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“There was no problem with the snake family’s mansion.”


Kendrick was now sitting in the office of the Hezeth, the head of the Snake Clan.


After finishing his business in Fernando, he came at the request of Creighton Hezeth to stop by the Hezeth mansion.


And the story Creighton put out was quite shocking.


“I obtained the information that Giles flowers are being distributed and confirmed it.”


Creighton nodded slowly at Kendrick’s words.


“Yes, there is no problem with the snake family’s mansion.”


Creighton opened his mouth with a face that looked quite tired.


“If it became known that the Giles flowers were distributed, the other clans might hold the snake clan accountable, so we issued a gag order. But…”


He added that he couldn’t pick up Cain that day because he was dealing with it.


“So, is the information accurate?”


It was a big problem that Giles Flower was circulating in the beastman society.


Once it starts to spread, the damage will be out of control.


To Kendrick’s question, Creighton nodded again in response.


“Yes, it was secretly distributed on the black market. I’ve already checked.”


He took out a small, tightly sealed storage box and placed it on the table between the two.


“We’ve got the evidence.”


“Did you check?”


“Yes, it must be Giles pollen. But…”


Creighton wrinkled his face.


“Did you mix something more, or did the Giles flower become less effective with the resurrection… I don’t think it’s as powerful as ancient Giles.”


“What do you mean not powerful?”


“It’s literally true. Researchers from the Snake family have confirmed that the Giles flowers have a different composition from the one that caused damage to Yekhart Mansion the other day.”


Kendrick frowned at Hezeth’s words and pulled the locker.


Then, in preparation for an unexpected situation, he wrapped the storage box using his power and carefully opened it.


To the naked eye, it seemed no different from the Giles pollen Kendrick had obtained the other day.




“Fortunately, there don’t seem to be many victims yet… but again, we never know. For now, We need to find out how far this has spread.


He shook his head, clutching his throbbing head. 


“Yes, the black market… I’ll also have to check out the Wolf Clan’s Black Market. The first time I checked, it wasn’t circulating, so I don’t know again.”


“Yeah. For reference, I said that the effect seemed to have weakened, but I didn’t say that I wasn’t addicted. Three people who lost consciousness due to poisoning and one person who lost their reason were confirmed.”


Creighton said, counting the victims he had identified in his head.


“Have other clans talked about it?”


Creighton shrugged at Kendrick’s question.


“I don’t know, even if it’s just the snake clan, didn’t they hide it for now? The damage might have been greater if the entire family were involved. It’s just that everyone is hiding it.”


After the Pope lay down, each clan had little interaction with each other. 


They were exchanging information little by little only about Giles flowers, and other exchanges were almost cut off.


So, it was right to see that the entire beastmen society had become closed.


Kendrick was well aware of this fact, so he agreed with Creighton that the damage might be greater.


‘My head hurt…’


It was fortunate that only Giles pollen was circulating. But, 


‘If the seeds were distributed.’


Of course, not everyone can make Giles flowers bloom just by getting seeds.


If even one person succeeds in growing Giles flowers, it will be a headache. In addition—.


‘There are already successful people….’


Kendrick recalled the Giles flower fields found in the Lion Clan’s territory.


The corpse of Esther, who was lying in the middle, too.


When he meticulously searched the Lion Clan’s territory, it was confirmed that there were no more piles of Giles flowers.


‘There might be another flower garden like that elsewhere.’


Kendrick sighed and washed his face dry. He couldn’t shake the feeling that something was going terribly wrong.


“By the way, is Cain okay?”


Kendrick asked Creighton.


It was because he remembered that Cain had been depressed all along after his first shapeshift. 


Creighton nodded his head.


“Yes, you must be surprised because you are a wolf clan, but children of the snake clan have a habit of digging into a corner or feeling depressed at the first shapeshift. I should have told you beforehand, but I was distracted by Giles flowers and forgot.”


According to Creighton, the Snake Clan felt as if their limbs had completely disappeared when they first shapeshifted. 


That’s why the children of the snake family get especially depressed and sensitive after the first shapeshift. 


