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“The Tamar’s soil has been purified?” 


Kendrick asked in a rare startled voice.


It was a natural reaction.


Because it was impossible for the soil of Tamar to be purified. 


“That is impossible. You know, if you’re trying to deceive me….” 


Kendrick lowered his voice and continued.


Hern shook his head slowly with an expression he still didn’t understand well.


“No, my Lord. I don’t dare to fool the head of the family, really….indeed, the soil of the land of Tamar has been purified.”


Hern showed Kendrick the metal box he was holding.


It was a metal box specially custom-made by Kendrick to hold the soil of Tamar’s land. Since the soil of Tamar’s land was dangerous to handle, it was designed so that no one except Kendrick and Hern could open it.






Kendrick was shocked to see the dirt inside the open metal box.


The soil of the land of Tamar was reddish black due to the curse’s influence.


That was the case with all the soil in Tamar’s land, and even the soil at the border was dark due to Tamar’s influence.




“….Aren’t you kidding me?”


The soil inside the metal box Heron held out was a deep brown color, no different from normal soil.


‘It’s impossible.’


Kendrick, in disbelief, took the metal box himself and examined it carefully.


It was impossible to purify the soil of Tamar’s land in any way. 




“Lord, I swear to you that I’m not joking. It is correct that it has been purified even when viewed through the ‘eyes’ of the deer clan. I don’t feel any special energy flowing from the soil of the land of Tamar.”


“How on earth did you purify it?”


If it was really purified, he had to know what purified the soil of Tamar’s land.


And if he figures it out, maybe he can find a way to break the strange curse on those ancient lands. 


Then, how to cure Arsene’s disease—.


“That is, when Lady and Young Master, and Lady Leona and Young Master Cain as well, playing around in my lab.” 




Kendrick’s face wrinkled at the sudden name that came out of Hern’s mouth.


“The box was dropped, and the cover was opened, but Lady Linsy was picking up the soil and holding it in her hands.”  


“Wait, what’s open? And… Who touched it with their hands?” 


Kendrick interrupted Hern and asked again, looking at Hern in disbelief.


“Young Master Arsene said that the box was opened after being hit by his elbow.”


“It can’t be. This box is specially designed for you and me to open.”


In the locking part of the box, there was a very special metal that could only be found in the territory of the bear clan.


As a metal that remembers the owner, only the owner could open the safe made using this metal.


However, the metal itself was very rare, so it couldn’t be used in general safes.


Even in the bear clan, it was only used in the treasury of the head family.


Other clans were only allowed to store particularly dangerous substances.


‘Just like this box.’


“A kid knocked it open? Are you kidding me?”


“Really. I was looking elsewhere for a cookie to give them for a while, but in the meantime, the Lady, the Young Master, Lady Leona, and Young Master Cain said in unison that something like that had happened.”


Hern said with a really unfair expression. It was begging to believe in him. 


“Ha, you took the kids to the lab? Just…why? You’ll have to explain that first, Hern.”


Kendrick’s tone when he said that was sharper than ever.


There were so many dangerous things in Hern’s lab.


Not only was the soil of the land of Tamar being researched but also Giles’ pollen from Ester’s body and many other dangerous things.


“Are you taking the kids to a place like that?”


“The day before, the dangerous things were moved to the new lab. So, all that was there were research materials and the box.”


Hern sighed and bowed his head deeply. 


“I was confident the box wouldn’t be opened and felt at ease. It’s my fault.”


“Yes, it is your fault. Nothing related to Tamar should be taken lightly. However…” 


Kendrick stared at the box and said.


“Arsene said he hit it, and it opened.”


“Yes, as the lady said….”


“Maybe it opened in response to Arsene.”


Arsene is Yeckhart’s only direct successor.


He was the only child who inherited Yeckhardt’s supernatural ability, the shadow.


So maybe the lock made to react to Kendrick also responded to Arsene.


The problem is.


“Has anyone else touched it besides Linsy?”


“I was worried too, so I checked it first, but they said no. I checked the condition carefully just in case, but no one showed any abnormal reactions.”


“Is Linsy okay?”


