Author: rolypoly

The story that Leona, Cain, and Arsene were preparing for the first shapeshift quickly spread throughout the Yeckhart mansion.


First of all, the servants prepared by blocking the windows with black blackout curtains to prevent them from getting hurt while running around,


Kendrick is.


“You think they’re going to do their first shapeshift?”


I sat across from Kendrick and nodded as I ate.


Arsene, Cain, and Leona were absent from lunch.


I heard that the maids put food in the room instead.


So it was just Kendrick and I for lunch.


Kendrick said, cutting the meat in front of him and putting it on my plate.


“Then I’ll have to send Leona and Cain back. I can’t let them do their first shapeshift in a place other than their home.”




I was a little sad that Leona and Cain were going back, but I still nodded.


“You have to do the first shapeshift with your family.”


Leona’s family and Cain’s family will also want to see Leona and Cain’s first shapeshift.


But the problem came next.


Lamont Fernando had asked him to take care of Leona for one more week.


Kendrick crumpled up the letter.


“Lamont, this punk—”


“That, what’s the matter?”


I asked after a quick sip of apple juice in Kendrick’s office.


Arsene, Leona, and Cain were sleeping because they were tired, so Kendrick brought me to the office because I had no one to play with.


It wasn’t bad for me to be with Kendrick now.


‘No, it’s rather good.’


Kendrick was busy dealing with things, so I had to play by myself.


It was quite enjoyable to watch Kendrick at work or take a nap on the sofa in the office.


Kendrick looked at me and said with a sigh.


“Lamont asks me to keep Leon for another week.”


“Can’t you take care of her for another week?”


“No, there’s nothing I can’t take care of. But it’s because Lamont’s intentions are so transparent.”


I nodded tactfully.


Because of what the two sons had done, it was obvious how great Leona, the youngest, would be.


I’ve heard Lamont talk about Leona’s first shapeshift as a joke before.


‘I’m already scared of Leon’s first shapeshift, and this time the whole Fernand mansion may be blown away.’


Lamont smiled like that and added that it would be nice to have the first shapeshift outside calmly.




‘Eung, so that’s what you meant.’


It seems that he was laying groundwork to entrust Leona’s first shapeshift to the Yeckhart mansion.


Above Leona, the two older brothers said that they had destroyed half of the Fernando Mansion.


So it also made some sense that Lamont didn’t think fondly of his daughter’s first shapeshift.


‘Fernando’s mansion… if that huge lion’s mansion is half destroyed.’


I guess it wasn’t normal?


Hmm. I nodded my head slowly.


It was understandable that Kendrick was so upset, and that Lamont had handed over his daughter with nothing more than a letter.


Kendrick put Lamont’s letter aside, saying he would charge the family for everything Leona broke this time.


But there was a problem.


The snake clan also said they couldn’t take Cain right away.


I heard that there was a small problem with the Hezeth mansion and snake territory.




‘I don’t think it’s a small problem, given that they can’t take Cain.’


There’s no parent who doesn’t want to see his son when he says he’s going to have his first shapeshift.


However, seeing that they couldn’t take it, it seemed that there was a serious problem with the snake clan.


Kendrick didn’t get angry when he received Hezeth’s letter.


Kendrick also seemed to have instinctively sensed that something had happened to the snake territory.


But he couldn’t go to find out what was wrong with the snake territory.


“I’ll protect the mansion.”


Kendrick said softly.


There are three children who are about to have their first shapeshift, but he canceled the promise, saying that he couldn’t leave the mansion.


Of course, he was busy working in the meantime.


Degon went in and out of the office to report something, and other knights also came in and out of the office often.


I ended up stepping aside so Kendrick could work comfortably.


When I went upstairs, I saw three children lying down, exhausted.


‘Are they sleeping?’


I peeked into the room where the kids were sleeping.


Leona and Cain were sleeping, and Arsene seemed to have just woken up.


Arsene blinked his sleepy eyes a couple of times.


I lowered my voice so as not to wake the other children.


