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The next afternoon.




The Lion Clan’s carriage arrived at Yeckhart’s mansion.


The carriage door opened, and a familiar face came into my eyes.




I grabbed the hem of my dress and ran to Leona with occasional steps.


“How have you been, Leon?”


“Well, I’ve been well. Wait a minute.”


Whoa, Leona jumped off the wagon with a small shout. 


Leona hasn’t changed a bit since she was a child.


Even when she was young, she hated dresses so much, but since she got a little older, she has only stuck to pants as outerwear.


Leona was wearing comfortable beige pants and a neat white shirt again today.


“How have you been?”


Leona smiled brightly.


A nineteen-year-old girl with lovely freckles was staring at me clearly, blinking her long eyelashes.


A nineteen-year-old girl with lovely freckles was staring at me clearly, blinking her long eyelashes.


The orange curls that were tied together fluttered around.


As the successor of the Lion family, she was a centimeter taller than me.


Before I knew it, I grabbed my friend’s hand.


Suddenly, I remembered the day when Leona was molting for the first time.


Leona finished molting, but she didn’t have the black hair that is the symbol of Fernando.


I was worried that Leona might be depressed.


‘Because I’ve had a similar experience.’


So I tried to comfort Leona,


“I used to want to be a black lion too, but now that I think about it, it seems so dull and not so good. Orange is good. Don’t you think so? It looks bright.”


Leona was only ten years old, but she was dignified and brave.


She was a ten-year-old girl who knew very well that being different is not something to be ashamed of.


Leona grabbed my hand and looked around.


“What about Cain? No way, is he going to be late again?”


“Eung, I think he’ll be a little late. Let’s go in first.”


I nodded and took Leona’s hand and entered the mansion.


The servants greeted Leona with smiles on their faces as if they were happy to see her.


As we entered the room, I saw Arsene leaning against the sofa and reading a book.


“Hey, do you not even say hello to your friend who just came?”


Leona snapped back.


Arsene glanced at Leona beyond the book and soon moved his eyes back to the book.


“Oh, you’re here?”


“Phew, really.”


Leona sighed and sat on the sofa opposite Arsene.


I was going to sit next to Leona, but I sat down next to Arsene.


“By the way, Linsy, did you hear about that? I heard there’s going to be a real festival this time.”


“Eung, my father told me. I guess it’s a situation where they can’t help but check the sanctuary’s safety.’ “


“What’s going on? The festival hasn’t been held all this time. My Dad seems to be very nervous to hear the festival is being held this time.”


“Sir Lamont is nervous? Why?”


“I don’t know. But hmm, from secretly hearing, there must be a lot of complicated things in the territory.”


Leona said as she poked the strawberry with her fork and put it into her mouth.


“Complicated things?”


“Yeah, I don’t know exactly. Anyway, I hope the festival is held. Right?”


“Yeah, but when the festival is held… will Raniero come too?”


“Raniero? Wow, it’s been a while since I heard about the bird clan, so I forgot about it.”


Leona opened her eyes wide as if the name Raniero was new to her and said.


“Maybe they will come? It’s a festival held to check the safety of holy relics. That’s right, Linsy. I heard something.”


“Huh? What is it?”


“Raniero’s… head of clan must have woken up. He’s been down the whole time. This is a secret, okay? Got it? Shh, it’s a real secret. I also hid in my father’s study and heard it secretly.”


So she’s still hiding in her father’s study.


I thought so, but I nodded my head without complaining at Leona’s words.


“Raniero’s head of clan… so he’s talking about it with  my father?”


“Yeah, but there seems to be talk going around about giving the head of the clan’s job to Gale. Of course, I’m not sure. As you know, Raniero has cut off communication for quite some time…”


“I see… Then Gale may come as the head of the bird clan at this festival.”


“Yes, I suppose so. Well, it doesn’t matter. Of course I’ll be stronger than Gale. And my brothers will be stronger.”


Leona shrugged her shoulders.


Certainly, Leona’s words were not lies. The lion clan’s ability was obedience, and Raniero’s ability was healing.


If Leona and Gale fought back, even if Gale was the heir and Leona was only Fernando’s youngest child, Leona would win.


And maybe.


‘She must be telling me this because she know I’m worried.’


Leona grinned as I nodded.






I looked out the window.


The snake clan’s carriage was entering.


“Leon, I think Cain is here?”


“Tell him to come.”


“Hey, if we do, don’t you know Cain might get upset and go home?”


“Ugh, he’s like a little boy.”


Leona grumbled and rose from her seat.


Arsene still had his eyes fixed on the book.


“Arsene, aren’t you going?”


“Why are you going all the way to pick him up? He’s not a child, he’ll come on his own. “


Arsene replied coldly.


“You shouldn’t do that to your friend?”


“You’ve been talking about that for 12 years now, Linsy.”


Arsene narrowed his eyes and said.


Leona, who had been listening quietly between them, said carefully.


“Are you saying that she has been consistently taking care of her friends for 12 years?”


“Phew, guys. Don’t fight.”


I interrupted the quarrel between Leona and Arsene.


Even though Leona and Arsene have grown up from being seven-year-olds and small children to nineteen-year-olds, they still growl at each other every time they see each other.


In the meantime.


Knock, knock.


I heard someone knocking.


The three of us looked back at the door at the same time.


“A guest came, but you didn’t even come out to see me.”


Cain grumbled into the room.


Cain Hezeth.


Cain still wore black gloves in his hands, and now he was the same height as Arsene.


As a member of the snake clan, after shedding his first skin, his pupils also became thinner.


Straight eyes, vertically narrow pupils slowly glanced at Arsene and Leona.


“How are you, Cain?”


“Eung, perhaps.”


Cain replied in a strange way and sat down next to Arsene.


Before, four people could easily sit on that sofa,


Now, the sofa is full even if only Arsene and Cain sit together.


“That’s right, Cain, have you heard anything?”


As soon as I saw Cain’s face, I immediately asked.


Because I was wondering if he heard anything about Giles flowers.


Leona may not know because she has an older brother who is the successor,


‘Because Cain is the heir. If something happened to the snake clan, wouldn’t he know?’


When I asked him the other day, he said he didn’t know,


But maybe there’s a new story he has heard.


“…Story? What kind of story?”


Cain asked, frowning.


“About the Giles flower. Didn’t you hear anything? My father keeps telling me that it’s going well.”


“Giles flower? I didn’t really hear… Ah.”


Cain flicked his finger as if he had remembered something.


“When Sir Kendrick came last time, he seemed to be talking about Giles flowers with my father. But what did he say?… Anyway, he seemed to be talking about treating a clan poisoned by Giles flowers.”


“…treat? Is that possible?”


“I don’t know. I heard it roughly, too…. I don’t even know how many people are poisoned by Giles flowers in the first place. I didn’t hear this because I was kicked out quickly.”


I blinked.


Is it possible to treat beastmen who are poisoned by Giles flowers?


If there is such a way, why didn’t father tell me?


The doubts kept growing in my head. I pondered.


Cain, Leona, and Arsene could be heard fighting next to each other, but I didn’t care.


‘Did you… did you make a cure?’


Then, it was understandable that Kendrick wasn’t too surprised when the carriage was attacked by a beastman who had lost his mind yesterday.


I jumped up from my seat.






“Linsy, where are you going?”


Leona, Cain, and Arsene looked up at me. I nodded.


“I’m going to visit Mr. Hern for a while. So, can you rest here for a while? I’ll be back soon. Okay?”


“All of a sudden?”


Cain asked, frowning.


“Yeah, I have something to talk with him.”


I left three people in the room and headed to Mr. Hern.


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