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“Are you really okay?”


I looked back at the children with worried expressions and opened my mouth.


Kendrick scolded us when he heard we begged to go to the lab, but he said nothing about the messed up sample.


‘Is it really okay…’


From what’s inside the metal box, it sounds like something important.


But as soon as Arsene dropped the metal box, I remembered the cover that opened helplessly.


And I thought carefully.


‘…Is it not important?’


If it’s important, there’s no way the cover was closed so sloppy. 


Phew, let’s stop thinking about it.


He said it’s okay, so it’ll be okay. We only have to be careful from now on.


I glared at Leona.


“Now, I won’t take you anywhere even if you beg me.” 


“I know… I’m sorry.”


“I didn’t do anything wrong, but because of you…!” 


Maybe it wasn’t fair for Cain to be scolded in front of his own father, so he suddenly burst into tears and got angry. 


Leona glanced at Cain and said calmly.


“But Kendrick said it was also wrong not to stop me.”


“Don’t tell me that…!” 


Yeah, I don’t think that’s what you should say now, Leon.


I said, forcing the two growling children apart to fight again.


“Stop fighting! If you two keep fighting like this, you’ll both have to go home.”


“Yes, you all go home.”


Arsene, who had been quiet the whole time and had his mouth tightly shut, then said, giving Leona and Cain a slight glare.


“Why do you come here so often in the first place? The lion’s territory is close, so even if that’s the case, the snake’s territory isn’t even close.”


“…That’s, I just followed because Dad said he was coming…” 


“Lie, didn’t you beg him to take you?” 


Cain turned his head when Leona asked him a sharp question that hit the mark.


“Ugh, stop fighting. Seriously, aren’t you tired of fighting for three years? When are you guys going to grow up?”


I raised my forehead and shook my head, and said.


Is it because I was twelve years old in my previous life?


From when I was seven to when I was ten, I wondered when these kids would grow up.


“Will you grow up after the first shapeshift? Eung?” 


“Eung, maybe. My Dad said that. After the first shapeshift, you will grow up.” 


Leona spoke confidently. Every time she laughed shyly, sharp fangs stuck out from gaps in her slightly open mouth.


“That’s right, my Dad too. He said you would behave like an adult after the first shapeshift.” 


As expected, Cain also nodded in agreement with her.


But Arsene said nothing. It must be because no one told Arsene about the first shapeshift. 


“Looking at you, I think you’re right, Linsy.”


Cain looked at me and nodded. I looked at Cain and smiled.


I’m acting dignified not because of the first shapeshift, but because I came back to the past, but anyway.


Because what’s good is good. 


We sat in the room and chatted for a while, then headed to the stable. 




Hector is now three years older, has more muscle, and his fur is shinier than it used to be.


Before, he dug the ground with his hoofs because he wanted to run whenever he saw me, but now he knew how to wait calmly. 


I kissed Hector’s soft nose and hugged his huge head.


“Hector, how have you been?”


Kendrick gave Arsene and me a riding teacher so we could learn how to ride a horse.


Sometimes when he had time, he taught us in person, but Kendrick was usually very busy, so we didn’t learn much from him.


“Don’t you think Hector has gotten a little prettier?”


When I asked, Arsene laughed and shook his head.


“What do you mean pretty, it’s the same thing.”


“Don’t be mean to Hector.”


Arsene tried to ride on Hector’s back with me, but he almost fell and got hurt when Hector refused.


Of course, thanks to the Shadow Wolf, he wasn’t hurt too much—.


‘Still, it was dangerous.’


So I understood why Arsene was upset like that.


Since Leona and Cain are also receiving horseback riding training, we were able to ride and play together.


Of course, we couldn’t play for a long time. It was because we were still young.


‘Not until you’re bigger. Just ride for half an hour a day, Linsy.’


Kendrick said firmly.


We all nodded without saying anything because we knew what an accident could happen if we fell off a horse’s back.


‘Of course, I can heal it.’


Yeah, getting hurt is another matter. I understand Kendrick’s concerns.


Arsene, Leona, Cain, and I played for a long time at the riding arena, and when it was time to eat, we returned to the mansion.


