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“Are you here, Lord?” 


Yeckhart’s servants came out and greeted Kendrick.


Kendrick ordered the beastmen who had lost their minds to be put on a carriage behind him, quarantined first, and the corpses to be buried well after funeral procedures.


Before that.


“Wait a minute.”


The soldiers who were approaching to take care of the beastmen who were in the carriage paused for a moment at Kendrick’s words. 


“Wait a minute. Let the kids in first. Come on, Leon.” 


Hearing Kendrick’s words, Leona jumped behind Kendrick, who got off the carriage first.


“Hello, Ethan!”


As soon as the soldiers saw Leona, the youngest daughter of the lion clan, they immediately bowed.


“Hello, hello!” 


When Leona greeted them, her orange ponytail swayed. 


Ethan, who was at the front, raised his monocle and said.


“Are you here, Lady Leona?”


Ethan was taken aback when he saw Leona, but soon smiled and bowed toward her.


“Linsy? Where is Linsy?”


“The Lady and the Young Master will come down now. By the way,Lady, you broke all the sugar jars last week.”


“Ah, it wasn’t me, it was the deal between Cain and Arsene.”


Leona shamelessly tried to lie without changing her face once.


Ethan knew that Leona’s words were lies, but he decided not to interrogate her because it had been a long time.


As soon as Ethan finished speaking, a little girl and boy ran down the spiral staircase holding hands.


“Father! Huh? Leon?”


Every time Linsy ran, a lemon-colored indoor dress fluttered.


“Leon! What’s going on?”


“Didn’t you come and go last week?”


Arsene asked her in a harsh voice, unlike Linsy, who had greeted her warmly. 


Kendrick ruffled Arsene’s gray hair as if to comfort him.


“What do you mean by that to a friend, Arsene?”


“But Dad, didn’t she come and go last week?”


Arsene said it in an unfair tone. Leona stuck out her tongue at Arsene and said.


“But I came to play with Linsy? Linsy, didn’t you miss me?”


“Yes, I missed you. But I think it’s too soon…”

Linsy smiled awkwardly. Kendrick stared at it, then called the head maid.


“Take the kids up. Linsy, Arsene, Leona, you have to go upstairs and play quietly. I’m a bit busy today.” 


“Yes, I will. Oh, I have something to tell you. What about that?”


Linsy asked, widening her eyes. Kendrick stroked Linsy’s red hair.


“I will listen after eating, go up.”


“Yes. Let’s go, everyone.” 


“Mmhm, let’s go.”


“Uncle, bye!”


Linsy then disappeared from Kendrick’s sight, taking Arsene and Leona with her. 


“Now, take care of it.” 


At Kendrick’s command, the soldiers pulled the carriage and disappeared.


Painful cries leaked from inside the carriage.


Despite Lamont’s measures to prevent the wolves from biting each other, it seems that something happened in the carriage.


Tsk. Kendrick checked it out and clicked his tongue.


Ethan took a step closer and said, bowing his head.


“Welcome back, Lord” 


“Yeah, call Degon.” 


“Yes, my Lord.” 


Ethan quickly disappeared from sight to summon the knight Degon.


Meanwhile, the maids came over and helped Kendrick take off his jacket.


Kendrick took off his outdoor clothes, changed his clothes briefly, and moved to the basement. 


The basement of the Yeckhart Mansion was so vast and complex that anyone who wasn’t familiar with the structure of the mansion would easily get lost. 


Kendrick, who stepped into the deepest part of it, opened the locked door using his ability. 


It was a warehouse that was left unattended for a long time.






As Kendrick used his powers once again, Ester’s corpse wriggled out of the shadows.


Because it was covered in pollen, it was not possible to bring it carelessly, so it was moved with his power. 


There was a reason why Kendrick had to move to this warehouse in the basement.


‘Because it has good ventilation here.’


There were only a few ventilated warehouses in the basement, and this was one of them.


However, to prevent pollen from escaping outside, Kendrick tightly covered the ventilation openings with special features.


A thin, fine shadow screen was created to cover the vents.




Kendrick used his powers again to levitate the body into the air.


Dark shadows slowly gathered under Ester’s corpse.


‘It would be nice to make contact with the bear clan sooner.’


Kendrick muttered to himself as he looked down at Ester’s corpse.


While thinking of a way to remove the pollen so that he could examine the body without secondary damage, he came up with the idea of the bear clan’s ability. 


The ability of the head of the bear clan is fire.


Using that ability, he would be able to burn the pollen on Ester’s corpse.


The territory of the bear clan is the furthest away from the territory of the lion clan, so they couldn’t come to the territory of the lion clan today.


