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I jumped up from my seat.


Short, dark brown hair. 


Two light green eyes.


Drooping eyes, slightly raised corners of the mouth.


Even a little young face. 




I narrowed my eyes. 


The dark brown hair was clearly from the eagle, the symbol of Raniero. 


The same goes for light green eyes.


I blinked.


‘The only girl younger than me in Raniero is Schville.’


So, if what I thought was true…




As I muttered out loud, Leona and Arsene looked at me at the same time.


Then, my eyes meet the girl’s.


Bright light green eyes stared at me, then looked away.


I hurriedly stepped over to see if the girl was Schville.


Raniero’s girl opened the door and went outside.


“Linsy, where are you going!”




I heard Leona calling me from behind, but I hurriedly ran after Schville.


Arsene rushed after me.


I quickly opened the door and went out to look for Schville.


A small girl with short brown hair in a pink dress.




‘…Where did you go?’


Obviously, I just saw her go out the door, but the girl was nowhere to be seen.


Did she just disappear?


I looked back at the priests who stood guarding the door and asked.


“Did you see the girl who just came out?”


“Ah, do you mean the Lady of Raniero? She went outside.”


The priest pointed outside and answered. I turned my head away.


At that time, Arsene followed me and grabbed my wrist.


“Come with me, Linsy.”


Arsene’s hair was a little disheveled, probably because he was running after me.


“Eung? I can go alone…” 


“I told you to come with me. You promised not to be separated from me.”


Arsene’s eyes, which spoke strongly word by word, had turned into a triangle.


Ugh, is he upset? 


I hurriedly grabbed Arsene’s hand before he felt upset. 


“Eung, then let’s go. She just left, so if we go out right away, we’ll see her.”


“But who are you looking for?”


“My half-sister.”


I grabbed Arsene’s hand and hurried out of the temple.


And I looked around for the little girl, but—.


‘She’s gone.’


Schville was nowhere to be seen.


Arsene followed me around and looked around, then looked at me and asked. 


“She’s not here?”


“Eung, she disappeared quickly…”


“The festival will start soon, so we can meet then.”


Arsene said as if it were not a big deal.


I nodded.


“Eung, I guess so.”


Although I wasn’t sure if the girl was Schville yet.


‘…It was definitely like Schville.’


It was easy to recognize because her face hardly changed much since she was a kid.


Even though it bothered me that her expression was a little dark.


‘Still, I’m glad you’re still alive.’


Schville was someone I deeply worried about.


Because in my previous life, she was a poor child who died only at the age of 11.


I didn’t want Schville to die.


Furthermore, I wished for her to live happily, but I knew it would be impossible in Raniero.


I always felt uncomfortable in one part of my heart.


I never thought I’d see Schville again here.


Did the treatment of Schville change when Gale took over?


Then, the door burst open.


“Linsy, Arsene?”


Leona followed and asked, looking alternately at me and Arsene.


“What are you doing here?”


“Eung, I think I saw a familiar person.”


“A familiar person? Don’t tell me, it’s not Gale, right?”


Leona narrowed her eyes and growled.


If I answered that it was Gale, she was ready to find Gale and bite him to death.


“No, it’s my half-sister.”


“A half-sister? Did you have a half-sister?”


“Yes, I told you last time. I have a lot of half-brothers and half-sisters.”


I nodded, and Leona nodded along and said ‘Ah~’, opening her mouth slightly.


“Why did you follow me?”


Arsene looked at Leona and asked.


“I came out because you guys left. I thought you would come right away, but you didn’t.”


“Sorry, let’s go in now.”


“So, you haven’t found your half-sister?”


“Eung, she’s gone right away. I’ll see it when the festival starts. She’ll be sitting in Raniero’s seat.”


“Eung, that’s right.”


Leona nodded.


At that time, the priests were busy moving, and the carriages began to arrive in front of the temple one by one.


“I guess it’s time to move.”


