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A week later, Kendrick arranged a list of things Leona Fernando had broken and decided to charge the Fernando family.


“Check every single statue.”


Ethan lowered his head in response to Kendrick’s command.


“But, my Lord, what if I can’t tell the difference between what the Young Master and Lady Leona broke?” 


Kendrick wrinkled his brow at Ethan’s words.


Certainly, the main culprits who destroyed Yeckhart’s mansion were Leona and Arsene. 


Kendrick remembered his son biting at the end of the portrait hanging in the room and tearing it apart.


It is impossible to make a claim against the Fernando mansion for the damage Arsene caused.




Kendrick frowned and pondered for a moment.


And soon.


“Combine the value of all the broken things, and charge Fernando exactly half.”


This was the right way because he couldn’t tell the difference between the two children.


Ethan nodded and replied to Kendrick’s orders.


Two sheets of parchment filled up as he made a list of the things Leona and Arsene broke.


“So many…” 


The head maid of the Yeckhart Mansion said in astonishment.


The children of the wolf clan and the children of the lion clan are special at first shapeshift. 


‘Still, it’s too much.’


Kendrick Yeckhart also destroyed all the decorations in Yeckhart’s mansion during his first shapeshift. 


‘He did less than the Young Master.’


Ethan thought to himself.


As Kendrick ordered, he calculated the value of Leona’s damage and wrote an invoice. 


Afterwards, Kendrick personally visited the Fernando mansion with the bill to take Leona. 


Lamont paid for the ones Leona had broken as soon as he got the parchments. 


“She only broke this? Amazing.”


On the contrary, he even laughed while saying this.


Kendrick looked at Lamont, who signed with the parchment in front of him, and soon laughed.


“It certainly seemed less than your two sons.”


“Yes, I thought that Leona would be able to eat the whole Yeckhart mansion and have some leftovers.”


“The whole mansion…So, did you leave your daughter to shapeshift in the Wolf Mansion?” 


To Kendrick’s question, Lamont responded with an impressive smile.


“Because there really was a situation. You don’t believe it, do you?”


“The snake clan couldn’t take Cain for the same reason. I believe in the Hezeth family, but… it’s hard to believe you.” 


To Kendrick’s words, Lamont replied.


“Still, it would have been much better for Leona. She likes Linsy so much. She’s been saying she wanted to do her first shapeshift in the presence of Linsy. I only granted my daughter’s wish once. Of course, my wife was a little disappointed, but…” 


“It’s a pity, she didn’t see her daughter’s first shapeshift.” 


This is because the first shapeshift is quite a big deal. 


And even more so with Kendrick.


‘Because there was a time when I thought Arsene wouldn’t be able to shapeshift.’


He vaguely thought that if he died before he was old enough to do it, or even if he were alive, he wouldn’t be able to do it. 




“Young Master, Lady Leona, and Young Master Cain play together often… It seems that the first shapeshift cycle has been set.” 


How surprised and happy he was to receive that report.


His beloved son.


He was born with a curse that everyone said he wouldn’t live long.


Then he suddenly remembered the last will of Irene, Arsene’s mother and Kendrick’s wife, left to Arsene.


“I’m sorry I couldn’t hold you for a long time, son. I’m sorry I couldn’t hug you for a long time.”


After hearing the story, Kendrick was determined to protect Arsene no matter what.


It’s been ten years since he gave his whole life to Arsene. 


‘But the first shapeshift.’


As much as it was unexpected, the joy was greater.


Isn’t it the heart of parents to want to engrave every time their children grow up in their hearts?


But the Lion Clan is different. Kendrick didn’t think long.


“But surprisingly, the servants of the Fernando Mansion are not sorry. I almost built a new mansion during Aslan and Theobald.”


Lamont replied with a shrug.


Kendrick said, ‘The Fernand mansion is not broken, so of course it is,’ and soon quit.


And although Yeckhart’s mansion was damaged a lot,


‘It was a pretty decent sight.’


He witnessed the rare sight of the Lion Clan’s child, the Wolf Clan’s heir, and the Snake Clan’s heir making their first shapeshift at the same time.


It doesn’t feel bad.


Kendrick once again remembered the day Leona, Arsene, and Cain made their shapeshift.






The little orange lion raised its front paws and roared. 