We finished our dinner planning a boat ride on the man-made lake the next day.


But you never know what will happen the next day.




After Kendrick brought Ester’s body.


The head of the bear clan laboriously reached the Yeckhart family and burned the pollen attached to Ester’s corpse with his powers. 


With their ability to burn anything, the bear clan managed to burn only the pollen on Ester’s corpse. 


After that, Hern got a doctor, who was said to be one of the best in the wolf clan, to do an autopsy on Ester’s body.


Ester’s corpse has a lot of suspicious spots, so it would have been nice if he could have summoned the deer clan—.


‘Then I can’t cast a command.’


Kendrick wanted a doctor of the same clan, who he could command and control, to autopsy Ester’s body.


So, following Kendrick’s orders, Hern and the Wolf Clan’s doctors meticulously inspected Ester’s corpse.


But there was something strange.


‘What is this?’


Around the nape of the corpse’s neck, black energy shimmered.


Hern asked the doctors of the other wolf clans if they could see it, but they shook their heads.


It seemed to be an energy that could only be seen with the ‘eyes’ of the deer clan that Hern had. 


The black energy wasn’t threatening enough.


‘Why is this on the corpse….’


Even the energy showed a movement as if it wanted to escape from the corpse. 


It was grotesque and strange, but nothing was threatening about it for now, so he decided to leave it as it was. 


However, the problem was that the black energy also transferred to Hern’s fingertips.


It was a small amount, but it bothered Hern.


‘I don’t think it’s threatening….’


Tsk, Hern, who clicked his tongue, left the black energy as it is for now.


However, neither the cause nor the time of death could be accurately determined.


All he could figure out was that there was black energy around the back of his neck and that he didn’t die because of the Giles flowers.


The Wolf Clan’s doctors couldn’t take their eyes off the pollen that Hern had asked the Bear Clan’s head to leave for research.


Of course, the pollen was tightly sealed.


“It was really Giles flowers…! I thought it was a flower in mythology.”


“Then what will happen? Will the land of Tamar come back to life?”


The whispers of the two doctors could be heard clearly in Hern’s ears.


Giles’ flowers only grow in a specific environment in the land of Tamar, so he wondered if that might be the case.


Clap clap. 


Hern clapped his hands a couple of times, drawing the attention of the Wolf Clan doctors.


“Let’s stop talking nonsense. You won’t be able to talk anymore if you get caught anyway.”


“We are just curious…” 


The Wolf Clan’s doctor laughed awkwardly. Hern nodded his head in understanding.


It wasn’t something that would end to the extent that he was amazed. Because the resurrection of the Giles flower also means disaster.


A long time ago, the terrible and cruel history of the beastmen biting each other because of the Giles flower may repeat itself.


But still. 


‘Lady Linsy is here this time.’


Hern remembered clearly how Linsy cured people who had been poisoned by Giles’s flowers.


And according to the deer clan’s information, Raniero can’t cure Giles’ flower poisoning.


It must have been like that since ancient times when Giles flowers existed.


Since the bird clan was closed, he doesn’t know exactly how they dealt with those who were poisoned by Giles flowers—.


It was obvious that it was not treated. But. 


‘The Lady definitely healed it.’


Perhaps the effect of the Giles Flower weakened as it was resurrected after eons time.


However, it was a self-evident fact that it was a dangerous flower, so Hern didn’t let go of his tension.


Thus, the investigation of Ester’s corpse ended without revealing any particular facts.


Kendrick generously rewarded the two doctors who helped in the investigation. Then, with the authority of the head of the clan, he issued a decree prohibiting them from talking about the matter.


Yeckhart’s secrets were growing more and more.


Then Hern reported to Kendrick about the dark energy around Ester’s neck.


This is the first time he has seen black energy, and he hasn’t been able to figure out what it really is. 


And he also reported that it was now fluttering at his fingertips.


The reason why the black energy that shimmered at Hern’s fingertips disappeared is—.


When Hern reached into contact with the red-headed baby bird running around in the Yeckhart mansion.


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  1. i wonder if there was a prohibition on ester, and if linsy is able to remove prohibitions now that she’s older and stronger. thank you for the chapter!