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“Excuse me, you know. Is there…a rat in mansion?” 


“A rat?” 


“Eung, rat.” 


“It can’t be, Lady. This is the Wolf Mansion. There are no rat.”


“Eung, is that so?” 


It’s strange, I think I just saw it.


I blinked and looked at the window frame again.


Apparently, the black mouse that had been there just before had disappeared somewhere. 


Did I see it wrong?


However, I see it too often these days to be mistaken…


While I was pondering, the maids had finished fixing my hair.


“Now, it’s done, Lady! It’s really pretty. Have a good trip!”


“Thank you, I’ll be back!”


I nodded and headed to Arsene and Kendrick, who were waiting for me.


Let’s open the door,


“Oh, you scared me!”


“Why are you so late? Come out quickly.”


“Ah, I came out right away. Do you know how to get a haircut done in the blink of an eye?”


I narrowed my eyes at Arsene. 


Arsene reached out to me, unwilling to listen to me.


“Yeah, let’s go.”


“Are we going holding hands? From here?”


I pointed my finger at the hallway of the mansion.


Arsene nodded.


“We only holding hand in the carriage.” 


“I will holding hand in the festival too.” 


“That… Of course.” 


Arsene rolls his eyes at me, then reaches out .


“What are you doing? Aren’t you going to hold it?” 


“Anyway, because you have such a short temper.” 


I grumbled and put my hand on Arsene’s.


Arsene took my hand lightly and move his steps.


At the entrance of the mansion, servants stood in a line to see us off. 


“Have a safe trip. Young Master, Lady.” 


Joshua smiled brightly and bowed.


I nodded.


“Yes, I’ll be back safely!”


Arsene helped me get into Yeckhart’s huge carriage. 


“Foot, be careful of your dress.” 


“I though I’m your lover, Arsene.”


“You just stepped on it.”


“Aww, I think I’m going to fall!”


Of course, there were some difficulties.


We succeeded in getting on the carriage safely. 


Arsene and I sat next to each other instead of facing each other.


Let’s wait a little bit like that


“I’m sorry I’m late.”


Kendrick appeared out of nowhere and got into the carriage.


“No, it’s okay. I didn’t wait long!”


“Then, it’s a relief.” 


Kendrick smiled, climbed into the carriage, and wiped his forehead thoroughly with a handkerchief.


Shortly after he got on, one of Yeckhart’s knights closed the carriage door. 


The carriage soon departed.


I could hear the coachman driving the horses, and the horses of the escort knights following the carriage at intervals.


“You never think of running away from the escort knights again, Linsy.” 


Kendrick slowly opened his mouth after lowering his eyes in quietly the whole time.


“Yes? Yes! Of course!” 


I answered with a loud voice.


It was because when I was 15 years old, I went out with Arsene and Leona to play, and Leona tricked me into leaving the escort knights away.


So Kendrick deserved to warn me separately like this.


I nodded awkwardly.


Kendrick’s sharp gaze turned to Arsene.


“Don’t be separated from Linsy.”


“Of course.”


As if Arsene was asking why he asked for something like that, he spat it out and grabbed my hand. 


“Your necklace is pretty. Did you get a present from Linsy?”


At Kendrick’s words, Arsene lowered his gaze and touched his necklace.


“Yes, Linsy gave it to me.”


“Don’t lose it.”


Kendrick knew what powers the necklace possessed.


Kendrick’s eyes lit up with a smile when he saw that I had given the necklace to Arsene.


“Of course. I won’t lose it.”


“If you lose it, I’ll go home and make another one for you.”


I whispered to Arsene in a low voice.


“But it’s really difficult if you lose it during the festival. Got it…” 


“I got it, Linsy. Don’t you believe me?” 


“…A little?” 




Arsene’s clear eyes looked down at me.


I made eye contact with Arsene for a while, then burst into laughter.


“No, I believe you, I believe you!” 


“I won’t lose it, so don’t forget the promise you made. Understand?”


Arsene said, holding my hand lightly.




“Yes, you promised not to leave me no matter what.”


“…Did we make that promise?”




Arsene sighed deeply.


I laughed and squeezed Arsene’s hand with both hands.


“Ah, okay. Eung, don’t worry. It will never fall.”


Arsene looked at me in disbelief.




The carriage quickly arrived at the temple.


As expected, people gathered like a cloud from the entrance, and the paladins and priests of the temple were busy controlling those people.


The carriage made its way straight through the huge crowd to the temple.


I looked out the window at the crowd of people.


“Wow, there are so many people.”


“Yeah, it would be perfect to get lost.”


Arsene looked at the crowd and nodded his head indifferently.


The carriage slid into the temple, and when it got somewhere, it stopped completely.


The sound of the horses hooves of the escort knights that followed had disappeared for some time.


It seemed like they had gone so deep that escorts knights couldn’t accompany them.


“We have arrived.”


Kendrick said dryly.


As soon as the words were finished, a priest gently opened the carriage door.


“Welcome, Sir Kendrick, Young Master Arsene, Lady Linsy.” 


The priest politely called our names once and bowed deeply to greet them.


After Kendrick nodded, he got out of the carriage first.


It was Arsene who got off next.


Then I stepped out of the carriage.


But then.








Kendrick and Arsene both reached out to help me get out of the carriage at the same time.


The two exchanged glances for a moment,


“Get off carefully, Linsy.”


Kendrick pulled his hand first.


I grabbed Arsene’s hand and carefully got out of the carriage.


Kendrick, Arsene, and I entered the temple.


Stepping into the magnificent temple, I saw priests moving busily.


“Get some rest.”


After Kendrick’s words, the priest led us into another room with familiarity.


“Before, the temple prepared a separate room for the children of the head family. Are we going there?” 


I whispered to Arsene, and after thinking for a while, Arsene answered.


“I don’t know because this is my second festival. We will know when we go.”


The priest led us to a large room.


There were no children, and the heirs of the head family were gathered.




Leona sat down like she was bored, then jumped up and called me.


I smiled brightly and hugged Leona tightly and greeted her.


“Leona, you’re wearing pants, hmm?”


“Yes, I fought with my dad and won.”


As Leona spoke confidently, I could feel the successors of other clan glancing at Leona.


But Leona said it like she didn’t care.


“Cain hasn’t come yet. Let’s sit there with me.”


We passed the sofas and chairs where other heirs sat and rested, and carefully sat down on the sofa at the far end.


The festival would start soon, so they would probably have to move soon.


I carefully looked over the heirs gathered at the table.


‘Gale…is not here.’


Are the rumors that Gale has inherited the position of the head of the family true? 


Thinking of Raniero made my heart thump a little.


However, when I saw Arsene’s strong hand, I felt calmer.


Leona looked at me and asked with her eyes wide open.


“Linsy, who are you looking for?”


“Eung? That’s…” 


I gestured to Leona to come closer, then lowered my head and whispered. 


“There’s no Gale.”


“Gale? Ah, so is it true that Gale took over as head? Then Raniero is ruined too…” 




I quickly covered Leona’s mouth in case anyone would hear.


Leona closed her mouth and blinked her eyes, then she laughed.


“Phew, really. How can you say that so loudly?”


“But I think most of them are thinking the same thing.”


Leona said with confidence as she glanced at the other heirs. 


Fortunately, they didn’t seem to hear our conversation because they were chatting among themselves.


“Even so… phew, really.” 


After telling Leona, I looked towards the entrance for a moment.






A familiar face caught my eye.


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