Author: rolypoly

“Looks like we have more to talk about.”


Kendrick laughed and talked as Arsene and I exchanged glances. 




I smiled awkwardly and held Arsene’s hand tightly.




“That, I have something to tell you…” 


“Say it comfortably, don’t be afraid.”


Kendrick has never properly scolded me since I came to the Wolf’s mansion.


The only time Arsene and I were scolded was when we stole cookies from the kitchen together with Leona.


But still, I was a little scared to talk about it.


‘I heard it’s a very precious necklace.’


Leona said that it wouldn’t be easy for Lamont, the head of the Lion family, to get it. 


But even if you don’t think it’s precious, you can’t break it!


However, since I can’t hide it forever, I hesitantly took out the necklace from my pocket.


“This one…”


Then, looking at Kendrick’s eyes, I carefully held out the necklace. 


“Why is this?”


“That, when the incident happened in the theater, the necklace shone and I took it off my neck.”


“I told her to take it off, because it looked dangerous with only Linsy visible in the dark.” 


Arsene interrupted.


Kendrick briefly praised Arsene, saying he did well, and listened to my story.


“I took it off… But later I found out that the necklace was broken.”


Hearing my words, Kendrick gave me a rare look of surprise.


He picked up the necklace and placed it in the palm of his hand, examining it carefully. 


I glanced at the cracked jewel and buried my face in my palm.


‘I should have taken good care of it.’


He said it was very precious, so I had nothing to say even if I was scolded. 


Glancing at Arsene, Arsene raised his eyebrows and nodded his head.


‘We’re going to get scolded together, right?’


‘I told you we’re not going to get scolded.’


As if Kendrick had heard us whispering, he said, lightly holding the necklace. 


“I guess you were hesitant because you were afraid you would get scolded.” 


“That’s… you said it was precious. Besides, Leon also said that it was an incredibly precious necklace…” 


“It’s a precious necklace. But, Linsy, this necklace can’t be broken with your own power.”


“Yes, I was wrong… yes?” 


I kept my mouth shut and nodded, then raised my head in surprise at Kendrick’s words.


“This is a sapphire with a canned light from a mine in the territory of the lion clan. Not only can it be mined only in that mine, but it is so rare that it rarely comes out in that mine.”


“The necklace… was so precious.” 


I gulped and looked back at the broken necklace in Kendrick’s hand.


Kendrick continued, running his  fingers through the necklace.


“But there is another reason why this gem is rare. That is, this jewel will never break with any force. Even when crafting, craftsmen must work in a special way over a long period of time. But there is only one occasion when this jewel breaks.”


“What is it…?” 


“It is said that if the owner of the jewel feels a threat to their life, it will break. Although it is a myth passed down in the lion clan.”


“…A threat to life?”


“Yes, Linsy. I think the jewel was broken because someone tried to attack you.” 


Arsene gave me a resentful look as if asking why I didn’t believe it and pounded his chest.


“That’s right, and that’s why I’m giving it to you as a present. I gave it as a gift hoping that nothing dangerous would happen. However— that’s a strange thing. I’ll take the necklace for now. I’ll have to talk to Lamont.”


“Yes, it is precious…I’m sorry I didn’t keep it properly.”


“I think I said it wasn’t something to apologize for, but it seems you listen to my words with the back of your ear again. My daughter-in-law.” (t/n : Listen with the back of one’s ear means to listen to what others say in a careless and cursory manner.)


Kendrick said in a playful tone. I shook my head.  


“N, no! I didn’t listen with the back of my ear!”


There’s no way! 


At that time, Arsene opened his mouth in a triumphant tone. 


“Look, I said you wouldn’t get scolded, right?” 


“Yeah, but if you eat a jar of sugar, you’ll get scolded, so don’t go into the kitchen.” 


Kendrick said firmly. 


When Leona came to play for the first time, Arsene and I fell for her trick and went into the kitchen looking for cookies, breaking all the sugar pots. 


Thanks to that, the kitchen was devastated and I heard that the cooks cleaned the kitchen all day.


‘They must have had a hard time…’


Arsene answered yes by nodding his head and looking a little sad.




“Then go and rest now, I think Leon is waiting for you.”