“He’s okay now. I think he adjusted to a certain extent. There was a day when he slept in his snake form.”


“That’s a relief. I asked because Linsy was worried that Cain was depressed.”




Knock, knock.


A knock was heard. Creighton glanced at Kendrick for a moment, as if begging for his understanding.


Kendrick brought the teacup to his lips and nodded at him, and Creighton opened his mouth.


“Come in.”


The person who entered was the butler of the Hezeth family. He bowed his head to Kendrick and Creighton and said.


“There is a letter addressed to Sir Kendrick from the Wolf Clan. What should I do?”




Kendrick raised an eyebrow.


He checked the time.


It was already well past midnight because he had come out of the Lion Clan’s mansion late.


But, a letter at this hour?

Kendrick nodded his head.


“Bring it.”


The butler who heard the order quickly left and returned with the letter.


The wolf who brought the letter was also with them. He was breathing heavily without even thinking about releasing his form as if he had been running non-stop from the territory of the wolf clan. 


“Show him a place to rest.”


At Creighton’s order, the butler took the wolf clan who had brought the letter with him.


Kendrick checked the letter anxiously.


As expected. The content of the letter was that Arsene was suddenly ill.


In addition, it was written that Linsy’s power didn’t calm him down. 


Kendrick wrinkled his brow, folded the letter into his pocket and stood up.


“What is it about?”


“Arsene is sick, I have to go. I’ll finish the story next time, I’ll check to see if Giles flowers have been circulated in the wolf clan and contact you separately.”


After Kendrick finished speaking, he immediately used his power.


The dark energy that had gathered slowly rose from Kendrick’s toes and quickly covered his entire body.


“See you again soon.”


Before Creighton could finish his sentence, Kendrick disappeared in an instant.


Knock, knock.


There was a knock, and the Creighton family butler entered.


“As you said, a place to rest… huh?” 


The butler tilted his head and asked.


“Did Kendrick leave for a while?”


Hezeth said, glancing at the teacup Kendrick had drunk.


“No, he went back.”




Kendrick uses his powers and quickly arrives at Yeckhart’s mansion.


When he entered, the servants escorted Kendrick straight to Arsene’s room.


After changing Arsene’s wet blankets, massaging his limbs, and slowly giving him medicine, the maids left for a moment so Kendrick could go to Arsene.


Kendrick checked the little baby wolf lying on the huge bed and strode up to the bed.


And he carefully put a large hand over Arsene’s head.


Kendrick’s hands were so large that they covered all of Arsene’s head.


Kendrick looked at Arsene for a long time with a worried look and soon turned his head.




“Yes, my Lord.”


Hern, who was nursing Arsene, immediately strode out and nodded his head.


“Report Arsene’s condition.”


“Because of the first shapeshifting, I think his physical condition has weakened sharply due to excessive exhaustion. There’s no problem so far…” 


Hern, who paused for a moment, opened his mouth. 


“Lady Linsy tried to use her powers to calm the Young Master’s condition. But after that, his condition quickly worsened, so I had to separate them for now.”




“Yes, Lady Linsy seemed to be having a harder time than usual, too…” 


After looking at Arsene for a while, Kendrick asked Hern again.


“So, is he feeling better now?”


“Yes, he’s taking medicine, and we were feeding him little by little. It seems to be a little better than before, but I think we’ll have to keep an eye on it all night.”


“Yes, I have to ask for nursing care. If his condition gets worse, report it immediately.” 


Kendrick carefully stroked his son, who had no strength to wag his tail.


Afterward, he slowly left the room and asked Ethan.


“Ethan, what about Linsy?”


“She’s sleeping in the next room with Betty.”


Ethan carefully opened the door to the room where Linsy was sleeping. 


Through the slightly open door, he saw a little red-haired girl sleeping quietly in the arms of a giant brown wolf.


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  1. oh, so linsy’s ability made arsene WAY worse. thats not good for several reasons…. but i love seeing kendrick being the world’s best dad <3 thank you for the chapter!!