“Arsene, are you okay?”


“Eung… lie down here.”


Arsene closed and opened his eyes, pointing next to him.


I pondered for a moment.


Because Leona, Cain, and Arsene were lying freely, there seemed to be no place for me to lie down.


I thought about it for a while, then stomped my feet a couple of times in place.






Light green smoke rose with a small explosion sound.


As soon as I heard the explosion, I flinched.


‘Oh, I should have gone outside and shapeshifted.’


Didn’t the kids wake up because of the sound I was making?


I flew up and sat down on the bed.


The bed was soft, and when I sat down, my feet lightly fell.


Fortunately, Leona and Cain were still sleeping quietly. They seem to be saving their energy.


I wondered for a moment whether I should wake Leona up now so that she couldn’t get into an accident during her first shapeshift. 


But it soon stopped.


‘Phew… I should let her sleep more.’


If there was an accident, the servants of Kendrick and Yeckhart’s mansion would probably take care of it.


It’s not a problem for me to worry about.


I looked at Leona, and soon jumped and sat next to Arsene.


Then Arsene tapped on his stomach.


It seemed to mean to come up.




I sat on Arsene’s stomach and fluffed up my feather, making a small cry as if to be nice to him. 


As I fluffed up my feather, Arsene carefully stroked me.  




“Linsy, you’re not afraid of wolves these days…” 




Yes, of course!


I answered loudly and then lowered it.


With the help of the Wolf Mansion servants, I am no longer afraid of wolves.


So, ‘wolves who have no intention of threatening me’.


Arsene seemed to be worried because I was afraid of wolves before.


“You know, if you’re scared after I shapeshift, you have to fly away and hide. Okay?”


Arsene muttered in his sleep, just like when he was seven years old. 


Chirp, I answered in a small way and moved carefully.


On top of Arsene’s stomach, I moved to the side of Arsene’s cheek.


Arsene’s chubby cheeks touched the fluffy feather, and he naturally felt better.


I pressed my small beak to Arsene’s cheek, yawned and closed my eyes.


I also intended to sleep a little with Arsene.








“Oh my, Young Master!” 


I woke slowly to the sound of Betty’s voice.


What’s going on?


But Arsene, who was sleeping well next to me, wasn’t there.




Startled, I opened my eyes and looked around.





I was horrified at the sight unfolding before my eyes and covered my beak with my wings.


A small gray wolf and an orange lion growled and fought under the bed.


‘Did you succeed in shapeshifting?’


While I was sleeping?


Betty lifted Arsene in a hurry, and other servants came in and stopped Leona.


However, Arsene and Leona couldn’t easily calm down their excitement.


‘It’s because they haven’t gotten used to their body yet.’


So it’s easy to get thrilled. I knew this because I had done shapeshifting in my previous life.




‘Where is Cain?’


I looked around to see where Cain was. Cain, who was lying next to us, disappeared before I knew it. 


‘Did Cain also succeed in shapeshifting?’


I stomped my feet in place.




As I stamped my feet with a strong cry, light-green smoke rose and filled the bedroom.


And my eyesight increased.


I released my shapeshift and ran quickly to Betty.


Then, in Betty’s arms, I picked up the little gray wolf, which was sprinting in her arms. 


“Arsene, are you okay?”


Hearing my voice, the baby wolf raised its head and looked at me.


Arsene’s deep blue eyes stared at me.


Then Arsene hugged me and wiggled his tail as if it meant he was okay.


Betty breathed a sigh of relief when she saw it.


But then.


“Huh? Lady Leon! Where are you going!”


Leona, who was in the arms of another maid, stormed out of the door.


‘Uhm, so it’s started.’ 


I thought as I looked at the backs of the servants running after Leona.

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  1. ahhhhh baby wolf arsene!!!! so cute omg, i hope linsy and arsene play together in their animal forms. leona is gonna wreak absolute havoc. the poor yeckhart servants… i’m a little worried about cain, i wonder if his ability might be an issue. thank you for the chapter!!!