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When the barrier is broken, it is normal for pieces of light in all colors to rain down like hailstones.


The barrier exploded, and black smoke covered the podium.


The audience seemed to be surprised.


Arsene and I were just staring at the scene, blinking our eyes, as it was only our second time at the festival.


“…Is there something wrong?”


The process of confirming the holy relic was only carried out by the heads of the clans within the barrier, so other than the heads of each clan, no one else could know.


So I don’t know what the problem is,


“I think so.”


It was clear that something was wrong.


The heads of the clans whose shapeshift was released were staggering and expressing their disapproval.


As expected, it was the same with Kendrick.


Kendrick’s expression hardened.


The crowd was buzzing. Leona, too, forgot to mention Cain for a moment, and she fixed her gaze on the podium.


The heads of the clans exchanged words as if they were in trouble, but soon stood tall again in the formation they had entered for the first time.


And the high priest opened his mouth as if to organize the situation.


“Everyone, please calm down for a moment.”


Because he had a special stone under his mouth that amplified sound, over 50,000 people could all hear the High Priest.


“There’s a small problem, but it’s nothing to worry about. We’ll figure it out in a minute.”


At the high priest’s voice, the trembling sound subsided.


Me, Leona, and Arsene exchanged glances.


“So, there’s no Cain?”


“Yeah, there’s none. I’ll have to ask Sir Creighton later.”


Leona nodded and said.


“Yeah, we can ask. By the way…”


I looked down at the heads of several clans with confused expressions and said.


“Can I ask? He must be busy dealing with a problem.”


“Of course it will be over today! I need to find out why Cain didn’t come. Even the knights of the Snake Clan are saying they don’t know why.”


While Leona sighed, the heads of the clans descended from the podium one by one.


Seeing if the event was organized as it is, the priests could be seen trying to organize the podium.


“Is it over? Like this?”


“I’ll have to ask my father what’s going on. He looks serious.”


“Eung, that’s right. But now… we can’t, right?”


As if the heads of the clans had something to say, all of them disappeared to the same place.


The shapeshifters were also getting up from their seats one by one and leaving the venue.


“Let’s go out too.”


“But I have to meet Sir Creighton?”


“Not here, Leon. Everyone left. Wouldn’t you like to move and talk?”


Leona, who heard my words, nodded her head with a sullen expression.


“Then let’s go now.”


The escort knights guided us to get out safely.


It was very crowded inside the venue as people were rushing out,


Thanks to using a different passage, we were able to get out of the venue without overlapping with the other shapeshifters. 


“You’re going to the central temple, right?”


“Eung, I’ll go there and… no, I have to find my Dad first.”


Leona didn’t seem to understand this situation either.


“Should I ask Aslan?”


“Aslan? Your eldest brother?”


“Eung, I came with him. Now Aslan has to take over the head of the clan position.”


After Leona nodded, she took me and Arsene’s hand and tried to go somewhere.








Arsene stood still and grabbed Leona by the wrist.


Leona looked back at Arsene with a puzzled expression.


“Where are you going? Say that first and move.”


Arsene glanced at me.


It was a festival after all, so he seemed a little worried. I could sense how anxious Arsene was.


“I’m going to Aslan. He’s probably in the carriage. We went together for a while… I will ride Yeckhart’s carriage to the temple. Is that okay?”


Leona spoke one after another.


Arsene nodded disapprovingly, and gave the guards a familiar nod.


The Lion Clan and Wolf Clan escort knights followed us in line.


Before long, Fernando’s huge carriage came into view.


When Leona stood in front of the carriage, one of the escort knights stepped forward and opened the door of the carriage with familiarity.




Leona called out to Aslan in a loud voice.


Aslan, who was sitting in the carriage reading the newspaper, turned his gaze to Leona with a frown.


“Leon, I can hear everything even if you don’t call me out loud. Huh… you.” 


Today was the first time Arsene and I saw Aslan in person.


When he was young, Aslan went to the academy, and after that, Aslan focused on the heir class, so there was no meeting with Aslan.


‘He looks exactly like Leona.’


A slightly sharp look. A dimple that looks pretty when he smiles. Shining gold eyes, the symbol of the lion clan. 


It looked so similar that I could tell that Leona and he were siblings.


The only difference is that, unlike Leona, who has orange hair, Aslan Fernando has Fernando’s signature black hair.


Leona has said that her older brothers are the ugliest in the world.


However, contrary to what Leona said, Aslan Fernando was a very handsome man.


“You are Leon’s friends, nice to meet you. I’m Aslan Fernando.”


Aslan thought it was not an honor to sit in the carriage and say hello, so he lightly got out of the carriage and said,


As Aslan held out his hand, Arsene held his hand awkwardly.


“I’m Arsene Yeckhart.”


“Yeah, I’ve heard a lot about you. Then this…” 


“Hello, I’m Linsy Yeckhart.”


It felt very awkward to use Yeckhart’s last name, as it was usually only introduced as Linsy. 


‘I’m afraid I won’t be able to use this soon…’


Arsene has indicated that he will not divorce me, but I don’t know about Kendrick and the elders. 


Just then, Leona suddenly intervened.


“This is my friend Linsy. By the way, Aslan, did you see the problem earlier?” 


“Yes, it seems that there is a problem with the relic. Father said he needed to check the holy relics, so he went to the central temple first.” 


“Holy relics?” 


“More than that, I don’t know.”


Aslan cut off her sister’s curiosity.


Leona nodded and asked Aslan.


“So you’re saying we have to go to the central temple to meet the head of Hezeth?”


“Yes, but suddenly..”


“Cain didn’t come to the festival. I have to ask why you didn’t come.” 


Leona’s voice was full of sadness when she said that.


Aslan narrowed his brows.


“You, when did you say you hated Cain Hezeth?”


“I hate… that’s another thing. It’s natural to be worried if your friend doesn’t come.”


“Normally, it’s not natural.”


Aslan laughed.


“Anyway, we have to go to the central temple, so get in, Leon. Are you going to the temple, too?”


Aslan turned to us and said.


“Yes, we are going to move now.”


“Okay, then there…” 


“Brother, get on quickly. I decided to ride on Yeckhart’s carriage. I will meet you there. Or we may not meet.”


“Yeckhart’s carriage? Why did you leave our good carriage?” 


“I will find Cain. If he doesn’t come to the festival, I’ll go to the territory of the Snake Clan.”


Leona said confidently.


At the attitude of his sister, Aslan touched his forehead and said.


“Don’t talk nonsense, Leona. How long will you be seven years old?”


“Ugh, nagging. Get in. Get in.”


Leona nearly crumpled Aslan into the carriage and slammed the door shut.


The Wolf Clan’s escort knights seemed a little surprised by Leona’s attitude towards her older brother.




The knights of the Lion Clan didn’t blink an eye, as if they were used to this.


Leona brushed her palms as if she had done a big job.




“Now let’s go, we need to meet Sir Creighton and ask why Cain didn’t come.”


I nodded.


We got into Yeckhart’s carriage.


Arsene arranged the cushions as if he was accustomed to sitting next to me.




Arsene’s kindness was overshadowed by Leona pulling my hand and sitting next to me.


Arsene looked at Leona with a very dissatisfied expression.


Soon after, the carriage departed.


We heard the sound of horses hooves hitting the ground, and we remained silent for a long time.


It was Leona who broke the silence first.


“But you guys… did you see Gale Raniero earlier?” 


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