Arsene murmured as he watched the carriage arrive one after another.


Turning around, Yeckhart’s carriage was also standing tall in front of the temple.


The same was true of Fernando’s carriage.


Leona frowned at Fernando’s butler who got off the carriage.


“Why isn’t Cain coming?”


“Isn’t it because he’s late? We’ll be able to meet him if we go.”


“It can’t be, it’s not because he didn’t attend the festival, right?”


“No way. The snake clan is a blessed clan. They have to participate in the festival no matter what.”


I shook my head and comforted Leona.


Leona nodded with an expression of disapproval.


Since Yeckhart’s knights couldn’t get into the depths of the temple, it was Kendrick’s lieutenant who got off the carriage.


“Lady, Young Master. I will serve you.”


Arsene and I nodded and then greeted Leona.


“See you later! Or do you want to ride the Yeckhart’s carriage?”


“No, I’ll wait a little longer. Stupid Cain might come late.”


Leona shook her head and ran to Fernando’s butler.


Arsene and I looked at each other, shrugged, and got on the carriage.


The carriage door closed gently, and shortly afterwards the carriage departed.


Through the window behind it, I could see the carriages of the other head of families following in a row.


“Will father go first?”


“I guess so. He didn’t come to pick me up today.”


Arsene looked out the window and said.


At the age of seven, Kendrick came to pick us up before the festival began,


“Isn’t it because we’re all grown up? He seems busy these days.”


Kendrick seemed very busy even the day before the festival, so I didn’t feel bad that Kendrick didn’t come to pick me up.


I sat facing Arsene, then moved to the seat next to Arsene.


“Hey, Linsy, it’s dangerous to move…!”


He was surprised to see me suddenly sitting next to him,


Arsene spoke in the tone he used to speak when he was young, instead of the usual adult-like tone.


“Let’s go like this only until we arrive. We’re a couple anyway.




Arsene nodded.


I reached out and touched the necklace that Arsene had put around his neck.


“You can’t lose it. Got it?


“If you say that one more time, it’s the hundredth time.”


“Listen 150 times. You can’t make it again here. I have to go back to the mansion to make it.”


I grumbled.


At that time, the shadow under my feet wiggled a little.


Arsene wrinkled his eyebrows and made a sound with his lips.


“Don’t come out.”


At the firm words, the wriggling shadow quickly calmed down.


“I guess he wanted to come out.”


A small shadow beneath my feet wiggled slightly, as if to answer.


“It’s because you play with it so well. It pops out all the time…”


When Arsene’s voice sounded annoyed, the wriggling shadow quickly stopped moving and went quiet again.


“You discouraged it, Arsene!”


“It needs to disappear anyway. It pops out on its own.”


Arsene said firmly.


I said, looking at the shadow under my feet.


“But, you don’t know how glad I am for you to be back. That’s why I have to play with you a lot.”


I still vividly remembered the moment when Arsene’s shadow wolf disappeared.


Just before Arsene’s breath fall,


The moment when the shadow wolf created by Arsene’s powers was crumbling in my arms forever.


When the shadow wolf that used to wiggle its tail disappeared.


‘I thought Arsene was going to die.’


The disappearance of Arsene’s power meant nothing less than that of Arsene’s death. 


So I don’t know how much I cried watching the shadow wolf that was quietly scattered in my arms.


But a miracle happened.


As the land of Tamar was purified and Arsene’s condition improved, the Shadow Wolf reappeared.


Even recognizing me and wagging its tail, it was true that the wolf that disappeared was not reborn, but reappeared with Arsene’s recovery.


That’s why I had a deep affection for Arsene’s shadow wolf.




“Don’t be mean to him, Arsene. Eung?”


“Phew. I got it. I got it.”


While Arsene and I were arguing, the carriage stopped slowly.


“Are we here?”


Arsene said, slightly pulling up the curtains and looking out the window.


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