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Leona wanted to invite Cain and Ancia as well, since they had all met together.


However, when Ancia was ten years old, she had to take classes, so she couldn’t come to play often, and Cain—.


“You can’t.” 


“W, why?” 


“The Snake Clan territory is too far away. Besides, Cain is the only heir to the Snake Clan. If Cain goes to Yeckhart without a guardian, other beastmen will pay attention.”


Kendrick said firmly.


I understand Kendrick’s point.


Leona has an older brother who will take over the position of successor, so it doesn’t matter much if she visits the Yeckhart mansion at this time, but—.


‘Because Cain is an only child.’ 


In addition, the Snake Clan’s abilities were dangerous to deal with, so Cain lived wearing gloves every day.


So, Cain hadn’t been able to visit Yeckhart’s mansion often before.


Even more so now.


Last week, it was hard for him to come here, so he didn’t seem to be able to come play for a while.


Leona, who took a step back, had a very regretful expression on her face.


I whispered in Leona’s ear.


“But Leon, you don’t really like playing with Cain.”


“No… it’s different from that.  Aside from how shameless he is, it’s more fun to play with more people.” 


Leona grumbled.


Uhm, so that means he’s still shameless…


If Cain had heard it, it was a word that would have made him go crazy.  


After being bitterly rejected by Kendrick, we went back to our room after breakfast. 


It was because today was the day that Mr. Hern looked at Arsene’s body. 


Mr. Hern seemed very busy these days, but he used to examine Arsene’s body and carefully examine me and Leona’s body.


As I waited for a while in bed, I heard a knock on the door.


Knock, knock.


“Good morning. Lady, Young Master. And Lady Leona.” 


“Hern, good morning~” 


“Good morning.” 


Seeing us greet each other, Leona nodded and said.


“Good morning~.”


“It’s nice to see you’re active this morning. Then… I’m going to check on the Young Master’s condition for a while, so would you mind leaving for a moment?”


Leona and I nodded without hesitation.


This is because I knew that when Mr. Hern examined Arsene’s body, he took off his clothes and checked for spots.


Of course, Leona didn’t know that, but when I went out, she would follow me.


I grabbed Leona’s hand and jumped out of bed.


“Please call me when you’re done!”


“Please call me when you’re done~.”


“Yes, I’ll call you right away when it’s over, so stay in front of it.”


We nodded and left the room.


Of course, I didn’t forget to close the door tightly.


Most of Arsene’s examinations didn’t take long, so Leona and I squatted down in the hallway.


Seeing us like that, the maid who was passing by opened her eyes wide in surprise. 


“Lady, Lady Leona! Why are you doing this? Can I bring you a chair?”


“No, it’s okay because we’ll be back soon.”


I nodded vigorously, and the maid passed by with a smile.


Arsene’s examination ended really quickly.




Mr. Hern opened the door and turned his head from side to side and looked around the corridor.


It seems that he couldn’t see us because we were squatting underneath. 


“Where did they go… that’s strange.” 


“We’re here!” 


When Leona jumped up immediately, Mr. Hern opened his eyes wide in surprise. 


“You surprised me. Lady Leona, I was surprised… You can come in now.”


Mr. Hern smiled lightly and took me and Leona into the room.


Arsene was seen buttoning up his buttons again.


“What about Arsene? Is he okay?”


“Yes, he is in very good condition. It’s been several months since he hasn’t had any symptoms. I wish it would go just as it is.”


Mr. Hern picked me up and put me on the bed when he answered.


And he meticulously examined my neck, ears, and stomach.


“The Lady is also in good health, it’s a relief. Then…” 


“Can I do it again?”


“Of course, wouldn’t it be nice to get it while you’re here?”


Leona grumbled, but sat calmly in bed and gave Mr. Hern her hand, perhaps thinking of Lamont’s words.


Lamont had heard that there was a deer clan doctor at the Wolf Mansion as the main doctor, and had just asked for Leona’s treatment. 


It was only natural that he couldn’t meet the deer clan’s doctor at any time.


Mr. Hern carefully examined Leona’s body, then narrowed his eyes.


“Please open your mouth a little wider.”


“Like— this?”


“Yes, oh dear. You have a decayed tooth.” 


Mr. Hern looked at Leona’s molar for a long time and said,


“What? Really?”


