Author: rolypoly

It’s a strange thing.


‘I just met Arsene’s eyes.’


It makes me feel like I can use more powers. 


I gently stroked Arsene’s head and whispered quietly.


“Arsene, you won’t feel pain anymore. I don’t lie, remember?” 


I said, remembering the first time I treated Arsene.


“You know, if you listen to me carefully, you can stop taking medicine.”




“It’s real, I don’t lie.”




“That’s all? If you listen to me carefully, you can go out and play.”


Even though Arsene didn’t trust me, he entrusted himself to me that day.


He must have hated being sick that much.


I kept my promise and made sure that Arsene didn’t get sick for a while that day.


Are you trying to answer me?


The little baby wolf slowly closed and opened his eyes with his tongue out.


I hugged Arsene tighter and whispered again.


“So, trust me this time too.”


Now I was getting a little bit out of breath.


I knew that it was because I used my abilities excessively. 




‘I can’t stop using my powers when Arsene is this sick.’


I glanced over at Mr Hern.


He was watching Arsene and me with a very worried expression.


It seemed that if I showed signs of overdoing it, he would separate them at any moment.


I fixed my eyes on Arsene with my head lowered to hide my troubled expression as much as possible.




I didn’t forget to call Arsene’s name over and over so he wouldn’t lose his mind.


The little wolf wheezed as I patted his back in my arms as if trying to lift something up.


It sounds like something is stuck in your throat. I could see Mr Hern’s expression gradually hardening. 


But there was a problem.


‘Why his condition doesn’t get better?’


Originally, my ability didn’t work well with Arsene.


The proof was the spots still remaining on Arsene’s body.


Arsene’s disease would have been cured long ago if my power had worked.


Still, it was enough to calm Arsene’s condition.


But now, Arsene showed no signs of calming down.


I tried my best to use my power more.


I’m still using a lot of power, but—.


To some extent, the amount of power used for Arsene now was greater than the amount of power used for the entire servants of the Yekhart mansion.


Even so, the condition wasn’t easily calmed down, so I panicked and tried to release my ability more. 


Let’s do that.


“…What is this?”


Betty opened her mouth cautiously.


Perhaps it was because I used my powers too much, but the room was filled with light green smoke.




I used my powers while looking at my hand, which was sparkling with light green.


And between the green lights—.




I could see a cluster of reddish lights.


I almost let Arsene go because I was surprised, but I pulled myself together.


Fortunately, the smoke spread in the room didn’t seem to be turning red, so I rolled my hands as much as possible and hid them. 





Arsene suddenly let out a painful sound, and his body shuddered.


“Arsene, Arsene?”


I hurriedly called Arsene and gathered some of my powers.


Is he in more pain because of my power?


Mr Hern hurriedly approaches us and separates me and Arsene.


“M, Mr!” 


“Not anymore. Something seems wrong. First, let’s try medicine… If it doesn’t work, then we’ll try again.”


After Mr Hern finished talking, Chloe hugged Arsene.


“I’ll lay him down in the Young Master’s room. The Lady is resting here.”


“Then I will soon make the medicine and follow you. I’ll see how his condition goes in a little while, Lady.”


Mr Hern said that my condition seemed to be unstable, so I didn’t move and was told to stay where I was.


I nodded.


In an instant, Arsene and the maids left, leaving me alone with Betty in the room.


As I swept the area where Arsene was lying, I felt lukewarm warmth.


“My Lady, are you okay?”


Betty asked affectionately, sweeping my face once.


I rubbed my face lightly at Betty’s kind touch.


“Yes, I am fine. But Arsene…” 


I’ve never had anything like this before.


Even if Arsene and my power didn’t match well for some reason, Arsene calmed down if I always used my power. 


It’s just that I’m a little tired.


‘…Is it not a little?’


It was because there were two times when I was completely exhausted and collapsed while using my abilities to heal him.


‘But if I used this power, Arsene wouldn’t be sick…’


As soon as a reddish light shone in my hand, Arsene felt pain. 


