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I raised my head with a twinkle.


Kendrick was seen walking in the distance, tidying up his clothes.


He has hardly changed since nine years ago or now.


It’s just that he got a little bit of white hair in places that he neatly turned over. 


However, the original hair color was gray, so the white hair wasn’t noticeable. 


Kendrick has often left the mansion in the past nine years, saying he has work to do. 


On the days when he happened to stay at the mansion for a long time, he would lock himself in the office and hardly come out.


The only time Kendrick seemed relaxed was when he took us to Tamar.


‘Looks like you’re busy.’


He didn’t explain it to Arsene and me in detail, but he seemed to be struggling with Giles’ flowers.


He said it was working out well at the time.


Wasn’t it?


He didn’t want to go into detail, so I couldn’t figure it out.


The answer is the same even if I ask someone other than Kendrick. 


‘It’s resolved well, so don’t worry.’


Then I secretly asked Leona and Cain about the Giles flower.


‘Huh? Giles flower?’


Leona seemed to have no idea about the current situation.


‘…What flower?’


It was the same with Cain.


Still, it’s a relief. 


‘Because the black hood doesn’t appear anymore….’


That person who appeared in front of me twice when I was young.


At the age of seven, he stopped threatening from afar,


‘When I was 10, I almost got hurt while going to the theater….’


Kendrick worked hard to protect me after that incident, but strangely, he hasn’t shown up even once in the past nine years.


‘…Did I achieve my goal?’


Either way, it was a good thing for me.


For the past nine years, Yeckhart’s mansion has been very peaceful.


Arsene has never been very sick, and there has never been an accident or even a threat to let me out of Raniero.


But if I had to pick one strange thing—.


‘Flowers placed by the window.’


Strangely enough, the flower that Glene had given before leaving had not withered or rotted in twelve years. 


I didn’t water it once because it was strange.


The leaves were folded for a while, perhaps because of the lack of moisture, but they came back to life as soon as they were filled with water.


Arsene has never been very sick, and there has never been an accident or even a threat to let me out of Raniero.


A flower that does not wither for 12 years. It’s amazing just by its existence.


But a month ago, one petal fell off.


Having lived so long, it might be that it’s time to wither and fall off. 




Something was ominous.


Only one petal had fallen off and was blackened as if to show off.


I tried to use my power just in case, but no new petals sprouted from the fallen spot. 


I felt uncomfortable, but I tried my best to ignore it.


Anyway, except for that.


‘It was quite peaceful.’


The servants were still kind, and the wolf clan still didn’t fully trust or acknowledge me, but it seemed like it didn’t matter.


Anyway, soon Arsene—.


‘Because we might get a divorce?’ 


When I thought about that, I suddenly felt a new sensation and blinked my eyes.


Divorce with Arsene.


It’s something I’ve never thought about before,


‘I’ll be an adult in a month.’


That meant the end of the contract between me and Kendrick. At the same time,


A one-time chance given by the temple.


It also meant that the time had come for children who had married early to have to choose from the one and only opportunity to divorce. 


I felt strange all of a sudden, so I closed my mouth and blinked. Kendrick moved closer, looked at Arsene and me, and asked.


“Looks like you’re all ready.”


“Is there anything else to prepare?”


Arsene answered in a blunt tone.


He tapped the shadow wolf on the nose, and the wolf dispersed instantly into the air.


I looked regretfully at where the wolf disappeared, then smiled and nodded.


“Yes, I brought some flower seeds.”


I said, showing Kendrick a bag of flower seeds and a trowel.


There was no need for a watering can.


Kendrick looked at my bag, smiled and nodded slowly.


“Then let’s go.”




Kendrick used his powers from the entrance to the land of Tamar to completely shield the carriage. 


And Arsene and I were also covered by his powers so that others couldn’t see us entering the land of Tamar.


“Go ahead.”


As always, Kendrick saw us off in the carriage.


