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As I trembled in surprise, Betty looked in the direction of the voice, as if in trouble, and then looked at me once. 


“…What happened just now?”


When I asked, she thought for a moment and answered cautiously.


“The Young Master must be very sick. That room is his room. Shall we go back now?”


She grabbed my hand lightly.


But I stood there and didn’t move.


That was Arsene’s voice? 


That’s weird. He looked fine when we met in the garden earlier.


I pulled Betty by the hand.


“…I want to meet that boy, is it okay?”




“He’s my friend, right?”


Betty opened her eyes wide as if surprised by what I said.


Her mouth was slightly open, and she seemed very surprised.


“Lady, it seems that the Young Master is not feeling well today—”


So now is the right time.


Now! Right now! 


When Arsene is ill and crying, she will show up nicely and heal him with her powers. 


‘Then it would be good to show what I’m good at.’


I got the confirmation that they wouldn’t kick me out, but I’m still anxious because—.


As I grabbed Betty’s skirt, she let out a deep sigh.


Then, while she was holding my hand, I walked carefully.


In the meantime, a loud noise kept coming through the door.


When she knocked lightly on the door, a maid with dark hair and a troubled face stuck her head out.


“Betty? What’s going on? I don’t know what’s going on, but I can’t right now—, the Young Master—.”


“Chloe, the Lady wants to meet the Young Master.”


Betty patted me slightly on the back and said, a maid called Chloe looked down at me with her eyes wide open.


“Lady? Ah! Are you from the bird clan?”


“That’s right, so please open the door.” 


Chloe’s face instantly turned bright.


“I heard that the Lord is bringing a Lady from a bird clan, but I didn’t expect it to be this fast!”


She opened the door with a big smile.




‘Rumors of bringing a child of a bird clan are circulating in the mansion.’


Well, the head of the wolf clan went to Raniero himself. It was strange if the rumors didn’t circulate.


That’s why they open the door at once.


The door opened, and I peeped through the crack in the door into the room.


And at that moment, my eyes met Arsene, who was flushed.




I waved my hand slightly.


Then Arsene looked at me with round eyes.


A bewildered light flashed across his face.


Arsene didn’t seem to know that a new bird girl had arrived yet. 


Should I speak slowly because I’m afraid I’ll scare the sick child?


‘He didn’t know when he saw me in the garden.’


Well, it’s only been a day since I came to the mansion, so it’s natural. 


I approached Arsene’s bed.


Arsene seemed to agonize for a moment and soon pulled the blanket up to the tip of his head and hid.




I thought he would be happy to meet me once in the garden, but I don’t think so.


Well, the first impression was bad.


Arsene was taking medicine, and one of the maids was awkwardly holding a silver spoon that had lost its place.


I passed the maids crawling around the bed and headed straight to the bed. 


And without the bed owner’s permission, I sat down on the soft bed.


Then Arsene, who had been hiding, was surprised, so he pulled up the blanket and looked at me.


“W, what are you doing! Why are you on my bed!”


“Can’t I come up here?”


“Of course not! Get down now!”


His face was red, as if he was very embarrassed.


I looked at the medicine on the corner of Arsene’s mouth, the maid awkwardly holding a medicine bowl and the blanket with the medicine splashing in turn.


Looking at the situation, Arsene, who did not want to take medicine, seemed to have caused this while complaining.


He’s just getting angry because he’s ashamed that his peers found out about it.


I introduced myself first.


It was necessary to lower Arsene’s alertness because he kept his head up and was alert.


“A bird clan? Why is the bird clan coming here? You, don’t tell me….”


Even so, Arsene became more wary when he learned that I belonged to a bird family.


What should I do?


After thinking for a while, I grabbed Arsene’s small hand.


Arsene, who was so red he looked like he would burst, took out his hand quickly, so I missed it right away. 


“Don’t grabbed me!” 


“Um, okay. I won’t hold you. Is it okay if I touch your arm instead?”


“…It’s not okay! Don’t touch me, get out!”


Oh, you’re a tough guy.


“What about your feet?”


“No feet! Don’t touch my body! You idiot!”


Arsene groaned as if angry.