Kendrick said, turning his eyes out of the door.


We followed Kendrick and slowly turned our gaze.


“Just waiting… No… I know…” 


From outside, Leona’s voice could sometimes be heard.


It seems that she followed us after all. A small smile crept across Kendrick’s lips.


“Go out. Good night, kids.” 


“Yes, good night, father!”


“Good night, Dad.”


Arsene and I greeted Kendrick side by side and hurriedly opened the office door.






Apparently, she had been listening to the door of the office, and as soon as we opened the door, Leona fell to the floor.


I was surprised, so I asked as I lifted Leona up. 


“Oh my. Leon, are you okay?”


“Eung? Eung, I’m fine!” 


Leona immediately smiled broadly and vigorously grabbed my hand and jumped up.


“So what if you put your ear to the door and eavesdrop?” 


Arsene grunted and looked at Leona. Leona immediately opened her eyes in a triangle and glared at Arsene.


“It’s because you guys aren’t coming out soon. Do you know how much I struggled to get rid of Betty?”


“Why are you leaving Betty out…” 


“Betty won’t let me go. I want to be with you.”


Leona’s expression when she said that seemed a little depressed somewhere.


“Actually, my dad and nanny say that. I might not be able to go to the Wolf Mansion much now. So now, right now! We have to play a lot!” 


“So Sir Lamont too… Kendrick just said the same thing. The atmosphere in the beastmen society must be very bad.” 


I didn’t say anything about the person wearing black hood, in case Leona was worried or scared.


We chatted and returned to the room.


“So, so what about the necklace? Are you scolded, Linsy?”


“No, I’m not scolded. He just said he would find out.”


I shook my head, and Leona vigorously nodded her head.


“That’s a relief! I knew you wouldn’t get scolded, because you’re kind.”


“But if you break the sugar jar again, they will scold you, Leon. You’re not going to be very nice if you just wake up again.” 


I said firmly.


“Eung… okay.” 


Leona immediately shut her mouth and nodded her head.


“Eung, good girl. Do you want to get up and go to the riding arena? Let’s play with Hector.” 


“Yeah! You know, my Dad said he would give me a small horse as a gift if I succeed in my first shapeshift.”




“Eung, maybe not as big and cool as Hector! Still, I’m really looking forward to it!”




Leona’s eyes sparkled non stop as she spoke.


“First shapeshift… Leon, when is your birthday?”


“Me? My birthday… I have about two months left.”


The first shapeshift is not necessarily done only on birthdays,


Usually, there were many children who had their first shapeshift on their birthdays.


“Two months… I have three months left.” 


“Then I’ll do it faster! I will become an adult before you.”


“You fool, doing shapeshifting doesn’t make you an adult. In that sense, Linsy became an adult at the age of seven.”


Arsene scolded Leona.


But Leona didn’t seem to listen to Arsene.


She closed her eyes and seemed to be imagining the day she would make her first shapeshift.


“You know, it would be really cool if I was shapeshifted. But if I turn into it, will I have black hair?”


“Because the Fernand family’s characteristic is black hair…  What if there’s no big change?”


Leona raised her eyebrows in regret.


“I like my orange hair. Or I want to have red hair like you. Black hair is dull… it’s boring. You have no idea how boring and dull Aslan’s hair looks.”


“But I heard that black hair is a characteristic of the Fernando family?”


“My mother said, maybe I won’t inherit the family characteristics! I wish…” 


Normally, you would hope to inherit family traits.


Leona was a really unique kid.


From the fact that she said she couldn’t inherit the family characteristic, it was clear how lovingly and preciously the youngest daughter was raised by Fernando of the lion clan.  


I smiled and nodded.


“Yes, you will have your first shed and your first shapeshift with the hair color you want.” 


Leona with black hair, I couldn’t imagine.


Leona’s pretty orange hair, like now, suited her well.


When I smiled brightly, Leona looked at me and smiled at me. 

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  1. Am I the only one who gets slightly annoyed by Leona, like she’s a nice kid and I’m glad Linsy has a friend, but her not listening to any adult is getting old 😭✋️

    1. that is leona’s personality. she is unapologetically wild and free and even though sometimes it’s tiring, i don’t think anyone would want her to change.