation. Don’t give up until you come to a conclusion. Think about it carefully”




Next up was Keun Sejin and Kim Raebin. They were reading the fan song’s comments in the living room.


“Heol, you should definitely see another doctor. If you tell the company, they’ll probably introduce you to a famous doctor. There are many people who have worked for other agencies.”


“I don’t think you can generalize from a single case you’ve experienced before. I think you need to compare and analyze at least five cases to get reliability.”


“I-I-Is that so…”


Cha Eugene, who was in the kitchen, didn’t understand the word quack. After explaining the meaning, I asked t again.


“Throw away the quack! Meet a new doctor!”




Somehow it was like the summary of a soap opera, but it was clear and concise.


Lastly… I asked Lee Sejin, who was lying in bed.


An unexpectedly serious answer came back.


“… Every doctor is different. There are people who want to talk and get paid… There are good people.”




“If they don’t suit you, it’s better to change them quickly. …I haven’t received one for a long time either.”


And after hesitating, Lee Sejin added quietly.


“…Do your best.”


“-!! Y-Yes!”


It was an unexpected fire support.


Now then, it was the end of the investigation. I crossed my arms and asked again.


“What do you think?”


Perhaps his heart was moved, Seon Ahyeon agonized over it.


And soon, he clenched his fists and said.


“…T-Then… W-When the activity is over, I’ll tell you right away.”


“You will? Alright.”




“Tell your parents.”




Then again, when the schedule came up, it was good to postpone it.


I sat down and waited until Seon Ahyeon contacted his parents and told them about the counseling plan.


Seon Ahyeon had to say it himself, so he eventually sent a text message while sweating, and his parents replied in an instant.


Thus, Seon Ahyeon’s counseling schedule was successfully set.


“Well done.”




His dumbfounded expression was asking what the hell had happened. I patted his back and returned to my room.


And that evening, I received a sudden thank-you call from Seon Ahyeon’s parents.


Apparently, Seon Ahyeon said that I persuaded him.


‘…Do you have to?’


It was a bit embarrassing.


– Thank you. We… Um, there are areas that we can’t meddle in…


Perhaps they were choked up, and after hearing the sound of them clearing up their throats a few times, the words of appreciation continued again.


“No, I just brought it up to him.”


– Even so.


…From what I heard after that, it seemed Seon Ahyeon had heard a few abusive remarks stating that he would continue to live like that immediately after his relapse.


I could bet my money that it must have been the school. Although I didn’t have much.


‘As expected, peer relationships were the problem…’


Anyway, I ended the phone call with Seon Ahyeon’s parents with proper courtesy.


Really, I had gone through all sorts of things.


I threw my arms over the railing of the veranda where I came out to talk on the phone quietly and I could feel the summer breeze.


‘…Tired, cold.’


That was how the group life ended after a long time.


* * *


The last music show ended well without any major problems.


“Everyone likes short pants.”


“I-It’s easy to move around, so it’s nice.”


I also liked it because it was cool.


Keun Sejin who had a kneeling move at the end might have a different idea.



[Hello, Loviewer.

It’s me, Moondae. (puppy emoticon)

This is today’s outfit. (photo) (photo)]



After uploading the last group photo on SNS, I really felt like the first activity was over.


“We’re on vacation starting tomorrow.”


“I am excited~”


“I can go down after a long time.”


At Ryu Chungwoo’s words, everyone became excited.


Yes. The agency gave us a vacation as rumored.


Exactly four days.


‘For the guys living in the countryside, they’ll be happy to go down, eat, and rest.’


Still, think about where this is. It seemed there were a lot of guys who didn’t give it their all while preparing for the music show and the next album.


And as soon as they finished filming the commercial that evening, Testar skipped meals and arrived at the dorm, and then they went home one by one with the luggage they had already prepared.


“Then I’ll see you all in a few days~”


“See you!”


“See you in good health.”




In the midst of this, Seon Ahyeon disappeared with a squeak, perhaps he was extremely nervous about going to the counseling.


Thud. Screech.


The front door was closed.


Like this, I was left alone in the dorm.


‘…It’s a piece of cake.’


