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Arsene and I nodded.


Gale’s terrible and bad appearance was what everyone present at the event should have seen.


In addition,


“The barrier was also strange… Couldn’t it be because there was a problem with the bird clan’s holy relic?” 


Leona said carefully.




“That’s right. Until now, when the other heads gathered to check the holy relics, nothing like today had happened, but right after the bird head of the bird clan changed to Gale Raniero, that idiot, there was a sudden problem!” 


Leona’s words seemed plausible, so I nodded quietly.


“It could be…” 


“I don’t know the process of checking the relics, but it’s clear that Gale, that idiot, caused some trouble.”


Arsene, who had been quiet the whole time, agreed with Leona’s statement that ‘Gale was stupid and there was a problem.’


“I think so, too. However… What was Raniero thinking of making such an ugly thing head?”


Arsene was really puzzled.


I was also puzzled by this situation.


‘Gale wasn’t that small.’


Especially in my previous life, I saw Gale shapeshift as a teenager, but he was never ugly.


‘It’s far from ugly…’


Glossy feathers, large yellow beaks, long tail feathers and huge wings.


The Gale I saw then,


He seemed more suited to the position of leader than anyone else.


“What was Arthur thinking…” 


Arsene muttered.


He seemed to wonder what the former head of the clan and my father, Arthur Raniero, had in mind handed over his successor to Gale Raniero.


I shook my head.


“Gale had the strongest ability among us. That’s why Gale became the successor.” 


“But he’s like that.”


“I mean… Is there something wrong with Raniero?”


At that time, why did Schville’s expressionless face pass through my mind? 


Arsene shrugged his shoulders. 


“Well, it’s rather good. Raniero’s power will fall further because the head is so ugly. I won’t lose you, now.”


“Right, Linsy. If Gale does something strange, Fernando will protect you!”


Leona smiled brightly.


I looked at Arsene and Leona alternately and smiled.


“Thank you. Still, I’m curious. What the hell happened to Gale like that…”


With such a bad appearance. And droop tail feathers. 


I couldn’t understand the intentions of Raniero, who took part in the festival by claiming that Gale was the head of the clan.


Of course, it was a good thing for me, but…


‘Why is it so uncomfortable?’


While talking about Gale, the carriage arrived at the central temple again. 


“Take my hand, Linsy.” 


Arsene reached out to me familiarly. I took Arsene’s hand and got out of the carriage.


“Leon you…” 


While Arsene was contemplating whether to hold Leona, Leona jumped off the carriage.


“You need to keep some dignity.”


“Are you Cain? Are you going to keep talking nonsense?”


“Guys, don’t fight…” 


I walked between Arsene and Leona so they couldn’t face each other.


We quickly arrived inside the temple.


Leona grabbed one of the priests and asked.


“Where are the heads of the clans?” 


“The heads of clans are talking in the meeting hall inside. You cannot enter.” 


“I won’t go in, so just tell me where it is.”


Leona said confidently. The priest seemed worried that Leona might burst into the head of the clans’ meeting.


“It is the innermost conference hall. Please follow me.”


“Let’s go. Linsy, Arsene.”


Leona bravely took the lead.


The priest led us to the door of the innermost conference room where the heads of the blessed clan were in a meeting. 


Five Paladins were firmly guarding the meeting room so that no one could enter.


“Are we going to wait here?”


Arsene asked in disbelief.


Leona nodded her head.


“Of course, I will ask him as soon as he comes out of the meeting. Aren’t you worried about Cain?”


“No, I’m worried…” 


Arsene frowned as if in trouble.


It was understandable.




The escort knights standing side by side outside the temple were staring at us as if wondering.


“Let’s wait somewhere else. You don’t have to ask as soon as you come out…”






The door to the conference room slammed open.


Me, Arsene, and Leona simultaneously looked towards the open door.


Gale was standing there.




He was wearing an eyepatch as if he had injured one eye.


‘I didn’t see it when he was in shapeshifting?’


Was it because it was far away from the podium?


Seeing this, Gale’s appearance was even more messed up.


The hair was well-groomed, but it still felt rough,


His face was thin, and his cheeks were dented under his eyepatch.




Gale sighed coldly, and strode away from sight.


We stared at Gale’s disappearing back, dumbfounded. 


Lamont Fernando came out of the conference room and looked at us not long after that.


“What are you guys doing here?”


“Sir Lamont!”




“Sir Lamont.”


We called Lamont at the same time.


Shortly thereafter, Kendrick came out of the conference room.


“Linsy? Arsene?”


Kendrick asked, looking curiously at us standing in front of the conference room.


“What’s going on?”


“No, nothing happened…” 


“There’s something wrong! Dad, what about Sir Creighton? Is he inside?”


“Leon, we’re talking about something important right now…” 


“It’s also important to me, Cain didn’t come to the festival today.”


“Cain? There’s no way.” 


Lamont also responded that it couldn’t be. Kendrick looked at Leona’s worried face, and then he walked into the conference room. 


It seemed like he was going to bring Creighton out.


“Anyway, the meeting is over, so go ahead, Leon. Linsy and Arsene are enjoying the festival. Put the cape on…” 


“Cain hasn’t come yet?”


Crayton asked as he came out of the conference room.


Leona nodded her head.


“I received a message saying that he was going to be late because there was a problem with the carriage, but I didn’t expect it to be this late. There was a problem, so I couldn’t pay attention to it because I was checking it out… Thank you for telling me. I will find out.”


Creighton frowned as if he was worried about Cain, who hadn’t arrived yet.


Leona nodded her head.


“Yes, please check it.”


“Okay, now go away. We’re not finished talking, so we have to go in.”


Lamont soothed Leona well. Arsene and I stood quietly behind her and nodded.


“Linsy, Arsene. You can watch the festival. Take Leon and look around. But you didn’t forget what I asked you to do, did you?”


“Of course, don’t worry.” 


I nodded. 


He seemed to be very busy with the meeting, and wanted to let me, Leon, and Arsene go. 


‘If Gale hadn’t run out, I would have waited in front of this for a long time.’


The conference room door suddenly opened as Gail ran out, and Lamont and Kendrick found us.


But why did Gale run away?


Besides, what’s with his eyes? 


It was strange that the head of a bird clan with the ability to heal was wounded. 


No matter how weak Raniero’s other children were, they could have healed his eye.


The head of Raniero wearing an eyepatch.


It was very symbolic.


Creighton called the snake clan knight and told him to find out what happened to Cain, and went into the conference room first.


Lamont and Kendrick also went into the conference room after advising them not to go to strange places and watch the festival.


“Nothing really happened to Cain, right?”


“That’s right, let’s not worry too much. Cain is the heir to the Snake Clan.” 


The power of the snake clan was one of the strongest.


“Poison” that even Raniero has trouble healing.


Arsene and I vaguely believed that Cain, who possessed such abilities, wouldn’t be beaten anywhere.


It seemed that Leona wasn’t thinking like that. 


“Don’t worry too much, let’s go watch the festival. Eung? Because there is nothing we can do now.”


Now that Creighton said he’d find out, they’ll find out why Cain was late. 


Arsene nodded as if agree.


“Let’s go, to see the festival.” 


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