A reddish light. 


I decided to talk about this with Kendrick when he returned.


‘Because I can’t hide it.’


Before that, I didn’t carelessly say anything because I was afraid I might have seen something wrong.


‘I’m sure I didn’t see it wrong this time.’


A reddish light was clearly circulating in my hand.


But, all of a sudden, I was terrified.


‘Could this be a curse?’


Kendrick said that the idea that birds with red fur are cursed is a superstition that circulates only among the avian clan and a few clans.


A reddish light shone in my hand, and shortly after that, Arsene was in pain—.


I suddenly realized that this could be the “curse” they were talking about so much.


Still, I couldn’t hide it from Kendrick.


‘If this is really a curse, I have to say it even if I end up being hated.’


Because that was my own way of repaying the favor I received at the Wolf Mansion.


Betty hugged me tightly and patted me on the back.


“He will be fine, he has always been fine. Don’t worry too much, Lady.” 


I could feel Betty’s fingertips trembling slightly.


Maybe Betty is worried about Arsene too.


But just in case I was surprised, she seemed to be trying to comfort me kindly.


“Can you sleep alone?”


Betty asked anxiously.


I’ve been sleeping with Arsene for three years now, so it was worth worrying about.


I pondered for a moment and then nodded.


“Eung, I can sleep alone.”


Arsene is sick, so all the people in the mansion are busy moving,


Since I couldn’t help, I shouldn’t have bothered them. 


Betty pondered for a moment, then asked cautiously.


“If you don’t mind, can I put you to sleep?”




“Yes, you like to sleep with your face buried in that fur when I’m shapeshifting.” 


“Eung, I like it… but are you going to shapeshift?” 




Betty said with a soft smile. She used to hug me.


I wrapped my arms around Betty’s neck.


Betty held me and took me to the room I used when I was seven.


Arsene was lying in the room next to me, the door was slightly open and the maids were busy coming and going.


Maids with wet towels and bowls of medicine hurried through the corridors.


Betty held me and she opened the door to my room.


It’s been a while since I started sleeping with Arsene, but the room was clean. 


The maids seemed to clean and manage steadily.


Betty gently laid me on the bed, tapping the floor lightly with her foot.




A small explosion sound was heard, and brown smoke billowed up.


And in the midst of it, a wolf with a gentle impression of brown fur appeared.




Betty was the maid who knew best that I was timid.


That’s why, now that the mansion was so noisy, it seemed like they were checking to see if he might faint.


A huge brown wolf sat on the floor beside the bed and raised its snout onto it.


I gently stroked Betty’s hair, then patted the quilt next to mine. 


“Betty, if you lie down here… can’t you?” 


I felt like if Betty lay down beside me, I could shake off this complicated mind and sleep.


I heard some noise from the next room. 




I stood up and held back when I wanted to go to Arsene.


It won’t help if I go now. It’ll only disturb them.


Betty stared at me for a moment with a troubled expression, then cautiously climbed onto the bed.


Even though the bed was very big, Betty was a little bigger, so her lower body almost protruded out of the bed.


The huge tail swayed.


I was cradled in the warm arms of the brown wolf and buried my face in its soft fur.


‘Arsene… he’s gonna be okay, right?’


Seeing that it was noisy for a long time and then quieted down soon, I think he calmed down a little. 


I hugged Betty, hoping Kendrick would come back soon.


Betty’s fur smelled good.




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Comments (3)

  1. its good to see that linsy isn’t jumping to the worst case scenario and catastrophizing, like she would have before. she’s grown so much 🥺 but she still feels anxious about her feathers, even more so now. i can’t wait to learn more about her powers. maybe arsene’s curse stems from the red energy she uses, and thats why he got worse? thank you so much!!

  2. I just feel like the red energy is actually good for Arsene, like cutting out the curse from him, but idk. That, or someone placed a curse on him that whoever tries to heal him makes it worse.

    1. yeahh me too!! i feel like its not healing but clarifying. like the red energy will force the curse out of him but since its forced then obvi it will hurt