He will probably visit the territory tomorrow or so.


Kendrick was thinking of asking the head of the bear clan for cooperation.


The wolf clan and the bear clan didn’t get along very well, but he would gladly help with the research about Giles flower. 


Of course, even if the pollen was removed, it was still dangerous to examine the body, so he had to be careful.


He doesn’t know how many days Ester has been left in Giles flowers.


But judging by how rotten it is, it must have died recently, so it can’t have been that long since he was left in Giles’ flowers. 


Perhaps the real criminal who raised the flower was caught in the shack by Lamont, and left Ester to cut off its tail.


One thing for sure.


‘It’s not suicide.’


Because can’t kill himself in a pile of Giles flowers, even if he wants to.


He would lose his minds and go on a rampage even before committing suicide, so it was correct to assume that he was killed and moved somewhere. 


Kendrick locked the door and left Ester’s body in the warehouse.


Degon and Hern came first to the office and were waiting for Kendrick.


“Lord, have you really found a Giles flower?”


Hern asked hastily.


Hern had been investigating Tamar’s soil for three years, and his eyes had become hollow.


In addition, the Giles flower that threatens the beasts is revealed.


Even so, perhaps because he had discovered something new to study, only his eyes were very clear.


“Yeah, I checked. I also brought Giles flowers. The problem is…” 


“The problem is…” 


“I found Ester. Degon.” 


Kendrick finished his sentence and looked at his knight, Degon.


Hearing Kendrick’s words, Degon blinked his eyes slowly for a couple of times. 


“Did you say Ester? He… didn’t he disappear three years ago?”


“Yes, but he was found among Giles flowers. It looks like someone killed him and threw him away. Probably the same person who resurrected Giles Flower.” 


“What do you…” 


“So if you dig into Ester’s past, you might find some clues. Clues to those who resurrected Giles Flower. Degon, you re-investigate Esther’s whereabouts three years ago. And Hern…” 


“Yes, my Lord.’

“Bring in doctors you can trust. Ester’s body needs to be autopsied.” 




“Take my command. This story should never leak out. Do you understand?”


At the end of Kendrick’s words, Degon and Hern nodded one after another.


Kendrick sent the two out, telling them to get out.




“What? A necklace?”


“Shh, shh! Leon, your voice is too loud!”


Surprised, I hurriedly covered Leona’s mouth and looked around.


I was playing in my room with the door closed, so there’s no way other people could have heard it—.


“Your necklace is broken? Are you serious?” 


Leona’s voice was twice as loud as a normal child’s, so I needed to be careful. 


I held out the broken necklace with a grim expression and nodded.


“My dad had a hard time getting this, but he didn’t even give it to me.”


“Really? There’s no way… Did I break something so precious?”


I was frustrated by Leona’s words. I tried using my power on the broken necklace, but there was no way that an inanimate object could be fixed using my powers. 


“Well. Linsy, don’t worry. Because he won’t scold you.” 


“What if he gets angry? Arsene, are we going to get scolded together?”


“I know, I got it.” 


“Don’t worry, Lincy. I’ll get scolded with you too!”


Leona stretched out her chest and spoke proudly.


I shook my head.


“Uhm, thank you, but… nevermind. Because you are a guest.” 


“But I’ve been scolded more than you?” 


“I don’t think you should brag about it, Leon—” 


I looked at Leona, who tilted her head with an innocent expression. 


I have to tell him that the necklace broke later after dinner. 


What if he tells me that it’s incredibly valuable and he can’t get it again?


I gloomily put the broken necklace into my pocket. 


“Are you okay? You worry too much.”


“You don’t seem too worried, so be quiet…” 


After hearing my words, Arsene looked at me with a dissatisfied expression and then nodded.


“By the way, Linsy, why does Uncle keep coming to my mansion lately? Of course I like it.”


Leona said with a smile, sitting comfortably with her legs crossed.


I shook my head.


“I don’t know, maybe it’s because he’s still looking for Giles flowers? Of course, I feel like he has been going to Fernando’s mansion a lot lately…” 


I blurred my words and looked at the girl sitting in front of me. 


“Ung? Is there something on my face?”


“No, it’s nothing. Just because.”


I looked at Leona and smiled slightly.


Come to think of it, it was time for Leona to do her first shedding hair and her first transformation.


‘Leon’s first transformation?’


The other day, when Leona asked what he would do if her first transformation was done at the Yeckhart Mansion, she remembered how Kendrick hated it. 


“Don’t even say that. Leon, do your first transformation at the Fernando Mansion.” 


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