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I think I said it a few times, but there were many children who cried at the first shapeshift.


They can’t adapt to a different body.


It was the same reason to run wild. The changed body is unfamiliar and uncomfortable, so they instinctively run wild.


The problem is—.


‘Leona is a lion.’


Leona was a lion, Arsene was a wolf, and Cain was a snake.


I was worried about how they would handle all these kids if they ran wild all at once.


Fortunately, Arsene was quiet.


“Arsene, are you really okay?”


I hugged Arsene and asked, stroking his head.


Arsene’s fluffy tail wagged.


‘Then now we have to find Cain…’


Did the other maid take him out?


When I was going to ask.


“You know, Chloe, uh, ack–!”


I was holding Arsene when he suddenly struggled, and I missed him.


As soon as Arsene landed on the floor, he stood on all fours proudly, and then ran outside like Leona.


‘Oh my. It’s a mess…’


I feel bad at the servants as I watched Chloe chase after Arsene.


Then I grabbed the other maid and asked.


“You know, where’s Cain?”


“Young Master Cain? He was in bed until just now… Huh?”


The maid looked up and down at the blanket. And as soon as she noticed that Cain wasn’t in the blanket, her face turned white.


“No way, he was definitely here just now!”


The maid frantically searched for Cain. After hearing her words, the other servants searched every nook and cranny of the room.


I too bent down to my knees and looked in every nook and cranny to find Cain.






There was a sound of something being smashed outside, and the sighs of servants were heard.


And that wasn’t all.


The sound of something exploding was heard one after another, and the sound of servants hurriedly rectifying it was also heard.


‘I’m sure you prepared a lot…’


Since it was the first shapeshift of the children of the head family, I saw that the servants were also preparing meticulously.


Even though they removed all the dangerous things, covered the windows, and prepared as much as possible.




…it seems to have been lacking.


I looked outside the door with blurry eyes, then searched for Cain again.


There are children who succeeded in their first shapeshift who behave like that, and children who don’t adapt and cry. 


“…I found you.” 


Cain was the latter.


In the corner, next to the chest of drawers, I saw a black baby snake covered in dust and coiled up in a circle.


I saw a black baby snake covered in dust and circling next to the drawer.


“Cain, are you okay?”


I reached out to Cain.


The baby snake stood upright and looked up at me, then wrapped itself around my hand.




“…Cain, are you crying?”


Tears welled up in the black snake’s eyes. I smiled and gently stroked Cain.


“It’s all right, Cain. It’s all right. Everything will pass.”




“…They don’t look all right.”


Cain slowly moved his body, wrapping it around my arm like a bracelet.


I carefully hugged Cain and peeped out of the room.


I saw a messy hallway.


‘…What the hell are you doing to break all the windows?’


Did they get hurt?


I tried to go out looking for the children, but the maids stopped me.


“Please go in, Lady. It’s dangerous if you’re with me. I think you should stay in the room with Cain.” 


“Eung… did they get hurt?” 


I nodded my head.


But then.




The door burst open, and a small orange lion rushed into the room.






Seeing the black snake wrapped around my wrist, she cried and exposed her teeth.


I was momentarily startled and jumped out of place.




With the sound of the explosion, the body shrank. Cain, wrapped around my wrist, fell to the floor.


The maid hastily hugged Cain. Tears could be seen forming in Cain’s eyes again.


‘I, it’s a big problem.’


I was fine with wolves, but I don’t seem to be immune to lions, even baby lions.


Calming my startled heart, I flew up and sat down near the light.


Leona roared for a long time, then ran out again vigorously.




It was a complete mess.




It was only three hours later that Leona and Arsene calmed down.


The baby wolf and the baby lion went on a rampage to their heart’s content and soon lay down and breathed heavily, as if they were exhausted.


However, I did not recklessly approach Leona and Arsene because I didn’t know what kind of disaster I would face. 


I was sitting on Betty’s shoulder so that I wouldn’t be surprised if Arsene rushed at me.



It’s too dangerous.


I thought it would be less dangerous because it’s a baby wolf and a baby lion.


The destructive power is almost adult-level—.


It seemed that it was because Leona and Arsene were the children of the head family.


Yeckhart’s mansion was almost half-destroyed thanks to Leona and Arsene running around, smashing and biting, hitting their heads into anything. 


The curtains were torn, and the portrait hanging at the end of the hallway had long claw marks.


Kendrick sighed as he looked at the completely ruined Yeckhart Mansion.




“This is good enough.”


He gave an unexpected answer.




I looked at Kendrick in disbelief.


‘What, father?’


The mansion is now more than half destroyed, but what do you mean good enough? 


I didn’t know because the bird clan didn’t make a fuss like this even during the first shapeshift—.


Is the first shapeshift of carnivores originally normal? 


Kendrick asked Ethan to calculate and list the broken things thoroughly.


It seemed that he was going to claim damages from the Fernando family for the broken things.


“Linsy, are you okay?” 




I cried to mean that I was okay, and flew to land on Kendrick’s shoulder.


A red feather came out and stuck to Kendrick’s shoulder.


“Yes, as long as you’re all right. What about Cain? Cain, where is he?”




I pointed with my wing to the blanket where Cain was hiding.


Cain went under the blanket and wasn’t coming out. 


“Cain, are you okay?”


Kendrick carefully lifted the covers and examined Cain’s body.


It seemed that he was worried that Arsene and Leona might have left a claw mark while making a disturbance.


The black baby snake slipped out of Kendrick’s hand and hid under the blanket again.


Kendrick sighed.


“I was going to throw a party for the first shapeshift, but you already threw a big party before I did.” 


At Kendrick’s words, the orange lion and the gray baby wolf, who had been lying still, were startled and shook their shoulders. 




I flapped my wings in response to Kendrick’s comment about “having a big party.”


The servants seemed exhausted from chasing after Arsene and Leona the whole time.


The sighs of the servants clearing the messy hallways could be heard throughout the room.


“Still, you did a good job. All of you.”


Kendrick said, gently patting Arsene and Leona’s heads.


He also tried to stroke Cain’s head, who was hiding under the covers, but Cain shyly refused Kendrick’s touch.


The baby lion put her face into Kendrick’s big hand and grinned.


“What are you so excited about, Leon? It seems like the first shapeshifting is just good.”


Regardless of Kendrick’s critics, Leona wagged her tail.


The gray baby wolf Arsene, who had been watching her, bit Leona’s hand.






As if they weren’t tired, Arsene and Leona got entangled again and started biting and fighting.


Of course, it didn’t hurt because neither of them was fighting seriously.


“Stop, stop. Leon, if you keep doing this, I will send you back. Arsene, if you keep doing this, think you’ll be standing with a sign again.”


When Kendrick sternly warned them, Arsene and Leona wheezed and took a step back.


However, as if they had forgotten Kendrick’s words for a while, they soon got tangled up again and growled.


‘Uh, my head hurts.’


The two of them used to fight a lot even when they were in human form, but when they succeeded in turning into their beast form, they fought even more fiercely. 


I sighed and watched the situation from Kendrick’s shoulder.


Normally, I would have stopped the fight, but—.


‘If I try to stop that fight now, I’ll be torn apart.’


A lion and a wolf could tear a bird apart.


I gulped at the still small but sharp claws of Arsene and Leona.


Arsene and Leona, who had been fighting all along, were eventually quarantined in different rooms as a special measure.


Only then did peace come back to the wolf mansion.


Even though the mansion is half destroyed due to the rampage of the two children.


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