“Lady is fine. She was worried that she had messed up the research sample when the color of the soil changed all of a sudden.” 


Kendrick, who had been quietly listening to Hern’s words, looked down at the purified soil again.


Can Raniero’s superpowers really purify Tamar’s curse?




‘Raniero’s ability is healing.’


He heard that children with the ability to lift curses as a kind of healing are often born, but isn’t Tamar’s curse different? 


Tamar’s curse is not something that can be lifted so easily. 




‘But, was Tamar’s soil purified just by touching it once?’


Besides, Linsy didn’t seem aware that she had purified it. 


Kendrick touched his head.


The fact that Linsy could purify Tamar’s soil was great news for Kendrick and Yeckhart.




‘If this fact is known, Linsy will.’


It was clear that clans and groups targeting Linsy would naturally arise. 


She is a child who lives on the edge of danger with many enemies.


That’s why he also hid the fact that Linsy could cure someone poisoned by Giles flowers.


Just in case it becomes dangerous.


He is deeply sorry for not being able to properly protect her every time, but if there are more enemies in this state.


Kendrick couldn’t stand it.


Kendrick opened his mouth and pushed the metal box back at Hern.


“Keep this a secret. Hern, it’s a pity that I can’t cast a spell on you. Of course, it’s not that I don’t trust you.”


“Of course, I understand.” 


Hern nodded solemnly.


He, too, was well aware of the impact this would have on the beastmen society if it were revealed. 


First of all, no one would see Linsy as a 10-year-old girl. 


Knowing that Linsy could lift Tamar’s curse, it was clear that many people would come out helpless to try to use Linsy to lift Tamar’s curse and abuse Linsy’s ability. 


Since Hern knew all that so well, Hern pursed his lips and nodded slowly.


“I will definitely keep it a secret.”


“Yes, and the soil of Tamar… I will get it again. Investigate it again.”


“Yes, my Lord.”


Hern bowed his head.


Kendrick opened his mouth with one last glance at the box containing the thoroughly cleansed dirt.


“Then you can leave. It’s hard to be away for a long time because I have a guest.”


Kendrick nodded.


Creighton Hezeth was in the office now.


He didn’t come to have an important conversation, but he had to go back because it’s not polite to leave a guest alone for a long time.


Kendrick, who was about to turn around first, opened his mouth a little and said, “Oh.”


“Send the kids into my office.”


“Are you talking about all four of them?”


“Yes, let them in without exception.”


Kendrick nodded.


After foolishly going to Hern’s laboratory and letting it go, it is time to give them a warning.


It’s fortunate that Linsy’s touch purified the soil. 


‘If it hadn’t been for that.’


What if Linsy had been cursed by Tamar?


Or, if Arsene, Leona, or Cain had even touched the soil, there would have been a serious accident.


It’s partly Hern’s fault for not properly managing the metal box, but—.


In the first place, the box was made so that only Hern and Kendrick could not open it, so it could not be entirely Hern’s fault.


“It’s the troublemakers’ fault.”


Kendrick clicked his tongue. Without knowing what a dizzying accident they had, a loud noise from the hallway came all the way into the study.


Kendrick, who was about to go to Creighton, looked back at Hern once more.


“And the fact that the soil was from the land of Tamar and that Linsy purified it… Keep it a secret even from Linsy.” 


Kendrick couldn’t hide his bitter heart, feeling that adults always put too much burden on children.


If Linsy finds out that she has purified the soil of Tamar land, 


‘She has a lot of worries, so she might worry about it again.’


Or she could also have offered to purify the land of Tamar. Because Linsy always wanted to help Yeckhart.


So he can’t let Linsy know about this either.


Hern answered with a slow nod as if he understood.


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  1. kendrick is such a good father! it seems that linsy’s powers are different because of her red hair. i wonder if raniero’s ancestors demonized red hair because they were afraid of it. i feel like the black hoods / prohibition group already know about linsy’s ability…. hopefully kendrick and arsene can keep her safe. thank you for the chapter!!

    1. I think its fear. Like they feared the great power or perhaps jealousy. So they made up a whole stigma about it.

  2. I have to say, I’m still invested in this story since Chapter 1, I just want to know what happens!

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