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Cade Castor, the head of the Dog Clan, asked to lead the Knights to visit the Lion Clan’s territory.


Lamont put forward a condition that he could enter as long as a minimum of escort knights accompanied him.


Bringing the knights into another clan’s territory was the same as challenging that clan to a duel.


Cade accepted Lamont’s request and set foot into the lion’s territory with only a handful of escort knights.


“Is it true that the Giles flower was found?”


A man with long blue hair tied up in a ponytail asked sharply.


Cade Castor, the young head of the Dog Clan.


Lamont nodded slowly at Cade’s question.


“Yes, as reported, it was found east of the Hilton Mountains.”


“I need to see it with my own two eyes right now.”


Cade stepped up.


Kendrick and Lamont both understood why the dog clan was so sensitive about this.


Because the dog clan was a clan that had once been on the brink of extinction due to the Giles flower in ancient times.


So, they had no choice but to be more sensitive to the resurrection of Giles’ flower.


But Lamont and Kendrick stopped Cade first.


“Since others said they would come, let’s go together. For now, there is no hurry because the scene has been well settled. Cade.”


“Giles Flower is resurrected, but there is no rush? You sound carefree.” 


Cade shot back sharply. He turned his head and glared at Kendrick and Lamont.


“Guide me right now, Lamont. I came as soon as I got a call.”


In the end, Lamont and Kendrick had to take Cade to the Hilton Mountains.


The Dog Clan’s escort knights and the Lion Clan’s knights accompanied them.


Cade muttered, “He’s crazy,” when he saw Kendrick, who came to Lion’s territory without an escort. 


Cade only realized the seriousness of the situation when he reached the Hilton Mountains and saw Giles flowers blooming in the cave.


“What is that?”


“It is the corpse of Ester, a member of the great elder wolf clan. He was found dead over there.” 


Kendrick said calmly. Ester’s body was still unrecovered.


Cade hardened his face at the sight of a colony of Giles flowers. 


“Why on earth is this resurrected now? I don’t understand why, as a member of the great elder wolf clan…” 


Cade’s sharp eyes turned to Kendrick’s face.


“Did the great circle of the wolf family revive the Giles flower?”


It was the most reasonable doubt Cade could have under the current circumstances.


Sensing Cade’s gaze, Kendrick nodded slightly.


“I don’t know that yet. We should find out now.”


Kendrick responded softly. Lamont also nodded.


Not only Cade, but the heads of other clans visited Fernando one by one.


Snakes, Dogs, Deer, Rats and Sheep. The heads of the seven clans gathered, including Kendrick and Lamont.


They said they would come a day later, but everyone seemed to gather in a hurry at the news of Giles’ flowers.


Only the head of the bear clan, the furthest from the lion’s territory, seemed to arrive late.


The heads of each clan, who identified the Giles flowers in the Hilton mountain cave, uttered a word blankly.


“This is crazy.” 


“Really resurrected? Who on earth…” 


“No, but how? Is it possible to grow outside the land of Tamar?”


The head of the Deer Clan formally asked for cooperation in the investigation, saying that he wanted to investigate the Giles flower. 


The heads allowed two flowers to the Deer Clan on condition that they were kept strictly under control so that the seeds and pollen wouldn’t leak out.


Kendrick uses his powers to command the Shadow Wolf to pick off some Giles flowers and retrieve Ester’s body.


He used his powers to cover the area as carefully as possible so that the pollen wouldn’t spread and cause more damage.




“Light the fire.” 


Lamont ordered. The Lion Clan knights covered their noses and mouths and set the cave on fire.


In addition, it was planned to set fire to the entire mountain range and burn it down.


That way, even Giles flower seeds can be completely burned.


Lamont Fernando, as well as heads of other clans, agreed to the plan.


‘I wish there was a bear clan.’


The heads of each clan thought the same thing when they saw the knights setting fire to the mountain.


The Bear Clan’s ability could have burned down this mountain instantly.


Of course, they can ask for it when the head of the Bear Clan arrives.


It was best to start burning things as soon as possible, so the knights had to work hard at first.


The heads of the clan left the scene behind and gathered again to discuss future actions. 


Everyone seated at the round table had serious expressions on their faces.


“First of all, the Deer Clan is in charge of investigating the Giles flower, so I will investigate the relationship between great elder Ester and Giles flower.” 


“Yeah, I need to start by checking to see if the effect of the Giles flower has worn off. There is a precedent of being cured once in the Wolf Clan….” 


Kendrick laughed at the head of the Deer Clan’s words as if trying to hide his true feelings.