“No, I mean, you’re still fighting.”


I sighed heavily, pulled Arsene into my arms, and pushed Leona’s forehead with my palm.


“Leon, stop it. Eung? How long are you going to fight with Arsene?”


Arsene struggled in my arms, then gave up and grabbed the back of my hand.


I let out a deep sigh.


Arsene was in my arms, and Leona was restless because she wanted to fight Arsene.


In addition, Cain was hanging like a necklace around my neck.


I asked Betty with a tired expression.


“Betty… When will the first shapeshift usually release?” 


“Usually, it will be released in half a day, so please be patient. Lady.” 


Seeing my struggles, Betty and the other maids tried to take care of Arsene, Leona, and Cain.


“Shh, shh-!”






Because Cain, Arsene, and Leona were against it, I couldn’t leave it up to the other maids.


‘Even though Leon and Cain are shapeshifting, their instincts have gotten stronger, which makes things difficult for the wolf clan.’


I looked down at Arsene.


“Arsene, why are you?”


When Arsene heard me, he turned away, pretending not to know. 


I understand about Leona and Cain, but since Arsene is a wolf, shouldn’t he be more comfortable with the other wolf maids?


I looked at Betty and said.


“Betty… I can’t. Please hold Leon. I don’t think it’s okay for the kids to fight.”


“Yes, I will. Good girl, Lady Leon.” 


Betty nodded and hugged the little orange lion.


Leon seemed to struggle a bit, but when Betty sat down next to me without going far, she sat calmly in Betty’s arms and glared at Arsene.


“No, I think they’re fighting more because they’re in their beast state. I don’t know why they’re fighting like this.”


“At the time of the first shapeshift, aggression increases because you can’t control your instincts, but… I think Young Master and Lady Leona are a little too much.”


Betty looked at Leona and Arsene with a worried look.


I also nodded.


“It’s really bad. Besides, Cain…” 


I looked at Cain Hezeth hanging limply from my neck. 


Cain had been in this state since the first shapeshift. 


I caught him as he was feeling down and trying to crawl into the corner, and I put him around my neck.


‘Oh, it’s really not that easy…’


I tapped Arsene’s moist nose with my finger.


“Arsene, don’t you want to go down?”


The little gray wolf stared at me. I could feel the clear blue eyes staring at me.


The baby wolf Arsene cried as he put his small front paws on my arm.




“Ung, so it’s a no….” 


I hugged Arsene and really comforted him like a child.


During their first shapeshift, instinct came first, and their ability to control their emotions was still immature, so they had to be treated like children.


By the way.


‘It’s so cute… Uhm.’


I often imagined the day when Arsene would make his first shapeshift. 


I only saw the appearance of adult wolves among the entire wolf clan, who were shapeshifting—.


‘This is my first time seeing such a small baby wolf.’


I thought to myself and stroked Arsene’s head, then hesitated.


‘No, I’ve seen it once before.’


At the first banquet, the one who scared me by deliberately shapeshifting and threatened me by surprise.


Of course, she’s a little older, but— I looked back at vague memories.


‘Or not?’


Maybe it felt that way because I was younger and more timid than I am now.


As I thought about that memory, I was a bit surprised at myself.


‘I never thought the day would come when I couldn’t even remember her name.’


At the time, and when I was seven or eight years old, I vaguely thought that I would live with it as a lifelong trauma.


Because for me, the shock at that time was very big.


I thought while stroking Arsene.


‘I guess it’s because I was loved in the Wolf Mansion.’


I can’t even remember the traumas that gave me such a hard time when I was seven.


I’m still a little scared of the dark, but—.


‘That, too, will be fine soon.’


Because there are Arsene and Kendrick, the Wolf Mansion, Leona, and Cain.


I gently stroked Arsene’s head, an adorable baby wolf.


Arsene narrowed his eyes, looked at me for a while, and then rubbed his head in my palm.


“It tickles, Arsene.”




Arsene licked my palm. I stared at Arsene.


‘Ugh. Even if it was the first shapeshift, the rationality would be there, right…?’


It’s just that he follows his instincts and doesn’t completely lose his mind. 


But Arsene was really acting like a baby wolf now.


Follow his instincts—.


‘Is it your instinct… to want to lick my palm?’


I was confused for a moment, but then I hugged and comforted Arsene.




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