Then the maids began to comfort Arsene as if they were familiar with it.


“You can’t do that, Young Master. She’s going to be your friend.”


“Who wants to have a friend or something?”


Arsene put the blanket over his head again.


I pulled Arsene’s blanket tight.




‘He didn’t smell like wolf.’


As Yeckhart’s successor, he wouldn’t be mixed race, but the fact that he didn’t smell like a wolf meant that he was either very sick or a mutant.


Or, he can hide his scent and trace like Kendrick.


But in the case of Arsene, it seemed to be the former.


I stared at Arsene, who was wriggling under the blanket and then pulled the blanket off.


“What are you doing!”


Arsene seemed embarrassed, so he screamed with a red face.


“…. Arsene, you know… You don’t want to take medicine, do you?”


Arsene’s small body shuddered as if I had hit the nail on the head.


Arsene seemed to ponder for a moment, then cautiously nodded his head.


His sweaty hair was stuck to his forehead.


I looked into a bowl of medicine.


The medicine looked very bitter because it was dark green and sticky.


A seven-year-old child didn’t want to eat it, which was normal.


I grabbed Arsene’s hand.


This time, I crossed my fingers to make it harder for him to take it off, then I told Arsene.


“You know, if you listen to me carefully, you might not take medicine.”




“Really, I’m not lying.”




“That’s it? If you listen carefully, you might be able to go out and play.”


Arsene slowly lifted his head and looked once at the medicine pot and once at my face.




All right, here we go.


Arsene was still looking at me with suspicious eyes, as if in disbelief.


He won’t let go of her hand, though, because he doesn’t want to take medicine.


“Uhm, then. It’s real. You said you wouldn’t lie to me.” 


When I answered with a big nod, Arsene nodded accordingly.


The fine gray hair covered Arsene’s eyes with every nod.


I removed Arsene’s bangs and grabbed his hand once more.


“Did you heal my wounds in the garden earlier?”


“If I hadn’t heal it, they would have put a lot of stinging medicine on it.”


Arsene wept while I made a terrible face.


“Don’t you agree with me?” 




“So trust me again this time.”


Arsene gave a modest nod as if he had never said no before.


After making sure that the small hand wasn’t shaking anymore, I focused on his hand that was clasped.


The way to use this ability is born with it.


Only the awakening time is different.


It was done by children of different races who God blessed.


I closed my eyes slowly.


A pleasant sound tickled my nose.


After making sure that the warm wind went all the way around the body, I focused on the part where the hands met.


Then I felt that my powers were slowly moving into Arsene’s hands.


The methods of using healing abilities were slightly different.


For example, my father was a way to heal by pouring out his powers all at once.


Gail, who is Raniero’s successor and my half-brother, has the ability to make something solid and feed it. (t/n : I’m not really sure about this;;) 


‘I’m different from those ignorant ways.’


I put it in the other person’s body to treat, check the condition, and start treatment with this power.


Since it is a method that requires less effort than other family members, in a previous life, if the condition was good, even four people could be treated in a day.


The power flowed through my hand and spread to every corner of Arsene’s body.


A green light resembling a green forest quickly spread from between Arsene’s hand and mine to the end of the room.


Some of the maids who watched were quietly exclaiming.


Arsene, too, opened his eyes wide and watched me use my powers without any more resistance.


Five minutes passed like that,


‘…it’s hard!’


Even though I was excited that I could cure Arsene’s disease, his treatment was very, very hard.


‘It’s strange, is it really this hard?’


I’ve never had such a hard time treating a common disease.


If I don’t take my hand out like this, I strongly feel that it might suck my abilities and my life force away.


‘But I have to treat it.’


I’m here to heal him.


I might be sent back to Raniero if I can’t cure him.


‘I really hate that…’


I forced myself to use this skill.


As if to represent the unstable flow of magical powers, the green wind that circulated around Arsen and my body quickly became rough.


And at that moment,


The familiar green smoke filled up from the tip of my toes.


‘Oh, no!’


Arsene opened his eyes wide as if he didn’t understand.


The maids also felt something was wrong, so they hurried to separate Arsene and me.


But it was too late by the time the maids separated Arsene and me.




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