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Yeckhart’s wolves searched the wolf territory for baby birds.


The search continued until dawn and daybreak.


It will dawn in a little while. After sunrise, it may be easier to find Lynsey.


The knights dispatched to other provinces also meticulously searched for baby birds nearby after receiving orders from Kendrick’s messenger.


Kendrick ran after the faint smell of Linsy’s soft down in the air.


‘…it’s cut off.’ 


He stood tall in place.


It was also useful to smell and follow Linsy, who flew into the air.


He had followed only the smell of Lincy, which was very faintly mixed in the air.


Kendrick’s sense of smell is far superior to that of other wolves.


‘…I remember her smell.’


It was possible because Kendrick clearly remembered Linsy’s soft, fluffy smell.


The other wolves followed Kendrick, but when they saw that he had stopped, they did the same.


It was then. 


A huge wolf with black fur stepped forward and bowed in front of Kendrick.


‘If we go straight ahead…’


Members of the same clan were able to communicate even when they were in the human form.


Kendrick didn’t look at Degon, but looked straight ahead.


‘Yeah, it’s Tamar.’


He rushed after her, hoping Linsy wouldn’t arrive until Tamar. 


Now Tamar was right in front of him. 


Kendrick sighed. The other wolves gathered around the hesitant Kendrick.


Of course, there was no reason for Linsy to suddenly fly to Tamar.


Rather, it was more likely to be found elsewhere.


‘She seemed to be sleeping as if she was dreaming…’


‘She flew away as if possessed by something.’


Then Betty’s statement that she flew eastward,


Traces of Linsy continued in a straight line toward the east. 


Kendrick felt it instinctively.


He thinks he needs to check the land of Tamar.


‘Let’s go.’


As if those words were a signal, the wolves moved in unison.


The wolves soon arrived at the entrance to the land of Tamar.


The knights who guarded the land of Tamar saw that Kendrick had come and set their example.


“Sir Kendrick!”


They had already been ordered by Kendrick’s messenger to make sure no little chicks flew in.


Kendrick asked the knight, looking closely at the borders of Tamar’s land.


‘Did you see Linsy?’


“Yes, there wasn’t. I’m sure.”


Kendrick, half relieved by the knight’s words, turned his gaze to the land of Tamar.


He looked at the blackened Tamar for a moment, then looked away.


‘Is there any news from others?’


To Kendrick’s question, Degon took a step forward and answered.


‘Yes, there’s no news yet. There was no contact from the knights guarding the borders of the territory.’


That meant that Linsy was still in wolf territory.


‘But just in case.’


As Kendrick lowered his head and raised his blunt front paws, shadows gathered around him.


The shadows intertwined, forming shadow wolves.


They were the shadow wolves that had been sent to find Linsy all over the territory. 


When Kendrick made a gesture with his eyes, the shadow wolves ran on the land of Tamar, floating in the air. 


‘My Lord!’


‘This much is fine.’


Despite Degon’s warnings, Kendrick didn’t care. There was still a possibility that there was Linsy in the land of Tamar, so he had to make sure.


If they touch the Tamar’s land, they will be cursed.


However, those who use power could look over the land of Tamar in the same way as Kendrick.






It consumed a lot of energy and put a lot of strain on the body, so it was a method that was rarely used.


Sure enough, Kendrick began to stumble not long after using his powers.


The curse of the land of Tamar was threatening Kendrick’s ability and life.


In the end, Kendrick couldn’t use it for a long time, and he had no choice but to reap his superpowers after looking at only part of Tamar.




‘…If Linsy entered.’


Will she really be alive?


Kendrick finally recalled the situation in his mind that he didn’t want to even imagine. 


That alone made his whole body feel cold. 


Of course, the knights said they didn’t see Linsy flying, 


If she flew high and entered Tamar’s airspace, it was possible that she would enter Tamar without being noticed by the knights.


Even Kendrick Yeckhart, who is regarded as the most powerful of the heads of the wolf clan, used his powers for a while, and his body was strained like this.


It was difficult to expect such a small child to survive in the land of Tamar.


Kendrick’s face hardened quickly.


Degon, who was standing next to him, looked at Kendrick with a concerned expression.




“…What is that?”


One of the knights who was examining Tamar meticulously through a telescope after releasing his wolf form and changing into a human form shouted. 




Kendrick quickly released his wolf form and took the telescope from the knight. 






In the blackened, cursed land.


And there—.




Kendrick muttered blankly.


In the middle of the black cursed land, there was a spot where green grass grew in a circle.


Green grass in the land of Tamar?


It was unbelievable. But what’s even more absurd is—.




A small red bird was lying curled up in the bush.


Kendrick hurriedly passed his telescope to the knight next to him and waved his hand.


Then shadows gathered in the air and took the shape of a black wolf.


Kendrick snapped his finger, and the black wolf immediately ran in a straight line toward Lynsey.


He felt a strain on his body, but he didn’t care.


Linsy was lying there with her eyes closed, not even moving. 


‘…Don’t tell me.’


Surely it’s not wrong, right?


‘Please be safe.’


Kendrick’s earnest desire could not come out of his mouth and hovered at the tip of his tongue.


He closed his eyes.


Kendrick could take in the shadow wolf’s sight, which he possesses through his powers.


That means it can move like an alter ego.


The shadow wolf quickly arrived and stood tall in front of Linsy.


And he looked down at this strange sight.


A long time ago, the land was blackened by the curse.


Since then, nothing has ever grown in the land of Tamar. The land has become completely lifeless,






Kendrick muttered.


He couldn’t believe it when he saw it through a telescope from a distance.


‘Because there is no way life can live on the land of Tamar.’


So the grass couldn’t have grown. Kendrick thought he and the knight were mistaken.


However, what was in front of him was undoubtedly grass. A few grew high and stuck in Linsy’s feather.




‘…What is this?’


Behind Linsy’s back, there was something that looked like a small sapling. 


It was very small, but it was clearly a tree sapling. However, its appearance was strange.


‘It looks like I’m seeing it for the first time since I was born.’


The tree was a light brown color, and the branches were bent and drooping.


It looked like a decoration hanging in a child’s room. 


But that kind of thing is fine. What mattered right now was the safety of this little baby bird.


The shadow wolf sluggishly brought its huge snout to Linsy’s chest.




The heartbeat was clearly felt in her chest.


Fortunately, it seemed that he was just asleep.


Kendrick let out a sigh of relief and controlled the shadow wolf to pick Linsy up. 


Then he carefully placed it on the back of the shadow wolf and ordered it to quickly get out of the land of Tamar. 






Seeing life sprout in the land of Tamar, the rest of the clan would surely ask Kendrick what it was all about.


While thinking about it, the shadow wolf put Linsy in Kendrick’s arms.




Kendrick called Linsy affectionately and tried to wake the child by gently stroking her stomach with his hand.


However, Linsy fell asleep deeply and didn’t wake up.


Eventually, Kendrick gave up waking Linsy and held the little red baby bird in his arms.


Before he knew it, the tail that grew was drooping down, so he had to roll it up well so that she wouldn’t get hurt. 


Anyway, he has to deal with that.


Kendrick murmured, staring in the direction where Linsy was lying.




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  1. so linsy is definitely the key to breaking the curse. i was hoping we would get more info about her powers this chapter, but oh well. kendrick is such a good father <3 thank you for the chapter!!