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“Why do you keep saying that?”


Arsene said with an annoyed face, raising his body halfway and looking down at me.


I also got up and sat down.


“No, that’s. You know, wolves have only one companion in their lives. Besides, you’re from the head family, so of course you’ll have to marry a wolf clan….” 


The way Arsene reacted confused me, so I kept talking nonsense.


I could feel his gaze staring at me for a long time.


“…Anyway? You’re almost all better now.”


I tapped Arsene’s chest with my finger.


“That’s why I said it. Actually, Leona and Cain are right. It’s time to decide…” 




Arsene looked at me clearly.




“I have decided.”


“…What is it?” 


A moment of silence passed.


We didn’t say a word to each other for a long time.


“…I have decided. So you just have to decide. Of course, I like and understand you since I was young, so there’s nothing I don’t respect your decision…” 




“I never once imagined being separated from you, Linsy. That’s it.” 


Arsene’s gray hair glistened in the moonlight.


Arsene slowly took my hand and brought it near his mouth.




He kissed the back of my hand. 


“I hope you make the same decision as me.”


The blue eyes glowed sharply in the dark.


It was like an order.


I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t say anything and just kept open and close my mouth.


After Arsene finished his sentence, he pulled me to bed and told me to sleep. 


I only blinked in Arsene’s arms with the blanket wrapped around me.


‘What is this?’


Do you wish I had made the same decision?


Do you never once imagine being separated from me? 


Of course, it wasn’t bad for me to live like this with Arsene.


…No, it was rather good.


However, what I’m worried about is.


‘If I decide this time, I won’t really be able to reverse it back.’


Later, even if Arsene had someone he loved, I wouldn’t be able to divorce him.


That’s what an oath we made before God is like.


Moreover, Arsene was the successor of Yeckhart, who was to become the head of the wolf clan.


‘That’ wolf clan that only has one companion in their lifetime.


Therefore, for the head of the family to divorce his partner would be a great disgrace to the clan itself.


Arsene couldn’t divorce me.


But now Arsene must…


‘You act like you want to stay with me as a couple.’


I counted on my fingers, counting how many times Arsene avoided talking about divorcing me.


Probably more than ten times.


Arsene avoided me when I brought up the topic of divorce or turned around to talk about it later.


It’s like he doesn’t even want to think about divorce.


Was it because he didn’t want to divorce me?


At the thought, one side of my chest suddenly tickled.


‘Why are my cheeks feel hot?’


I patted my cheek with the back of my hand.


The back of my hand where Arsene’s lips touched, and both cheeks seemed to be flushed red.


It was a strange feeling.


Perhaps if it were daytime now, Arsene might have caught my red face. 


It felt like my face had been dyed the same red color as my hair. 


I stared blankly at Arsene’s face.


I could see his eyelashes shaking slightly as if he was pretending to be asleep.


But he didn’t pretend to know.




It has finally been confirmed that the festival will be held this year.


Apart from the Pope’s health, he said that he could no longer delay checking the sanctuary’s safety.


The nine blessed clans, including the bird clan, clearly expressed their intention to participate, 


Unblessed clans have also said they will participate in the festival.


Arsene and I matched our jewelry with each other’s eye color, just like when we were seven years old and participating in a festival.


Arsene wore a cravat studded with light green emeralds,


I was supposed to wear a blue ribbon and brooch.


Leona sent her a letter saying that she decided to wear pants this time too.


It must have been that Lamont had lost the fight against Leona.


It was evident that everyone was excited about the festival that had been held for the first time in a long time.


Kendrick said he couldn’t go to Tamar during the festival, so Arsene and I often stopped by Tamar.


As Kendrick had requested, I picked a handful each time of Tamar’s flowers, grass, and leaves and brought them to Kendrick.


‘A festival, it’s amazing.’


And maybe according to schedule.


This festival was supposed to be the last one when I was in Yeckhart.


There are only two festivals in my life,


The first festival was celebrated in the year that I came to Yeckhart, and the second festival was celebrated in the year of departure.


I felt strange.