“It would be a big deal if Giles flowers were distributed. Make a thorough investigation, and what about the border of the land of Tamar?” 


To the words of the head of the Snake Clan, Kendrick and Lamont exchanged glances and replied. 


“Access was strictly controlled. So far, there is no sign of anyone entering or leaving.”


“The Lion’s territory is the same. No one is there yet.”


At that word, everyone nodded.


“We have to continue the searching for the Giles flowers. Seeing that it has grown like this, it is highly likely that it is also growing elsewhere. We need to investigate more carefully.”


When the heads of both clans spoke, the others nodded once again.


Lamont handed over the beastmen, who had lost their intelligence, to the heads of the clan.


There was no one who didn’t know that those who made these beastmen lose their minds and those who resurrected the Giles flower must be related. 


Perhaps they were sacrificed during the Giles Flower Resurrection stage.


With mixed feelings, they gathered the members of the clan who had lost their minds and those who had become cold corpses and went back. 


“Then I will go back and investigate. I will also take Ester’s body.” 


Ester’s corpse was currently wrapped in Kendrick’s power to prevent the spread of pollen. 


Lamont nodded at Kendrick’s words.


“If you find out anything, report it immediately, Kendrick. Don’t even think about moving alone.”


“Yeah, then I will go back.” 


Lamont gave Kendrick the Lion Clan’s carriage and knights. 


It was because he had to carry the wolf clan members who had lost their minds and the corpses of five people who had already died. 


Kendrick tried to move with his power, but.




He gave up when he saw a kid already dressed in street clothes and waiting for him.


“You’re fast, Leona.”


“My daughter…” 


Lamont said awkwardly.


Lamont also looked like he had given up on trying to stop his daughter.


“Can I take her in this situation?”


“I shouldn’t let her go… but as you can see, she is so stubborn.”


Lamont sighed.


“There is no way to stop it, so what can I do? But since Leona is not the heir, it should be okay.”


Kendrick left Leona, who was distractedly saying goodbye to the mansion’s servants before she even got permission, and went back to Wolf territory and roughly checked his work. 


He was thinking of investigating Ester and handing over the Giles flowers he picked earlier to Hern.


‘I also need to find out if anything has leaked about Linsy’s abilities.’


All of the servants in the second residence at the time of the incident three years ago were told not to talk about what happened that day.


Still, he had to be careful.


Because the atmosphere of the beastmen was vicious.


Kendrick was even thinking of making a statement to all the Wolf Clan members who knew about Linsy’s ability.


Of course, that would take a lot of energy.


‘It’s better than putting Linsy in danger.’


As Kendrick pondered with a serious expression, Lamont glanced over at Kendrick, thinking it was Leona’s fault.


Leona asked with a bright smile, unaware of Lamont’s feelings.


“Dad. Can I go?”


“…I’ll let you go if Kendrick allows it.”


Lamont said as if giving up.


At that, Leona smiled brightly and grabbed Kendrick’s hand.


“Uncle, can I go too? Aren’t Linsy and Arsene saying they miss me?”


“I don’t think so, Leon. It just seemed like Ethan wanted to see you. I heard you came the other day and smashed all the sugar jars.” 


Leona was taken aback by Kendrick’s words. Leona, wearing a blue vest and light brown pants, looked up at Kendrick.


“The sugar jar is Arsene and Cain… I’m not alone.” 


“Then you should all get scolded together.”


Kendrick looked down at Leona and said.


Kendrick had no intention of taking Leona to the mansion. 


Now that the heads of other clans are visiting Fernando, the situation is chaotic by the Giles flowers.


Because Leona, the youngest daughter of Fernando, visits Yeckhart too often, which could instill tension in the other clans. 




“Father, when can Leon come again?”


The way Linsy’s eyes sparkled and her legs moved kept coming back to his mind.


‘Because she won’t be able to go out anymore.’


For now, until the truth about Ester’s mysterious death is revealed.


He was thinking of keeping Linsy and Arsene from going out, so he thought having their friends around might not be a bad idea.


Even though it would have been a problem if Leona broke down the mansion every time she came to the Yeckhart mansion.


“You have to obey, Leona, or I’ll send you back right away.”


“O, of course! I really listen very well. I want to see Linsy.”


“You really listen well? Let’s not talk about that.”


Kendrick playfully stroked Leona’s curly hair.


Then he picked up Leona, put her in the carriage, and got into the carriage himself.


Esther’s body was moved after Kendrick used his powers.


The carriage left the Fernando mansion shortly after.


The sound of the horse’s hooves hitting the ground was especially distinct.


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