Thinking of spending four days quietly in this spacious place alone, I already felt full of energy.


I let out a long sigh of relief and lay down on the sofa.


‘I’ll lie down for a while, then get up and eat… I’ll have to do a detailed monitoring that I have been pushing back…’


…As I thought of this, I fell into a deep sleep.


And that evening.


I woke up in the living room and realized that something was wrong.


My body didn’t move.


It was the symptoms that I experienced after the first filming of <Idol Inc.>.


It meant I was suffering extreme fatigue.


‘…I’m dying.’


It even got worse. My brain seemed to be tearing apart.


At first, I tried to do something but soon realized that I wasn’t in a situation to do so.


‘How is it so difficult to watch TV?’


With a heavy hand, I turned off the TV where the WeTube screen was playing.


I was going to monitor the trailer for episode 1 of <Let’s Get Close First> taken with Cheongryeo, but I didn’t know what I saw. I had a throbbing headache.


‘…Let’s check my fever.’






It was driving me crazy.


In the container where I found the thermometer, I rummaged through it and found painkillers. And I chewed it at once.


It tasted awful. But after a while, the pain subsided a little.


More productive thinking became possible.


‘…The manager is taking a break, too.’


It wasn’t serious enough to contact the company for now. It was just the tension in my body was released and the problems accumulated from overwork just exploded.


‘For now… should I rest during the vacation?’


It was the same as taking a break anyway, but taking a break because I was sick wasn’t very enjoyable. Unfortunately, it couldn’t be helped.


‘Let’s make porridge first while I still have the energy.’


I cooked white porridge with a bowl of instant rice, and after a few drinks, I lay down on the bed.


And while I was still feeling the effect of the medicine, I started monitoring.


‘First of all… From the reaction to the stage.’


The personal fancams of the comeback stage posted on Music Night had already accumulated quite a number of views.


It seemed there was a subtle competition between individual fans.


[(MBomb fancam) Testar(TeSTAR) Moondae MoonDae Magical Boy / 1.12 million]


‘…I got over a million views, too.’


It was worthwhile to raise the dance stat. I smiled faintly and clicked on the video.


– Now, go watch our genius puppy who can dance well… Let’s all watch Moon Puppy…ㅠㅠ

– Are you practicing in your sleep, Moondae?ㅠㅠ I’m worried that he’s not sleeping like he did during Idol Inc. You have to rest well and eat wellㅠㅠ

– Wow, it looks so good. Is he the first-place winner?

– Each movement has some details of each dance member.. What kind of practice did you do, Moon Puppy..


It just developed naturally because we did it all together. Because I didn’t have the basic skills.


‘Still, I feel good.’


This kind of taste was like uncaring about the work-life balance and having a life ruined by work.


Hmm, there were quite a few English comments, but I couldn’t read them because my head wasn’t working well. I just moved on for now.


I did this regularly, but… I couldn’t do it often these days because there were a lot of other things to do.


Let’s search ‘Park Moondae’ on SNS.




Like last time, videos, photos, and fan art poured out.


To be honest, I didn’t really realize that so many people were interested in me.


But it was fun to look into them one by one. I slowly lowered the timeline to see what they were gossiping about.


Then I discovered some odd things.



Park Moondae Testar Moondae Idol Inc

Park Moondae, please do blonde hair again. Black f*cking hair doesn’t look good on you. Please, blonde hair! Why did you dye your hair and come back to blackㅠㅠ Your hair will grow black if you leave it alone. Please dye it blonde





The wish was strongly penetrated through the screen.


Below that, there were some people busily fighting against people who stopped them from doing this.


“Oh my God.”


All my laughs came pouring out. For the next album, I should get a vote and change my hair color.




Did I just say it with my mouth?


I blinked and looked at the smartphone screen. It looked a little blurry…


My head hurt. It seemed the effect of the medicine had run out.




This was really difficult.


I fell into bed in a daze. Whatever. I’d get better after a nap…


My thoughts stopped there.


* * *


My body felt heavy. It felt like I was paralyzed in my sleep.


…I heard a voice.


“…dae? Hey! Park Moondae!”




In an instant, my mind returned.

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