Kendrick seemed to be worried that there might be a problem at the festival.


Because he couldn’t help but take his successor and his wife to the festival after a long time. 


“Be careful, be careful again. Now that the bird clan has expressed its intention to participate, we need to be more careful.” 


It was replaced by meticulous attention to Arsene and me.


“Yes, Father. Don’t worry! I’m coming of age soon too.”


I nodded and answered.


“That’s right. How long will you treat me like a kid?”


Arsene responded.


“Until you receive the position of head. If you don’t like it, take it over.”


Arsene remained silent at Kendrick’s firm words.


Kendrick chose his words for a while, then opened his mouth.


“It’s your coming-of-age ceremony soon, so they may try to approach you, Linsy. If you see something suspicious, leave the place unconditionally. The escort knights will protect you.”




The bird clan has never communicated or interacted with other clans. 


However, this is the first time they appear in public.




‘Because I’m going to come of age soon…’


Arsene remained silent at Kendrick’s firm words.


It was obvious that the other bird clan didn’t want to accept me again.


Red fur was a symbol of a curse to the bird clan.


But really.


‘If my father had really woken up like Leon said.’


My father might want to take me differently than the rest of the bird clan.


Because my father vaguely knows that my ability is strong.


So he might want to lock me up like he did in my past life.


And when I come of age.


Yeckhart’s protection ends.


So maybe now was the best opportunity to contact me.


I wasn’t unaware of that fact, so I nodded, promising to be as careful as possible.


Yeckhart’s mansion was busy preparing for the festival.


But I have a question.


‘It’s a sudden festival, is there anything to enjoy?’


Usually, things like performances and shops are prepared for a festival day during the year.


But this time, the festival was suddenly held…


When I wondered, Betty replied with a smile.


“The festival hasn’t been held so far, but everyone prepares for it every year because they thought it would be held this year. So I’m sure everyone prepared for this year.”


I nodded.


“Eung, I see…”


“Anyway, Lady, can you be careful? You’re not showing up for the first time in a while, so a dangerous person might approach you. So wherever you go, be sure to bring escort knights with you.”


“Eung, Betty, don’t worry.”


“Phew, my Lady is so grown up and still looks like a baby.”


She smiled softly.


I honestly wasn’t too worried.


‘Arsene is there, and Kendrick is also there.’


And there will be escort knights. Probably in a crowded place, no one would try to harm me.




‘…Will the black hood appear again?’


Thinking like that made me a little worried.


Of course, I’ve never seen it except when I was very young. But still.


I was more concerned because I hadn’t seen him in so long.


Even back then, people were already using the prohibition. 


Being quiet might mean that they are doing some tricks behind the scenes.




“It will be fine.”


I shook my head and patted both cheeks.


Arsene was strong, and I also had a strong ability, so they wouldn’t take it lightly if someone attacked me.


And finally, the day before the festival.


“My lady, go to bed early because tomorrow morning you have to leave for the second mansion early.”


Betty said as she packed my things.


I nodded.


“Eung, I will. Will Betty go too?”


“Of course. Most of the staff will probably go with you.”


I heard from Betty that Kendrick is checking the security of the mansion more carefully this time.


It seemed that it was because of ‘the incident’ at the last festival.


“Yeah, but what about Arsene?”


I looked at the empty seat next to me and asked Betty.


“Young Master went to see the Lord for a while. Perhaps he will come soon?”




I stared at the empty bed, then slid down from the bed.


“Where are you going, lady?”


“Pick up Arsene!”


Since I was wearing a thin pajama dress, Betty put me on a cardigan.


“Because the night wind is still chilly. If the convestation of the Lord and the Young Master seems to be getting longer, please come back soon. You have to go to bed early today.”


“Okay, Betty.” 


I nodded and headed to Kendrick’s office. 


After walking down the spiral staircase for a while, I soon came to Kendrick’s office. 


Since it was the day before the festival, I kept feeling nervous because I remembered when I was seven.


So I can’t see properly.




I bumped into Arsene coming out of the office.


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