I used both hands to hold Leona’s mouth open and look inside it. 


Indeed, the top of one molar was slightly browned.  


“You eat sweets like that every time, right?”


“That’s true, but… I really haven’t eaten much lately.”


Leona, who said that, had a very sad expression on her face.


I carefully put my finger in Leona’s mouth.


And, Tuk. 


When I tapped Leona’s decayed molars, a group of light green light burst from my fingers and covered the tops of Leona’s teeth.




“Okay, that’s it.” 


As soon as I finished speaking, Mr. Hern looked into Leona’s mouth again.


Leona’s teeth were perfectly healed by my ability.


“Hmm, that’s enough. But Lady Leona, you can’t just rely on Lady Linsy’s ability and eat sweets like that. Do you understand?”


“Eung, I know…” 


Leona nodded her head.


‘Well, Leon has been eating a lot of things with sugar lately.’


She ate a lot of sweets from Roselle Bakery, and also ate a lot of cakes made by the patissier in the mansion.


It would have been more interesting if her teeth didn’t go bad. 


I fiddled with Leona’s soft cheeks, thinking that I should stop her from eating sweets from now on.


“Everything else is fine. Take a good rest now, I’ll go out now. If you need to find me, please call the servants. You can’t come by yourself. I often leave my room these days.” 


Leona, who had been quietly listening to Hern’s words, raised her head and said.


“You aren’t in your room these days? Then where are you?”


“I am in the lab. I mean, I’m a bit busy these days. If you ask the servants to call me, they will come soon…” 




I saw Leona’s eyes twinkle.


Arsene, Hern, and I all felt at the same time that something was wrong with her. 


“So the lab is correct, but it’s not the interesting place that Leona thinks it is…” 


“Lab! I really wanted to go to the lab!”


Leona eventually brought out ‘that word’.


Mr. Hern looked astonished when he heard Leona’s words.


That’s because Leona had a personality that decided to do it only when she had to do it.


“Hey, Leon. Wouldn’t the lab be a bit boring? I’d rather go to the reservoir and take a dinghy, Arsene, what do you think?”


I laughed awkwardly and tapped Arsene with my elbow. 


Arsene looked at us with an uninterested glance, and soon nodded to match the rhythm.


“Yeah, it’s Hern’s lab. It will be the most boring thing in the world. Let’s go for a boat ride.”  


“The most boring thing in the world…” 


“But, I’ve never been to a lab before! What do you do there? I want to go there. Can’t I do that?”


“That’s, there are many dangerous things in the lab…”


“I won’t touch anything! Can I?” 


Leona nodded vigorously. Hern looked troubled.


It was because Leona wasn’t a child who could be stopped.


Most of the accidents in Yeckhart’s mansion kitchen were caused by Leona.


When the cooks let them come and go without fail, they ate something, and when they weren’t allowed to go in, they sneaked in to eat snacks and got into trouble.


So if he doesn’t let them come to the lab, they might sneak in again—.


The gazes of Mr. Hern and I met in the air.


It seemed that we both had terrible imaginations at the same time.


But then.


Knock, knock.


“Come in!” 


At the sound of a knock to evoke the atmosphere, I called out quickly.


Then a maid came in, bowed her head, and opened her mouth.


“Sir Creighton Hezeth visited the mansion with Young Master Cain, so I came to tell you.” 




I immediately asked back at the unexpected news.


It was morning when I heard that it would be difficult to meet Cain for a while, but Cain came to the mansion.


The maid nodded.


“He is waiting for you downstairs with Sir Creighton.”


It seems that the head of the Hezeth family, Creighton Hezeth, visited the Wolf Territory because he had something to say to Kendrick. 


‘That’s why Cain must have come too.’


Great! I grabbed Leona’s hand and jumped off the bed.


“Leon, did you hear? Cain is here!”


“Eung, I heard it. We can look around the lab with Cain~. Cain must have been in the lab for the first time, right?”


“Cain wouldn’t really want to go…” 


Arsene, who had been quietly listening to Leona’s words, added a word.


I let out a sigh when Leona’s interest in the lab didn’t change despite Cain’s arrival.


And it was the same with Mr. Hern. 


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  1. leona is truly an unstoppable force XD looks like the four of them are going to the lab whether hern likes it or not. thank you for the chapter!