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Linsy disappeared.


As soon as Betty confirmed Linsy was flying somewhere, she hurriedly ran to Kendrick and informed him of the situation.


“M, my Lord!”


Betty called urgently, and Kendrick looked at the papers and looked up.


“What happened?”


“L, Lady!”


Betty took a breath for a moment, and soon spoke slowly and clearly.


“Lady, she flew off somewhere! I went to check the bed, but she was sitting on the window sill…”


She had a look of bewilderment as if she was half stunned.


Kendrick listened quietly to Betty, with his pen stopped, and raised his eyebrows.


“…she flew away?”


“Yes, she flew somewhere east.”


Kendrick listened to Betty and jumped out of his seat


Then he took the lead and strode to the room where Linsy was sleeping.


Indeed, just as Betty had said, the windows were wide open, the curtains fluttering, and red feathers fell on the floor.


Kendrick looked at the scene briefly. And soon,


“We must find Linsy. Call the Knights.”


As soon as Kendrick finished speaking, darkness crept over him from all directions.


Then it soon became a small bird shape.


Kendrick ordered the birds to summon the Knights.


The birds, made of shadows, flew out of the window at Kendrick’s command.


Since many of the Knights were scattered in the wolf territory at Kendrick’s command, it may be more helpful in finding Linsy.


Kendrick’s head was complicated as he gave the order and thought of his next move.


‘Just why?’


Where on earth did she go?


It was more confusing because there was no place for her to go in the wolf territory.


Because the only place where Linsy gave her heart was the Yeckhart mansion.


So at first, when Linsy’s dedicated maid told him that she had flown away, he didn’t believe it.


Since he is still small when it comes to shapeshifting, he wondered if the maid had misunderstood.




‘The scattered red feathers, and…’


Linsy’s body scent was clearly continuing out of the window.


It certainly meant that Linsy flew out of the window.


He didn’t have much time to think about it.




Kendrick knocked on Arsene’s door and called Ethan.


When he opened the door, the people in the room turned to Kendrick in unison.


Ethan, who had been by Arsene’s side all along, quickly approached Kendrick’s side and bowed his head.


“Did you call, my Lord?”


“Yes, this way for a moment.”


He closed the door of Arsene’s room, called Ethan into the corner of the hallway and opened his mouth.


“Linsy disappeared.”


It was an unusual, urgent attitude.


Ethan remained unresponsive for a long time, even after Kendrick’s words.






He blinked and raised his monocle as if he didn’t know what he was talking about.


“There is no time. Linsy flew away. The maid said that she was going east. If east… it’s where Tamar is. We must find Linsy before she reaches Tamar. She’s young, so she won’t be able to fly for long and won’t get very far.”


Kendrick spoke quickly, then he nodded toward Arsene’s room.


“I have to go out to find Linsy. So… please take care of Arsene. I’ll leave a messenger. If there is anything happened, write a letter and deliver.”


Kendrick waved his hand once in the air, and the shadows came together to form a tiny wolf.


It was similar in shape to Arsene’s shadow wolf, but Kendrick’s wolf stood still and motionless like a statue.


“If it bites the letter, it will be delivered to me immediately. Ethan, the knights will find Linsy, and the servants will take care of Arsene.” 


“Yes, my Lord.” 


Ethan answered briefly. But the old butler’s face was still full of worry.


‘Where on earth is she?’


Linsy had never left the Wolf Mansion without Kendrick’s permission during her time here.


She was very timid and didn’t like flying at all, so he had seen her fly for a long time and could count the times on his hands.


‘But she flew away.’


At that time, there was a loud noise in Arsene’s room.


Ethan’s head naturally turned toward Arsene’s room. Kendrick blushed and walked over and opened the door to Arsene’s room.


“What is going on?”


“It seems that the Young Master is not taking the medicine. I’m going to manufacture another medicine.” 


Hern replied calmly. Kendrick’s gaze moved to Arsene’s face, now pale.


He couldn’t bear to look away, but there was nothing he could do.


He had to leave it with Hern for now and go find Linsy. 


“Yeah, good job.” 


He let Ethan back in, then went downstairs and grabbed his jacket.


The maid helped Kendrick put on his jacket. He tried to control his hand a few times.




He has to hurry to find her.


The land of Tamar has been forbidden since ancient times. A cursed earth that absorbs all life that breathes.


No matter how much Linsy had ever cleansed the soil of Tamar—.


‘It’s dangerous.’


Linsy was only ten years old. Moreover, the soil that Linsy purified at that time was soil that had been diluted with curses for a long time since it had been dug up from the land of Tamar. 


So, no matter how much Linsy had ever cleansed the soil, it was dangerous. 


In the worst case, it was clear it would have to risk her life, so Kendrick left the mansion without delay.


The knights summoned to the training ground were gathered. Knight Commander Dagon asked with a puzzled look. 


“What do you mean the Lady has disappeared? Lord, what on earth….” 


“There is no time to explain.”


Kendrick cut off Dagon’s words. He stood in front of countless knights and gave orders.


“She wouldn’t have been able to fly for long. Follow Linsy’s traces in the form of a wolf, but if you find her, don’t rush to her and let me know. If you cry twice and I’ll go right away.” 


After Kendrick’s words, the knights responded loudly at the same time.


The knight shapeshifts in unison. 


Huge wolves packed the large training ground of the Yeckhart Mansion. 


Kendrick looked at them for a moment, then tapped the toe of his shoe on the ground.






There was the loudest explosion that had ever sounded in the training ground. 


Gray smoke rose thickly and covered Kendrick’s body.




A gray wolf, twice as big as the other wolves, appeared slowly in the smoke.


A huge sound rang out as he slammed on the floor with his dull front paws.


As if the sound was a signal, the wolves all started running in search of Linsy, smelling the faintly lingering body in the air. 


The trail continued for a long time to the east.




It was strange.


My vision kept blurring, and things in all directions were erased and reappeared like a picture, repeating.


This experience was not unfamiliar.


It feels like something like this happened once.


‘You are a disgrace to Raniero, for being my daughter like you. Linsy.’


My father’s voice was scattered in the air, but I didn’t cry or mourn when I heard it. 


Now, Raniero’s shame couldn’t hurt me anymore.


The only thing I’m afraid of is—.


Arsene’s shadow wolf appeared before my eyes, and once again, it was scattered like dust in an instant. 


Where his gaze landed, he saw Arsene lying in pain and gasping for breath.




Where my eyes fell, I saw Arsene lying in pain and gasping for breath. 


When I called, Arsene slowly got up from her seat and looked at me.


And then




The little body swung backward. I instinctively reached out for Arsene.


However, when my hand touched it, Arsene was scattered again like dust.


I quietly looked down at my palms.


I promised not to cry, but strangely, tears kept coming.


The reddish light that hurt Arsene kept flickering in the palm of my hand.


“No, I don’t want this…” 


I don’t need anything if I can’t heal Arsene.


As I sat down and cried like a child, shadow wolves rose from all sides and then disappeared.


And in between.




I heard a familiar voice once again.


Slowly raising my head, I saw a woman with a transparent veil.


It wasn’t clear, but I could see the woman’s features dimly.


She was obviously sad.


[It’s okay, baby. Everything will be fine. So don’t worry…]


The woman’s words were interrupted for a moment, but then they were heard clearly.


[Fly to the east.]


If you head east, there will naturally be a place where your wings stop.


A clear voice seemed to clean my head.


I asked blankly.


“…What happens if I go east?”


[You’ll know what you have to do. It’s too early to do it completely, but…]


A light shone in front of my eyes.


[You will be able to achieve what you wish for.]


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