For now, the only ones who can enter the land of Tamar are me and Arsene.


“Let’s go.” 


Arsene took the lead and reached out to me.


I gently put my hand on top of Arsene’s big hand.


“We will be back!” 


“Yes, be careful.”


Kendrick didn’t forget to say to be careful.


I hid in Kendrick’s shadow and glanced at Arsene’s hand all the way to the land of Tamar.


‘His hands got really big. I think you used to be like me… isn’t it?’


Now, even his fingers are quite thick.






“Call the Shadow Wolf.”


I waved Arsene’s hand lightly and said, and Arsene glanced at me.


And then.




As I waved my hand in the air, the shadows slowly gathered, and a huge wolf appeared.


—No, when it was about to appear.


After looking around for a while, the shadow wolf reappeared with a reduced size.


“Wolf, ugh!”


The shadow wolf suddenly bit me on the back and put me on its back.


Thanks to that, Arsene, who was holding my hand tightly, stumbled for a moment.


“What are you doing?”


Arsene asked nervously, but it didn’t seem to care.


“Isn’t it because he likes it? He likes it when he comes here.”


I gently stroked the shadow wolf’s back and said to Arsene.


The shadow wolf really liked the purified space of this land of Tamar.


He used to rub his back on the lawn and nap with us under the giant tree.


Arsene shook his head as if he couldn’t stop it.


When I reached the center of the land of Tamar, the wolf carefully put me on the ground.


“Thank you.”


As I greeted him with a smile and stroked his huge head, the wolf’s eyes narrowed.


In the center of the land of Tamar, a large tree stood tall.


The tree was so large that it seemed that no tree could be bigger than this, even in the territories of the Wolf Clan or even the Bird Clan.


“Are you going to plant flowers again?”


Arsene said, looking at the land overgrown with green grass and weeds.


I nodded bravely.




“Why do you keep planting flowers? It must be troublesome….” 


“Hey, I planted flowers diligently last year, so you’re seeing pretty flowers like this this year.”


I scolded Arsene and said.


“I like flowers. Planting and seeing flowers bloom makes me feel like this place is really alive.”


“I got it, I got it. Should I help?”


“Eung, dig here. I’m going to put flower seeds in. But I’m having a hard time, so you dig a little.”


When I said it proudly, Arsene looked at me for a long time with a puzzled expression, then ordered the Shadow Wolf to dig the ground.


I put flower seeds in each hole and asked them to cover it again.


Now, if I use my abilities appropriately, it’s done. 


A small light green watering can appear in the air and sprayed the ground with my powers.


‘I’m glad it’s not red.’


I thought while staring at the light green supernatural ability that soaked into the ground.


The red light was never seen except when I used my powers to treat Arsene.


It was fortunate.


Kendrick also said that he couldn’t find any data on the color of my ability suddenly changing.


‘…What would have happened if that kind of power continued to appear.’


I shook my head at the terrifying imagination. The planting of flowers has already ended.


In fact, since Arsene and the Shadow Wolf do all the digging and covering, I had little to do.


I shook off the flower seeds I brought and planted them all, spread a thin cloth with Arsene and sat down under the shade of a huge tree.


“Wha, let’s get some rest!”


“What have you done?”


“I planted the flower seeds.”


“No, to be exact, I did the planting, and you just watered it.”


Arsene said sarcastically. I rolled my eyes at Arsene.


“How can you be so similar to when you were seven? Nothing has changed….” 


“You, too, really don’t have to be the same like this. I think you will be the same when you are 30 or 40.”


“30  years old?”


I blinked at Arsene’s words imagining the future.


“30 years old… Eung, maybe. Arsene, you know.” 


“Say it.” 


“What do you think if you divorce me?”




Arsene frowned slightly as if he were asking what it meant.


“Eung, I don’t mean to do it right away… I’m coming of age soon.”


There was no way that Arsene did not know the meaning of my coming of age.




You don’t know?


Why did his expression become so grim?


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