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The wind that had engulfed the entire room soon disappeared.


Only the green smoke filled up, and soon there was a small explosion.




“C, chirp!”


I turned into a little bird again.


No way.


How did I get back to human form!


I jumped on the spot to return to being a human again, but it didn’t work. 


Arsene opened his eyes wide in bewilderment


Blue eyes wandered through the air, then looked down at the little bird in front of him. 






“…Why did you suddenly turn it into a bird?”


‘How do I know that?’


I answered in return, clapping my chest with small wings as if I were frustrated.


‘Is it because I used my abilities too much?


That was the only reason.


I thought there would be some side effects, but I didn’t expect it to be like this.


I’ve never used this ability before, so how can I know!


“Isn’t it because she used her powers forcibly at a young age?”


Chloe, the maid who was taking care of Arsene, spoke carefully.


“I’ve heard of such cases.”


‘If I forcefully use this ability, I will turn into a bird?’


There is no way! 


I jumped in place and kept trying to transform back to my human form, but it didn’t work.


In the end, I had no choice but to accept Chloe’s words.


‘Because my body is immature, I think it’s impossible to use my abilities a lot yet.’


But I need to hurry up and treat Arsene.


If I continue to be in this state every time he receives treatment, I may be thrown away. 


I sat down and felt like crying.


As I slumped down, Arsene glanced at me.


“…Are you crying?”


I glanced at Arsene. Who is to blame for making me like this—!


No, it’s not.


I was able to escape from Raniero thanks to Arsene.


It was right to be grateful. but—.


“You’re really small. Are the bird clans all this small?” 


“It’s rude of you to say that, Young Master.”


“But it’s really small. It’s as big as a rat.”


Arsene was constantly admiring that I was ‘small’. 


It must have been amazing because it would be the first time to see a bird clan that was transformed. 


But still. 


‘So you’re a rude wolf.’


I glared at Arsene.


But Arsene didn’t care and poked me here and there.




—Don’t touch me.


I curled up and took a step away from Arsene.


The fluffy, wheat-colored hairs swelled up to form a round ball.


At that time, Betty, who had left the room before I knew it, appeared with Ethan.


Betty hurried in, followed by surprised-looking Ethan.


“…Lady? Young Master?”


Ethan looked at Arsene once with a puzzled expression on his face, and then looked at me, sitting on Arsene’s hand, once.


“Oh my, Lady!”


Ethan hurried up and reached out to me.


I jumped into Ethan’s hand without hesitation on a finger that touched my chest carefully. 


“C, chirp!”


I’m so sad.


I thought I was finally back as a human being, but I can’t believe I’m bird again as soon as I’m become human.


It was so unfair and sad that I could cry.


As I gathered my two wings together and whimpered, Ethan lifted me up as if surprised.


“Lady, are you okay?”


‘I’m not okay at all—’


Ethan put me in his arms and stroked me carefully with his index finger. 


A warm warmth spread.


Then I felt a little relaxed.


My body melted gently.


Ethan carefully turned me over to Betty’s hand.


Betty wrapped her skirt around me and embraced me softly.


He looked at me with worried eyes and then turned to Arsene.


“Young Master, are you okay?”




Arsene nodded.


Certainly Arsene looked a lot better now than before I treated him. 


It seems that the treatment was quite effective. 


Although I look like this.


He swept his chest as if he was relieved and raised his glasses. 


Then, Arsene’s chest was covered with a cotton blanket.


“You there, go get Mr. Hern.”


Ethan pointed to a maid and said. 


The maid with her hair tied quickly left the room.




After the door was closed, Ethan touched Arsene’s forehead.


It seemed to check if there was no fever.


Then, when Arsene’s body temperature was not high, he sighed in relief.




“Young Master’s fever rises easily. He went out to the garden today for a while, and his fever rose so he was taking medicine.”




“It seems like you haven’t had it a few times.”


After looking at the medicine bowl, which was almost in perfect condition, Ethan clicked his tongue.


Arsene flinched under the blanket. 


It’s already pricked his conscience. 


“Mr. Hern is the doctor of the wolf family. He’s a talented person, so he’ll take care of the Lady’s condition.”


Ethan said while making eye contact with me as if to comfort me.




I, unable to speak human language, nodded eagerly and answered.


Ethan’s wrinkled eyes turned round as if he was satisfied with the answer.


How long has it been?


As Arsene’s eyes began to twitch, the door opened once again.


The man who opened the door was a man between his 40s and 50s, with an easygoing impression. 


He was wearing a white doctor’s gown and had a heavy brown leather bag in his hand.


It seemed that that man was the ‘Mr. Hern’ that Ethan was talking about. 




I tilted my head and looked at Mr. Hern.


It was because of the familiar smell coming from him who had just opened the door.


This person—.


‘Are you a deer?’


I remembered that a deer clan had come to Raniero’s mansion the other day.


The deer family had a distinctive scent of flowers that only grew in the territory of the deer family




The Yeckhart family was the head of the wolf clan, the gray wolf family. 


It was also one of the central families representing carnivores.


Why is there a doctor of the deer clan in the mansion that is the heart of such a family?


In addition, the deer clan was a clan with advanced medicine and herbalism, and they lived in hiding on the island to avoid attacks from other clans who were aiming for that medicine and herbalism.


It was safe to say that the deer clan rarely comes out of the island, and that there was no exchange with other clans except sending herbs to the allied clan.


But why is the deer here?


“My name is Hern.”


The man bowed his head at me.


The curvy brown hair was down to just above the eyebrows.


I jumped down from Betty’s hand and stood on the bed. Then he faced her clearly.


I jumped off Betty’s hand and stood on the bed. And I looked at Hern clearly.


‘I’ve never seen a deer family before.’


The deer clan belonged to a clan that did not receive God’s blessing, so that it could not express its “talent.”


The deer clan was part of a clan that didn’t get God’s blessing, which means they didn’t have any “powers.”


However, he belonged to the only clan with as much medicine as Raniero, even if he had no ability.


The difference was that Raniero was treated with natural abilities, and the deer clan was treated with herbal and medical techniques.


They knew the plants as much as they lived a nature-friendly life.


‘And he has eyes that can see the flow of the ability.’


It was a tremendous ability, and it was possible to examine the other person’s health through the flow of competence.  


It was a great ability, and it was possible to examine the health of the opponent through the flow of this ability.


And he was making a living by making medicinal herbs by taking advantage of those advantages. 


‘But I heard that you have to wait more than half a year to buy one medicine.’


It happened because all the families wanted medicine from the deer family.


Most of them wanted to pay a large sum of money to the deer family and hire them as doctors, but they knew that the deer family had never accepted the demand.


It’s very rare, except for a visit once or twice a year to another clan’s home.  


‘But the deer clan!’


That’s in the wolf house, too!


‘How the hell did they hire him?’


Mr. Hern looked at Arsene, who was lying on the bed, first.


“Let’s see the condition.”


As Ethan said, Mr. Hern, who first looked at Arsene’s forehead, carefully examined every corner of Arsene’s mouth. 


Arsene didn’t hide his discomfort, but his mouth was wide open as he was told.


“Aa, open it wider.”




Arsene’s fangs caught my eye.


Arsene’s fangs, who were only seven years old, looked sharp enough to bite and kill me if he wanted to.




As I secretly took a step back from Arsene, Arsene frowned.


In the meantime, as if trying to hear Arsene’s heartbeat, Mr. Hern looked at him as if in doubt. 


“It’s strange.”


“Is there any problem?”


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